RoomHateSharing A Summer House With A Hot As Hell Roommate Should Be A Dream Come True, Right Not When It S Justin The Only Person I D Ever Loved Who Now Hates MeWhen My Grandmother Died And Left Me Half Of The House On Aquidneck Island, There Was A Catch The Other Half Would Go To The Boy She Helped RaiseThe Same Boy Who Turned Into The Teenager Whose Heart I Broke Years AgoThe Same Teenager Who S Now A Man With A Hard Body And A Hardass Personality To MatchI Hadn T Seen Him In Years, And Now We Re Living Together Because Neither One Of Us Is Willing To Give Up The HouseThe Worst Part He Didn T Come AloneI D Soon Realize There S A Thin Line Between Love And Hate I Could See Through That Smug Smile Beneath It All The Boy Is Still There So Is Our Connection The Problem Is Now That I Can T Have Justin, I Ve Never Wanted Him Author S Note RoomHate Is A Full Length Standalone Novel Due To Strong Language And Sexual Content, This Book Is Not Intended For Readers Under The Age Of I look like a total knob head sitting here with permanent smile slapped on my face but I don t give a fuck I ve just finished one of the most beautiful books I have ever read Oh my fuck I m just so giddy as fuck right now I want to do naked cartwheels round the living room I knew going into this book I was going to get the same feels I always do when reading a Penelope Ward book and RoomHate is most definitely up there with one of the greats The thing I love about her books is that it s not just one story, you feel like its two stories but with the same characters.I love when she does Two Parts When you get into Part Two it feels like the characters have come such a long way from when you first meet them and the connection you get with them is so strong because you have watched them grow up in a way I never share what the book is about in my reviews, I only tell you how I felt when reading it and with this fucker I felt EVERYTHING Justin Banks Smash my back doors in that bloke was fucking SWOON I just couldn t get enough of him He was a mixture of arsehole and sweet with a little filth on the side Fucking hell he made me melt I fell madly in love with him and want my very own real life version Amelia as always was such an amazing heroine I would never expect anything less than Penelope as she creates the most wonderful heroines I loved the banter back and forth between these two and the sexual tension was OFF THE CHART All I can say is Amelia is one lucky bird getting to see Justin wank off like she did My nipples are hard just thinking about it I loved the music lyrics Oh fuck me his words made me fucking cry The song he wrote completely brought me to me knees Just like Penelope s books you never know what will happen Yeah you think it s what it says on the tin and then BOOM some shit goes down and your left thinking WHAT THE FUCK I just love the direction this book went in It s one of my favourite things to happen in any book so once it did I was over the fucking moon I had the best time on this adventure and I m so bummed it s all over I laughed so hard and there was a few tears too but mostly it just made me so incredibly happy Gemini will always be my favourite Penelope Ward book and one that owns my heart but RoomHate is a very close second I loved every fucking minute of it You will fucking love it Ahhhh fuck I want to read it all over again Also I feel I need to stress this My good friend didn t sign up for an arc because she thought it was a love triangle and she can t read them She bloody pinched herself when I told her it wasn t a love triangle at all So have no fear, girls I would hate for anyone to miss out on this amazing book because of that I repeat THIS IS NOT A LOVE TRIANGLE I JUST FUCKING LOVED THIS BOOK This is the kind of read that you ll have to devour in one sitting or you will feel like you re being tortured while you wait to read again Trust me, people It is THAT good If you have a weakness for those sexy soulful musician types, Justin will ring ALL your bells 10 times over Minimum I was a bit wary at first, thinking that there would be cheating and you may read at ease There is no cheating and with the exception of one sexy as hell voyeuristic moment there isn t anything inappropos The story wasn t too focused on sex Though once it happens, it is totally delish There was sexual tension, yes, but the story hones in on the recovery of an amazing and fragile relationship and the development of both characters into people who will be in one that is both healthy and lasting The animosity that Justin has toward Amelia in the beginning is pretty harsh but we read about their journey to the essence of what drives all of that One of the most remarkable traits about the characters is that they are mature initial animosity aside Don t roll your eyes at me Lol For real they don t just react but make big decisions after talking and rationalizing Too often we read about the impulsive characters that make big mistakes and end up really messing things up before the big reconciliation but this doesn t really work that way and sets itself apart for that I don t want to go into the plot because I found that each tidbit was important to the journey However, I was very impressed and recommend that after you re done with your currently reading you treat yourself to this little nugget When you re done and thanking me, let s LOL together about the stabbing that Amelia does every so often to herself or how wonderfully lucky that cute bumblebee is p DNF at 25% Oh Gentle Reader Gentle Reader As you know, i wasn t gifted the Angry Reader moniker i earned it On a popular sports romance book