The Spook's Apprentice (The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles, #1)

The Spook's Apprentice (The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles, #1) For Years, Old Gregory Has Been The Spook For The County, Ridding The Local Villages Of Evil Now His Time Is Coming To An End But Who Will Take Over For Him Twenty Nine Apprentices Have Tried Some Floundered, Some Fled, Some Failed To Stay AliveOnly Thomas Ward Is Left He S The Last Hope, The Last Apprentice

The Spook s Apprentice,

[Reading] ➺ The Spook's Apprentice (The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles, #1) By Joseph Delaney –
  • Paperback
  • 344 pages
  • The Spook's Apprentice (The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles, #1)
  • Joseph Delaney
  • English
  • 25 March 2018
  • 9780060766207

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    Warning my long and boring rants follow There are some things that bug me and this review happened to be a good place for them Sorry.If you own a farm you never split it between your children, otherwise several generations later there will be nothing left to split You give the farm to the oldest child which leaves you a very tough problem to find a place in life for the rest of your kids Now imagine you have seven sons and you yourself were the seventh son, but managed to come up with some money to buy a farm This was exactly the problem the father of young Tom Ward was facing Tom was the last son and as such his father was at loss at what to do with him.Fortunately being a seventh son of a seventh son made a good Spook material out of Tom, so the local Spook took his as an apprentice Spook s job is to deal with all kind of supernatural troublemakers ghosts, ghasts, bogarts, evil witches, and such Spooks do not possess any magic they do their job using only their wits, brains, and experience The whole nature of the work makes them, well, spooky and as such they do not have any friends and people while being glad to be rid of supernatural troubles, make their best to avoid Spooks in everyday life This is the life which awaits Tom is he manages to be good enough to enter the full apprenticeship This is a young adult horror novel I would not say it is very scary, but it does have quite a few really spooky sorry, I seems to overuse the word moments Thus the rant moment came It seems to me the US writers and publishers are busy writing and publishing angst romance novel calling them young adult YA literature to the point where it is impossible to find any non romance centered YA book I have nothing against angst ridden romances and they have their place in literature, but I really do not understand why this is considered to be the only type of YA genre At the same time British writers still remember the distinction between YA and romance For the good example of YA without too much romance look no further than Harry Potter This series is another example of this This is a fairly short, fast and easy read with some horror elements I was not completely satisfied with some characters as they seem to be two dimensional, but this is the first book of the series, so there is still hope for them My rating would be something between 3.5 stars and 4, but I will round it up and reserve my right to change it after I read other books of the series and I will most definitely continue reading them Another rant is coming Why oh why do US publishers consider changing the titles of the books published in GB to be their first and foremost duty We were lucky with Harry Potter as only the first book suffered this fate, but in case of this series I think all the titles were butchered UK title The Spook s Apprentice US title Revenge of the Witch What was so exotic and hard to understand about the UK original title so it had to be changed Does US publishing industry consider its readers to be complete retards unable to understand some local UK terms I think they do add flavor and color to the tale Luckily it is possible for Canadians to find books published in UK in local bookstores and this is what I will do for this series Rant off For a good example of US YA horror take a look at Nightfall Gardens trilogy by Allen Houston.

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    I read YA and survived Imagine that.Now now, no need to be slightly horrified, my Little Barnacles, or fear for the future of the planet The fact that I did not convulse while reading the book doesn t mean I loved it Which means doom and destruction will have to wait for a bit insert sighs of utter, total and complete relief here Okay, to be honestly honest, I didn t, you know, NOT love the book and stuff I might even have enjoyed it a little I never wrote this and you didn t read it Go home, you re drunk. But I didn t, you know, lurve it and stuff, either Which means, you know, that I m still me and stuff Feel better now Good You re welcome I didn t go in Full YA Allergy Mode FYAM while reading this Surprisingly Non Suicide Inducing Piece of YA Literature SNSIPoAYL because The writing is pretty good It s not badly written The story is fast paced It s not too boring The youngish hero is quite likable The disgustingly underage MC is neither totally unlikable nor exasperatingly immature I will not bother reading the rest of this series because The story isn t bad but desperately lacks originality YA Fantasy coming of age stories YAWN The story isn t bad but is horrifyingly lacking in the Deliciously Horrific Stuff Department DHSD YA Fantasy coming of age stories YAWN The story isn t bad but revoltingly lacks Scrumptious Rated R Moments SRRM YA Fantasy coming of age stories YAWN I can t be bothered YA Fantasy coming of age stories YAWN I can t be bothered Ha.Also, some ill intentioned nemeses well intentioned friends told me later books in this series were really bad So QED and stuff.My case I rest Because Evgeny described this as Harry Potter set in medieval times written as horror with the main character having zero magic power So let s get crazy Let s read YA I am strong can do this

