Codespell (Webmage, #3)

Codespell (Webmage, #3)The Universe Needs A Reboot In This WebMage Novel From Kelly McCulloughIn The Twenty First Century, Magic Has Advanced With The Times And Gone Digital, And Ravirn, A Direct Descendant Of One Of The Three Fates, Is A Talented Sorcerer And Computer Hacker Extraordinaire Now That Ravirn Has Come Into His Own As A Minor Chaos Power, He S Partying With Zeus, Playing Hard To Get With A Gorgeous Furyand Trying To Stay One Step Ahead Of Nemesis, The Unstoppable Goddess Of VengeanceBut Now Necessity The Sentient Computer That Runs The Universe Has Caught A Virus That Crashes Most Of The Magical Internet, And Ravirn Is Tasked With Fixing It And Ravirn Hasn T Missed The Fact That Whoever Repairs Necessity Will, For That Moment, Run The Universe, Able To Remake The Worlds And Everything Else To Their LikingUnfortunately For Ravirn, Some Very Dangerous Beings Have Figured That Out, Too I mostly enjoyed this book, but not as much as the first two It seemed that as the stakes got higher and higher, the story itself became less engaging for me Not sure why. And the plot thickens Well, it sthat the plot of the series finally gains traction Now this series is really a series, rather than a group of books with the same protagonists Boy loses Girl, Boy gets new Girl, Boy fights Adversity All good plot threads While the first book was adifficult read, getting through to this one makes up for it Still, I can t say Ithan liked it, but keep up the good work, McCullough. Contrary to most of the other reviewers, I really appreciated the technical sequences where the author was paralleling real world IT service activities The quick hacking scripts were too quickly glossed over.And I m not afraid to admit that i liked the Tisiphone character with all her sexual characteristics, really liked. Things I liked about this book Still an interesting plot 3 volumes in to a series where each volume has a reasonable end point to its story, and yet the plot continues to be interesting That s not terribly common, and I appreciate it Characters not blinded by love There are characters who are in love with each other, where the love grew over time and yet they re not perfectly suited to each other, and wonder whether it would be better to break up and look for a relationship that s less strained by major differences in inherent nature and temperament This is farnuanced and mature than I m used to fictional relationships being, and I approve.Things I did not like about this book Editing There are a few consistency issues in this book, both as regard previous plot in the series eg, a statement that a particular faerie ring is only the second time a particular character has made one, when we ve seen that character make multiple in previous books , or with just language eg, a statement that a set of descriptions are about two characters, respectively, when the character or the descriptions are reversed They re physical descriptions of the substance two of the Furies wings are made of, so those aren t subject to change from one scene to another There are just enough of these that I found them distracting, and they lower what would have been a 4 star evaluation to a 3 star one Continued lack of resolution of questions about the universe the stories inhabit What makes a particular Decision Locus closer further from Prime Do DecLocs become further away as there aredecisions that shift them away from Prime, or are they placed simply in order of splitting Are other pantheons real, or just the Greek one When binary is whistled, is it just a pair of alternating tones, and can any distinguishable tones do the job I d likeknowledge here view spoiler As Ravirn is seeking help of the major players of the Greek Pantheon, why doesn t he consider going to Demeter Demeter s a major Olympian, who should be quite pleased with Ravirn s rescue of her daughter, Persephone, earlier in the series I m also still not entirely sure why Zeus is the pole power for Creation, rather than Gaia hide spoiler Kat Mandu saysWhen the magical super computer that runs the whole world crashes it s up to Ravirn to fix it Necessity has caught a nasty virus And although Ravirn has been tasked with removing it, he s not the only one interested in getting a hold of Necessity Because whoever fixes it, will temporarily gain control over the world Ravirn Raven is over his head He s got new powers and a new identity He s also got glowing eyes that won t let him sleep Necessity, the world s supercomputer, has gone down and the gods all want him to fix it or else And he s got a brand new enemy, Nemesis, gunning for him On top of all the other bad guys he s collected as rivals.I wanted to give this one a five but there were a few things that kind of confused me Not including the detailed computer stuff I am still processing I don t like the calendar jumping It goes from minute by minute details to two weeks later and sometimes, it s a bit disorienting for the reader Sometimes I can t tell when he s connected virtually with his athame link or when he s in the real world And there s just a few confusing jumps in the scenes one in particular where he was at Zeus s party and suddenly he woke up and he was getting shot at I didn t know he fell asleep to begin with or what was going on But those are my only complaints.As for character development, it s interesting to see Ravirn learn his way through chaos I loved meeting his family near the beginning, especially knowing his mom disapproves of his leaving the House of Fate Hearing from the other Fates was nice too, though I m eager to see ifthan just Clotho will ever return in the next two books.And Zeus and Athena