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Coffee Boy After Graduation, Kieran Expected To Go Straight Into A Career Of Flipping Burgers Only To Be Offered The Internship Of His Dreams At A Political Campaign But The Pressure Of Being An Out Trans Man In The Workplace Quickly Sucks The Joy Out Of Things, As Does Seth, The Humorless Campaign Strategist Who Watches His Every MoveSoon, The Only Upside To The Job Is That Seth Has A Painful Crush On Their Painfully Straight Boss, And Kieran Has A Front Row Seat To The Drama But When Seth Proves To Be As Respectful And Supportive As He Is Prickly, Kieran Develops An Awkward Crush Of His Own One Which Seth Is Far Too Prim And Proper To Ever Reciprocate

Austin Chant is a bitter millennial, a decent chef, and a queer, trans writer of romance and speculative fiction He co hosts the Hopeless Romantic, a podcast dedicated to exploring LGBTQIA love stories and the art of writing romance He currently lives in a household of creative freelancers who all spend too much time playing video games.

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    When I read the synopsis of Coffee Boy I already knew that I had to read this book I mean a trans boy named Kieran who s crushing on the campaign strategist of his internship And this aforementioned campaign strategist is actually secretly crushing on their boss lol It had drama written all over it and if you know me, you also know that I can t resist a decent drama Well and now comes the funny part There actually wasn t all too much drama going on, but I still ended up loving this short story Strange, right XD No, if you think about it, it s not The characters in this book were just so real and to say I could relate to the main character certainly wouldn t even get close to the truth I had the feeling that I really found myself in him XD And since I m already talking about Kieran I might as well head directly to the characters section People who work on political campaigns have ridiculous Starbucks orders and yeah, being the intern means learning them all and balancing twelve cups of coffee on his way back up to the office Mild spoilers and quotes ahead Just to give you a heads up Kieran And for the brief but intense period where Kieran was panicking over the revelation that he was gay and trans like, how doomed to failure could he possibly be Jillian was his rock He s just awesome It s been quite a while I last had the pleasure to read about such an honest and forthright person and I loved every second of it Kieran s humour was amazing and his honesty sometimes almost bordered on rudeness He never minced his words and this was so refreshing Well and even when he tried to be sensitive, he still ended up saying the truth, which got him into rather awkward situations and amused me to no end lol I m shrill, you know It tricks their brains I can tell them to call me he, but I can t change what s going on in their heads when I talk to them Wait, so I was assigned female at birth, and that s okay to talk about, but your crush on our boss isn t appropriate Seth I m old, Seth mumbles I m an old man who can t hold down a relationship I loved him for being so sympathetic and I absolutely adored him for insisting on Kieran s pronouns I know Kieran got awkward whenever he reminded their co workers to address him correctly but just like Seth I think that it s very important to get them right I know Seth sometimes came across as rather grumpy and reserved, but deep down within him he was a gentle soul He respected Kieran and for that I respected him too XD How long ve you liked me Kieran asks.Seth s throat works nervously Oh, I don t know Totally unromantic Try again Honestly, he s never met a guy in need of a boyfriend.Kieran hopes he s up to the task Sensitive issues Their age difference I don t think that their age difference was important, at least for me it wasn t I mean 12 years isn t all that much and considering my husband and I are 9 years apart it really was no shocker Seth s crush on Marcus Yes, Seth the campaign strategist has a crush on his boss who has a child and a fianc e For me this was no touchy subject though After all you can t choose the person you fall for, you just do it Love is illogical so yeah, I don t blame him for it Besides nothing ever happened between those two, he just watched him from a distance The sex scene at the end I read a lot of Santino Hassell over the summer so it didn t shock me Some people might feel different though I think it was a very good scene and I loved how they interacted with each other There was so much respect and understanding between those two, it was actually pretty amazing to read Overall Conclusion I enjoyed the story and I m glad I read it It was interesting to see Kieran s point of view and since I ve never read a book about a trans person before it definitely broadened my horizon Coffee boy was funny, relatable and way too short I really would have loved to read about Seth and Kieran The world definitely is in dire need of stories like that and I can easily recommend it A short and refreshing read that most certainly will entertain you XD

