Redstone Emily Whayne Continues To Do Everything In Her Power To Make Good On A Promise To Fulfill The Wishes Of Her Godfather, But So Much In Her Worlds Has Slipped Out Of Control On Earth, She Is Trailed By Government Blacksky Forces Who Want To Study Her, And On Acacia Magicians Are Tracking Her To Add Her Power To Theirs Through Dragon Oaths Emily S Only Option Is To Attempt To Forge On To The Prestigious School Of Magic On Bashan She Is Becoming A Proficient Blue Magician And Her Mind Link With Her Formidable Doberman Bondsmate Continues To Develop, But Deep In Her Heart She S Certain Only An Arch Mage Will Be Able To Discover The Answers To The Truths That Haunt Her

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Redstone book, this is one of the most wanted C.E. Johnson author readers around the world.

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  • 07 July 2018

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    As a reader, I really enjoyed the fantastic world of Acacia that created the writer C E Johnson, a world that is woven of magic where the mighty dragons ruler from the shadows that hold the balance of the world Acacia In this world through the portal from Earth comes fourteen year old Emily Whayne Emily was like a little baby left at their foster parents with a cryptic message in the cradle Emily was like a little baby left at their foster parents with an encrypted message in the cradle The man who left the Dr Andrew Dalton who became her godfather and mentor on Earth, and he told her the truth about her, the origin Before he could tell Emily all about her origins Dr Dalton kidnapped paramilitary organization Blacksky of the CIA, which explores people with mental powers But before he was kidnapped Dr D gives her instructions on how to find a portal for Acacia and instructed to go to Magic School to the Island of Bashan Emily was fascinated with the world Acacia and their fantastic residents Although unprepared for the task to learn all about magic on its way to the island of Bashan they will encounter enemies who will want to kill her Emily will have to find allies who will help her to reach the magical school An adventure that she follows will reveal many secrets that she did not know and expose the enemies who want to dominate the entire Acacia I enjoyed reading this book because the author with elegant style introduced the world full of secrets and fantastic creatures that inhabit the planet Acacia The book I would recommend to all fans of fantasy because the world in which the story is set is beautiful and wonderful As I read with ease I could imagine all areas and characters that are described in the book I received a free copy from the author without an obligation to review.

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    This book is certainly deserving of the solid 5 star rating that it has I have been trying to finish this book for days but my schedule just wouldn t allow and tonight was stormy, and turned out to be a perfect free night to get lost in this awesome read Emily is a beautiful, brilliant and talented young girl determined to do it all and has the powers to complete the mission This novel is so well developed and I absolutely loved every one of the characters that I grew to know very well I stayed highly engaged throughout the entire read and LOVED the creativeness within the pages, it was full of vivid imagery and textual scenery that allowed to me to just lose myself in the magic, illusion, the fantasy I loved following Emily on her journey and getting to know all those she encountered on the way Dragons, elves, magicians..action packed, great plot and very well written I highly recommend you grab a copy and dive in

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    The continuing adventures of Emily kept me enthralled from the first page to the last Being able to join her on her journey to another world to find out who she truly is was fascinating to me I laughed with her, cried with her, and held my breath in anticipation at critical moments within the story I hope that Emily s story continues to be told as she is very relatable for a character that lives such an unordinary life The book s conclusion simply left me wanting and caring what happens to Emily next on her journey of self awareness.

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    I, a 12 year old boy 6th grader , previously read The Ammolite Adventures Bluestone volume 1 and thoroughly enjoyed it It was a perfect combination of science fiction and fantasy Earlier this month, it came to my attention that The Ammolite Adventures Redsone volume 2 was on the shelves so I asked my parents to purchase the book for me The first volume was certainly a great read the second volume was seriously an even better one I took it on our road trip from Austin, TX to Panama City Beach, FL and never put it down To all my Middle School friends, add the books of C.E Johnson to your list of summer break reads They will give you hours of pure reading pleasure I am a total fan of this newly discovered author and hope to see much of him in the future.

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    Fantastic The unexpected plot twists in this second volume in Ammolite Adventures are a delightful surprise.As with the first book Bluestone there are places where it could have been better edited careless errors and poor word choices and one prolonged section of exposition explanation that would have been better broken up with action or dialogue But these are minor blemishes that don t detract from the overall story.I will definutely be reading all the stories in this series.

