An Outrageous Proposal

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Miranda Lee was born at Port Macquarie, a popular seaside town on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia, and is the youngest of four children Her father was a country school teacher and brilliant sportsman Her mother was a talented dressmaker When Miranda was ten, her father was transferred to Gosford, another coastal town in the countryside, much closer to Sydney After leaving her

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  • An Outrageous Proposal
  • Miranda Lee
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  • 19 July 2019
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    Re Outrageous Proposal Miranda Lee gives us one of the most whacktastic plots in all of HPlandia with this marriage on the rocks second chance HP Plus of May 1995.I can never decide if I am outraged or hysterically keeled over in laughter at the utterly ludicrous plot of this book The h was married to the H and wanted a baby above all else After months of trying to conceive and mechanical type scheduled boudoir bounces, the h finally tells the H if he can t get her preggers, she doesn t want him The H flips out and decides he is done with the drama and leaves the h.The h has a lot of emo baggage from a controlling, bitter mother who fiercely doted on the h But the mother was also angry that the h was the product of the mother being seduced and dumped by a married playboy The h had been under the thumb of mother until she met the H, then he took over bullying her through life she didn t mind tho, because she was buckets in love with the H and she felt that he made her a competent person The only other thing she really, really wanted was to have a baby The H believes it is because her mother told the h that only a child would prove the H s love for her, but we eventually learn that the h had a very narrow, lonely life and she really, really likes children just because they are children and that they don t intimidate her like other people do The H has a brother and sister in law with two small kids and through the h s relationship with them, we see just how much she just genuinely adores kids The H is a natural daredevil and the h s harsh words about not wanting him, which she immediately apologized for, lead him to go hog wild on truly outrageous behavior The H becomes the Lothario Lawyer, running around with all manner of femme fatale women in front of the h, during the year long separation between the two of them Eventually the h s mother dies and the h runs into the H again at her brother in law s most recent theatrical production, which the h designed the costumes for The h is about as sophisticated as a befuddled kitten and is totally heartbroken when she sees the H at the play with one of his femme fatale lady buffet samples The H then makes his move to lurve club the h up all over again when the h is babysitting for her in laws and the young boy gets his head stuck in the staircase banister.The h is in two minds about the H, she still loves him and knows she was obsessed with babies and played her part in the marriage breakup, but his wild gambling and headline grabbing Lady Parade is just too much for her He also claims that he never really loved her and the h decides it is time to let go and move on.The H asks the h to dinner and makes her wait an hour for him to show up, this angers the h greatly, especially when the H claims the Lust Mojo is still strong and the h should become his divorced mistress Mainly cause he is sterile and lied to the h about it during her baby mania and they may as well enjoy each other to expunge their residual lust for each other The h is furious and walks out The h is strong in her assertion that she is done with the H, but he still has a key to her flat and he waylays her late the next night There is a huge Purple Passion moment and when the h implies that her bed hasn t been empty the last year either, the H freaks out until he realizes that he has no grounds to censor the h s behavior.The H s reaction to the h s taunts about OM convince the h that he really does love her, she really hasn t been with anyone else either, so she decides to take a gamble of her own The h agrees to to an affair, with the h still being in love with the H, and she is convinced she can be happy now with just him The H claims he still loves the h and moves back in and he claims that he will be faithful to the h from this moment on Still, the h is walking on eggs around the H, their relationship isn t the open and communicative one that they shared when they were married The H only seems to open up in bed So the h, sure that the H might not be as solidly in love with her as she thought, is determined to keep the Lurve Mojo Passion boiling hot and doesn t admit her worries.It seems the h might have been correct in worrying about the H s real feelings She walks in on a rendezvous with an aforementioned femme fatale who seems to be planning to take a business trip with the H and the conversation leads her to believe they will be sharing a hotel room and the H is lying to her about his taste for bedding OW The h is devastated all over again and runs off across Australia, only to find out she actually is preggers She has to go back and put together her life, she is happy she is preggers and very unsure of what to do about the H When she gets home the H is waiting for her and he does a big time speech for the h to listen to him The business trip with the OW really was a business trip, he was representing her in a harassment suit against the company she works for and than that, she used to sleep with his brother back in uni days and the H wouldn t take his brother s leavings.The H also claims that he has always loved and still loves the h so much that he would do anything to get her a baby Thus the brilliant or incredibly stupid I can t decide which, plan of the H s was put into play The H s whacked out plan was to appear to be a cheating slime pustule in the tabloids, srsly, he blackmailed his dates into going out with him as part of his legal fees, but claims no lurve clubbings were allowed , lie about his virility and all of this was get the h s mind off baby making and focused on steamy sex cause he LURVES her sooo much This idea occurred to him after watching 10 minutes of a Discovery Channel docudrama about infertility where it was mentioned that psychological blocks could prevent the h from conceiving Well, lucky for him it works and the h has no self esteem anyways, so she totally forgives him and we get True Lurve Forever Avowals for the whacked out HEA I just don t know where I am on this book The deception is right there in the title and it is brilliantly done, the H was pretty convincing in his desperation to explain that he never really cheated on the h and she was so in love with him and so sad with her own desperation, that I was happy she was happy and felt she got her HEA.On the other hand, the mocking of infertility by the H s half baked and insulting plan is TRULY TACKY, so tacky that it almost overrides anything decent about the book Fortunately this is HPlandia and I can tell myself that it has no bearing on real world reality Even tho there is absolutely no way this book would ever be published today In that respect, this is truly a vintage HP outing, the callousness regarding infertility and the casual dismissal of the H s womanizing and every character s acceptance that men will be men is just too dated to make it a winner in the modern world of romance So if you pick this one up, please be warned, this is not a very tolerant look at the truly heartbreaking situation of infertility However if you keep in mind that this is a dramatic whackfest trainwreck through the universe of HPlandia, you might have yourself an interesting HPlandia outing.

