Crossfire (High Risk, #2)

Crossfire (High Risk, #2) Caitlin Cavanaugh Likes Being In Charge Maybe That S Why She S An FBI Special Agent Her Latest Assignment Stop A Violent Madman In Somersett, South Carolina But Even Challenging Is Working With Former Navy SEAL Quinn McKade, Who Though Cait Would Never Admit It Makes Her Feel Deliciously Out Of ControlIt Takes A Sniper To Catch A Sniper, And McKade Begins Spending Steamy Summer Nights With Cait, Investigating The Murders But When The Killer Starts Leaving Chillingly Familiar Clues, The Pair Knows That The Murders Aren T Random And Cait And Quinn Could Be Next

New York Times bestselling author JoAnn Ross has written over a hundred novels for a bunch of publishers Two of her titles have been excerpted in Cosmo and her books have also been published by the Doubleday, Rhapsody, Literary Guild, and Mystery Guild book clubs A member of the Romance Writers of America s Honor Roll of best selling authors, she s won several awards, including Romantic Times s

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    I was going to give this one 3.5 stars, but then the ending was rather lame so it got knocked down to 3 But at least I thought this book was much better than Freefall, the first book in the High Risk series Crossfire continues Ross s series about a bunch of former Navy SEALs trying to figure out civilian life after a mission gone wrong that had them all leaving the service This book features Quinn McKade, the sniper of the SEAL team Quinn is living in Somersett, SC and is now writing military fiction books He also works with the private security group, Phoenix from time to time The heroine is Cait Cavanaugh, a cop turned FBI agent who has been in several other of Ross s books Quinn and Cait have a history together they first met years ago when Quinn dated Cait s roommate Both felt the connection, but Cait didn t want any part of a military man, and Quinn was dating the roommate But neither forgot the other Then when the both attended the same wedding, they ended up in bed, but Cait was afraid and ran off the morning after Quinn s never stopped wanting her, and Cait hasn t been able to push him from her mind.Now, years later, the two are thrown together again when a sniper starts targeting innocent victims in Somersett Cait reluctantly uses Quinn s sniper expertise to aid the case and Quinn is than happy to help, and to get closer to Cait As the body count rises, Cait begins to see Quinn isn t quite who she thought he was and her heart softens toward him But before they can think of moving their relationship forward, they have to catch the person making target practice of ordinary citizens, and who plans to make Cait a target as well.One of the biggest things I didn t like about the first book in the series, Freefall, was how segregated the romance and the suspense plot were You had the romance on one side and the suspense on the other and the two didn t meet until rather late in the book It made things kinda weird and rather dull But in Crossfire there s much better integration between the romance and the suspense The two are very heavily intertwined as Cait s investigating the crimes and Quinn s unofficially assisting It makes the story read much better and feel whole, not like reading two separate stories So on that aspect, this book was heads and tails better than the previous one.On the flip side, unlike Freefall where the romance is very prevalent and quick in developing, the relationship between Quinn and Cait is very slow in progressing There s an obvious chemistry, and many references to what happened between them in the past and that they wanted each other now But it s not until rather late in the book that things move forward between them Even saying that, I can t say I minded too much It kinda worked for the story I did think Cait did a rather abrupt about face regarding her feelings for Quinn She just suddenly goes from trying to keep him out to thinking orange blossums It was a little too sudden I also thought the characters lacked some depth, to a certain degree Quinn s got a very complicated past and I felt Ross glossed over that too much I wanted to know about what he d went through as a child because the details she gave were rather sketchy The suspense aspect was pretty good, if a bit disturbing, and plausible than one would like to think considering something like that has actually happened in real life at least once Like the first book, I do wish Ross hadn t given quite so many details about the upcoming victims before they got whacked It s so damn depressing There were also some procedural things that didn t seem quite kosher Quinn was involved in the investigation than he probably should have been.If I had to make two main complaints, though, one would be that Ross has a bad habit of sticking completely random scenes in where they don t seem to fit There was one section where you re reading a discussion between Cait and Quinn about the nature of snipers It s an important thing for the investigation and for Cait to learn about Quinn Then the chapter abruptly ends and a new one starts that about some little boy you ve never met and know nothing about who is thinking about how he s starting a new school and worried about his stuttering problem Then the chapter ends and you go back to Cait and Quinn discussion snipers As a reader, it s like, wait What Where that come from and why is it there It ruins the flow of what you re reading and seems completely illogical The boy ends up playing a small, somewhat important role, but there s got to be a better way to fit those scenes in than sticking them in the middle of a scene with the H H Ross just has a bad habit of sticking non sequitur chapters that break up the flow in a bad way.The second complaint would be the ending Which seemed rushed and a bit incomplete The whole suspense plot is about an anonymous wannabe sniper seemingly picking people off at random Then the end rolls around and all you really get is the person s name and a few spare facts about himand the revelation that another person was involved with only the barest of facts about that When I finished, I didn t really have that feeling of closure regarding the suspense aspect of the book I just wanted to know and felt rather frustrated that the author skipped over so much It was disappointing and knocked my overall opinion of the book down.Still, I enjoyed this one much than Freefall It was much interesting and engaging I wouldn t call it a great book, but if I d bought it instead of taking it out of the library I wouldn t have considered it a waste of money And I enjoyed it enough to want to move on to the next book, which just came out So for those of you who felt Freefall fell flat and debated whether to read , you might want to give this one a chance It s not a perfect book, but it was good enough.

