Ricky On The Surface, Ricky Thompson S Life Is One Long Party His Razor Sharp Wit And Unwavering Sexual Confidence Masks His True Pain And Suffering, And That S How He Wants To Keep Things Ten Years After The Death Of His Fianc , Ricky Has Completely Given Up On The Illusion Of Love Wild Nights In The Bar And Even Wilder Casual Sex Have Become His Coping Mechanism, And He Wants To Keep The Party Going At Whatever Cost When He Is Attacked In A Dark Alley And Left For Dead, Ricky S Life Takes An Unexpected Turn And The Party Suddenly Comes To An EndChase Brody Doesn T Know Where Life Is Taking Him Between Running His Gym And Raising His Son, Dylan, The Only Time He Puts Himself First Is His Once A Week Trip To The Gay Bars His Family Has Convinced Him He Needs To Find A Mother For Dylan, So He Keeps His Sexual Desires Secret He Always Believed Women Were For Love And Men Were For Sex, But He Is Forced To Reevaluate Everything He Thought He Knew When He Stumbles Across A Helpless Man In Need Of His HelpAfter Chase Takes Ricky To The Hospital, He Offers Him Free Self Defence Classes, But It Soon Grows Into Something Complicated And Both Men Are Forced To Listen To Their Hearts Once Again Chase Doesn T Know How Ricky Will Fit Into His Difficult Life, And Ricky Can T Seem To Let Go Of His Past Heartache With So Much At Stake, Will These Men Admit They Were Wrong About Love And Surrender Their Hearts To Each Other, Or Is The Risk Too Great Length , WordsStandalone YesCliffhanger No Sign Up To My Newsletter And Be The First To Know When It S Released

Ashley John is a gay author of gay mm romance novels Living in the north of England with his fiance and two cats, Ashley John spends his days writing down the voices he hears in his head His books are primarily romance dramas with sprinklings of erotica and he has a knack for making you feel like you re living right beside the characters he creates Ashley John is also a keen artist and he puts

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  • 03 July 2019

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    DNF at 12%I normally don t rate books I DNF at 12%, but this was so so bad, I have to give it a rating.When I read the blurb I got al giddy This looked like such a great hurt comfort book But boy, this really really sucked.For me it was hate at first sight with MC Ricky He calls everyone sweetheart in a condescending tone, and have everyone treat him like the queen he is He also just leaves his best friend at a flea market they re both at, to go screw some guy he just picked up there And when he is still tying off the condom, he literally kicks that guy to the curb, naked A real gem this guy.And let me tell you about the other MC, Chase Chase is a single father of a 6 year old But this poor man has only 1 night a week to go clubbing So he arranges a babysitter every Friday night to pick up guys Yes, he has a hard life.And oh, even though he fucks a different guy every week, he s not sure he is gay He could be just curious.And let me tell you some about Chase This guy does not have a cock, he has a MANHOOD Such a sexy word don t you think Oh yes, come here with your manhood.And also this monster is 10 INCHES LONG That is a lot of manhood dude Does he have to roll it up to get it in his pants I stopped reading after Chase s anaconda came out to play with some random guy he picked up at the bar.

