BluestoneA fantastic sci fi, fantasy, adventure story of 14 year old Emily Whayne who discovers her purpose using strange powers and travelling to parallel dimensional worlds I would say this is appropriate for young adults readers The story is exciting and well developed with a multitude of interesting characters I love this book and I can t wait for the second book Highly recommended I downloaded this book as Kindle ebook. Loved this story 14 year old Emily has powers, which thanks to the guidance of her godfather have both developed and remained hidden But Emily is not from this world, and she ll have to make a decision soon, to either travel to her home world and learn about the family that gave her up as a child, or face the two groups threatening to disrupt the life she s come to love on Earth.The book had a bit of a slow start, the threats around Emily not really building to a truly threatening boil until about the halfway point in the book I also found some sentences to be a bit long and winding.But the world the author created is incredible and unique The magic use is intriguing, and the time difference as well I found some aspects of the time difference little hard to reconcile 1 day on Earth equals a year on Acacia, so Emily has been gone for about 5000 years , but the author includes a list of rules in the glossary at the end along with lists of names and places in case you get lost Traveling to Earth resets your age, so it s possible to live an incredibly long time I can only assume that her family and the main evil character, Samil, have utilized this fact to the fullest extent possible.There are a lot of loose ends what do Drogor and Samil want with Earth and how does Malachi play into things , and the book ends on a bit of cliffhanger, but I found myself thoroughly enjoying it by the end.I will say, though Emily is 14, she seems much mature upper YA , and Samil and the female vampire s roles are certainly a bit darker, so I feel fantasy readers of young adult and upwards will enjoy this book. Bluestone Is The First Book In The Ammolite Adventures, A Series Where Fantasy And Reality Blend Seamlessly In A Rich Tapestry Woven From The Many Colors Of MagicAlthough Her Training Regimen Was Suited To A Warrior, Emily Thought She Was A Normal Teenager Being Raised By A Typical Family On Earth Until One Day Everything That Defined Her Past Came Crashing Down Her Godfather Sent Her On A Secretive Hunt For Clues And Each Discovery Unraveled Of The Puzzling Otherworldly Mysteries Of Her Existence She Ultimately Uncovers An Astounding Secret Beyond Her Imagination, She Is A Blue Mage, And Her Skills Will Lead Her To A Formidable Ally, An Animal Bondsmate However, Instead Of Joy, The Revelation Of Her Magical Talents Has Serious Repercussions That Include Bloodshed And Dark Danger As She Is Backed Into A Corner By Vengeful Forces Intent On Her Destruction, Emily Finds Her Budding Gifts Are The Only Truth That She Can Rely On Thirsting For Knowledge And Power, She Reaches A Precipice She Will Have To Decide Whether To Remain On Earth Or Embark On A Perilous Journey Which Involves Plunging Through A Portal Where Travelers Must Trade In The Modern World For Swords And Spells This Saga Chronicles Two Planets, Two Times, Brought Together By Pure Passion, Epic Battles, And An Ambitious Struggle For Supremacy Filled With Sharp Steel And Wonderful Wizardry I am a 6th grader, accidentally stumbled on this book, and glad I did so I picked it up and never put it down until the very end The Ammolite Adventures is a unique combination of science fiction and fantasy, my favorite genres This book is unlike any other I have read before Emily, the main character, is as intriguing as the twists and turns that are defining her young adult life I can t wait to read the second book in the series, and perhaps other books written by CE Johnson in the future Girls, boys, young or old, this is a great read. Some novels in a series can stand on their own, but not this one The Ammolite Adventures 1 Bluestone leaves so many loose threads at the end of the last sentence that the reader can only hope for the sequels to tie at least most of them up Like all creators of great fantasy novels, C E Johnson introduces the reader to a new world unlike any other he she has experienced Acacia described as a parallel world to Earth is dominated by magic white, black and all colors in between and is governed by rules all its own with special creatures, some that match those on Earth, but others that are entirely different, too Capping off the book is a detailed glossary, of which I wasn t aware until the end, as I read a Kindle version It might have been helpful earlier on.The first few pages drew me right in with the story of the female baby from some unknown land being deposited on a couple s doorstep in the midst of a snowstorm by a warrior The author s mastery of vivid description is evident from the start, although some young adult readers may find the description too thick at times Emily is a likeable heroine, a kind person who doesn t want to cause harm to others, in a story that introduces a cast of much less sympathetic characters Over time, she hones her physical skills and prowess, unwittingly preparing herself for battles to come on Earth but even so on Acacia She loves her earthly parents but also longs for contact with her real family, the family that presumably still lives back in her original home of Acacia, despite a violent event that forced her to be taken from them and brought to Earth for her safety But as Earth is the only home she has known, returning home to Acacia with only her bondsmate, a loyal and fearless female Doberman mix, is a daunting challenge for one so young However, life on Earth is becoming increasingly perilous for her and by extension her earthly family as multiple adversaries rise up to try to capture her, having recognized her unique supernatural gifts.The conclusion of this book reads like the end of one long chapter, so the reader is left hanging Does Emily find her family, well and alive The reader is still not sure exactly what traumatic event occurred that separated Emily from her real parents and twin brother only moments after she was born What caused her to be so sickly when she was a babe What happens to Dr Dalton, her godfather, and the one who brought her from Acacia last the reader knows, he is in captivity courtesy of the US government What is so significant about ammolite, the gemstone after which the series is named What about her budding romance with Luke does she return to Earth to carry on with it How do all those villains, earthly and Acacian, wind up Samil, Cyril, Drogor, Maaca along with Droth, Malachi Hughes adopted son of the president , and even the president of the US, William Hughes, himself, whose fascination with the supernatural seems suspicious The US government s intense interest in young teenaged Emily and her bondsmate, Doberman Xena, needs further development to make sense Some scenes stretch credibility, such as the battles between government agents and Droth s mercenaries for Emily