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    Crossfire4 StarsA serial sniper is on the loose in Somersett, South Carolina and FBI agent, Caitlin Cavanaugh is called in to investigate Proud and independent, Cait has difficulty sharing responsibility, especially when she is forced to share with former Navy SEAL, Quinn McKade, who has always known exactly which of her buttons to push As the clues and the bodies begin piling up, Cait and Quinn will need to put aside their differences as the killer has them both in his sightsCrossfire continues the on going story arc revolving around a number of former military men attempting to acclimate to civilian life after a disastrous mission in Afghanistan While book 1 was of a contemporary romance with some suspense elements, this installment is a better mix of romance and suspense as Ross successfully merges the technical details of the sniper case with Cait and Quinn s second chances relationship.The murders are well plotted with just enough description to grip the reader by the throat without too much gratuitous violence My one small nitpick is the lack of foundation for the ultimate motive behind the selection of victims.Quinn and Cait s romance builds slowly but surely with excellent integration of both their emotional bond and physical chemistry The inclusion of their backstory only enhances the depth of their connection Again, one minor problem is the lack of closure regarding Quinn s role in the Afghan mission, which is left hanging As this in a continuing storyline, information will probably be forthcoming in the next book.All in all, a strong, action packed sequel and I look forward to Shane s book next.

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    I wish I could say I enjoyed this book, but I didn t I thought the characters deserved a much better plot Essentially, it could have been a good story, but it just wasn t the characters really lacked depth and the entire plot lacked credibility I was so disappointed.

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    I love the action and all of the characters I look forward to reading It was a great story mixed with the right amount of love.

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    Each Joann Ross book I read makes me of a fan I love the stories The are a good escape and wonderful love stories.

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    Author JoAnn RossFirst published 2008Length 355 pages, 6243 kindle locationsSetting Contemporary Somersett, South Carolina.Sex Very Explicit Very Frequent.Hero SEAL sniper, retired Now Military teacher.Heroine FBI agent.Trigger Death and battle in Afghanistan.Trigger Sniper shootings in US city Murder and violence.Includesexcerpt from ShatteredNot as dark as Freefall but still violent that Ross linked series, Shelter Bay , Crossfire is quite a ride.Nice romance, lots of sex, healing A good story.High Risk Book 1 Freefall Zach Tremayne and Sabrina SwanBook 2 Crossfire Caitlin Cavanaugh and Quinn McKadeBook 3 Shattered Kirby Campbell and Shane GarrettBook 4 Breakpoint Dallas O Halloran and Julianne DecaturShelter Bay Book 1 The Homecoming Sax Douchett and Kara ConwayBook 2 One Summer Gabriel St James and Charity TiernanBook 3 On Lavender Lane Lucas Chaffee and Madeline DurandBook 4 Moonshell Beach J.T Douchett and Mary JoyceBook 5 Sea Glass Winter Dillon Slater and Claire TempletonBook 6 Castaway Cove Mac Culhane and Annie ShepherdBook 7 Christmas in Shelter Bay Cole Douchett and Kelli CarpenterBook 8 You Again Meghann Quinn and Adam WayneBook 9 Beyond the Sea Conn Brennan and Sedona SullivanBook 10 Sunset Point Tess Lombardi and Nate BreslinReferences Author s website on w pedia ISBN CR

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    military aspect details headspace audiobook terrible bedroom voices I hope no one ever EVER speaks like this Otherwise middle of the road story romance did not click but not offensive either I don t buy it that idealistic, elite, young, and career minded FBI agents or journalists would be working in this suburban town in NC.

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    F.B.I Special Agent Caitlin Cavanaugh s latest assignment to stop a violent madman on the rampage in Somersett, South Carolina Even challenging is working with sexy former Navy SEAL Quinn McKade