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    2.5 StarsHmmm I m not sure what to say, here I ve been wanting to read this author for a while, but I think I should have gone for one of his shorter stories to get a taste of his story telling and writing style before tackling a full length novel Ricky Thompson, 38, has sworn off dating of any kind Since his fianc died about a decade ago, Ricky just cannot let himself get close to another So he hides behind his snark and behind the mask his drag queen persona, Miss Kitty Litter, allows him and insists that all he wants out of life is an endless string of one night stands well, like an hour or two He doesn t want to know their names or anything about them Just fuck and be gone If he never allows himself to actually be happy, then he doesn t ever have to feel miserable, either, right Sure, that makes sense.Chase Brody, 32, is the single father of a 6 year old son, Dylan, from a one night stand he had Dylan s mother was a party party girl and way too into drugs to raise a kid So she left Dylan with Chase and then went her merry party way until it killed her Chase s homophobic family is always around and telling him he needs to find a woman to settle down with because Dylan needs a feminine influence and every child should have a mother and a father, and all kinds of other traditional family and gender role BS that made me twitch Insistence on traditional gender and family roles does have a tendency to piss me off And that Chase was buying into it, regardless of the fact that he rarely found women sexually attractive, just did not sit right with me.I don t want to say it was all bad, though, because it wasn t I liked that Chase was so dedicated to his son and that when he saw Ricky in the alley after his attack, he insisted on staying to help Chase is really a good guy And Ricky, though he certainly has issues than National Geographic, is a man who is hurting, but who doesn t want anyone to know it But he s not a bad guy, either He s caring and funny and, when he allows himself, very loving Plus, there seemed to be a reference to Heidi Cullinan s book, Let it Snow that I totally approved of The overall theme of self acceptance and second chances at love, I thoroughly loved And the cover is rather delicious Ricky s a beautiful man And thank goodness for Chase s 80 something year old neighbor She was one of the only adults in the story with some sense when it came to what really makes a family.But there was so much tedium wrapped into all that, that I had trouble enjoying the story Ricky seemed so determined to never ever take a another chance on love, and I just don t get that Yeah, life can sure be shitty sometimes, but it also goes on whether you like it or not And Ricky constantly runs away I m sure there are people out there, like Ricky, who are determined to hide from life instead of actually living it, and I pity them as much as I pitied Ricky in this story It also bothered me that Chase seemed to be so freaking scared of the words bisexual and gay He was obviously attracted to men, considering he was a gay bar every weekend to find one to fuck And, though he did also seem to at least be somewhat attracted to women, or so he claimed, anyway, he was most definitely attracted to men He presented, to me, like a 4 or 5 on the Kinsey scale Probably a 5 As far as I can tell, the only woman Chase has slept with was his son s mother, and that was only once He mentioned that she was the first woman to show him interest But he has avoided dating women ever since that one night stand, because I don t think he has the attraction for most women So why insist for so long, that you re straight ish Especially to the guy you can t keep your hands off of I get that everyone needs to come out in their own time and in their own way, but this bit got just as annoying as Chase s family drama and Ricky s overuse of the word sweetheart In spite of the fact that Chase knew several married same sex couples, he clinged to the men are for sex, women are for marriage attitude so long, I wondered if it weren t among his many tattoos He s either a deeply closeted gay man, or he is bisexual But he is nowhere near straight ish.I honestly think I would have enjoyed Ricky if it were edited to about half its length As it was, the story line got too tedious and repetitive and family drama just dragged me down Between Chase s super homophobic father and brother, his family s insistence that children need a mother and a father, Chase s insistence that he is really straight ish almost to the end , and Ricky constantly running away, I just wanted it all to end I wanted to enjoy the book Hell, I want to enjoy every story I read That s why I read Sadly, though, I didn t, all that much Review copy of Ricky was generously provided, by the author, in exchange for an honest review.

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    Ricky is OUT NOW

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    This got better as it went along Review soon Note now it s been too long since I ve read this Forgot all the details

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    I hate to do this because I have enjoyed this author s work in previous reads but I felt absolutely nothing here Ricky is a party boy and has sworn off love because his fianc died 10 years ago So now his life is an endless party filled with hookups Chase owns a gym with his brother and is a single father, he has a homophobic father who is a police chief, he seems to be surrounded by people who are dumbasses the only good in his life besides his son seems to be his elderly neighborthat helps with his son sometimes Chase keeps his desire for men a secret Ricky is attacked one night leaving the club in which he is a drag DJ and is left for dead when Chase on his way to a hookup finds him and helps There is good here The concept is good and the story ultimately is about a second chance and self acceptance however, we took a long time to get there and there were a lot of issues sprinkled in that annoyed me to no end 1 I never could like Ricky He has his moments where his true persona comes through all the bullshit he puts up, but in all honesty he is super annoying and uses the word sweetheart constantly.2 Chase could never seem to accept himself fully it s like he was scared to say he is gay or bisexual, I m not saying labels are important but come on you are banging a guy you are a little than just straight ish.3 Ricky is not that nice to his best friend, someone who obviously cares about him deeply.4 Ricky seems adamant to not let anyone in ever again to an alarming degree I mean he goes to great lengths to destroy his relationship.5 No burn, I didn t feel the burn There are sexy times but no pining for each other I wanted of a connection.There is a good HEA, and even though Chase s son is the most important part of his life, the child doesn t over saturate the story like sometimes children in books seem to do It s not all bad might be a better read for someone else I think my inability to warm up to Ricky kind of threw me off right from the get go.