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    3.5 The logic of the husband made my jaw drop literally was surprised didn t see that coming

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    Laura wasn t surprised when she saw Dirk Thornton with a glamorous brunette her estranged husband s reputation as a womanizer was well known to her But she was shocked by her feelings for Dirk they weren t dead at all and, what was , he knew it Soon Dirk, a top Sydney criminal lawyer, was pursuing her relentlessly, but Laura couldn t forget that she d been unable to conceive his child which meant that there could be no future for them Why then was she still tempted to accept Dirk s simply outrageous proposal

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    3.5 stars rounded up to 4Laura and Dirk are estranged She had been obsessing about having a baby and when it still didn t work out she blew up at Dirk He couldn t take it any, said some meant things and then walked away from the love of his life Dirk came up w a wonderful plan and began to enact it He has become a swinging good time bachelor as he escorts many women about town Dirk had informed Laura that he is sterile, he doesn t want to remain w her in a marriage and that he only ever wanted her for bedroom things how about mistress now Laura had things from her past that had colored her belief in what she would find if and when Dirk gave her a baby I found some substance to what he said was her hang up, but I truly did NOT like Dirk s execution of his wonderful scheme He runs around town repeatedly hurting Laura w all of the gossip, rumors, and innuendos that filter back to her He didn t seem too concerned about this over the course of the story either If you can get past this game playing attorney, ha was that a stereotype twisting of the truth then this is a good read I wouldn t have minded Laura playing a few games w Dirk though Perhaps when she returns and his plan seems to have worked Maybe she could have caught on sooner or blindly stumbled in to something and tell him that she had been to a clinic and it took Dirk never wanted Laura to play games, but it was all good for him to partake of them I realize he took a gamble but it really would have been nice if we got to watch him suffer a bit especially after what he put her through for a year I guess her leaving and not saying anything was to be his punishment but I don t know if that is enough I didn t like it when he spoke of her imaginary hurts and female pride indeed these were not imaginary she saw him w OW on a date and she heard all the rumors and even the nasty mean things he said to her While he is talking to her she is thinking about animals and the alpha I kid you not Dirk was truly hurt for the one thing she had said to him before their estrangement, which she had quickly apologizes for, but instead he then continuously hands out punishment to her throughout the entirety of this story I so believe it would have been just delicious if she had played him as well

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    This novel was so beyond fucked up and the logic the hero presented the heroine with, was downright diabolical and so very wrong When the novel came to the end, my mouth dropped for a good two minutes before I could function enough to type this review.

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