Capturing Us (Cedarville #2)

Capturing Us (Cedarville #2) I m in love with this series and I ve only read the first two Melanie and Logan have known each other since they were kids Melanie has loved him it seemed like forever and she can t get him out of her head but Logan doesn t think of her that way But that will soon change, no spoilers from me because You HAVE To Read Theses Books The chemistry is amazing, some of the time they are together they are confused with each other, some is fun as heck and even hotter at times TEN STARS from me , I can hardly wait to start reading book 3 Mel has a problem his name is Logan All of a sudden he wants to be with her constantly Why because he found her hurt in a home invasion The problem is she has always loved him and he treats her like a sister Why does he want to be around so much now it s very hard for Mel as she is always picturing him naked There is lots of steamy hot sex scenes in this book. Melanie Has A Problem And That Problem S Name Is Logan GrahamShe S Loved Him For As Long As She Can Remember Even Though He Drives Her Crazy At Times For Years, His Job Took Him Away From Cedarville Weeks And Months At A Time, Allowing Her To Put Him Out Of Her Mind And Live Her Life She S Happy ContentAnd Trying To Move OnBut Now He S Back, And This Time He Plans To Stay, Making Her Long For Things She Knows She Can T HaveOr Could She It Seems Like Maybe, Just Maybe He Feels The Same Way About Her Making Her Question Everything Turned On Than Ever She Wonders Why Now Return To Cedarville In This Fun, Sexy New Story About Friendship, Love And Everything In Between Oh wow this book is hot and steamy I think almost everyone cant relate to mel, she is absolutely head over heels for this guy and has been forever but he has only seen her as a friend After her home invasion something changed drastically in him and he has to be around her all the time which makes her question his motives and everything else Theres steamy scenes that are nice and hot but they dont take away from the story You will love this book. Good book in a good series Worth the time I thoroughly enjoyed this book The story quickly drew me in and before I knew it, I turned the last page The story is fast paced, engaging and filled with complex, likable characters The author has a way of drawing the reader into the story so you feel a part of the story This is a great book in a great series, definitely worth reading. Good read Enjoyed Mel and Logan and their HEA. I love Cedarville and this frienimies to lovers is a great fit for the characters and friends but mostly just fits them They had always been best of friends but he left She couldn t understand that he had to He couldn t be around her As they both struggle with their individual feelings and work on moving their relationship further they are figuring out they have some work to do Love this and everyone s reactions This group of family and friends just keeps growing I love this author and no these aren t clean reads but they are sweet This author does the emotional angst well. Capturing Us A Cedarville Novel Book 2 by Bree Kraemer 5 starsCapturing Us takes place in Cedarville It s a small town where everyone knows everyone else s business and everyone is super nice Melanie and her friend Carly own a dance studio called Dragonfly Dance They worked really hard to bring this dream to fruition Now Melanie and Carly have welcomed Leah into their life and they are 3 peas in a pod Melanie has been in love with Logan f g Graham since, well she couldn t actually remember a time when she didn t love him Logan Graham is back in Cedarville after some time away He s a photographer who always thought of Melanie as a friend until that fateful day that he no longer looked at her in the same way He has gone from being just a friend to becoming her protector and so much You forget I know you Every expression, every crease on your face I ve been studying you for years, even if I didn t know it Watching Logan and Melanie navigate from friends to and watching Logan turn his dreams into a reality was a joy Life was never going to be boring again.The Cedarville Series reminds me of a Jill Shalvis or Marie Force series The small town romance, the recurring characters, the desire to get to know everyone in town I would classify these as beach reads for the summer because they are easy and breezy This is definitely a series that I would recommend to my mom as long as she skipped through the sexy partshehe Capturing Us is the second book in the Cedarville series and it continues the story of three friends Carly, Leah and Melanie This is Melanie and Logan s story These books are standalone but I really suggest reading them in order because thecbooksvate so well written that it enhances your reading enjoyment Melanie has been in love with Logan for years but he is totally clueless to this fact The story of how their HEA ending happens is well worth the read These are feel good stories about a small town where if you work hard enough your dreams come true I totally enjoyed this book.

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[Reading] ➿ Capturing Us (Cedarville #2)  By Bree Kraemer –
  • Kindle Edition
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  • Capturing Us (Cedarville #2)
  • Bree Kraemer
  • English
  • 08 August 2018

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