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    What an incredibly beautiful sequel to Ashley John s book Timing, Ricky finally has his HEA I miss Ashley and his male romance voice

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    Review by The Blogger Girls.This is not normally my kind of story, but having enjoyed Mr John in the past, I decided to give it a go It is always a pleasant surprise to end up really enjoying things that would normally send me running I love when an author has the ability to do that for me, and this one was a success.Ricky is a bit of a hot mess After suffering the loss of his fiance quite a few years ago, he has adhered to a set of rules that have enabled him to live happily, or so he believes Or, that prevent him from even remotely getting an opportunity to put him in that heartbreaking place again Whenever anything starts getting to him, he puts it all away as he takes on the persona of Miss Kitty Litter, the drag queen DJ But things change a bit after he is attacked and left for dead on the sidewalk.Enter Chase, the totally tattooed up hottie who, with his brother, co owns the local gym in town Chase is a bit on the fence about his sexuality, due mostly to his family s intrusion and bigotry He believes he needs to end up with a woman to be a mother to his child but isn t able to deny himself completely of his male encounters On his way with one of those encounters, they come across Ricky and Chase can t just leave him alone in that state They begin a friendship after Chase offers to train Ricky in self defense, but their attraction is quickly apparent.It doesn t take long before Chase has managed to get Ricky to break his rules, without either really realizing it It isn t easy for these guys though They both keep secrets from each other and neither really believes they can have anything long term, even if they want it Chase has his family to deal with and is worried about doing what s right for his son while Ricky is still set on not caring for someone enough for him to get hurt again But neither can deny their feelings for very long It is a matter of them believing they could be and actually making that happen There is a lot to all of these aspects giving the characters much depth than it seems here.I loved these guys Ricky, even though he was a mess at times, broke my heart every time he took what people threw at him He was unapologetic about who he was if you don t like the Ricky he s showing you, move on down the road, sweetheart But it was easy to see the real him behind his walls and makeup and how everything affected his feelings and actions And Chase was just a big ole hunk of caring and compassion rolled up in a sexy tatted package He didn t care what others thought, as was clear by his full body tattoos, unless it affected his son then everything mattered I loved that he decided he had to listen to his heart and not his homophobic father and brother while doing what was best for Dylan at the same time.Ricky was angsty, but never felt overly deeply There was plenty of it, but it never really gave me the gut wrenching feels that might have made it too much There was just the right amount, in my opinion, and enough of the good parts and rest of the story that kept me interested in seeing these guys succeed and turning pages until it happened I m glad I gave this story a chance, because Mr John came through, solidifying my feelings about his writing which is just as good as I remembered I ll definitely be on the lookout for .

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    If you re looking for a sweet, funny and light romance, this book is for you.This book was really good, but would have been better with a couple sex scenes Ricky and Chase is so complete opposites, but oh so right for each other 3Ricky Chase OMG, I felt so sorry for Chase, with a family like his who needs enemies Seriously the abuse of the word sweetheart, will piss you off BIG TIME