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    It became apparent on page 1 that this style of writing wasn t going to be enjoyable It s that wordy, long winded, dry and boring that is so wrong for a romance novel It s like reading a book for school and not pleasure It would be better suited for manuscripts or something It was so heavy with inside talk, bogged down military lingo, suffocated with federal mumbo jumbo, that I couldn t even enjoy it In these instances I feel like the author is completely forcing it and is being too liberal with the military aspect that they go overboard She s just smacking you in the face with all of it.The 8 year old that had the stuttering problem was unbelievable He s using words like radical and utilities I always dislike when authors put these little kids in there and try to make them really smart because I don t believe it, it s just unrealistic that an 8 year old would know the definition of these words, much less be able to pronounce them Young teenagers wouldn t even be able to grasp these words much less use them in everyday vocabulary We didn t need a little prodigy in here And having all of these people die in here was tragic and gruesome I really hate when there s killers in a book, and it s made all the worse by a writer s morbid way of writing, like they never saw the bullet coming that ended their life or something creepy along the lines of this that is so morbid and dark to read about I kept waiting for Cait and them to prevent any deaths, but they never did People kept dying, and the author made sure she put us in their perspective long enough for us to root for their success and feel sorry for them, right before she wacked them off Bad writing I was really getting sick of people dropping like flies Quinn said he d driven by her house a few times That was sweet There were some nice moments between them, but they only lasted a line or two and they were so few and far between, like once in a blue moon And that isn t enough for a romance book When I read a romance book, I want romance Romantic suspense novels are just too much suspense, too much drama, and only a smidgen of romance, with the sex brushed over completely, no details, just a quick scene where you only get a grasp that they re having sex before it s over It s a tease, not nearly enough It just didn t offer me enough at all I was left wanting so much and was disappointed at every turn I kept wanting some progress to be made between these two, but she was literally giving nothing away She kept putting him off, changing the subject, and avoiding their past She was strictly being professional and I just wanted her to give in, so it was really frustrating being put off for so long Then around pg 300 he asks her does she know how many women he slept with to forget her He didn t know And it didn t work Aw, that s sweet He slutted it up with so many women he can t even keep track of, but he did it to get over her, so that makes it romantic Yeah Right And then he tells her before they re going to have sex that he slept with a double crossing Russian agent name Sletvana or something Real nice You know these slutty, disgusting details of their past sex lives are supposed to stop Actually I d prefer they not be in here at all, especially this late into the book when we re supposed to be focusing on these two in the present, not them sleeping with other people in the past And it would ve been nice if neither had slept with anyone after each other, as some testament to their feelings for each other. But it s romantic this way They didn t say the loved each other The romance just wasn t resolved In fact, nothing was resolved to my satisfaction at all What she brought up from the past she quickly dropped, never provided an adequate explanation This book was too much business with very little romance at all I was getting so sick of the killing and Cait s professionalism She kept things very controlled and it was so boring Cait kept wearing suits the entire time, and I know she took her job seriously but I just wanted her to let loose and show some warmth or humanity She was just tough and hard and cool and I didn t like her, especially when I found out she slept with two men she worked with I think, one of which was a one night stand with her partner, the guy that didn t care about people at all and was such a jerk and cussed all the time That reflected badly on her that she would never sleep with him when she didn t even like him Quinn was interesting

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    There is a crazed sniper loose in Somersett, South Carolina, and the victims he picks make no rhyme or reason It is up to FBI Special Agent Caitlin Cavanaugh to find this madman before he strikes even fear into the hearts of the residents of Somersett But Caitlin has an ace in the hole besides her crusty old partner, Frank Angetti, who is up for retirement The one person she doesn t count on is former Navy SEAL and best selling author, Quinn McKade Caitlin and Quinn haven t seen each other in years, but in the past, they had a one night stand during a wedding Caitlin walked out the next morning without a second thought, or so Quinn thought Caitlin may have never gotten over Quinn, but she knew a one time fling was all she could handle.Quinn is than pleased to help Caitlin because he wouldn t mind recreating that special night together with her and many But until they can catch the sniper creating havoc all over town, he must put his plans on hold Not even Quinn s insights and Caitlin s investigation techniques can help them They have questions than answers, and there are no solutions in sight And things become even tense when local news reporter Valentine Snow begins to receive letters from the sniper Is this an obsessive lovesick individual, or an evil mastermind with something else up his sleeve Will Caitlin and Quinn be able to stop him before everyone is too afraid to walk the streets for fear of getting shot in the head JoAnn Ross has written another thriller with a killer who has no remorse and a town at a standstill in fear of his next move CROSSFIRE showcases the skills of the Navy SEALS along with the FBI who work together to stop a madman Both Quinn and Caitlin are two solid characters who have great heads on their shoulders These two work so well together, if only they can get over their animosity towards each other I wanted to shake some sense into Caitlin because Quinn is such a great guy She is so afraid of her intense feelings for him that run over the course of years Quinn feels the same way for Caitlin, but he no longer wants to be her sex plaything He wants sex with intimacy, which means a relationship between the two, and because of that, I quickly decided he was my favorite character in this story.There is also another sweet love story between Valentine and her landlord, Brendan O Neill, who is a former Irish barrister turned bartender at the Black Swann Pub where Valentine lives in an apartment above These two are great friends, but when Valentine becomes the subject of the sniper s sick obsession, Brendan admits his undying love for her, which almost made me swoon And then there is the sexy Mike Gannon who is a doctor and a former priest who runs a group for troubled Vets Hopefully, Mike will get his own story in the future.CROSSFIRE is another suspenseful romance by JoAnn Ross that you will not want to miss With tension that you can cut with a knife, definitely pick up CROSSFIRE and get lost in world of the Navy SEALS and FBI that only JoAnn Ross can deliver

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