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    Coffee Boy follows the synopsis pretty closely there aren t any surprises going into it, which I loved Sometimes all I need to cheer me up is a cute romance novella with a beautiful cover.After graduation, Kieran expected to go straight into a career of flipping burgers only to be offered the internship of his dreams at a political campaign But the pressure of being an out trans man in the workplace quickly sucks the joy out of things, as does Seth, the humorless campaign strategist who watches his every move.Soon, the only upside to the job is that Seth has a painful crush on their painfully straight boss, and Kieran has a front row seat to the drama But when Seth proves to be as respectful and supportive as he is prickly, Kieran develops an awkward crush of his own one which Seth is far too prim and proper to ever reciprocate.I knew going into this that I was going to get a great romance, but what I wasn t expecting was the healthy amount of humor thrown in I love the fact that the author took the time to include some banter in here I always appreciate it when a new read manages to make me laugh out loud multiple times.Just to give you a couple of examples Crazy thing, though I m pretty sure Mister Senior Campaign Strategist has a thing for Marcus Nice, Jillian says See, I m not the only one Kieran pokes the side of her ramen bowl with his toe not enough to make it slosh, just enough to make her shriek and slap his foot away Is that not weird to you Why Are you saying mean, bitter people can t be queer Jillian pats his foot Look in the mirror Also, Kieran shading his supervisor Wait, so I was assigned female at birth, and that s okay to talk about, but your crush on our boss isn t appropriate But real talk the fact that Seth was pining for his married with children boss kind of made me dislike him a bit Reading about someone thinking about a married person like that is just something that doesn t sit well with me personally And then taking the fact that he s a decade and something older than Kieran I don t usually enjoy reading about significant age gaps in romances And I still don t So I had to make myself forget that the romantic interest is significantly older than our main characterThose were the only negative aspects for me, but still, don t get me wrong, Seth is an amazing romantic partner for Kieran He s kind, supportive, respectful and genuinely takes the time to get to know him It s really only because of my personal issues on the married thing and age gaps that lowered my attachment a bit Other than that, this novella is fucking great for its LGBTQIA representation Ownvoices Witty banter scattered throughout This next one is kind of random, but bear with me When Kieran and Seth go out and order fries, I ended up googling 34 best french fries recipes and ideas it was midnight, so don t judge me And now thanks to Coffee Boy I know what I m having for lunch Also kind of unrelated, but this book managed to perfectly describe this one minor character in my favorite show The customer is probably like nineteen, or a precocious high school senior, but he clearly thinks he s hot shit To his credit, he s cute, in a wannabe frat boy way He s got long eyelashes and a cocky smile, and for a second Kieran genuinely grins back at him That paragraph literally put down in words what I think of Christoffer Schistad from Skam Ok Now back to the actual storyline Coffee Boy is one of the most important LGBTQIA romances I ve read in awhile And I ll appreciate it eternally for taking the time to discuss so many important topics, such as the usage of the word queer among many other I m afraid I don t have your ability to be so open I don t like to discuss certain personal matters at work Kieran could gracefully accept his apology Or he could open his fucking mouth, and guess which one he does Neither do I, he says, and even to his own ears he sounds sullen For some reason it always seems to come up, though Seth blinks at him for a moment before it dawns on him Ah Yeah, sorry I do get it You d rather not have to be queer at work Seth winces I m not overly fond of the word queer , either Oh It s not that I don t identify with the general idea, it s that I can t help thinking of it as Seth s face closes a little As the kind of thing boys call each other when they can t think of anything worse We need books like this Overall, I m than glad I picked this one up and stayed up late to finish it I definitely recommend Coffee Boy if you re looking for a quick but lasting read Note I m an Affiliate If you re interested in buying Coffee Boy, just click on the image below to go through my link I ll make a small commission Support creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with

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    I glommed this in a sitting when I was supposed to be working What a hot bath and fluffy towel of a book Seth is a prickly, lonely bi guy, Kieran is younger, trans, a bit adrift, and they are just so lovely and good for each other and nnngh this is why I read romance because this is just the way the world ought to work out for people Absolutely charming.

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    3.5 5

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    3.5 starsDespite being short, this was a cute story I loved the adorable Kieran and prim and proper Seth There wasn t much background set up, but whatever we got, it was enough to give you a good enough story to give you an entertaining while I came to know about a few new things, too Good one, overall.

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    Content Warnings view spoiler supervisor intern romance, including sex on the page, which I thought took great pains to establish consent lots of misgendering on the job, a power dynamic that includes pity around trans identity not with love interest hide spoiler

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    This story is perfect It contained everything I love Great characters and dialogue, pining and unashamedly sweet romance without being over the top So good A definite favourite that I will re read Highly recommended

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    Wow, this was so so good It was so heartwarming gorgeous cute Maybe all of the above Kieran was such a fantastic protagonist with such a fresh narrative voice I loved his unapologetic anger, his sarcasm look, I don t like sarcastic characters but Kieran is one done right , and how he was confident in some places but vulnerable in others The book touches on trans issues, as Kieran is a trans man, which balances well with the overarching story and Kieran s character development The romance was such a pleasant surprise I read this book without knowing anything about it, and I thought it was fantastic The love interest was complex, and I loved his character It was a great short read, and I thought it was the perfect length Full review to come.

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    Gallic cheesy elf, you are awesome Thank you sooo much 4.5 stars The only negative thing I have to say about this book it was too short I wanted and and I liked both MCs from the beginning Kieran comes across as angry, frustrated and snarky and he has every right to be Since this story is told from Kieran s POV we get a glimpse into the life of a trans guy and his fight for acceptance, his hurt for being misgendered as a girl There s much to learn about the daily struggles trans people face without appearing to bee too educational Obviously, I don t have any personal experience here but I could understand and relate to all of Kieran s feeling and reactions.Seth appears to be cold and standoffish but from day one he s the only one who stands up for Keiran, corrects people when they use the wrong pronouns, and tries to find ways to raise awareness about transgender people Despite all his scowling and sneering, he s the one who wants Keiran to be comfortable and happy at work I just thought him to be the sweetest guy ever After a while, they form some sort of connection and while learning about each other on a personal level, they realize there is than just friendship between them I really loved how understanding, careful, and considerate Seth was It s obvious that he cares and this being a boss employee relationship with an age gap of 12 years, he s making sure that Keiran doesn t feel pressured in any way and everything that happens is consensual.This is a sweet, cute, well written short story that left me with a bunch of happy feelings But dear author, please give me I need to know how their story continues

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    Superbly written, sweet, quick read

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