Zombie Takeover (Candace Marshall Chronicles, #1)

Zombie Takeover (Candace Marshall Chronicles, #1) I Was The Bravest, Fiercest Warrior, Singlehandedly Stopping The Zombie Apocalypse And Earning The Respect And Admiration Of Those Who Fought With Me Just Kidding I Pretty Much Peed My Pants And Wasted A Ton Of Ammo At Least Everyone Else Shot What They Were Aiming At Me Not So Much This Is My Story Me, Candace Marshall, The World S Biggest Scaredy Cat, Facing My Biggest Fear Zombies It Was Awesome As In, Not At All Candace Marshall Hates Zombie Movies She Hates Anything Scary, In Fact In His Usual, Not So Thoughtful Way, Her Boyfriend Surprises Her With Advanced Screening Tickets To The Latest Zombie Flick, Complete With Interactive Features And A Tour She Refuses To Watch It, But It Doesn T MatterHorror Becomes Reality When An Experiment Gone Wrong Transforms Her Peaceful Town Into A Mess Of Slathering Zombies Thrown Together With The Only Other Survivor, Gavin Bailey, Her Favorite Actor And Secret Crush, She Somehow Fights Her Way Through The Mess, Making Plenty Of Blunders And Surprising Herself Withcourage But, Just When Candace Thinks It Can T Get Worse Than Zombies, It Does

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  • ebook
  • 316 pages
  • Zombie Takeover (Candace Marshall Chronicles, #1)
  • Michele Israel Harper
  • English
  • 14 February 2017
  • 9781943788095

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    I had heard about this book and thought, there s no way I can read this I hate zombies and all things horror, moving onhowever, a friend of mine read it and enjoyed it and the author herself, someone I m totally rooting for as an author, also hates zombies read that somewhere This intrigued me and then the ebook went on sale and I took a chance and read the ebook sample BIG MISTAKE It sucked me in and I had to know what happened to CandaceI actually felt like I was holding my breath the whole time and I read 70% of the book without stopping, then thought about the book for another 8 hours before diving back in to finish it It s just that good Candace ends up at an advanced screening of a new zombie film ON HER BIRTHDAY with her boyfriend when she hates zombies and expects to watch it all with her eyes closed Next thing you know, her boyfriend has dumped her ON HER BIRTHDAY who does that and her favorite actor, Gavin Bailey has asked her out for coffee and coming to her rescue in a sweet way.Something terrible goes wrong and Gavin and Candace are running from zombies, Candace is doing everything possible not to freak out but understandably upset and trying to survive crazy situations, desperately crying out to God and even praying throughout, and struggling to do her part in fighting but knowing nothing about what to expect next.I loved how Gavin protects Candace, comforts her, rescues her, teaches her to shoot, stays by her side, watches over her, and is determined to be deserving of her even when they get annoyed at each other He is a flawed hero, but he is awesome in the story His character somewhat let me down at the end, but despite my disappointment he does seem like the real deal.Best part of this story..yes there are zombies, but utterly well written and I loved everything about Candace I loved how Candace wants to protect everyone, even though it s hopeless love her response to everything, how she questions everything, how her heart breaks over things most people disregard Loved her loyalty and her humbleness She has a late reaction thinking of her family in this disaster, but I completely agreed with her I m sure after the story ended she will forever be carrying a bookbag filled with toilet paper, toothpaste, and deodorant the way Tom Hanks forever carried water bottles after his experience in Cast Away You are forever changed after this experience and rightly so.More best parts to mention..there is no profanity, and even though Gavin and Candace share many kisses and sweet moments, there is no sexual content One character mentions her desire for Justin Bieber in one scene after Candace refuses to compromise her standards and I m sure I made a yucky face siding with Candace s response 100% That scene was one of my fave parts of the story, Candace thinks she s inadequate to handle this violence and mayhem, but the girl has spunk in spite of the danger surrounding her and I loved her sense of humor She also stands up for herself in multiple scenes that had me cheering for her and loving her She gets laughed at, attacked, ignored, challenged, and disregarded many times throughout but she never quits or retaliates She even forgives her ex boyfriend and tries to help him when she realizes something terrible has happened I would ve liked justice for the ex, but that part was done well.I wanted to give this book five stars, but there s a twist in the story that had me in disbelief It was a moment brilliantly written but had I not been so surprised I might ve dropped the book, not willing to do that to my kindle though This was an amazing book and it really messed with me but in a good way..I should ve stayed away from this story, but I m glad I didn t, will never forget how it pulled me in and kept me riveted If you re willing to leave your comfort zone to try out a new author, I think this book is for you and will totally change the way you look at zombies and movie stars but it will also give you great characters to love didn t finish reading the second time, about 50% through Still a great book, but will finish it at a later time