Such an interesting take on those characters I mean, the whole series is a very unique story line mixing both Greek mythology and technology together I just love the idea So original A little bitromance for the Raven as well such a slut, I love it Now that Tisiphone is in the picture or maybe not from that ending and Cerice is still doing her weird thing, I m betting this will become a very interesting love triangle for our slow on the uptake Ravirn Eager to see how that plays out.Of course, gotta mention that cover The whole series has been done by Christian McGrath Out of the five, this is my second favorite I still have so much love for the cover of WebMage I like how it shows Ravirn twice, giving him the chaotic Raven look but also the dangerous mirrored look of the ultimate Nemesis. When Ravirn version 2.0 gets invited to a spring break party by none other than Zeus himself, the last thing he expects is to be attacked by his cousin Dairn Not that Dairn hasn t tried to kill Ravirn before, but the last time he was pushed into a fairy ring and presumed dead Now Dairn is back, with some interesting new powers, a new personality, and a thirst for blood But Dairn may be the least of Ravirn s problems The computer Necessity is still offline, his identity as the Raven has brought out some personality quirks that get in between him and his girlfriend Cerice, and one of the Furies has set her sights on him Can Ravirn fix Necessity, figure out his love life, and evade the goddess Nemesis, who will do anything to keep Necessity off line Codespell is another fun entry in the Ravirn series, with its trademark blending of high technology and world myth The chemistry between Ravirn and Melchior is still going strong, and there is plenty of humor and action This probably isn t my favorite of the series, since I missed a few of the supporting players who were less evident, if not completely absent such as Shara and Ahllan, as well as the contemporary setting On the other hand, I enjoyed meeting Athena or at least watching Ravirn s reaction to her and Thalia, muse of comedy and, it turns out, Ravirn s actual grandmother I ll definitely keep reading this series, and recommending it to fans of myth, technology, or fantasy with humor, adventure, and heart. Codespell is book 3 of the WebMage series The story is maturing That is not to say that the story is mature It is still a comedy and, as if it needed it, a comedian is introduced as a minor character.The Story The computer goddess Necessity is still suffering from a virus and demigod Ravirn is being recruited to hack into the magical web to fix her In the meantime Ravirn s Nemesis is on the prowl for him Any problems with the novel Nothan the previous novels Firearms are specifically mentioned as part of the profile of the main characters I m OK with that but I wish the author had gone intodetail on why a Beretta was chosen and why a 1911 Curse words are used but not excessively Sex is part of the story, but not described in detail The story itself seems to be improving The humor is still juvenile but it is getting better I m a little embarrassed that I like the humor in the series but I do My sense of humor is what one would call bucolic That is unsophisticated I appreciate sophisticated humor, but I like a good prat fall as much as the next guy I used to be a profession clown Really The ending is good The immediate problem in this novel is tied up reasonably well, with nothing like a cliffhanger There is still plenty of room to continue the story I won t saybecause that will give away too much I am reading book 4 MythOS which takes the story in a completely different direction but it is reasonable. The best of the three novels of the Ravirn series In this novel, now that Ravirn is a power he gets invited to Zeus s parties Of course, he finds out that the Goddess of Vengeance, Nemesis looks like his supposedly dead cousin Dairn and wants him dead Also, he is having relationship problems with his girlfriend, Cerice, and a flirtation with Tisiphone one of the Furies As usual, Eris makes an appearance as does his grandmother on his father s side, Zeus, Athena, Persephone, all three Furies, Nemesis, and Hades The novel with its mix of urban fantasy, cyberpunk, and mythic elements along with an endearing albeit chaotic lead character makes me want to readThe plot was fast paced and the political intrigue amongst the pantheon was fascinating I look forward to the next book. The urban fantasy cyber Greek mythology festivities continue Ravirn is still in hot water up to his neck, but finding out evenof the upsides and downsides to being a minor power among the gods Being the Raven has some pluses, but it also causes tension between him and his girlfriend Cerice To be honest, I only kind of liked Cerice in the first book and she s been increasingly irritating as time passes She s too close to the order of Fate while Ravirn is veering towards being an agent of Chaos And worse, Necessity, the god computer running the universe has had a stroke and Ravirn has to try to fix it Without getting himself killed, of course Story and characters remain a lot of fun and I really like the fire Fury, Tisiphone Still loving the magic system and world building

Kelly McCullough was raised and educated by free range hippies Later he received a degree in theater and worked in improv That combination was the perfect preparation for his current career as author and cat herder He lives and writes in the Midwest with his physics professor wife, Laura He enjoys hiking and biking and his role as self heating cat furniture He is the author of the WebMage and

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