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The Twilight SagaThis Stunning Set, Complete With All Four Hardcover Books As Well As Four Collectible Prints, Makes The Perfect Gift For Fans Of The Bestselling Vampire Love StoryDeeply Romantic And Extraordinarily Suspenseful, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, And Breaking Dawn Capture The Struggle Between Defying Our Instincts And Satisfying Our DesiresSet Contains The St Edition Printings By Little Brown And Company Twilight ISBNISBNNew Moon ISBNISBNEclipse ISBNISBNBreaking Dawn ISBN X ISBN Full review now posted Books are supposed to educate and enlighten and broaden the mind They are supposed to help us understand ourselves and those who have nothing in common with us except our humanity Books let us travel to distant lands, help us remember the past and envision the future, and they remind us to appreciate our present.But dang it, they re also here to entertain us We don t belittle television shows for amusing us and allowing us to escape from reality and forget out troubles of hour and half hour increments of time While we can be music snobs, I think everyone can admit to singing along with catchy popular songs when you can t escape them, even if we rolls our eyes while belting out the words So why do we as readers label some books or series or entire genres of fiction as completely unworthy of our time We call them trash because we see nothing of literary merit in them But why does every book ever written have to hold some nebulous literary merit I deeply believe that reading should be fun, and that some books are meant to be that and only that fun There doesn t have to be a life lesson or deep theme or social commentary Yes, I believe that we should read books that contain those things as well, just as we should mix our sitcoms with news coverage and our boy bands with Bach and Beethoven But there is nothing wrong with reading for fun and only fun, and we shouldn t look down on those who read for fun and fun alone And for those of us who try to read meaty literature with depth and a message and that merit we re so proud of, we shouldn t be embarrassed to take a break from that depth when we need to and consume something mindlessly addictive Steak is great, but consuming too much red meat can give a person gout Sometimes, you just need a big bowl of popcorn, right There are books that I consider popcorn fiction These are books with no nutritional literary value, but they re addictive and a pleasure to consume They re books usually series that are almost impossible to put down until you read the final page The prose might not be the best, and there are generally eye rolling plot devices sprinkled liberally throughout the book, but the characters are fun to read about even when they re obnoxious and the plot is immersive and compelling These are the soap operas of the fiction world, and sometimes they re just exactly what you need to help you escape reality for a while.I consider Twilight to be one of the ultimate popcorn series I actually think of itas sitting down with a five pound bag of Lucky Charms marshmallows and just eating until you make yourself sick These books have a bad reputation, and it s at least partially earned I ve never met a main characterproblematic than Bella Swan She has no sense of self preservation, she has a severe martyr complex, she has a horridly low opinion of herself, and she blames herself for literally everything, even those things over which she has absolutely no control Her view of herself is quite possibly the worst I ve ever come across She has her strengths, of course Bella is loyal and self sacrificing and incredibly loving She finds her true self and a core of strength she didn t know existed in the final installment of the series She even becomes a bit of a Mary Sue in terms of strength and gifts But she absolutely should not be a role model for young girls Does that mean I don t think said girls should be allowed to read the series It does not I think Twilight provides great fodder for discussions of self worth and self image when properly approached If I was the mother of a tween or teenage girl, I would of course gauge their maturity level and provide a disclaimer before allowing her to read these, but allow it I would My parents always let me read anything, just giving me warnings before I dug it Because of those warnings, I knew what to be on the lookout for, and I was able to protect my mind while still thoroughly enjoying the story Twilight is full of things that usually would cause me to put a book down I despise love triangles, but for some reason am completely entranced by Bella s relationships with both Edward and Jacob Both male characters also have their issues, but they re super engaging to read about I loathe Wuthering Heights and am not a fan of Romeo and Juliet, but Twilight echoes both and I still enjoy it There s something about this series that just lets me turn my brain off and revel in the ride.I honestly can t explain why I am so entertained by this series, but I am This is my third time reading it, and it was still just as much fun as the first time All I can say is that, when I m in the mood for mental popcorn, this is one of my go to series, and it appears that it shall remain so.A buddy re read with the ever lovely Mary Forof my reviews, as well as my own fiction and thoughts on life, check out my blog, Celestial Musings. Find all of my reviews at StarsReviewing The Twilight Saga is a nearly unwinnable battle If you admit to enjoying it, you run the risk of being branded an idiot Luckily I have loads of experience with people telling me I m an idiot, so I m cool with it.Let me paint a picture for you and maybe you ll understand how this little series came to garner such a high rating from me I read all four of the Twilight novels back to back to back to back over the course of one magical summer It was the summer I ceased to be a flotation device for my always potentially drowning children and instead spent my pool days like thisAhhhhhhhh After countless hours every summer piggybacking my non swimming offspring around the shallow end they finally developed some buoyancy and I was able to watch things like this and unfortunately also some stuff like this shudder from the comfort of a lounge chair That was also the summer I was able to get back into reading again Thanks to the never ending Wal Mart check