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    Warning Not to be Read after Dark This is written on the back of the book And I really wish I took that advice Cause for a children s ya book, this one is freaking scary.From the beginning this book grabbed my attention, and it held it all the way to the end I liked the characters, especially Tom and Alice I loved how Tom grew throughout this book, and I enjoyed reading about his journey I liked the world, this was set in I also really liked where the story went, and there were even some plot twists that I didn t see coming.Amazing start of the series, and hopefully I ll get my hands on the second one, cause I m dying to know what ll happen next.

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    Excellent Excellent Excellent I have a very, very good feeling about the rest of the books in the Wardstone Chronicles after completing this book it s called Revenge of the Witch in the US First of all, a very, very engaging and rather original plot It s similar to HARRY POTTER in this both take place in England, and both have a lot to do with folkoric creatures and legends witches, boggarts, and the like But there s where the similarities end You can read the synopsis up at the top and know that this will be the story of Thomas J Ward, the seventh son of a seventh son hey Angie Sage that s like your story who becomes the apprentice of the County s Spook hold your horses fellow Americans That s the dude s title and through all sorts of adventures learns the lessons of the trade Second, I am a new, big fan of Joseph Delaney s writing style His prose is simple not highfalutin like some other authors out there and yet incredibly descriptive he draws you fully into the world of his story Every word is engaging, every word flows with ease to create an image in your mind With that in mind, I do want to make a declaration I READ THIS BOOK AFTER DARK The book warns readers specifically not to do that And I huffed and I puffed and I said, this book won t be scary I m 21 years old now and within a few minutes I was opening up my rommmate s door just to make sure I wasn t alone So this book isn t really scary so much as it s incredibly eerie in some sections There are parts that read like a good ol fashion ghost story In my opinion, Delaney doesnt overdo himself and really hammer home what s going on rather he paces everything so that you are drawn in to the suspicion and the intensity of the story and you can t put the book down Now here s my fine print I think this book would be enjoyed best by the 13 crowd I got the number 13 just because that s the age of the main character and I personally think that anyone lower than maybe 7th 8th grade might potentially have a hard time with some details of the story However, I didnt find anything inappropriate per see, and if there are any fellow religious people out there, this info is for you there are a couple parts where characters speak critically of priests Not God, priests It all seems reasonable within the story, and if it didnt bother an ultra sensitive person like me, it probably won t bother you, either So CHECK OUT this book Again, in America, it s called Revenge of the Witch and it s part of the Last Apprentice series I usually don t give out 5 stars, but most every aspect of the story was superb Definitely recommended to the 13 crowd

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    Revenge of the Witch The Last Apprentice, 1 , 2005, Joseph DelaneyCharacters Mr Gregory, Thomas J Ward, Alice DeaneAbstract For years, Old Gregory has been the Spook for the county, ridding the local villages of evil Now his time is coming to an end But who will take over for him Twenty nine apprentices have tried some floundered, some fled, some failed to stay alive Only Thomas Ward is left He s the last hope, the last apprentice 2013 1 1391 304 94 9789643698041 20 .

