The Gathering (Gifting, #3)

The Gathering (Gifting, #3) Darkness Is A Tricky Thing Especially When It Cloaks Itself In Light Luka Isn T Dead He S Not Beyond Saving Tess Knows Because She Saw Him With Her Own Eyes After What She Saw, She S Sure Of One Thing If They Don T Rescue Him Soon, Luka Won T Be Luka Any If Only She Could Convince The Other Members Of The Hub They Re Not Sure Tess Saw What She Claims She Saw And They Re Preoccupied By The Fact That Their Kind Is Being Systematically Eradicated Answers Lie In An Ancient Prophecy, One That Revolves Around A Seventeen Year Old Girl Who Never Asked For Any Of This KE Ganshert S Final Installment In The Gifting Series Brings Readers On An Action Packed Journey Through Loss, Sacrifice, Betrayal, And The Impossible Choice Between What We Want Most And What We Know Is Right I loved this whole series I don t write reviews ever and I should do but you know, a busy life, my quiet reading time, then after a book you just move to the next one Its no excuse and I apologise to all the amazing authors out there who i have taken their stories and not thanked I found the first book free I m not YA I m a British 45 year old and I was hooked The writing is amazing, sometimes a book can be over long or over described but this was perfect I want to care about the characters and boy did I I bought the next 2 books and read the whole lot over a week I love the idea that these normal people can save the world but very human doubts and fears can stop that I also found the idea of using a sometimes taboo of mental illness in the book very refreshing.This last book didn t disappoint I can t believe that so much was in one book If you like this genre try it and love it Thrilled to have the final installment but lamenting the fact that this AMAZING series is over WOW How do I review this book without giving anything away How can I go back and read it all over again for the first time How do I even begin to tell you what this book meant to me what this series meant to me K.E Ganshert is an incredibly, amazingly, beautifully gifted author She writes stories in a way that makes you feel as if you re living them She writes worlds as if there is no other She writes characters in such a way that it feels as though you re reading yourself You slip into the character s skin as easily as you slip into a pool of water I fully expect to look up and see Rosie sitting across from me with those puppy dog eyes, begging for the rest of my dinner But the best thing about this series Unlike many YA dystopian, speculative and supernatural novels on the market today it does not erase hope It does not give us a bleak outlook of a world where we have to lose almost everything to win, or a world where only by stripping us down to almost nothing can we survive.The Gifting series GIVES us hope It gives us hope for tomorrow hope for today hope for forever.I do not recommend many of the YA series that are so popular today but I feel very strongly that this is a series EVERYONE should read And by the way I receive a lot of books free in exchange for an honest review Not this one this was a book I purchased Actually it was pre ordered for me by my AWESOME mom, because I was so frantic to read it ASAP which you can see I have done I loved this series so much I did something I ve actually never done before Immediately reread the first book I just wasn t ready to say goodbye The Gathering brought a perfect end to the Gifting series, and yet I found that I was still very attached to the story and characters after it was over I was emotional just knowing that a friend was reading that part Well done, I can t wait to see what s next Only bad thing is that the ending seemed rushed But the whole series was still fantastic. The Gathering kept with the reputation of the first two books of the Gifting Series and did NOT disappoint readers It continues with Tess and Luka continuing their quest to free their world of the unique terrorist The adventure, mystery, action, and suspense don t fade, as the many unexpected twists bring this trilogy to an excellent end I loved The Gathering and the entire trilogy.I recommend this to all readers I call this a HUGE 5 star book.http www.boundlessbookreviews.comhttps BBReviews An exciting thrilling young adult novel Filled with cryptic messages, twists and turns Eloquent and driven teen supernatural that sadly lost its go juice in this final instalment.After blazing through the first two books and being hopelessly suckered by those gripping cliffhangers, I was than a little disappointed by the loss of pace halfway through, The Gathering Perhaps it held its appeal for a younger audience, however, the midway point sadly seemed to lack in the same fluidity and creative energy as the two previous novels Overall, it left a feeling of, empty space , at times desperately clamouring at ideas that in places, ignited a glimmer of hope that things would return to the action packed storyline readers had come to expect from Ganshert s writing That glimmer, sadly was often that not quickly extinguished.Additionally, descriptions of protagonist Tess feelings towards Luka also seemed tired and repetitive, without any notably substantial development of the characters relationship.All the same, a fascinating concept and overall, The Gifting is a refreshingly well constructed series for YA fiction. What a fantastic final installment Full review to come. The final book in The Gifting Series is super good A bit to much kissing for me but the overall story was very intriguing Tess Eckhart is finally realizing that she is the prophecy and she doesn t like it nor does Luka Williams her Keeper After everybody at the hub puts their lives on the line in rescuing Luka from the evil side and losing one of their own in the process cause them to scatter to find answers Meeting up in Newport proves to be a challenge for the gifting and somehow the cops seem to know where they are Is one of their own giving them away and how come Luka can t protect Tess any Will the Gifting be stopped by Scarface and his goons or will Tess figure the prophecy out in time You can also follow her on Twitter, KatieGanshert

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  • The Gathering (Gifting, #3)
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  • 08 October 2018

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