that sent me into a tizzy the likes these hallowed halls have rarely seen Something about a threesome and then his dick only wanting her Bc it s rational when our sex organs make our decisions But i digress I d been so happy lately reading the recommendations of the Book SoulMate Avoiding romance books at all costs But this one had so many good reviews So many stars I was lulled into a sense of complacency Gentle Reader, that aforementioned steaming pile of crap was sweet lyric to mine ears compared to the dumpster fire full of filthy diapers and old tires that made up this tome Holy shit The plot as i understand it And please forgive me if i seem confused At points i had no actual idea what was happening Amelia inherits half of a house from her dead Gma Her childhood BFF inherits the other They haven t spoken in 10 years bc of deep dark angsty secret Rightio They end up in the house together for the summer with his GF who is so so nice to our heroine Like seriously she s creepy Upon first encountering our heroine our hero leaps on her like some kind of 8th grade girl in a middle school cat fight All while loudly protesting that he s SO OVER IT HE DOESN T CARE ABOUT HER HE DOESN T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT His GF spends a lot of time looking around apologetically I pictured her as a robot Or a blow up doll In the first 6% Justin insulted Amelia in a manner that would have gotten him tased in this house Ignored her while they had dinner Had bizarre loud sex with his GF so Amelia could hear And smirked a lot How can a man holding a grudge from 10th grade be a romantic hero That s not love that s diagnosable At 25% you find out why they don t speak any It s awesomely bad 1980s Lionel Richie with a mullet in a members only jacket kinda bad And then i gave up At this point there were 2 options to save this book a dragon flies down and eats everyone or Keanu Reeves wakes up and realizes it was all a dream Judging from the loud SQUEEEEEEES echoing down my GR newsfeed i don t think either of these things happen Thus i m left with a story where these two emotionally stunted morons form some sort of relationship And i cannot live in world where that s considered any sort of happy ending PS i m not even going to get into the writing here It had all the subtlety of a speeding locomotive And clearly the author thinks that only morons would read her stuff she needs so badly to tell the reader things that she repeats them in the same sentence Along the lines of she liked gummy bears and she loved them and she wanted them and needed them so so much Right Blunt force trauma to the head bc no one reading this could appreciate nuance or allusion AR is dragging her corpse out of the romance genre for a while back to the recommendations of the BSM. 2.5 Stars I usually like this author s work, but this one didn t work for me I didn t enjoy the love story and the prose felt stilted and a little monotoned at times The ending, however, was simply fabulous. I really wasn t sure what to expect with Roomhate, but after reading the blurb, I knew I had to take a chance I am not a huge fan of second chance romances or the friends to lovers story BUT this friends to lovers story was just something , special and I adored it Justin and Amelia were best friends growing up, but when Amelia was fifteen she moved away We don t know all the details but know that this move destroyed their friendship It s been years and now they are brought back together when Amelia s grandmother passes away Together they inherit her beachfront home on the island they grew up on The summer starts, it s chaotic, turbulent and a complete cluster that I just couldn t look away from Amelia begins the summer with regret and wants to reconcile with her former best friend Justin just feels anger and hostility toward Amelia As the reader, we don t know all the details, but I was immediately engaged Amelia is such a fantastic character and in the end, I adored her, too She is caring and loving, she is devoted and forgiving, but mostly she is strength and courage I loved how she handled everything She isn t perfect but she was relatable and so genuine I was cheering and so excited for her finally get her HEA.I swear there were moments I hated Justin, but in the end, he was completely redeemed I loved how his changes were gradual and it wasn t like a flip was switched and he changed Seeing his actions changed my feelings about him, and I loved that It wasn t all words, you could actually see the change and shift in him I also loved seeing his change and him struggling with his feelings This story had so much heart, but it s also crazy hot and super sexy The story had this slow build that had me anxious to see what happened next and excited to turn the page I seriously loved this one so much It had feels, angst, sexiness and an engaging plot This is my favorite Ward book yet ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest reviewTeasers created by me with stock images purchased from depositphotos. 