Deadline Ben Wolf Has Big Things Planned For His Senior Year Had Big Things Planned Now What He Has Is Some Very Bad News And Only One Year Left To Make His Mark On The WorldHow Can A Pint Sized, Smart Ass Seventeen Year Old Do Anything Significant In The Nowheresville Of Trout, Idaho First, Ben Makes Sure That No One Else Knows What Is Going On Not His Superstar Quarterback Brother, Cody, Not His Parents, Not His Coach, No One Next, He Decides To Become The Best Pound Football Player Trout High Has Ever Seen To Give His Close Minded Civics Teacher A Daily Migraine And To Help The Local Drunk Clean Up His ActAnd Then There S Dallas Suzuki Amazingly Perfect, Fascinating Dallas Suzuki, Who May Or May Not Give Ben The Time Of Day Really, She S First On The ListLiving With A Secret Isn T Easy, Though, And Ben S Resolve Begins To Crumble Especially When He Realizes That He Isn T The Only Person In Trout With Secrets

Chris Crutcher s writing is controversial, and has been frequently challenged and even banned by individuals who want to censor his books by removing them from libraries and classrooms Running Loose and Athletic Shorts were on the ALA s top 100 list of most frequently challenged books for 1990 2000 His books generally feature teens coping with serious problems, including abusive parents, racial

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  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Deadline
  • Chris Crutcher
  • English
  • 19 September 2018
  • 9780060850890

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    2.5 starsAn 18 year old boy with big plans for his life finds out that he only has a year to live He decides to refuse treatment and to keep his diagnosis a secret Instead of telling his family the truth, he is determined to make the most of the time he has left He joins the football team, even though he is extremely short, and he finally gathers the courage to approach the girl he s been admiring from afar for as long as he can remember Deadline is actually a pretty decent story Despite its many flaws, I got pretty attached to some of the characters and I found myself really caring about Ben in the second half But the truth is that I expected it to be much deeper than it actually was Chris Crutcher made a few huge mistakes for reasons I can t even begin to understand and, in my opinion, made a mess of something that could easily have been a very successful novel I have issues with authors who use their work to advertise their political beliefs This is the second time I ve come across such a problem lately, and both times my reading enjoyment was diminished significantly Not being able to separate a book from its author is only natural, no matter who claims otherwise, but relying on experience and turning your novel into a political pamphlet are two very different things The first usually ends very well The second makes me slightly uncomfortable Every time Crutcher mentioned a book Ben was reading, I felt like he was shoving it down my throat It was almost like he was giving me a reading assignment and at the same time, telling me that I should be ashamed of myself for not reading it sooner Since they were all books about politics, something I m not even remotely interested in, I didn t appreciate it at all.My second issue with Deadline is that it s clearly a book for teenage boys A big part of the book is about football, and it s written in such a way that only people who know a lot about it can understand Having just recently read Dairy Queen, which is also a book about football, albeit a perfectly understandable one even to someone as clueless as I am, I have to say that Chris Crutcher didn t handle that very well Whenever Ben played a game of talked about football strategies, I was completely and utterly lost and I ended up just skipping those parts altogether So here s the verdict if you don t think about it too hard, Deadline is a pretty fun read It obviously has some major flaws and you need to be a football fan to fully appreciate it, but it s also full of unexpected twists and turns, with quite a few hilarious moments and completely lovable characters.

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    If you want a great teen book about football and male camaraderie, read The Knights of the Hill Country.If you want a great teen book about dying, read Before I Die.If you want an OK teen book that tries to connect football and dying in trite statements like those you d see on inspirational store fridge magnets, read this book.

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    I don t even know what to write in a review of this anything I could say about how much it moved me, how utterly perfect it was, would give away the ending and the power of the book Regardless this one kept me up until almost 3 a.m on Friday because I just couldn t stop turning the pages Crutcher s a great writer, the style s fantastic, and the narrator is unlike any narrator I ve ever met before though he may strike some readers as a bit of a Gary Stu I honestly didn t mind his perfection because I adored him so much One of the best new titles I ve read in 2007, hands down.

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    this would have been a pretty good book except for 2 things 1 LANGUAGE PROBLEMS on every page f bombs everywhere2 Political smears from the left throughout the bookDON T WASTE YOUR TIME

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    The good news is this is a great novel about life, death, and the truth that lies in between The voice of Ben is very strong smart, sarcastic, and always searching for truth The story itself is just fine as well with all the elements one expects in a Crutcher novel the not quite perfect romance, the sports angle, the distant slightly tortured parents, the helpful if overmatched therapist, and the school based subplot with good guy hero standing up against bad guy teacher Ben s journey is that of every teen about belonging , asking big questions, and finding the answers are never clear even if you have coaches, brothers, friends, or lovers Ben s death comes suddenly after so much of the shows his life, and yet even though you know exactly what s going to happen, it is heartbreaking the image of Ben resting his head on his girl and saying it s better than sex, well, that s just about perfect and tear inducing Now, the bad news There s a bumpy flaw to the epilogue the book s been told in Ben s voice, but he s dead, so it just feels disjointed even if the bulk of the final chapter is a letter There s a lot of death in this small town of Trout, and the sudden demise of one character in an auto accident is jarring, not in a good way Throughout Ben, and some of the other characters, break out into speeches that while you cheer them because they say the right things , it is sometimes just too much, and is the dialogue with Hey Soos Minor points, but worth noting Finally, the good news and bad news combined This reads like Crutcher mix tape He even brings back characters from Running Loose Boomer and Louie , and Dallas could have dropped out of Chinese Handcuffs The side characters parents, brothers, friends, enemies, we ve seen most of them before in previous books Not that any of this is a bad thing It is a enjoyable and emotional read because Crutcher knows exactly what buttons to push with readers, both teen and adults If it was a concert, I d be flicking my lighter after the last chapter knowing I ve seen one of my favorites, and damn my writing role models, kick out a great set not loaded with lots of new material save the premise but instead playing those great riffs we ve come to love.

