Illicit Desires (Illicit, #1)

Illicit Desires (Illicit, #1) Amazing EPub, Illicit Desires Illicit, 1 By Rose B Mashal This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Illicit Desires Illicit, 1 , Essay By Rose B Mashal Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

Rose is a loved mother, wife, and a stay at home lawyer Writing is her passion, and reading is her obsession Music is her best friend and sarcasm is her speaking trend One of her joys is bringing happiness to others and her biggest wish is that they stay true to one another Through her stories, she wants to spread nothing except understanding, peace and love.

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  • Illicit Desires (Illicit, #1)
  • Rose B. Mashal
  • 06 November 2019

10 thoughts on “Illicit Desires (Illicit, #1)

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    THIS STORY IS RAW, HEARTBREAKING AND DIRTY AS HELL Be warned kids, not for those who can t stomach a package of emotions, lust, sex, grittiness, ol plain nasty with a punch full of love between two people who should never have fallen for each other in the first place I want to start by emphasizing that I almost always read books that are about a tragic love gone wrong I came across this story when it was only a baby, a fanfiction and only a few chapters were written But I knew from the very first chapter that I was in for a treat because this book is the definition of tragic love gone very wrong I win, Dear Brother, she whispered and then touched her soft lips to my cheek.I gripped her forearm and whispered back Over my dead body, little sister Want rainbows and butterflies You are not going to find it here Because this book is going to leave you a crying mess so many times that you ll be questioning yourself that WHY AM I STILL READING THIS But the reply to that question is simple Rose.B.Mashal s stories are addictive So addictive they should have a class of their own under the official addiction causing drugs From the very first chapter I was reeling from all the feels Lily s confusion, Adrian s love, her need for a brother, his need for her body Adrian and Lillian Lily are twins They have a bond, an undeniable natural bond which is sealed with their love As any other siblings in the world But what happens when Adrian fall for her, her beauty, her body Everything about her calls to him How can he deny the siren s call How can you deprive yourself from that one thing that is the sole reason of your survival He can t He won t And he doesn t This story is about the illicit desires that turns Lily and Adrian s world upside down And ours It ll consume you my friends Heart, mind, body and soul.Love,Maheen

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    Okay, so this story is actually how I first discovered Rose s stories, believe it or notat the time I was reading the fan fiction version, and to this day I still read that on occasion The subject matter never bothered meactually, I was rather intrigued, since I d never read anything pertaining to this kind of situation Once I got into the story, I was hooked and couldn t get back out And reading the soon to be published version is no differentI m HOOKED AHH THE CLIFFIE AT THE END And now, once again, I m waiting for Love you, Rose You re awesome 3

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    Firstly, let me say I was aware of the nature of the story line before reading and this did not put me off in the slightest, and I did not read it when it was a fan fiction It is very well written and tackles a taboo subject with sensitivity, and not gratuitously as could have been the case You see the emotional struggles that both the main protagonists go through, although to be fair, it seems to me that Adrian makes his feelings quite plain from the off set, whilst Lilly is conflicted by her feelings and tries to do her best to stop anything happening I do feel that she is very naive, possibly due to her parent s protective treatment of her, and this naivety plays into the hands of Adrian Although both characters are torn by their feelings it is obvious the Adrian feels less guilty about it and encourages the relationship That said the story is a powerful and very angsty one, and the emotional struggles the siblings go through are very well written Unlike other reviewers on her I did not read this as Fan Fiction, although I had been aware of the story, and would love to see how Adrian and Lilly s story relationship progresses.Thank you Rose for gifting me an arc copy of the first novel in what promises to be a great series.

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    4.6 rating This book had me all over the place I hated Adrian then I felt sorry for him then I hated him some The author does a good job putting their feelings out there Lilly holds to her guns through most of the story because she knows its wrong Adrian isn t so nice he does everything and I mean everything to try and make her cross that line, he doesn t care that it s wrong all he wants is what he wants and that is Lilly He s selfish in how he goes about it A first I think it was because he was so young and didn t know what to do about his own feelings but as he got older he got conniving using things against Lilly to make her see him the way he saw her He knew it was wrong he just didn t care about Lilly s feelings, it was all about him and what he wanted no matter if it was wrong Lilly still sees him as this sweet person she grew up with but he is well past that But, at the same time we can see how this is driving him crazy and at times we want to feel sorry for him Even though we look down on this in life, it still opens your eyes to what they go through when someone has the feelings for that person who is taboo The things that happen and the responses that go with it, I have to say the author done a good job getting that across to the reader She done a good job with the story it is very well written And the fact it is taboo won t stop me from seeing were the story goes, as she done that good a job with it.

