Legacy of the Darksword

Legacy of the Darksword Twenty Years Ago, The Magical Land Of Thimhallan Was Destroyed With The Forging Of The Darksword, Leaving A Small Group Of Survivors Exiled On Earth Only Joram, Who Created The Darksword, Remained Behind In The Shattered Land But Another Catastrophe Beckons, As An Alien Race Plans To Annihilate The Remaining Colonists But Joram Has Forged Another Darksword, And Earth S Leaders See It As Their Only Salvation And It Is Up To Saryon, An Old Friend Of Joram S, To Put The Sword In Safe Hands And Possibly Save The Planet

Fantasy novelist who, along with Tracy Hickman, was one of the original creators of the Dragonlance game world I ve written numerous novels and short stories set in the world of Krynn, as well as series in other, original worlds These include Darksword, Rose of the Prophet, Star of the Guardians, DeathGate, Dragonvarld, Sovereign Stone, Dragonships, and the Dragon Brigade I also wrote two para

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  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • Legacy of the Darksword
  • Margaret Weis
  • English
  • 02 January 2019
  • 9780553099652

10 thoughts on “Legacy of the Darksword

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    Love that this sequel was written, because it definitely filled in a lot of the gaps from the trilogy It tied the whole story together neatly, and put everything in a much bigger perspective, which was really nice The plot was unpredictable and surprising, and all in all this has been a great 4 book series that I recommend to anyone who likes fantasy and sci fi.

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    a reconection of the story

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    one star, because it had a dragon in it but if you liked the trilogy, stay away from this book it will make year head ache or explode.

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    Horrid way to kill the trilogy with this book I suggest stopping after the third book and leaving this one alone

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    Het beste deel in deze reeks

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    Un libro que no necesitaba escribirse, pero que cierra todos aquellos arcos que tal vez para algunos quedaban inconclusos.

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    I read this trilogy in High school at a time when I had little interest in fantasy read either classic literature or horror I found the trilogy absoloutly enrapturing but was sadly forced to give it back to the friend that loaned it to me Years later when I started reading heavily again I started searching for this trilogy again but it was sadly out of print and unobtainable Recently I was able to find a complete set at a used book store along with a sequel book I never knew about I have never been so happy re reading a set of books The only thing that made this reintroduction to this universe again better was finding while I adored the original trilogy the sequel was even amazing and I tore through it in no time I read through many of the negative reviews on here about this book and its clear that most of the people providing negative reviews don t grasp the complexities and intruges of these books and are purely looking for hack slash and big flash and these books are too deep for them and if someone hasn t read the entire trilogy they realy cannot even begin to speak to the truth of these books

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    I remember being crazy about the original series, but have to admit that it was quite awhile ago when I read it and therefore, did not remember everything I was impressed by the way that they had reminders sprinkled throughout the story so you could get a memory jog I will say that I did like this book but really didn t love it to death I think if I had read it when it was new and my memory was fresh that I would have gotten out of it.

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    I do not mind mixing magic with scifi, but even for me this theme went little bit over board In addition to magic world meeting high tech through space travel author introduces in this book time travel and hopping between parallel universes Although I liked this book it felt little bit too cheesy and kept you looking for what else can be added to mix to make it even ridiculous.

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    Sadly this book is just riding on the coat tails of the excellent Darksword trilogy When I pick up a swords sorcery title, that s what I expect to get not some boring, earthly, political scenario, with a splash of modern, military manoeuvring thrown in This book is a mish mash of genres, which frankly doesn t work and by the time I had reached chapter five, I d had enough.

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