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    I never, ever thought in my wildest dreams that a zombie book could make me cry Well, I was wrong By the end of this book I was reaching for the kleenex, big time I adored it so much I m a slow reader and I whipped through this book There wasn t a moment that I was bored or wished a scene would just get over with The entire thing kept me captivated from start to finish I adore Candace, the main character She is AWESOME Her sense of humor rocks, and her compassion and love for those around her shine through She was REAL and amazing And I want the next book NOW I am still trying not to cry as I m writing this review So Heartrending and beautiful How am I even saying this about a zombie book Well, I am You ll totally have to read it to find out why.The gore wasn t overkill, it never became gruesome then I could bear Harper did a great job of making me see the zombies and all the tension that comes with them but not getting completely grossed out The romance was swoonworthy Oh my goodness I fell in love with Gavin And Candace Seriously Let s just give them a ship name now Gandace There we go I LOVE GANDACE and I m not afraid to show it I want so badly I haven t read a book that moved me and excited me this much in awhile Seriously, buy this book You won t regret it.

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    Let me first just say that I am a lot like Candace, the heroine of Zombie Takeover, when it comes to horror movies I try to avoid them at all costs So I ll admit, I approached this book with a bit of trepidation, as zombies are really not my thing BUT, I ended up really enjoying it So don t let the zombies on the cover scare you away, because this book has so much to offer Okay, on to the actual review It took me a few chapters to get into Zombie Takeover While Candace s voice was fun and humorous right from the start, I wasn t completely pulled into the narrative until a little ways in But once I was, I finished the book in a few days which is a feat for me, since it usually takes me weeks to finish a book The action and mystery of the origin of the zombies really propelled the book forward, and the romance was just SO good It stayed very clean, but I still felt like I needed to fan myself a few times While she could get a little melodramatic on occasion, on the whole I really connected with Candace s character Her sense of humor really lightened up the book during the darker moments, and I appreciated her empathy and selflessness I also liked that she stayed true to herself throughout While wishing she could fit in and say the right things, she didn t put on an act and wasn t afraid to stand up for herself or others when the need arose And the gorgeous, famous movie star liked her anyway She presents a great model for any 20 something on embracing your true self fears, awkwardness, and all.I have to admit I wasn t completely satisfied with the ending While creative, it left me with so many questions I wanted answered But it also made me want to go back and read the book all over again to figure things out If you enjoy a mix of action, romance, and character development, all told through a relatable, humorous voice, then I would definitely check out Zombie Takeover Disclaimer I received an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.

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    This book was AMAZING I absolutely loved every single word of it and like Candace, I m not even a fan of zombies or know anything about them It was crazy action packed and had me on the edge of my seat the whole time Not only that, but I was so very tempted to go to the last chapter to see who survives which is a huge no no in my eyes because if a certain love interest was no longer in the picture, I would have been massively devastated Candace has to be one of my new favorite character s as she was hilarious I loved her outbursts, bobblehead likeness, and love for others She was so genuine in all she did, especially when it came to protecting others.Overall, I definitely recommend this book to speculative readers who like paranormal, but also want a Christian message woven in High action, romance, and a surprise ending makes Zombie Takeover an excellent read