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    Review originally posted at Sinfully.3.5 starsAlthough this book is a standalone, if you ve read TimingTiming you ll remember Ricky as Tom s friend and also remember his alter ego, Miss Kitty Litter the drag DJ I really liked Ricky in that book and was glad to see of him here, though it may be harder for you to warm up the brashness that is Ricky if you haven t already seen his sweet, caring side.Ricky equates love with heartbreak He has spent last 10 years having meaningless sex, following rules that keep feelings out of the picture He s basically a one and done kind of guy He says he s happy the way he is, but his friends Tom and Cole aren t convinced Soon even Miss Kitty Litter isn t enough to keep Ricky from cracking.Tattoo covered, muscular gym owner Chase lives for his six year old son He works and goes home except for the occasional nights where he finds a hook up at one of the gay bars He tolerates the father that walked out on him and his family when he was a kid for the sake of his son His brother seems to be a lot like his father and his bitchy sister in law harps on him non stop about his parenting skills and finding Dylan a mother The only one who seemed tolerable in the family was Barbara, the woman his father left the family for, but she really didn t have a lot of page time He allows his awful family to shape the way he thinks, and is convinced he needs to find a mother for his son, so he hides his attraction to men.When Chase is on his way back to a hook up s apartment one night, he finds Ricky badly beaten in an alley and calls for help, staying with Ricky in the hospital until he wakes up When Ricky takes him up on his offer of some self defense classes, they strike up an unlikely friendship that soon turns physical Chase s brother makes it clear that he doesn t know why Chase is wasting his time hanging around Ricky and Chase s bigoted father turns out to be the officer who is investigating Ricky s case Chase tries to keep the nature of his relationship with Ricky secret from his family and Ricky tries to keep Chase at arm s length.These two have plenty of secrets that slowly come out and some hurt than others The real crux of the problem however is can Ricky let go of the past and risk his heart again on Chase and, does he even want to For Chase the problem is bigger Even as he starts to admit that he s not completely straight, and starts to accept himself, he still allows the family that thinks so little of him to have a lot of sway over his life choices, and they ve convinced him he needs a mother for his son He is afraid to come out to this horrible family for some reason and goes to great lengths to hide Ricky from his family and his family from Ricky.I was a bit hot and cold on Chase I understood he was trying to figure out his sexuality and trying to do what was best for his son, but one moment he s being a doormat and the next saying he didn t care what anyone thinks, it was pretty frustrating at times Ricky was pretty consistent throughout although he does take some drastic steps when all the feelings between him and Chase got too strong I would have liked to see Ricky interact with Chase s son Dylan as the little time we did see them together was pretty awkward and adorable.The two had great chemistry and I did enjoy much of their time together They are both trying so hard to fight the best thing to have happened to either of them in a long time though and it did, at times, become a bit repetitive I think a bit of editing would have definitely helped the flow of the book.There was a lovely bit of support in Chase s elderly neighbor Annie and of course, Cole and Tom are back and have plenty of interaction with the guys too The book definitely had its highs and lows for me, but I think if you liked Ricky in Timing you re going to want to read this There was a lot of back and forth, but not a lot of angst If hurt comfort is your thing and you don t mind occasionally wanting to knock some sense into your MCs as they really fight against getting to their HEA Ricky will probably work well for you.

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    A Joyfully Jay review 2.5 starsI hate to say it, but I just didn t like Ricky I wanted to, and the blurb caught my attention right away because I love hurt comfort stories I also tend to like stories where men get past traditional opinions of raising children and who they should raise them with.Well, I felt a bit misled There was no mention of Ricky being a drag queen Honestly, I don t have anything against them I ve actually met some lovely drag queens, and I m a HUGE fan of Chi Chi LaRue, RuPaul, and God, I love Dame Edna However, I just don t find them to be particularly sexy Please don t think I m being prejudiced It s just a personal thing I figured, though, since I had committed, I d give it a go, rather than trying to DNF it or ask someone else to do it.Let s start with Ricky himself There were a lot of times when I actually cringed His overuse of the word sweetheart started to drive me insane If I was to do a shot every time it was said, I d have passed out before the middle of the story Then there was the meaningless, anonymous sex I ve read so many books where one of the MCs is a very promiscuous, but Ricky, with his rules and his behavior, started to be than just a trope I was angry with him from the start, to tell you the truth He was out with his friend when he saw a handsome man Ricky sends his poor friend out to get some coffee for him and his potential conquest, and when he seals the deal, he leaves with the man, literally walking past his friend and leaving him holding the coffee So, by 3% I despised a character I m supposed to fall in love with and become invested in his happily ever after Not cool.Read Kenna s review in its entirety here.

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