2.5 StarsI did not hate this book, but I didn t especially love it either Since this book came out and basically became a hype, I was so thrilled to read it especially because the synopsis is so interesting and I ve been hearing lots of good things about Penelope Ward That s why I m so bummed thinking about how this book became a disappointment for me.At 1 10%, I found the story promising My reaction was like,At 11% to 39%, At 40 43%,At 44% onwardsI guess I just didn t like the plot and how the entirety of the storyline was conveyed The writing style of Penelope Ward was exceptional I d give her that , but I really wasn t that invested with the story Plus, the sudden turn of events at 40% and the rest of the book seemed off It basically ruined the whole stuff.The ending and the epilogue were sweet though and the romance was okay There were even lots of sexy times I also loved Justin s character and how adorable he appeared to be Not to mention he s smoking hot and his character as well as Amelia s developed in the later part of the book Hence, the 2.5. Shhh pls don t tell my husband but yeah if I d be Amelia, I would totally bang Justin too hahah D LOL anyway, I just love Penelope s books Always so sweet, so funny and so hot And I hope you love this book as much as I did Justin swooooon I m a sucker for angsty, forbidden love stories that put you through the ringer RoomHate is exactly that type of story I loved every minute of this book, even when I hated it This is a story of first loves and broken hearts Telling the story of two childhood friends that life took in different directions, only to bring them back together years later, RoomHate is a gripping emotional read It s amazing how some loves stay with you forever, despite your every effort to move on.When Amelia s grandmother died, she left her beach house to both Amelia, and her childhood best friend, Justin Amelia hadn t seen or spoken to Justin in years, ever since she ran away to live with her father leaving Justin behind When she tried to reconcile with him a year or so later, his anger and pride kept him from hearing her out The two haven t spoken since No doubt, Amelia s grandmother intended to bring these two back together even in her death.After finding her fianc cheating on her, Amelia packs up and heads to the beach house for the summer She s enjoying the peace and tranquility of the beach, trying to figure out where her life is headed, when Justin arrives with his girlfriend, Jade Still unwilling to reconcile, Justin goes out of his way to be nasty to Amelia After all these years, it is clear that he s still holding on to his anger.As the story progresses, the sexual tension between Amelia and Justin reaches a peak There s no doubt that they still have feelings for each other and their unresolved issues are tearing them both apart inside At the same time, I was torn because as much as I wanted them to end up together, Jade was a really nice girl and I didn t want to see her broken hearted.Several unexpected life events and twists occur that will keep you guessing There always seems to e something keeping the two apart Nonetheless, their story is beautiful Eventually, things work out exactly like they were meant to.This was just the kind of story that I love It tore my heart out and left me wanting I loved Justin and Amelia I could not get enough of this couple Thankfully, it is a standalone and won t leave you hanging. LIVE US UK RoomHate is a sweet enemies to lovers romance with all the lovely trademarks of a second chance love story It s about fear, hope and never ending, all consuming love I was super excited to begin my first Penelope Ward story and knew that I was in for a sexy reading treat with plenty of emotions on display and palpable chemistry, and I have to say that I was not disappointed I got my feels and a dose of warm emotion whilst reading about the romance of Justin and Amelia It s told in first person narrative and from the perspective of the heroine Throughout the body of the prose, the past is laced through the present at opportune times so the reader has a lens into pivotal moments from their shared past The life they shared and the reasons why she left over a decade ago are exposed during these depictions, revealing an important layer of the story arc.The straight forward story telling with small doses of angst and conflict slowly drew me into their world This author creates a wonderful dynamic and emotion between her hero and heroine His personality made me laugh out loud, there s lots of light and shade to his persona and I loved the conflict between them during the earlier section of the story As much as I enjoyed certain aspects and feelings depicted in RoomHate, there are moments that pulled me out of the story world The motivation and impetus for their initial conflict, did not feel completely natural to me making the heroine s decision making process appear irksome and later in the prose I felt her internal thoughts towards Justin and what she would do for him contradicted her earlier, younger actions I also would have enjoyed show in the writing there was a little too much direct telling of some information for my personal taste When rating a book three stars it s sometimes assumed that the reader didn t enjoy the story but I can assure you this is not the case I enjoyed the easy breezy style of this author and the sizzling dynamic she creates between the hero and heroine Their chemistry is stunning and totally grabbed my attention They made me feel fuzzy inside and I wanted their relationship of years gone by to be rekindled I was rooting for them and at times this story has a real light Rom Com, feel good vibe and I loved it for that Advanced copy provided for my honest review thoughts

Penelope Ward is a New York Times, USA Today and 1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling author.She grew up in Boston with five older brothers and spent most of her twenties as a television news anchor before switching to a family friendly career.Penelope lives for reading books in the new adult genre, coffee and hanging out with her friends and family on weekends.She is the proud mother of a beau

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