Kansas City Confessions

Kansas City Confessions Kansas City Confessions The Precinct Cold Case by Julie Miller once again sends you on an adventure of good guys looking for bad guys When Katie Rinaldi is threatened, Trent Dixon and the rest of the KCPD cold case group come together to protect one of their own Due to events in Katie s life she has a hard time trusting the feelings Trent has for her and her son Can she overcome all the baggage that is weighing her down.Julie Miller once again pulls you into her story with strongly written characters who make you root for a happy ending. Good book even though it is Christmas related the whole story was around Christmas it should be labeled a Christmas book. Excellent book It is part of a series, but reads as a standalone I had a lot of respect for Katie She is a single mom, and working for KCPD She is a member of the Cold case unit After work she is taking her 9 year old son to play practice He is part of a Christmas performance Her son Tyler kept me laughing throughout the story He was a typical 9 year old boy For Christmas he wanted a dad, and a dog Katie and Trent has been good friends since Katie was 15 years old Trent has always wanted , but Katie has always kept Trent as just a close friend She needed his friendship, and was always afraid to take it to the next level She never wanted to lose Trent as a friend Katie was sent warning to stop her investigations Trent stepped in, and made himself her body guard She fought against his protection, until her son s life was threatened She would do anything to keep her son safe.The suspense, and action was excellent throughout the story I loved the romance between Katie, and Trent This book will be going onto my favorite s list, to read again later on. A really enjoyable fun, quick read Katie has worked hard in the cold case squad for the KCPD but as the computer expert she s been uncovering secrets someone wants buried and has no issues with threatening her to make them stay secret Trent has loved Katie since high school but he s watched her struggle over the trauma she s been through As a detective for the same squad he has a front row seat for her struggles to remain calm as her life, and the life of her 9 year old son, are threatened Can Katie finally open herself up tothan friendship with Trent and solve the mystery chasing her Fun read and I m not sure it s because I jumped in at book three in the series, I was a little confused by the number of secondary characters and suspects which is why I have this 3 stars For such a short story it could have used some trimming so it was a little easier to pick up Outside of that, fun read I received a free copy of this book at RT16.For me, this book was adequate for what it is I thought the heroine s backstory was overkill in terms of explaining why she didn t trust herself to get involved with her best friend, the hero Katie blames herself for her father shooting her mother This happened right in front of her Afterward Katie went to live with her aunt, who was good to her At seventeen Katie got pregnant When she was nearly ready to give birth, her friend Whitney disappeared Katie tracked her down, but was kidnapped by Whitney s kidnappers When Katie went in labor a few weeks later she was handcuffed to a table in a makeshift hospital room The kidnappers turned out to be part of the black market in baby selling and she was separated from her son, Tyler, almost immediately They were rescued separately, but there seemed to be a little conflict in the narrative so I m not sure who was rescued first Unfortunately, Whitney was killed and Katie blames herself for Whitney s death as well.Trent and Katie dated when she was pregnant nine years ago, but she decided that while she loved him, she wasn t in love with him After the kidnapping Katie stayed in town while Trent went off to live his life and played with the Kansas City Chiefs for a while Eventually he came back to town and they picked up where they left off and are best friends Trent is a good guy and is trying to have a life outside of Katie, but he is in love with her and wants to be a father to Tyler as well as a husband to Katie Katie has the tried and true I am broken and I don t trust myself in a relationship reason for not getting involved.Tyler doesn t come off as a plot moppet and has something to add to the story Katie s job at the police department is interesting and there is plenty of plot in this book outside the romance If you enjoy the friends to lovers trope I think you ll like this book. 3.5 would be a better assessment.I interrupted my reading of this to read Shards of Hope The last time I read one of those think it was Vasic s book I found myself reading a book with a similarly tormented H and getting to compare them Seems kind of a strange coincidence that it would happen again.Our h Katie had a v bad childhood Her father killed her mother She was kidnapped while trying to find a friend who d gotten sucked into an illegal adoption ring So now she keeps everyone at arm s length, including the best buddy old pal who s been hanging around forever because he just can t move on And why can t he Not like she calls him every time she needs help It s called stringing along Also not nice And all because she s afraid to lose the friendship And yet, it s apparently never occurred to her that three s a crowd and as long as she s hanging off his belt loops, he s never going to have a relationship Or, if he does, she ll get the ax, because what woman wants some chick hanging around her man who obviously is hung up on said chick At least the h in Shards of Hope was honest with herself As far as she was concerned, he was hers, but she was afraid to let go of her control to be with him She had a bad childhood too her parents tortured her until she snapped and killed both of them She was 7 at the time and ended up where she was as the alternative was execution.So I finished this where eventually the h realized she loved the H only took her 10 years to figure this out I had other issues, largely involving the h and her computer I live in a household full of geeks, and while they might leave electronics alone when surrounded by family, no way would the ones doing anything important leave a laptop they were using for sensitive stuff stashed in a bag in an easily accessible room At the very least, there s the concern of theft DH had a company laptop stolen from a rental car while he was having lunch once. Good one, closing the Cold Case miniseries don t worry Miller has another Bachelors in Blue starting soon This one ties together a lot of threads of many cold cases I ll never hear the movie title Strangers on a Train again without remembering this series.The story in the foreground is about Katie Rinaldi, niece of the District Attorney and tech guru of the Cold Case squad Katie is a single mom with a single focus keeping her young son safe and keeping him away from the errors in judgment she has made in her life High school friend and now fellow detective on the squad Trent Dixon wishes she would focus on him.The story is a good one and good closure for the Cold Case guys and gals. 3.5 stars.Like I always say, I like muchthe male characters than females Katie is a little anoying at times Maybe that s understandable with all the things that have happened to her but still sometimes I just wanted to shake her and tell her to stop doubting everything, specially what corcerns to Trent He s a gem She would have been a fool If she kept with those ideas about them together being a mistake and end up without him in her life It was interesting how the one we all suspected being the master mind in all those crime they were investigating in reality wasn t. 5 29 172nd read thru Think I enjoyed this eventhe 2nd time thru If you enjoy police dramas, cop, forensics, etc , then you ll love this series Keeping Secrets Close And An Enemy Closer His Protection Instincts On High Alert, KCPD Detective Trent Dixon Knew Something Was Wrong With Katie Rinaldi The Special Investigator Had Obviously Uncovered A Dangerous Piece Of Evidence While Looking Into A Cold Case So Dangerous, In Fact, That The Single Mother S Life Was Now In Jeopardy But As Much As Trent Told Himself He Was Keeping Tabs On Katie And Her Young Son As Part Of His Job, He Couldn T Ignore The Very Real Feelings He Had For Her Still, As A Professional, He Was Bound To The Badge And Would Give Katie All The Security She Deserved And Not Give In To The Attraction He Was Having Trouble Containing

See this thread for information USA TODAY bestselling author Julie Miller writes breathtaking romantic suspense She has earned a National Readers Choice Award and two Daphne du Maurier Awards among many other prizes for both her series and single title books She was also honored to receive the RT BookReviews Career Achievement Award for Series Romantic Suspense, and has twice been a finalist for RWA s prestigious RITA Award With millions of copies in print worldwide, many of her books have appeared on the USA Today, Publisher s Weekly, and BookScan Top 100 Romances bestseller lists.

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