out line and a pretty little cover that claimed the contents would Soon Be A Major Motion Picture I found what became a perfect little fluffy summer obsession read There s no doubt in my mind if I read these books today I would have a very different reaction to them That s why I m not going to.Oh, and also They gave us Jacob, so haters to the left Partly based on a conversation with G N F Hello Thank you for answering our advertisement Now, I m going to give you a short presentation, and I d like to measure your reactions Just sit down here I m connecting this to your right wrist this goes over your head and, if you wouldn t mind exactly Right, we re almost set Let me check it s working Say something that s true, like, I don t know, I am a fourteen year old girl Good And now something that s false, like, hm, I ve never heard of Paris Hilton Excellent We re good to go Oh, don t worry, it won t hurt All we want to do is be sure we know what you think of our idea It ll take a few minutes, and then you get your 50 Okay, ah, this is a story we might be publishing as a book It could be a movie too if things work out It s about a teenage girl like you Well, perhaps a bit older Her parents are divorced They don t have much time for her All her mother is interested in is her feelings and her new boyfriend, and all her father is interested in is his job She feels she needs to look after them most of the time She s muchof a grown up than they are You re nodding That s great This girl worries about what s going to happen to the world Those greedy, selfish adults seem to want to suck it dry of everything it s got Sometimes she thinks they re like a bunch of vampires sucking out the world s blood Sometimes she dreams that they ll suck out her blood too Maybe she shouldn t read so many vampire books I see you nodding again Now I bet you already guessed that this is another vampire book But they re a special kind of vampire A technovampire When they bite you, you turn into a a sort of robot Or maybelike a beautiful living statue I can see you frowning You don t think it sounds very nice, do you Well, we are having trouble with this part Let me try it another way Lots of women don t like the shape of their breasts They d like to have bigger,attractive breasts, even if they are kind of hard to the touch Maybe you ve thought about getting a boob job Aha I knew it Well, these technovampires have had a kind of boob job, but it s their whole bodies Everything Their whole bodies are cold and hard to the touch, but they look totally gorgeous Okay So, the girl in the story is pretty tired of looking after her dumb parents, and she knows the kids in her class are just a bunch of losers Her only chance is to get in with the vampires and have them make her into a vampire too So, there s all these twists and turns, but in the end she gets what she wants There s this vampire guy who falls in love with her, and she becomes a vampire too And they live happily ever after Oh dear You re shaking your head You don t like it You think it sounds horrible that she s going to abandon her family and her friends and become a cold, hard, bloodsucking vampire robot But, look, she has to do it It s her only chance And she really does look totally hot once she s had the robot treatment Okay, except that she s cold of course, you re right about that Oh, and, I forgot to say that these other vampire robots become her new family They re super nice, uh, people You still don t like it Damn Well, I can see we re going to have to tweak a few things It still isn t quite what we want No, no, don t say that I tell you, we re closer than you think Perhaps we just need to make it a bitromantic What Of course we can Why ever not I know The vampire robots sparkle in the sunlight Now don t you immediately feelpositive about them You do Awesome Okay, now thank you again for your time, and here s your 50 Oh, the pleasure s been all mine You ve been really helpful And could you tell the next girl we re ready for her Bye Uh, okay normally I loathe profanity at the best of times, but in the case of The Twilight Saga, I have only two words that I d like to say to itThese are the worst bunch of books I ve ever read they re almost as terrible as that godawful The Hunger Games series Mind you, I m sure that Twilight is really important and amazing to some readers In my opinion though, it was just bizarre I mean, c mon, glittery vampire men that live in the trees and have their own weirdo vampire club Is that what passes for cool these days, or is it just nerdy ALL TIME FAVORITE SERIES EVER No other compares The final edition of Anuradha, Stop Using the Word Rebuttal The previous four yes, I wrote fourof this shit parts of this ramble may be found in my reviews of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn I repeat, I m only posting this because I read this article I m literally only refuting the points mentioned in this, nothing else I don t like comparison, but if the other party does it, be sure that I will respond REBUTTAL POINTS 41 46 41 The HP books are all depressing Lots of good characters die, which isn t cool And they re just full of violance, and ridiculous plans Harry Potter books may have elements of violence in them, but people die in wars You can t just kill off only the secondary characters Much as I hated seeing many of my favourites die, it added an element of realism to the story Sometimes, bad things happen to good people That s just how life is The plans aren t ridiculous as much as they are elaborate 42 Stephenie Meyer did her resarch and found a place like Forks so the vampires could be outside JK just made one up.Yeah, Rowling created a world where we could all escape into, if we wanted She spend years coming up with the details She used her imagination and creativity, and the effects of it all were almost perfect She created a hidden world for her wizards in the midst of all the normalcy of some place as common as London Making one up is a lottedious than Googling one 43 The sparkles are so unique and creative They re not stupid.I feel like this is a parody account The sparkles suck Vampires don t sparkle Period.44 harry potter is too hard for a young child to read.Young children should not be reading Twilight Harry Potter has universal appeal I read it as a child, and I understood it perfectly well 45 Twilight is better because the books are written better and the characters bringto