The Domville (The Domville #4)

The Domville (The Domville #4) As Of June , This Novella Can Only Be Purchased In The Domville Series Box Settps Goodreads Book Show The Domville No One Knows What Goes On Behind Closed Doors Charles Ponsonby III Has Lineage That Dates Back To The War Of The Roses A Successful Merchant Banker, He Works In The Far East, Securing And Managing High Net Worth Clients For His Prestigious Firm Moving From One Domville Hotel To Another, Rarely Returning Home To England, He Seeks His Pleasure Where He Can Find It He Has Resolved To Keep His Sexual Encounters Casual In Each City While In Hong Kong, His Self Control Is Tested By A Stunning Maid Assigned To His Suite, Who Plays Hard To Get By The Time He Gets Her Between His Sheets, He S Fallen For Her Harder Than He Ever Expected But Are Her Feelings For Him Genuine, Or Does She Simply See Him As Her Golden Ticket To A Future In England When Hidden Truths Are Finally Revealed It Changes Everything For Him The Domville Is The Fourth In A Series Of Self Contained Hot Erotic Reads, Set In The Exclusive Six Star Hotel Chain Warning This Is An Erotica Series If You Re After A Happy Ever After, Then I D Suggest Trying One Of My Erotic Romance Novels Instead This Novella Contains Explicit Adult Sexual Content And Is Suitable Only For Those Aged And Over

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❮Reading❯ ➶ The Domville (The Domville #4)  Author C.J. Fallowfield –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 84 pages
  • The Domville (The Domville #4)
  • C.J. Fallowfield
  • English
  • 22 August 2017

10 thoughts on “The Domville (The Domville #4)

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    ARC provided for an honest review Shock and humor is the best way I can describe this installment of the Domville series This one will have you chuckling and then gasping in shock all around the mix of hot and steamy sex This is a great story of finding love, accepting love, and panting melting hotness.

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    Received this book as an ARC for an honest reviewAnother great book by CJ I must say a certain point in this book made me laugh I couldn t believe what they did to him All I can say is a player got played Thanks CJ

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    Christ, what was with clingy women at the moment First Sai getting jealous this morning, now Laura It was a good thing I was off to Hong Kong soon, to give us all a break Meet egotistical Charles Ponsonby, graced with dashing good looks and a successful career he truly believes he is God s gift to women Arrogant and supremely smug in his sex appeal he has several women all at his beck and call Having a weakness for Asian beauties his insatiable need to have sex with whoever catches his eye leads his down a dark path Finding himself caught up in his conquests vying over him he has his head by a sexy maid that is assigned to his suite Surprising himself he begins to feel something he hasn t felt in a long time, is she the one to get him to change his ways Shy and submissive is she everything he wants her to be and can he break down her walls so she let s him in Be warned karma has a way of paying you back when you least expect it Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and this installment in The Domville series is stuffed full with sexual encounters, eye opening experiences and a game changer Filled from cover to cover with CJ s signature humour and steamy scenes this is a perfect read now those autumn nights are rolling in Charles is one of the least likeable male leads so far but his journey throughout this story made me laugh and by the end of it I was strangely quite fond of the smug devil He grows on youdon t take my word for it have a peek A refreshing and wonderfully entertaining erotic humour filled read Five laugh out loud stars

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    Received an ARC copy for an honest review.This book was different from any other CJ Fallowfield books I have ever read But the story captured my attention and kept me turning the pages.Lots of emotionsI laughed and cheered on Laura, Sai and Carly when they got there sweet revenge I was mad when Charles who is no saint decides that he is Alana s judge and jury Not lacking for steamy scenes but also some life Lessons Superb writing as always CJ

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    Reviewed on behalf of Ladies Living in BooklandWhere do I start Charles Ponsonby, a successful, attractive, wealthy and self confident, if not cocky man Devilishly handsome, and devilish with the ladies too Excerpt The fact that God, and genetics, had seen fit to bless me with my title of Charles Ponsonby III, baby faced good looks and a ripped physique, only added extra gravitas to my persona But working in the Far East and staying in the Singapore Domvillehe had his fair share of women Between the office, the housekeeper, the woman back in England He was a womaniser, that s for sure Excerpt I didn t usually dip my pen in the office ink, but Sai had been too tempting to refuse But there was a beating heart in that mansomewhere A trip to Hong Kong to close a massive business deal would lead him to someone he never expected Excerpt I don t care who you were yesterday, I care who you are today and who you ll be moving forwards.Alana, a kind hearted soul, who kept her distance as best she could, couldn t deny the feelings or effort that Charles made to make her feel desired and wanted Everything a girl wants But both have secretsbut in a moment of honesty, could she forgive his history Would she risk everything to be with him Excerpt It is customary for a Thai lady to be on her best behaviour and to make sure her man is happy and well cared forAlana s lack of judgement, selflessness and readiness to accept Charles into her heart was something I only wished he had given this brave womanbut instead left her, reeling and distraught because of his own small minded attitude But after a run in with his soon to be Exes after a journey back to Signapore he truly would learn the meaning of respect Zara his assistant and close friend would tell him a few home truths and give him the kick up the backside he needed, once and for all.Excerpt Love is unconditional and it comes in many forms No one should judge anyone for where they find itBut what a journey The plot turn I had NO clue this book was going to take both filled me with tremendous respect for CJ Fallowfield but also had me roaring in laughter at the antics of poor Charles and the revenge sought upon him from the previous women in his life The tears from hilarity blinding me, makes this the easiest five star ever But don t be fooled The serious element of this story will leave you speechless and amazed It did me Final Excerpt Unconventional love Love did come in many different formsI was in love with the person standing right in front of me Review by Susan Suggested for over 18s I was asked to beta read and review this Ebook

