The Department of Denials

The Department of Denials The Best Selling Author Of The Inscrutable Americans And Making The Minister Smile Returns With Another Entertaining Story In The Department Of Denials In This Latest Venture, Babar Thakur Babs To His Friends A Youth Fresh Out Of College In Search Of An Identity And Direction In Life, Sets Off On A Trip To Fulfil His Dream Of Becoming The Prime Minister Of India One DayIn The Best Traditions Of All Heroic Odysseys, He Starts Out On His Quest Alone Soon, He Is On A Roller Coaster Ride Through The Corridors Of Power, Witness To The Shenanigans Of Netas And Babus Chief Among Them Is The Minister Balak Kumar, Who, Repeatedly At The Receiving End Of Various Allegations From The Opposition, Finally Decides To Centralize All Denials Under One Authority, Namely, The Department Of Denials And He Asks Babs S Father, Bahadur Prasad Thakur, To Head The Newly Created Department The Stage Is Thus Set For An Unending Run Of Situations, Alternately Bizarre And Funny

Anurag Mathur was born in New Delhi and educated at Scindia School Gwalior , St Stephen s College Delhi , and the University of Tulsa Oklahoma He lived for three years in the U.S.A before returning home to India to embark on a career in journalism and publishing He now lives in New Delhi and contributes regularly to leading Indian magazines and newspapers He is also the author of a travel

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  • The Department of Denials
  • Anurag Mathur
  • English
  • 25 June 2019

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    Unlike Anurag Mathur s First book The Inscrutable Americans, this book is quite a letdown The plot and characters are drab, except for Baby Loon and Baby Hash the two quirky babies who come up with slapstick comments every now and then These two are the only minor sparks in the entire storyline rest all being quite predictive It s a very average book and can be finished in probably a 3 hour sitting.

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    Anurag Mathur is the man who was Chetan Bhagat in the 90 s and early 00 s After the unprecedented success of his book, The Inscrutable Americans the book was even made into a movie , Mathur fathered several other books The Department of Denials is one of them.I found The Department of Denials readable It s not massy, it s not coherent and most importantly, it s not Chetan Bhagat It is undeniably witty but unfortunately not laugh out loud funny, though Mathur does try ever so hard However, I found it funnier than The Inscrutable Americans a book that is almost derogatory towards Indian Americans, without really being funny enough to justify its biases My sense is the primary reason people still buy Mathur s books is because he is a Stephanian, who are alleged to be a class apart Trust me, they aren t I have met several of them and the only thing that differentiates Stephen kind from humanity is that they choose every opportunity to reiterate the fact that they are Stephanians, as opposed to other sub species of human beings I have met.D.O.D is a book from an era gone by and not really a chronicle of India a decade ago Read God of Small Things instead to understand what India was, is and will be.

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    I picked up this book as i had a great time reading The Inscrutable Americans by the same author The book doesn t let you down it has enough caricatures that being an Indian you could relate to However, this was not as engrossing as the earlier book.The author traces the life and struggles of a IAS officer s family It is told through the eyes of his twenty something son who wants to be a journalist Essentially, the story tracks the corruption fuelled political fabric of the Indian government, where honest people are unable to flourish.

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    A must read for its satire and humor.

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    Very Interesting read as per me, this is when i was fed up with CB and his clones kind of IIT IIM writing.

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    Anurag Mathur Humourous as alwaysa light fast read.

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