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    Great SequelSo many things happened in this story I didn t expect at all I also felt so many emotions as Emily went back and forth between worlds Most of the story takes place in Acacia and the ending does a great job of revealing new vital information that ll help tell the next installment in the series.I m so excited to get started on the third volume

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    In the same vein as one never judging a book by its cover, I might suggest a new rule for readers coming new to this book never judge a sequel by its first chapter.I hadn t read the first book of this series but had been provided a free copy to read, so as ever on reading I plunged into a review The first chapter might be a little off putting for many readers, though, as it has quite the infodump bringing those who haven t read book one up to speed Readers of book one can safely leaf past a chunk of this, but the action gets underway partway through the chapter, so don t skip it completely A Previously chapter might have done the job better here for newcomers.The story picks up the saga of Emma Whayne, a 14 year old girl who has found herself propelled into the world of Acacia, a magical realm, along with her pet Doberman Xena who she refers to as Z, slightly confusingly to those who pronounce that letter Zed rather than Zee.A year in Acacia is equivalent to a day on Earth, so Emma s adventure including dragons and pirate ships, schools of magic and evil conjurers zips along, with months passing and her absence hardly noticed back on Earth.It s an epic adventure albeit one I was never quite sure where it was going The motivations of those opposing Emma never seemed entirely clear, nor indeed her own, while she seemed to possess talents far beyond your average 14 year old, becoming a teacher of tai chi, for example.We are too often told what is happening rather than getting to experience it for ourselves, alas, such as when we are told of one character that he spoke with conviction and Emily could tell he missed his homeland , when in truth he s hardly said anything about his homeland, and we could have done with learning that for ourselves.That, and a fair bit of character hopping to characters who sometimes barely feature in the book otherwise, tends to get in the way a little of the story, which otherwise would be a fine tale for young teenagers of adventure in an exotic, faraway, magical land Emma makes for a strong role model for such readers, confident and assured in a world she barely knows, and able to rise to the top through focus and dedication.The book ends looking ripe for a sequel so I m sure there will be a return to the adventures of Emma Whayne and the land of Acacia.

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    NB I have not read book one, but received a synopsis to use as an overview So, this book is a review of book two in the series.The story starts with the main heroine, Emily Wayne, being transported to the world of Acacia from Earth Acacia is a fairy world of dragons, magicians, the undead plus many other creatures Emily, along with her Doberman bonds mate Xena, hope to travel to the greatest magic school in Acacia in order to grow as a magician and learn about her family, including her parent s lineage and her twin brother But to get there she must brave the wild oceans, evil magician adversaries and the perils in just joining the school Does she have what it takes to fight on, or will the seductive power of her growing abilities cloud her judgment The characters are well designed with the main protagonist being strong and intelligent.I do like stories about dragons and other mystical creatures, but unfortunately this is not really the genre of fantasy that I usually read In saying that the author has built an intricate, awe inspiring, and fantastical land called Acacia and created a theory of magic which is interesting Unfortunately, you tell us all about the land and how it works, heavy info dumps, rather than show For example, you did a good job showing me how magic worked in the beginning and I had a fairly good understanding of it then, but you followed up with several lectures on magic and magical beasts throughout the book, which you really didn t need to This may have also lent itself to the length of the book which is substantial at 500 pages.I did lose the main story in between all the different character perspectives and chapter changes You would engage me for a while then jump away to some other part of the story, with characters that didn t seem to have purpose at the time NB I will assume that you were introducing them so they can be used in future in the other books, but their introduction was usually brief and confusing.So, while I will probably not read the next book in the series, I would recommend this to people that like stories of dragons and magicians having adventures in fantastical lands.BTW good cliff hanger at the end and I tip my hat to your graphical designer, I can tell some effort went into designing the cover, titles and all the extras throughout the book.From me I will give you 3.5 stars.

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    Surprisingly good When a book starts with a glossary of terms I start to wonder how convoluted it might be My concern was misplaced in this case Great story Well written Amazing characters Part of a series, but fully functional stand alone book Looking forward to the rest of the Ammolite Adventures Giveaway win.

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    A wonderfully imaginative novel, Redstone has something for everyone dragons, magic, animal bondsmates and adventure It is truly a fantasy novel for all ages I received this novel as part of the Goodreads Giveaway program.

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