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    ARC REVIEW This is not what I was expecting but Damn, it s a bloody good read I have received this ARC for honest review The following will aim to give a good description of the story with, where possible no spoilers.So we re back at The Domville and this time the suite is focused on the dynamic Mr Charles Ponsonby III Ponsonby by name and would seem Ponsonby by nature His description of leather oxfords and pure silk ties, has you imagining a man advanced in years and would infer a stuffy nature this could not be further from the truth Charles Ponsonby is 24 and very sure of his standing in life Or is he Charles likes his women subservient and compliant and he has a preference for dark haired Malaysian, Thai, Chinese women, slight of frame and oh so willing to please He wants to use and discard them at his will and as often as he wishes.This story has a slightly different view on this erotic tale and if I m honest it s not to my direct liking However, the story challenges some of the emotional sides of the issues facing the characters which make you consider your standing That is how well this has been written There are a few darker moments in the later part of the story where Charles considers his own self worth, very interesting.The female characters, in particular Sai and Laura are remarkable, there are some very, very funny moments and all due respect to C J Fallowfield for managing to write in such a clever way that it has you reading with a Thai dialect There a many funny moments in that respect Sai has been well written in this story, there is no doubt about that She is a very funny character and I feel could warrant a Domville No of her own.The essence of the story is that Charles is unfulfilled in his personal life, he has all he could need professionally but he finds himself no longer happy with unemotional hook ups and desires a full relationship, enter Alana, is she all that she seems I ll leave you to figure that out.Again another well written, thought provoking, emotional, funny and challenging read I enjoyed it almost as much as the other 3 I have given this a 5 star rating because I feel that C J Fallowfield has written this well, despite my own personal reservations This one was certainly a shocker and not what I expected but a damn fine read Thank you C J Fallowfield.

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    Copy exchanged for an honest review 5 starsAnother trip to the Domville, this time on exotic shores I loved that I got the sense of the place through some really fab description CJ never disappoints that way though, I can always imagine the surroundings I felt Charles should have been arrogant, but he really wasn t, not in that kind of disliking way anyway He was confident and liked his sex He maybe had a way with the ladies but he really was no man slut He had two very different yet similar relationships with two women, and he made no apology for it You can t help who you fall in love with I guess that s the very clear moral of this story I had an inkling where this was going but it comes at you really quite quickly and then it takes a sinister turn, well I perceived it as that That did surprise me and I was like whoa, this is a little out of character for this author with one of her serials I liked it, very much liked it His reaction was very, very real I wasn t quite sure where this one was going to end up but I think it had a satisfactory ending I just wanted I have to say though, as I find with most of CJ s short stories, she has a novel in almost every single one There s enough in here to satisfy a quick fix but I am always, always left wanting so much I have to remind myself that this is a series often than not For erotic shorts they do actually deliver a lot than a bit of smut on your break Always insightful and extremely though provoking Again it s a recommended read and a 5 star from me.

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    Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.I ve always suspected Fallowfield was hiding some sort of masochistic streak and my suspicions were finally confirmed with this latest installment of The Domville Again, this one was another shocker so I m not going to go into any kind of detail, but if you ve ever wanted to see the comeuppance truly due someone, this story will definitely fit the bill.Charles is a businessman at the top of his game that takes advantage of the worldwide travel his profession requires You ve heard the phrase a woman in every port , right Well, Charles has decided to flaunt the freedom he has in his line of work to live that life as he sees fit Unfortunately he finds himself in the middle of the perfect storm of women seeking retribution, once they all find out about the others His poor decisions just might boil down to the difference between life and death.Like the other stories in the series, there is serious heat, though this one is a little bit of a departure for Fallowfield It s uncomfortable, but at the end, the twists and delicious turns than make up for it Again, this is one that you really should heed her warning on, this is erotica, an HEA is not a guarantee however, you may not recognize the HEA in this volume Just give it a try, trust me.

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    ARC received for honest review When CJ promised she would give the readers something different with every addition to this fab series The Domville, she certainly delivered with The Domville 4 This story though only a novella, is filled with twist turns that will evoke every emotion to course through your body It s the story of Charles Ponsonby who has everything High profile career, wealth, good looks and women waiting in the wings to fulfil his sexual desires whenever, wherever He s not interested in relationships His nature is to use women for sexual fulfilment, which to his fairness he does inform them beforehand, so no false expectations are given That s been his way of life until a business trip to Hong Kong introduces him to Alana Mookjai, and from that moment his whole perspective on his future changes in an instant.To me, The Domville 4 isn t just another Hot Sexy read This story delves so much deeper CJ tackles the plot effortlessly, transforming the tale with a combination of erotica, wit, sensitivity, and not forgetting that special element of surprise which impacts the plot with developments that ll have you gripped till the very end with how the story unfolds.The Domville 4 is than a tale about love It s a tale of acceptance, and the realisation that no matter how hard you fightthere s no denying what the heart truly desires.

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    I was given this ARC for an honest review.When I read that this one was going to be different, I have to admit I was very curious because I love CJ s work so much Well, different it definitely was Charles, being the pig he is, had his fair share of women wherever he went Being young, intelligent, wealthy and not to forget good looking, this attracted many While not being completely honest with one, the most important one, his wife, he should have known eventually it would all backfire on him And boy did that happen, a couple times actually While I have to admit I was laughing at a few points, this story does have a meaning To truly love someone means you love them for who they currently are, the past is the past You fell in love with them for a reason Oh and of course, you shouldn t be such a pig, there are consequences for your actions I definitely recommend this one This story was amazing I loved the humor brought into to it, it made it that much amazing Good Job CJ on yet another one well written

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