Hannahs Hope (The Morelville Mysteries, #8)

Hannahs Hope (The Morelville Mysteries, #8) A Young Mother With A Troubled Past Seeks Help From Mel And Dana But Is Their Effort To Assist Her Too Little, Too Late Hannah Yoder Appears On Dana And Mel S Doorstep Late One Night With Her Teenage Friend Katie And Katie S Newborn Baby In Tow Telling The Couple The Girl And Child Are In Trouble And Have No Place Else To Go Dana And Mel Offer Refuge For The Night And A Firm Promise To Talk About The Future Plans Are Barely Made When First One Mysterious Tragedy Strikes And Then Another Leaving Mel, Dana, Hannah And The Crane And Rossi Families With Few Clues And Little Hope Mel Knows There S A Killer Out There She Just Doesn T Know Where To Start Looking She S Stonewalled At Every Turn And Running Out Of Time Somebody Knows Something That Will Unlock The Mysteries Swirling All Around, But Who This Book Is Great Together With Books Of The Morelville Mysteries Series To Get All Of The Dana And Mel Back Story But It Can Also Be Read As A Stand Alone Mystery

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 180 pages
  • Hannahs Hope (The Morelville Mysteries, #8)
  • Anne Hagan
  • English
  • 10 March 2018

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    Great series nice pacing,great chemistry and dialogue. then lets not forget the chaotic family drama and the awesome supporting cast that always help this series i do recommend this series to everyone

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    In this latest instalment of the Morelville Mysteries it is great to meet old friends Mel and Dana s friend Hannah turns up on their doorstep with Amish girl Katie and her new baby son and she needs their help Shunned by the Amish for having a child out of wedlock and for claiming she was raped, Katie is afraid for her safety and that of her son She was right to be worried Mel and Dana are again thrown into investigating a horrible crime and we see further developments in their relationship The issue of kids hasn t come up before but they are forced to confront it in things story.The insight into Amish life really interested me and I found thepace of this book less frenetic and gentle Although the wider family were involved, maybe not asmuch as before I enjoy the fact that these stories involve an ensemble cast I loved how Anne Hagan wrapped it all up and for a huge fan of the Morelville Mysteries it was very satisfying and beautifully done A lovely addition to the series.I was gifted this book by the author in return for an honest review.

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    On the edge From the beginning of the story there is an incredible chain of events Hannah makes a promise to stand by her no matter what This promise is also the beginning of the end and will change her life As always, Dana gets in trouble but the meddling mother is not far away to help her out Meanwhile, Mel has her own task She is broadening her investigation and checking for any clues It seems that everything leads to a dead end It s hard to find any evidence Things can be complicated in all our lives but an Amish, shunned or not, can make it difficult Of course there are the surprise twists you always get in this series One of the aspects that makes this series so excellent Again an amazing thrilling story and it has a sign of relief ending Yes, definitely recommended.

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    My all time favouriteOk I love this series, but I think this book is my favorite of all the series I like the storyline that if you have a good support system good things will happen Anne hit another home run with this one Off to read Broken women I definitely recommend this book.

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    A young Amish mother appears on Mel and Dana s doorstep with her week old baby running from secrets.Hannah brings Katie and her newborn son, Jef, to the Crane doorstep in the middle of the night looking for help Katie at seventeen years old has been shunned from her Amish community for having sex as they do not believe her claims of rape She showed up at Hannah s door pregnant, alone, and knowing no one else from the Amish community living in the English world Hannah and Katie grew up together so of course Hannah takes her in It is not long though before Katie feels that her trouble has followed her there as she feels eyes on her and sees shadows outside the house Afraid that the baby s father, her rapist, has followed her, Hannah brings her to Sheriff Mel Crane for help Mel and Dana take her in and immediately start to see to her needs where is she going to live, financial, school, and employment It is during one of these excursions to set Katie up for assistance that she disappears while Hannah is watching the baby in the car Sheriff Crane immediately sets up a search party not sure whether she is looking for a runaway teenage girl or something worse.Anne Hagan brings a sad reality to Hannah s Hope which unfortunately echoes today s headlines This story deals with multiple rapes, incest, teenage pregnancy, homelessness, and the predators who are looking for these young girls I mention these subjects as they can be triggers for some people and I want to give readers a heads up Hagan deals with everything factually and there are no deep emotional scenes regarding these events, but I felt it fair to warn everyone as a trigger can be anything It is this detachment which enables you to process the mystery quickly and this is the first time we really do not know who the bad guy is right away which is really nice At the same time Hagan also gives Dana a case from the Young agency which really tests the character which if you are handicapped as I am , it is an illuminating moment This book concentrates on the mystery of Katie and gives the character the respect the story should get by not distracting readers with other storylines as Hagan is known for writing a lot of different ideas which carry out into other books I actually like this book for that reason as Katie and everyone else affected deserves the attention to be just on them It is my hope that you like this too FridayReads LesbianBookReview AnneHagan HannahsHope BookReview PhoebesRainbowWorld TheMorelMysteries MysteryFiction MysteryRomance LesbianMystery Lesbian LesFic RatedRSex RossiCrane 3Stars FlippingRainbows BookReviewer LGBT LGBTQ AuthorAnneHagan annehaganauthor

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    I know I m out of step with everybody else, but several aspects of this story really annoyed me Why was Mel so incompetent A young woman is murdered, she has already told Mel she was raped and somebody was after her and her baby, yet Mel seems oblivious to any risk In fact during the whole investigation she seemed so slow at picking up on what was happening and even slower to actually do anything.Also why wasn t she asking the obvious question, who raped Katie She only finds out because somebody volunteers the information and what are the chances that Mel and Dana s investigations would overlap again.I also get fed up of author s having to use the no phone signal to create dramatic situations Eventual when Dana gets a signal and tries to phone Mel she then gets no answer Why does Mel s phone never seem to work Also I don t understand the way the author had Mel and Dana s family think Katie s parents were good people These are the same people who didn t believe their daughter when she said she was raped, they are the same people who shunned her and sent out on the streets with a newborn baby and no means of supporting herself.I nearly gave the book just one star, but at least there was a bit of a feel good ending.

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    Love this seriesI really love this series and these characters It is wonderful to be about to read about them growing and changing.

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