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    While I understand the subject nature of this book might not be for all, it is a really fantastically written story The struggles behind the relationship between Adrian and Lily make you feel sympathy for these kids The author does not write the illicit relationship in a gratuitous or flamboyant manner but instead, presents two endearing character who are stumbling through a very difficult relationship Illicit Desires is wonderfully written and I cannot wait to read any further additions

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    Firstly, the taboo content did not bother me at all I couldn t stop reading I loved the way Rose wrote how torn the characters are with their attraction love It s a difficult subject matter and she managed to weave in their their desires for one another, while they battled with the moral dilemma that they were living through I cannot wait for the next installment friggin awesome

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    I ve always been a fan of this author as she s known for taking big risks and writing not only incredible angst but also the sweetest love stories around This story is obviously not for everyone with the subject matter I first read this story as a Fanfiction as it had a huge following and everyone spoke about this amazingly well written forbidden story From the first chapter I couldn t put it down, I then understood why Rose had such a big following Quite simply her stories bring out emotions of empathy with the readers You form emotional connections with her characters I was lucky enough to be given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Lillian and Adrian have a normal twin bond and relationship at the very start of the story then on a family vacation things change on Adrian s end The story dynamic of the siblings struggle is a very brave and difficult subject to tackle Seeing Adrian s denial then acceptance and Lillian s denial about them makes the story very realistic in the struggles they have coming to terms with feelings which are seen as unnatural and wrong in everyday society We see both sides date and go through normal teenage relationships of growing up and trying hard to ignore the feelings they re so desperately trying to hide, or at least one of them is hiding Lilly s desperate to be normal and it s heartbreaking seeing how much she goes through Adrian pushes her to realise what she s feeling much to his disappointment it takes Lilly a very long time to understand what she s beginning to feel I won t say too much to spoil this story It s full of angst I read some of it through my tears I would say to give this story a read If you re reading this review the story must have caught your attention Why not see what you think Like the authors previous books she doesn t disappoint in the twists and character growth Beautifully written start to another promising series I m very intrigued as to how this story will end.

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    I first fell in love with Mrs Mashal talented writing while reading one of her earliest fan fictions And while that plot was unique and original in it s own right, she has expanded her playing field, daring to do what so few people would tackling a taboo subject This creative woman has a knack for surprising me in the best way, always coming up with intriguing ideas that get me hooked While this book may not be for everyone, I urge you to give it a chance I myself was hesitant to read this the first time around, but said what the hell, if I like love everything else she writes, why would I hate this one And boy did that risk pay off A heart wrenching, gut twisting, angst filled book that simultaneously broke my heart and deeply intrigued me It s impossible not to love these characters, flaws and all Trying to guess what Adrian s next move was, or how Lillian would react to it kept me on the edge of my seat Unfortunately, my nails suffered the consequencesWithout giving too much away, the struggle both Adrian and Lily go through just about killed me sometimes The confusion, the anguish and eventually the acceptance and desperate desire that Adrian feels for his twin is an emotional roller coaster The changes in their relationship is so realistic, so well portrayed, you feel as though you know them, as though they are real people living here and now Lillian s internal struggle is, on the other hand, something I could completely relate to She s the voice of reason in this story, but at what cost Her denial is so powerful, yet she struggles to deny her beloved brother and her own pleasure, with mixed results Our lovely twin s conflicting desires the desire to truly feel and the other to respect social and legal norms is absolutely captivating So again, I urge you to try something out of your comfort zone You just might be surprised by how much you enjoy it I know I was

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    I absolutely loved this I was so happy to get to read this early Some may think the subject matter taboo, but I see nothing wrong with it in a work of fiction I really love the angsty characters That ending though Can t wait to read the next one The author has done a great job again.

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    This book is great, it is a very controversial story Yet when I start reading it I began to think about this two characters as two people that are in love The fact that they are brother and sister makes their relationship extremely difficult and full of emotions I love every scene of the book and I didn t find it insulting at all I really though about this book as a love story I wish I could read I can t wait for the next book I highly recommend this story to all readers, specially those romantic readers Rose always writes great stories and this story was not the exception.

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