s capture It is hard to imagine Emily going about her extracurricular activities so normally with such formidable foes working so tirelessly to snatch her.Fortunately this book has several sequels, so the reader can only hope that these questions will be answered And undoubtedly questions will arise as the plot thickens even.At its core, this entertaining, original and imaginative novel layered with rich description is about the eternal battle between good and evil, innocence and corruption, pure vs selfish motives And trudging ahead, making the best use of latent gifts and abilities, even when the battle seems hopeless Which side will win The reader will have to continue on in the series to find out.If this was a standalone novel, I would give it four stars for leaving the reader hanging out on the line at the end, with next to none of the different story plots resolved But since the concurrent stories continue on in the sequels, presumably, I gave it five stars in recognition of the complex world and imaginary beings the author has created in Acacia Pulling that off so well displays much than just meager literary talent. Excellent reading Easy to understand with vivid descriptions of characters and scenes. Emily, a teenage girl in Texas, is drawn towards her destiny in the first volume of C.E Johnson s thrilling adventure series, The Ammolite Adventures Volume one begins with a mysterious stranger leaving a baby on the doorstep of an unsuspecting couple They take the child in, and unable to find her family, raise her as their own.This is no ordinary child, though With a gift for athletics, she soon becomes an expert swimmer, fencer, and horseback rider, among other things Tutoring with her godfather Dr Andrew Dalton, Emily soon learns that she has special abilities known only to the two of them or so she thinks With her trusty Doberman Xena almost always by her side, she is being tracked by a shadowy mage as well as a government agency.In an epic novel that sets the stage for what is surely a devastating clash between two worlds, the author transports you into an exciting tale of magicians, vampires, and dragons As Emily comes into her own and journeys to her birth planet, she begins a search for information about her family.This is a fun story that you don t want to put down There are many interesting subplots that keep you invested in the different characters, and the main storyline feels as though it has just begun Keeping the action moving at a quick pace, while never skimping on character development, the author has written a worthy addition to the action fantasy genre. I purchased The Ammolite Adventures by C.E Johnson after reading the summary for this very interesting book I love reading well written science fiction and this story line looked like something that I would enjoy After reading The Ammolite Adventures by C.E Johnson I can officially say that this story did not disappoint and it was most definitely one fascinating and fun read This story begins with Emily Whayne, who is fourteen years old, learning from her grandfather that she is from another world and that is not all, Emily also has magical powers As the story continues Emily has the opportunity to travel to a parallel world and if she journeys to this parallel world she will be able to hone her magical powers C.E Johnson s writing adds a real depth to the characters in this story and the conversations in this book feel very authentic real Also, the story line moves along swiftly thanks to a very strong plot which really kept me engaged in the story If you re a fan of well crafted fiction then you will have a hard time putting down The Ammolite Adventures A highly recommend this book and I look forward to reading books by this very talented author. Review Summary The Ammolite Adventures Bluestone is a well written young adult fantasy book that is a real page turner.Rating 90% Review in a bit detail Emily Whayne was dumped And by dumped, I mean dumped on the doorstep of strangers, as a baby Luckily for Emily, her adopted parents raised her well, with help from her godfather Dr Andrew Dalton Dr Dalton is in truth a wizardly type from the world of Acacia Emily s true homeland With Dr Dalton s help, Emily develops her own magical abilities Emily s progression attracts the attention of several organisations, from Earth and elsewhere, who seek to capture her for their own ends.Emily must rely on her wits and training to evade them all for long enough, to make the trip home to find out some truths about her own unique origin You re a wizard, Harry Or, in this case, Emily Emily s magical training bears no resemblance to Hogwarts, though Having said that, the magic systems used in this book are very well thought out and explained A good example is the very well fleshed out animal bonds magicians form Emily forms a bond with Xena, a Doberman puppy that grows into a large Doberman Emily is also lucky to have some very staunch allies on her quest Clear lines are drawn to differentiate between those for and against The villains are interesting it s easy to feel a little sympathy for them, as their all too human emotions are drawn forth and on display There s a very good glossary at the back that helps if you get a little lost on the way through A book about teenage girls coming of age isn t normally high on my list of things to read, but having said that, I m glad I had the opportunity to read this book I m looking forward to reading the rest of the series I d recommend this to any fan of young adult fantasy fiction It s an excellent read Pete Diggins14 July 2017 My rating for the book is 3.8Writer C.E Johnson introduces us to the world when Emily s baby was brought to the doorstep of the Whayne family In a message that a baby had been brought into their home for dangers and they had to raise Emily as her child because they were chosen Most of the stories in the book are happening on Earth and talk about Emily s growing up The story is well written and I have to admit that the writer has a lush imagination, the characters are well balanced, but my main objection is that Emily is too perfect No one is perfect and everyone has own flaws, and this is missing Basically, this is a good book fantasy that still needs to take us to the world of Acacia and the world of magic Emily possesses Emily will go through the book to grow up and become aware of the real truths about her origins because her godfather is Dr Dalton will introduce her into the world of magic and explain her everything she needs to get back to Acacia But her enemies are not asleep and at all costs, they want to catch Emily, and in all this is invaded a government secret organization that seeking for the people with special powers Although this is YA fantasy novel I would recommend it to all lovers of genre fantasy The story will grow in the following sequel and become a very interesting serial fantasy.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Bluestone book, this is one of the most wanted C.E. Johnson author readers around the world.

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