the table for the readers The real difference is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer and Stephenie Meyer can t write worth a darn Stephen King Need I say46 It s set in America.It s like you re not even trying How does that matter And it s done Finito I have no purpose in my life, again Harry Potter made me a better person, and I will defend it ad nauseam Click here for my review of Twilight which contains points 1 10.Click here for my review of New Moon, which contains points 11 20.Click here for my review of Eclipse, which contains points 21 30.Click here for my review of Breaking Dawn, which contains points 31 40. This book was by far the best book i have ever read Usually i dont find any interest in reading, but when i started Twilight i couldn t put it down Ever since i read the Twilight series i ve started reading on a regular basis Even though i ve read all the Twilight books i know that i will continue reading them over and over again and never get tired of them I ve told all of my friends about this book and they have read it and enjoyed it just as much as i did. See this review andon The Moonlight Library In Twilight, Bella goes insane when her mother re marries and ships her off to live with her absent father In trying to cope with this, Bella imagines a world where she is the centre of attention from every boy in school, especially the hottest, most desirable Edward Cullen But Edward isn t just the most desirable guy, no he s also a vampire, and sheer coincidence, Bella s blood sings to him This should be a problem, because Edward s supposed to lose control when he comes near a blood singer like his brother Emmett did when he met his however, Bella s Edward is so inhumanly perfect that he never hurts her, and even ends up falling in love with her proof that Bella is insane, because this does not make logical sense to us, the readers, but does to Bella s poor fragile mind When Bella realises nothing is really happening with her imagined relationship with some imagined angel like vampire, she imagines another vampire decides he wants to randomly hunt her just because she s human and of course one of the bad vampires comes to warn the Cullens of Bella s danger, because even in Bella s insanity, random people still care about her This makes perfect sense in Bella s mind she s never been the centre of attention when living with her mother, and with her father the Chief of Police, he just doesn t have the time to give her the attention she needs So she creates the perfect man to love her and protect her and needs her like her parents never wanted, and because she s never had a boyfriend before, poor lonely soul.In New Moon, Bella realises her perfect relationship is actually really boring and creates some drama by sending her perfect boyfriend away for her own protection Or maybe, even in her insanity, she still thinks she s not worthy so she sabotages her own relationship She falls into a catatonic state of depression and can only be drawn out of it by the attention of another boy who, coincidentally, is a member of the werewolf pack made to protect humans from vampires With a suitably heroic new love interest, Bella createsdrama in her insanity by deciding that Edward is going to kill himself over some kind of crossed wires communication, and it gives her the opportunity to add a lotdrama and an international journey to revive her relationship with Edward Now that Edward is safe, he tells her she was stupid to believe him when he said he didn t love her any which of course he does, because in Bella s mind everyone loves her, even if she doesn t notice Now that Bella s patched up her imaginary conflict with her imaginary lover, she can still create other attention grabbing conflict by having Jacob still in love with her.Coming to Eclipse, and Bella s madness is only deepening She s obsessed with herself being the victim, so in some twisted way she imagines that the vampire from the first book s girlfriend wants her dead, so that for some weird reason Edward would suffer the way the girlfriend vampire has suffered This is complicated by the fact that Bella is perfect and everyone loves her, especially the vampire lover from the first book and the werewolf boy from the second book Obviously she can t have them fighting all the time because that s OMG DRAMAZ and with the inevitable big fight coming up, she can t really concentrate on her two boyfriends fighting over her So in her crazy state of mind, the two boys who hate each other and are sworn enemies make a pact to defend her from the big bad vampire bitch queen because of course, she s so unbelievable special.Breaking Dawn is Bella s insane attempt at avoiding adulthood while gaining domestic perfection by becoming a wife and mother.Bella, in her insanity, designs an impossible pregnancy to make her the centre of everyone s attention Her mother was never very maternal, so now here s Bella s chance to prove to everyone she d make a better mother than her own mother And of course she s insane because apart from the agony of a baby growing to full term in a matter of weeks and breaking her bones and nearly killing her, she doesn t experience any real motherhood changing diapers, breastfeeding, teaching baby to talk and walk But of course Bella seems to get it all in the end eternally youthful, now immortally gorgeous, disgustingly rich with the most perfect angel vampire husband and father to a daughter who sleeps at night unlike her parents and never makes a fuss or noise and quite frankly hardly needs any parenting at all It s Bella s fantasy of motherhood played out just like she used to when she played with her dolls as a child.And her reward for being the perfect devoted wife and mother Immortality And of course her poor little mind had to make a consideration for Jacob she couldn t possibly have Jacob leave her, because he s her sun or something, and his imprint of the Loch Ness Monster makes him a part of her little cult family forever.

I was born in Connecticut in 1973, during a brief blip in my family s otherwise western U.S existence We were settled in Phoenix by the time I was four, and I think of myself as a native The unusual spelling of my name was a gift from my father, Stephen ie me Though I have had my name spelled wrong on pretty much everything my entire life long, I must admit that it makes it easier to

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