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    I d really rather give this one 4.5 stars, because it was an excellent book Although a young adult book, it is definitely sophisticated enough for an adult to enjoy it I don t consider myself sophisticated, but I still think a person who is would like it I liked that the suspense builds There are no cheap thrills or shock value scares Instead, the author takes his time and builds up the menace so that you spend your time trying to prepare yourself for the scare Even still, you won t hear someone yelling boo Instead the moment of dread will come and you will think, whoa, I m glad I m not in Tom s shoes right now I do love stories where a character comes into their destiny, and this is one of them Tom wasn t really sure that he wanted to be a spook after all But he didn t have any other trade in mind, and he definitely didn t like farming But it turned out his destiny was waiting for him as the seventh son of the seventh son He was apprenticed to train as the next Spook, which is a person who rids the towns of evil, supernatural creatures It is a job that is looked down on by others, and promises to bring the bearer a lonely life But at the time, Tom figures it s better than farming, and his mother doesn t really give him much of a choice Let s just say she had his destiny determined long before he was born You get to see Tom struggle with his role as the Spook s Apprentice, several times, deciding to quit but having his mind changed in various ways He makes some mistakes along the way, but learns from them, so there is also a good coming of age story in this book.I like that there is definitely good and evil in this book But there are also humans who could go either way Yes there are bad witches, but there are some that are benign There is one character that is likely to be in between, and she has a very pivotal role I believe that she will have a very important place in Tom s life as he matures Perhaps there will be a romantic future for Tom and Alice when they get older.The parts with the witches really did unnerve me They are horrible creatures who kill and eat people and use their bones for dark magic It was refreshing to read a book that actually had bad witches for once I was very proud of young Tom for facing off on not one, but two witches that were out for his blood and his bones, and saving a young child that was likely to be one of their victims.The author really did a great job of setting a sinister tone It wasn t over the top, but very subtle and building His use of words drew a very vivid image, where I felt as though I was standing there and the witch was crawling out of the grave to get me Another thing I liked was that this story was not predictable You don t know how it s going to end You don t know the way in which the witch will manifest herself She could have possessed any one of the people in the house during the climax moments of this story.Tom was a sympathetic, likable narrator He was realistic for his age, but I truly did admire his bravery although he was scared when a rational person would have been scared He was often left to deal with situations that would have been challenging for a grown up, much less a boy of twelve He risked his life to do the right thing, and that was very admirable to me.There are questions that I would still like answers to, but reading the next books in the series, will definitely give insight into the enigmatic Spook, and Tom s mother, who has gifts that are still somewhat mysterious at this point.If you want to read a young adult book that has the appeal of giving a good, sustained scare instead of a series of shock value, short lived scares, I think you would enjoy this one A cool bonus with this book is pages of Tom s journal, a map of the areas in the book, and the key to the codes used by a Spook in his trade.

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    Intensely scary There was a time or two I raced up the stairs to jump into the safety of my bed after listening to this book Thank goodness I m left handed which, according to the book, gives me a slight advantage over anything creepy that goes bump in the night One star had to go for things like coffin maggots and carnivorous hogs gross Of the books I have recently listened to on CD this one has the best narration by far It is excellent.

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    This was pretty good I enjoyed it It wasn t much and it wasn t complicated but I liked this as a simple middle grade fantasy series I don t have a lot to say about it, but I will likely continue with the series

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    Effectively combines gothic horror archetypes with modern fantasy Vampires, witches, werewolves, ghosts, zombies and many other classic horror monsters are imaginatively recreated within the pages of this surprisingly morbid coming of age tale, I would describe it as a PG 13 version of The Witcher The main character Thomas and his mentor known as the Spook even remind me of Geralt and Vesemir in their early days, Thomas s relationship with a peculiar witch named Alice is also reminiscent of Geralt s relationship with Yennefer The story is completely different and original of course, the similarities are actually quite enjoyable without feeling like carbon copies of each other at all I really enjoyed it.

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    As Goodreads has grown it seems there are and people looking for recommendations for YA series in a similar vein to Harry Potter or The Hunger Games As you can guess from the tangent I m making this is one of those books.If you re not into Dark Young Adult Fantasy then it may take you a minute to adjust to this book And I must warn you that the series gets darker and darker highlighting the adult part of young adult But all that said, there is a film adaptation on the way, along with the final book and the series constantly has heroes which are good despite certain compromises.In fact, it is the battle between what is good and evil characterised by Light and Dark which drives the entire series At times compromises are made for the good of the world in which the series is set and at times evil seems to win out with good finally triumphing at a cost Yet, the storytelling is not found in the final foregone conclusions It is found in the ability of Joseph Delaney to spin and hold the reader with twists and turns It is the suspenseful atmosphere and the horror of the tale which are the true hallmarks of a great storyteller In short it is a wonderfully written series of stories.Fully recommended for those looking for the next Young Adult series that they haven t read yet In this particular novel you will meet the characters for the most part be introduced to some key secrets meet a couple of the villains witches and in general get a real taste for the wonderfully spooky world building of Delaney This is the perfect mature, subtle and brilliant young adult series in my view that is remarkably, wonderfully consistent in its brilliance.

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