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    Entertaining from beginning to end When I think of zombie books, I visualize anything but humor, but Michele Israel Harper nailed it with a comical, awkward protagonist you immediately fall in love with.Candace Marshall reluctantly accompanies her loser boyfriend Peter to an interactive zombie film complete with Hollywood stud Gavin Bailey in the theater seats Swoon During the QA time, a terrified Candace interrupts the movie goers with her embarrassing although accurate tirade on zombies only for a boyfriend stealing bimbo to take Candace s place next to Peter, leaving her on her own.After leaving the theater with tears streaming down her cheeks, Candace runs into the handsome Gavin Bailey, who asks to buy her a cup of coffee Which she turns down.I know that if Ashton Kutcher ever asked me for coffee, there s no way I could say no But Candace had a little bit of stage fright.An altercation in the theater parking lot with a dreadlock donning miscreant, however, leads to a car ride in Gavin s gorgeous sports car and a coffee date after all.The coffee date is cut short when Gavin and Candace notice emergency vehicles heading toward the theater Even boyfriend less, Candace shows compassion and asks Gavin to head back to the theater to check on Peter Upon entering, they notice spilled popcorn and shattered glass amongst the flames.Oh yeah and zombies.I opened my mouth to say something sexy and flattering but instead shouted, Look out behind you and poked him in the eye with my finger.Horror becomes reality as Candace s peaceful town morphs into a mess of slathering zombies Together, Gavin and Candace fight their way through the disaster, making plenty of blunders along the way.But, just when Candace thinks it can t get worse than zombies, it does.Full of clumsy romance, consistent comedy, and the perfect dose of action, Michele Israel Harper s Zombie Takeover is the humorous take on the zombie apocalypse you gotta experience.

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    I love this book Michele Harper does an amazing job of keeping you on the edge of your seat while sprinkling humor throughout Zombie Takeover.

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    What the book is about I was the bravest, fiercest warrior, singlehandedly stopping the zombie apocalypse and earning the respect and admiration of those who fought with me Just kidding I pretty much peed my pants and wasted a ton of ammo At least everyone else shot what they were aiming at Me Not so much This is my story me, Candace Marshall, the world s biggest scaredy cat, facing my biggest fear Zombies It was awesome As in, not at all Candace Marshall hates zombie movies She hates anything scary, in fact In his usual, not so thoughtful way, her boyfriend surprises her with advanced screening tickets to the latest zombie flick, complete with interactive features and a tour She refuses to watch it, but it doesn t matter.Horror becomes reality when an experiment gone wrong transforms her peaceful town into a mess of slathering zombies Thrown together with the only other survivor, Gavin Bailey, her favorite actor and secret crush, she somehow fights her way through the mess, making plenty of blunders and surprising herself withcourage But, just when Candace thinks it can t get worse than zombies, it does.My review 4.5 stars So first off, I am Candace Marshall XD I ve never seen a zombie movie and this is the first book I ve read that had zombies, so yeah my knowledge about zombies going into the book was like zero lolSo, I m pretty sure I would act exactly like Candace did, if a zombie apocalypse happened.This was also funnier than I expected it to be X So that s all I can say without spoiling anything, so continue at your own risk view spoiler About halfway through the book I started to have my suspicions about the whole thing being a movieand I was right X I m still not sure if Gavin is completely sincere about loving Candace, especially after that endingI have my suspicionsbut I will admit, they are cute together So I thought Candace and Matt would be cute togetheruntil, ya know, we find out its a movieAlso now we got vampires I actually know a little bit about vampires X I m also curious to see how the whole vampire thing plays out, like Candace knows the whole zombie thing was just a movie, so what s up with the vampires I also didn t expect her brother to be the one who signed her up for the movie, and Peter glares only had a little bit to do with it hide spoiler

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    If I d known this book was written in first person I would have walked away before I started First person is the hardest style to get right and I m sorry for me this just didn t It only took me one chapter to work out the twist Then I got bored really quickly I found the love interest completely untrustworthy and the main character so dim as to try my patience In the end I skipped the middle and read the ending to make sure I was right And then SPOILER Alert the heroine forgives the jerk of a hero and they get back together At the cliffhanger The foolish heroine is walking back into another you want to look like an idiot trap Aargh

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    Really surprising and exciting not your typical zombie book Very little blood and no gore about the characters and their relationships., especially Candace and Gavin s He s Scottish and I kept thinking of David Tennant A good read 4.5 out of 5 brains.

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    The twist ending was very unexpected, but there was enough foreshadowing that the twist worked really well And the very very end, well, totally unexpected I will read the sequel

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