Triumph of the Darksword (The Darksword Trilogy, #3)

Triumph of the Darksword (The Darksword Trilogy, #3)I love the final book The sudden but hinted at crossover between fantasy and science fiction was intriguing, and the characters came together in a way that I wasn t at all expecting, which is always nice in fantasy, which can sometimes suffer from being a bit too predictable I thought the ending was a bit rushed, I wouldn t have minded another book between the start of the conflict and the end scene, but as I knew there was a sequel coming, it didn t bother me as much as it may have had Great trilogy My favorite trilogy when I was in High School I ve been meaning to re read it and see if it was as awesome as I remember. Thought this was a great ending to this trilogy It went from two books of fantasy to a book that was sci fi fantasy I was thrilled by the ending I hear 10 years later a book 4 was written though Not sure if I want to check it out or just be happy with the original ending I hate when authors do that Not too bad, ends the series, but leaves a lot of questions hanging..which is resolved by the standalone book which I am currently reading. SpoilersWhilst they don t necessarily write the greatest books, Weis Hickman often write unusual and surprising ones all the unsual since the Dragonlance Chronicles are probably considered the most conventional of hack Tolkien knock offs and yet again here, they prove masters of subtly twisting the formula in a way that could be wondrous for younger adult and adult readers, long before YA fiction was a thing This series has an abundance of faults it wouldn t be a WH series if it didn t frustrate as much as beguile me, and the conclusion is no less vexing, presenting a wonky narrative with plenty of holes that skips time for no reason and chucks in new elements just when you re getting a grip on the old ones Somehow three volumes never seemed enough here and the biz volume 3 zinger that there s a world of technology out to get the magic users would have made a wonderful showdown if it had time, but ultimately it felt too short here and necessitated wrapping up other plotlines and making them feel insignificant.This is a much smoother ride than book 2 though, and I came away feeling glad that I d persevered maybe it s because Gwendolyn just got written out as mad and Simkin, never explained, never really comes back either We re left with a triptych of Jorom, Prince Garald and Saryon, the better characters in the trilogy, and they re getting down to business defeating the bad guys And yes, the ending is quite gripping and aside from some tedious debate int eh mid point it s an all action first half leading into an even better finale No, we re not talking exhilarating scenes and emotional drama of the weight and elegance of Sapkowski, but there s a pretty cool fight with some excitement and death I ll take it.I couldn t honestly recommend this series to non devotees one needs a little patience to appreciate this beyond its faults sure, I guess that people overlook the massive nonsensical portions of Harry Potter all of the time and still get enjoyment from it, but Darksword strives for a little weight and ends up struggling with it I hate to say it and I hate to embrace cliche, but this series needed a good quest in the mid section to help us anticipate the final showdown As it was, it just sortof happened after I d stopped caring Elsewhere, I don t think the world of Thimhallen is as vividly drawn as it needs to be and in ways that WH go on to do in better detail in the Death Gate Cycle too many well drawn worlds there Something held me bake from really caring about the fate of the inhabitants whether they were fighting one another or external enemies and I think, again, it s because the authors spend too much time trying to be funny with Simkin when they could be creating scenes of life and society.Nevertheless this is a worthy fantasy series, a good read and a good entry into the 80s cycle which people forget was far David Eddings than Joe Abercrombie Whilst this doesn t feel entirely unique, I love that Wh wanted to extend themselves outside of Krynn and this, their first attempt, is notable. THE 3RD BOOK WAS HARDER TO READ DUE TO DEATH AND CHAOS NOT SURE i M HAPPY WITH THE ENDING POOR SIMKIN. Joram And His Wife, Gwendolyn, Return From Beyond The Border To Reclaim Their Rightful Place In Merilon Rejoined By Saryon, Mosiah And Simkin, Joram Must Confront The Evil Sorcerer, Menju, And His Army Of Technologists In A Final Apocalyptic Battle To Fulfill The Ancient Prophecy Of The Darksword To Either Save The World This was a somewhat satisfying conclusion to the Darksword Trilogy It certainly took an unexpected turn about halfway through that seemly came out of nowhere though I believe that there were a couple of obscure references in the first part of the book that were intended as foreshadowing, but honestly these seemed out of place and just plain lazy writing editing at the time I read them though I recall thinking that specifically at the time That is rather vague, but any further detail would be a massive spoiler for the series.Perhaps in the 1980s, when this series was written, the unexpected turn that Triumph of the Darksword takes would have been considered pretty groundbreaking Today that would not be so much the case Presumably Weis and Hickman had this planned from the beginning, but it really does have the feel of having been a last minute decision to make the series edgy and stand out, after two books that were very traditional formulaic fantasy It works to a degree, but still feels somewhat tacked on.Overall, The Darksword Trilogy was a pretty entertaining read, but can probably be skipped by all but the most avid fans of Weis and Hickman s collaborations With so many fantastic fantasy series available today, this trilogy would be buried by a great deal of others that are higher on my list. Didn t see that coming Still, a chore to get through this one, with all the war scheming It was interesting plot wise, less entertaining reading wise The excerpt at the end for the next book was actually a intriguing read, but the library doesn t have it, oh well. Un final digno y desconcertante

Fantasy novelist who, along with Tracy Hickman, was one of the original creators of the Dragonlance game world I ve written numerous novels and short stories set in the world of Krynn, as well as series in other, original worlds These include Darksword, Rose of the Prophet, Star of the Guardians, DeathGate, Dragonvarld, Sovereign Stone, Dragonships, and the Dragon Brigade I also wrote two para

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