Nathan Fox: Dangerous Times

Nathan Fox: Dangerous Times Nathan Fox Dangerous Times By L BrittneyNotRetrouvez Nathan Fox Dangerous Times By L Brittneyet Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D OccasionNathan FoxDangerous Times BrittneyNotRetrouvez Nathan FoxDangerous Times Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Nathan Fox Dangerous Times Poche Lynn BrittneyNathan Fox Dangerous Times, Lynn Brittney, Mc Millan Libri Des Milliers De Livres Avec La Livraison Chez Vous Enjour Ou En Magasin Avec % De Rduction Dangerous Times Nathan Fox,by L Brittney Nathan Fox Dangerous Times Is The First In A New Historical Fiction Series For Young Adults The Series Opens With An Introduction To Nathan Fox, An Enterprising Young Actor In An Acting Company Nathan Fox Dangerous Times By L Brittney Nathan Fox Dangerous Times Is Her First Novel During Her Career, Lynn Has Also Taught Drama And Theatre Studies To Both Children And Adults And Lectured In Creative Writing For The University Of Kent The Nathan Fox Books Are A Fusion Of Lynn S Great Love Of History And The Theatre She Lives In Axminster, Devon With Her Husband And Two Children AgedandMore About L Brittney MorePDF EPUB Nathan Fox Dangerous Times Download Download Nathan Fox Dangerous Times By Lynn Brittney In PDF EPUB Format Complete Free Brief Summary Of Book Nathan Fox Dangerous Times By Lynn Brittney Here Is A Quick Description And Cover Image Of Book Nathan Fox Dangerous Times Written By Lynn Brittney Which Was Published InYou Can Read This Before Nathan Fox Dangerous TimesNathan Fox Dangerous Times Through The Nathan Fox Dangerous Times L Brittney Fiction Series For Agesand Up Feiwel Friends,ISBN Nathan Fox Works As An Actor In A Theatre Just Outside The Walls Of The City Of London Being A Young Man He Is Often Given The Job Of Playing Women S Parts, And His Acrobatic Skills Are Also Very Useful Nathan Fully Expects To Make Acting His Life S Work, But This Is Not ToNathan Fox Dangerous TimesBooks Grade Nathan Fox, Orphaned Gypsy And Actor Extraordinaire Is Recruited By England S Spymaster General, Sir Francis Walsingham, To Enter The Service Of Queen Elizabeth I Theyear Old Is To Accompany Seasoned Agent And Ladies Man John Pearce On A Mission To Venice In Order To Form An Alliance With Italy Against Spain Nathan Fox Dangerous Times By L Brittney Nathan Fox Buys Right Into The Current Fad For Junior Espionage And Tells Its Tale With Gusto And It S Awesomely Researched Every Aspect Of Elizabethan Life That S Of Interest To Young Children Is Brought Into Play Nathan Likes The Diabolo As Much As Today S Children Do, And He S Probably Better At It As Well As A Succinct But Sophisticated Condensation Of The Political Milieu

L. Brittney is a former drama and theatre teacher. She has also taught Creative Writing at the University of Kent. The Nathan Fox books combine her love for both history and theatre. She lives in Axminster, Devon, where she is now a full-time writer. This is her first novel for children, (published January 2007 by Macmillan Children’s Books).

[Read] ➫ Nathan Fox: Dangerous Times Author L. Brittney –
  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • Nathan Fox: Dangerous Times
  • L. Brittney
  • 21 June 2018
  • 9780312369620

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    It was great! It kept me immersed in the world, it had a good plot and characters you could relate to

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    Fourteen year old Nathan Fox is a young actor and superb acrobat, who lives with his sister in Elizabethan London. Recruited by Her Majesty’s Spymaster General, Sir Francis Walsingham, Nathan leaves the theatre to start an exciting new life as an undercover agent. He is first sent to a school of defence where experts teach him the arts of spying needed to stay alive in the field. These arts include writing in secret codes, how to survive street fighting, accurate dagger throwing and sword fighting. Nathan is then assigned to his first mission, a trip to Venice to thwart Phillip of Spain’s plans to invade England.

    NATHAN FOX: DANGEROUS TIMES is the first in a series, and the author, L Brittney, a teacher of drama and theatre, certainly shows us that she knows her history well. She has previously written fourteen non-fiction books (including three children’s history titles) and over forty plays. This is her first fiction book, and in it she accurately brings the Elizabethan period alive for her readers. Through Brittney’s words, the reader can see the filthy streets, the palaces of the privileged, and feel the fear of being in a wooden sailing ship in the middle of a battle.

    Nathan grows as a character through the story, but always remains believable as a young teenager. He shows great courage for such a young man, is respectful of others and willing to listen, but not such a goody two-shoes that he doesn’t take things into his own hands. The main supporting characters are Marie, Nathan’s sister, and John Pearce, Nathan’s spy mentor. They are both quite complex characters and very realistic. The author’s experience in drama also comes out in the story, with several links to Shakespeare’s play ‘Othello’. Indeed, the historical Shakespeare appears as a character early on in the book, trying to break away from being an actor by writing a play. Shakespeare asks Nathan to remember his experiences in Venice to pass on to him for inspiration. Nathan just has to live long enough to carry out this commission. One chapter dealing with sword fighting was especially interesting to read as I learned, along with Nathan, that there are four places on the human body where a man can be struck with a sword and disabled, two places where a struck man will die slowly and two points where a man will die quickly. We also learnt why you should avoid the quick points in battle. Want to know why? Well, read the book.
    NATHAN FOX: DANGEROUS TIMES is a really good adventure story, with non-stop action, thrilling battles, baddies to outwit and lots of fun. It also made the shortlist for the 2007 Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize in the 9-12 category.