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    About once a year I find a book that makes me cry at the beginning and again at the end and changes my life somewhere in between Last year that book was Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, the year before it was Louis Sachar s Small Steps, and the year before that it was Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares But now, at the tale end of this year, I can tell you that Deadline has changed the way I look at life, given me hope for the future and made me a better person, all within 316 pages If the cover of the book doesn t get you hooked a sky so vividly blue it makes your heart ache and type placement that makes you wonder if you holding the book upside down Deadline will turn your life upside down And that s no joke Ben Wolf knows exactly what he wants from life He wants to join the football team despite his miniscule size He wants to teach his civics teacher a lesson in acceptance He wants to clean up the town drunk, get the girl of his dreams to see past his size, heal his mother s manic depression, all in the year he has left after being diagnosed with a terminal, aggressive blood disease And he wants to keep it all to himself What Ben doesn t know is what he wants for himself He has spent eighteen years holding everyone around him together, so now he doesn t know how to hold himself together This is a beautifully written story with full characters and imagery that will transport you to the tiny town of Trout, Idaho I know it sounds sappy, but it really did touch my heart Chris Crutcher is a master and bringing humanity to written words.

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    Okay, I don t know what s wrong with me, but I really, really didn t like this book It s about a high school senior who finds out he s dying and decides not to tell anyone It s so far out of my realm of possibilities that I just read it to see if Crutcher could convince me of it s plausibility He didn t The dude s voice really irked me too I think the author went too far with the perfectly blended confident clever smart athletic but still humble character he always writes Anyone care to argue

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    Ben Wolf is used to being out of the limelight He is dwarf sized and constantly overshadowed by his younger brother Cody, who is also the school football team s quarterback Not that he really minds, because as brothers they have always been tight He also has a crazy, possibly bipolar, mom whose ups and downs always affect him than he would like Couple that up with a very strict, by the book Civics teacher and an impossibly beautiful Dallas Suzuki, his senior year should be one heck of a ride However, late in the summer, Ben goes to take a physical for his upcoming cross country season There, he is diagnosed with a terminal blood disease and learns that he has one year or less to live That s when Ben makes the decision not to reveal his knowledge of the disease to anyone, even his family, and swears his doctor into confidentiality Instead of wasting his senior year laying in bed bald Ben decides to go out with a bang, and the first thing on his list is to try out for football Deadline was so, so close to getting four stars At first I rated it four stars, then I knocked it down to three One of the reasons why is because I thought Ben s decision not to receive treatment for his disease was rather hasty, and the author could have explained it better Also, while the end almost had me in tears, the rest of the book didn t deliver the emotional impact I was looking for The writing was good but not extraordinary.I liked a lot of things about Deadline, though I can tell that a lot of guys would read this book because of the huge football scenes Also, the plot was original and humorous but also sincere from Ben s point of view As I said previously the end almost had me in tears, it was sort of like the whole book coming together My favorite thing about Deadline was the relationship between Ben and Cody, Crutcher wrote the dialogue realistically and confidently, and it made me think about my own brother In all it s entirety I think Deadline earns somewhere between a 3.5 to 3.8, but not a 4.

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    Maybe its my having spent too much time in the classroom, or maybe it s because Back in My Day teens were slapped for this sort of thing, but my threshold of tolerance for Obnoxious Teens is really, really low There is a thin yet very much there line between charming and smart mouth The narrator here is a guy who is diagnosed with an unnamed because who cares disease and will die within the year He snot nosedly tells off the doctor who is begging this incredibly annoying boy to get treatment, he tells off his therapist who sniff finds it TOO PAINFUL to talk to Mr Heroic who laughs in the face of death He manages to befriend and save the local drunk He manages to somehow get the girl of his dreams to fall for him this was perhaps the most unrealistic in this hyper color world I hated EVERYTHING I hated the Jonathan Tropper at eighteen style whereby everyone has snappy lines and is wholly unrealistic, and where the snot nosed hero is, in fact, a hero, instead of the loser kid he clearly would be in real life I also hated that said hero is like three feet tall It made everything all the stranger, including his eleven foot girl friend I hated his having a bi polar mom to further his heroism The only thing I did not mind was his dying Couldn t have happened fast enough.

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    This was a really good book I liked Ben as a character His personality and smart remarks make the book what it is The ending was really sad, but also happy Even though Ben died, he got his Malcolm X Avenue and people remembered him how he wanted them to I think this is one of my new favorites.

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