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    Nathan Fox: Dangerous Times is the first in a new historical fiction series for young adults. The series opens with an introduction to Nathan Fox, an enterprising young actor in an acting company. Highly skilled in acrobatics, in horseback riding, and other skills for the stage, Nathan's recruited by Sir Francis Walsingham, England's Spymaster General.

    The novel quickly becomes familiar with Shakespeare fans, as it takes on Othello 's characters and elements. I'll admit I've never read Othello in its entirety, which makes the book all the more intriguing for me.

    William Shakespeare is even a character in the book, and before Nathan's journey, asks him for a future recount of all their exploits. However, Shakespeare references aside, author L. Brittney creates an intriguing world all her own, and with each chapter comes a new learning experience.

    Before Nathan joins Walsingham, he must train under three masters in the skills of defense, of code-breaking, and of weaponry. As Nathan learns about ciphers, so does the reader. Brittney even includes a key, so children interested in spies and espionage can make their own secret messages.

    The novel's most redeeming element is the author always keeps its intended audience in mind. Full with a broad range of historical facts and allusions, the book straddles a delicate balance between historical fiction and spy thriller. Brittney never talks down to the reader, and as Nathan absorbs these various skills and facts, the reader is along for the ride as well. This aspect makes it an engaging and fun companion for a middle-school class aiming to tackle any Shakespeare play.

    Nathan Fox: Dangerous Times by Lynne Brittney arrives in the US spring 2008. Shortlisted for the 2007 Waterstone's Children's Book Prize, a website accompanies the novel, and readers can take the adventure beyond the pages.

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    Title: Nathan Fox: Dangerous Times
    Author: L Brittney
    Year: 2007
    ISBN: 0031236962X
    Type: book
    Genre: Historical Fiction; Adventure; Action
    Length/Pages & Reading Level: 288 pages; middle school and up
    Publisher/Studio name: Feiwel & Friends
    Plot: This story is about Nathan Fox, a young boy who is part of an acting troupe in the Victorian era. Sir Francis Walsingham, England’s Spymaster General recruits Nathan to be a spy for England. Nathan is an acrobat, actor and picks up languages easily. He trained in fighting, swordsmanship, code breaking and escape. He is assigned to join John Pearce for his first mission. The story takes place alongside the Shakespeare play Othelo. The characters of the play provide the background and characters for the story.
    Review: If you are a middle schooler just beginning your foray into Shakespeare, this is a fun story. It is the first in a series. The author brings the era to life. Shakespeare is a character in the story and tells Nathan to remember his adventure. This is probably one of the best adventure stories.
    Annotation: Nathan is a 14 year old recruited by the Spymaster General to be an undercover agent. Will he survive his first mission?
    See Also: Nathan Fox series.

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    A great blend of historical fiction and alternate Shakespeare? Nathan is a spy during the time when Queen Elizabeth has just beheaded Queen Mary of Scots and Spain is really mad. Nathan is paired up with another spy who needs to go to Venice to try and get them to come into an alliance with England against Spain. Who should they meet in Venice but Othello, the powerful general of the troops there and he has married Desdemona in secret to really make everyone mad. And that's just the back story!

    I heard that this was supposed to be a new series. I will probably try to read a few more. The only reason for the 3 stars instead of 4 is because I got tired of reading five chapters worth of training details before it got interesting.

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    Really quite clever. Nathan is in the same acting company as a young man named Will Shakespeare. When Nathan is recruited as a spy for England, he promises to bring back the story of his adventures to Will. And it doesn't take long before the characters become familiar: Othello, Desdemona, Iago, etc. What we get here is the story of Othello woven in with a 14-year-old spy's story. It may be more fun for those who know a bit about Shakespeare's plays, but frankly, I was rather relieved that I couldn't remember how the play of Othello ended.

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    Clever book. Set amidst Burbage's theater with young Will Shakespeare and the intrigue of Elizabethan England with European politics a young actor, Nathan Fox is recruited to spy for Queen and country. Talented and sharp we follow Nathan's training and his first mission. He is to go with Othello to secure Crete for the Venetians, a ploy to secure Venetian support in the upcoming war with Spain- lots of history, action, politics and background on Othello. Nathan takes the tragic story of his escapade to Will Shakespeare who takes careful notes. Great fun as background reading for Othello.

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    A cute story about a boy who is trained to become a spy for the Queen of England. After growing up in the theater, he seems a natural for the task that awaits him. This particular adventure tells of his time spent with General Othello, a tale he later relates to his good friend, William Shakespeare. Altogether a fun read and a good way to get teenagers interested in Shakespeare's masterful tales.

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    Let me first say, i enjoyed this book greatly. An adventure story, going from one situation to the next and yet still all connected. I like to compare Nathan Fox to something like Artemis Fowl, at least the style of writing. The details and the drops of humor in situations, and good series moments, both series seem to have it.

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    Great adventure book set in Will Shakespeare's time, where a young actor is recruited to spy for England. He travels to France with another spy and encounters the adventures that parallel to the tale of Othello. Will definitely be reading the next one.

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