Magician's Ward

Magician's Ward Happy In Her New Life As An Apprentice To The Powerful Magician Mairelon,Year Old Kim Is Horrified When A Nosy Relative Determines To Turn Kim A Former Street Urchin Intoa Lady But Real Trouble Begins When Several Wizards Of Kim S Acquaintance Disappear Then Mairelon S Magic Disappears It S Up To Kim To Unravel The Mystery And To Do That She Will Have To Return To Her Old Life Back In The Dark And Dirty Streets Of London

Patricia Collins Wrede was born in Chicago, Illinois and is the eldest of five children She started writing in seventh grade She attended Carleton College in Minnesota, where she majored in Biology and managed to avoid taking any English courses at all She began work on her first novel, Shadow Magic, just after graduating from college in 1974 She finished it five years later and started her

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  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Magician's Ward
  • Patricia C. Wrede
  • English
  • 15 December 2019
  • 9780765342485

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    Re read August 2018Original review, January 2017Georgette Heyer meets Diana Wynne Jones though without quite the ridiculously wild shenanigans characters and not as uproariously funny, yet still amusing in its own right in a Jonathan Strange esque historical fantasy setting Basically, this is a Regency Romance with magic How delightful is that DIt s technically a sequel but I got along just fine without having read the first book titled Mairelon the Magician.Our heroine, Kim, is a former street thief, who used to live on the streets of London, masquerading as a boy, and now lives in a fine house in London as the ward of Richard Merrill, a.k.a Mairelon the Magician Apparently the first book is about how they met Mairelon is an upstanding gentleman not to mention a somewhat young, handsome, and rich one, and therefore not ineligible who, oh yes, also happens to be a magician.The enjoyments of this novel include Getting to see a girl who lived most of her life as a street thief try to fit well enough into Polite Society think Jane Austen heroines so that Mairelon s Aunt Agatha won t have a fit at her being improper hint Kim isn t always trying, plus she has bad habits of talking in street thief slang, so this does not always go well , while also being Mairelon s apprentice and learning magic and trying to look after him in her way, while trying to solve a mystery Being immersed in the alternate history Regency setting, where magic is an established part of the world and it all makes total sense, and makes for a very fun read A mystery which kept me puzzled right through, involving an attempted burglary in the house library, mysterious books, unusual magics, and suspense about various magical goings on Mairelon himself, a character I took to at once and adopted into my favorites category He reminded me somewhat of a slightly tamer version of Chrestomanci or Howl likely because he s a magician , and his cleverly cutting words where he manages to be impolite without seeming so sometimes were simply a joy You can see he doesn t really always care what Polite Society so called, as he says thinks of him, but has to tread the line carefully so as to not utterly scandalize his aunt MAIRELON IS AWESOME That is all 3 Kim and Mairelon together are fabulous too I will spoil nothing, but they re great D Other characters, who include Hunch the loyal and grouchy manservant, a Russian Prince, some French magicians, and Mairelon s mother who s a fascinating character in her own right Humor and fun dialog too 3Really, I don t know what else to say It s a Regency Romance with fantasy, fun characters, and oh yes it s by Patricia C Wrede, who wrote the amazingness that is the Enchanted Forest Chronicles Searching for Dragons being one of my top favorite books ever.Jane Austen with magic and mystery and cutting dialog and Mairelon What need be said Fantasy Regency Romance should be a thing I had no idea I was missing it, but now I need of it in my life.

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    This book was excellent and carried with it all the originality I was seeking in the first one Kim is now a magician s apprentice and ward, and so acceptable to polite society Besides her magic lessons, she must handle her debut and endless social calls and niceties But a singularly inept burglar suddenly brings her past back and she must work with Mairelon to save her old friendsPerhaps because I ve read listened to so many crappy Regency novels recently, I particularly appreciated the way the author sets up the romance It felt so right So satisfying I m going to re read this one.Great intrigue, less absurdities, and developed characters make this an immensely delightful read.

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    I don t think I would have rated this book near so high if I had not read Mairelon the Magician Because, really, Mairelon the Magician does all the heavy lifting First off, there is very limited character development No one grows or changes Nothing new is introduced What you have at the start of the book is pretty much what you have at the end Except that now the two main leads are in love Which leads us to the romantic relationship between Kim and Mairelon OMG, so weak And I wanted them to get together I have wanted it from the start Because in Mairelon the Magician there is all this tension and pauses and room for growth It s there, the connection between them It jumps right off the page and smacks you in the face So I went into Magician s Ward eager for it But then nothing The set up is so overplayed A girl is launched into society A boy, who has been very close to her but never really thought of her that way, suddenly sees her in a new and different light Mainly helped by the fact that other boys are interested in her There is a proposal, not from the boy we are all rooting for Said boy panics, thinking for sure that he has lost his chance with his love, and then the big reveal the girl has loved him all along yawn I ve read that a million times before And, unfortunately, a million times better done as well It s not Wrede s writing that is at fault, because that is as engaging and charming as ever It what actually happens in the story Or doesn t Because Mairelon isn t around most of the book and brooding and unhappy when he is And the whole mysterious for the sake of being mysterious thing Which, btw, worked brilliantly in Mairelon the Magician, falls completely flat here Kim and Mairelon have been living and working together for a year A year And they have fallen in love with each other, though at the start neither realizes it yet But still all the drama about what can and can t be shared and where Kim can and can t go I don t know, as a reader I just expect that things have changed in the time that has passed That boundaries have soften and the trust that was established at the end of Mairelon the Magician would translate into open and honest communication between them.I came into this book all sorts of excited, wanting to watch as the romance unfolded between Kim and Mairelon I was invested in them as characters Interested in what they had been up to and happy to be once again in their world And I ended the book with a vague sense of dissatisfaction and no interest whatsoever in what may or may not happen next.

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    Well, I liked this than the first I liked the trapping of the Season I wish of the Regency romances focused on the actual season But the plot wasn t great for me And the romance didn t work for me and if you don t have that, then what s the bother of reading view spoiler But yeah One of the reasons I wanted to read these books was I like the guardian ward trope But the build up to the relationship was mild jealousy on both sides and that wasn t enough for me hide spoiler

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    I m not really one to use the phrase delightful romp and mean it, but I feel it s rather the case in this book Unlike some of her other novels, this book is of a story of gentry and Society and, of course, Kim s coming out than one of magic and mayhem, though there s a bit of that thrown in, too If you re looking for mystical adventures, you should look somewhere else If you d like instead a sort of coming of age story of a female magician in Society, then you re rather in the right place and I recommend the Enchanted Chocolate Pot as a next step.No, there s not much character development The focus is on the relationships and courtings of a Londoner debutante than on character development The first in the Mairelon series can tell you how they got here This book is what happens after.Also, if you re looking to find out what happened to the other pieces of the set from the first novel, you won t find them here Save yourself the disappointment if that s all you want and find

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    Kim struggles simultaneously with her education in magic, adjusting to a new social class, discovering and foiling an evil plot, and falling in love with her mentor.A good book, but lacking the originality of the first volume I wish so many authors didn t feel that they must add romance to every story.

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    Kim has played the part of a thieving boy for most of her life, hiding her gender being the safer alternative to revealing herself as a girl in the dark underbelly of Regency London But she knows this career path will soon come to an end, as at seventeen she is quickly outgrowing her disguise When a job leads her into Mairelon the magician s wagon, she finds real magic and an opportunity to become someone new.Following Mairelon as he flees from the city, she quickly finds herself lost in a plot of stolen magic artifacts and aristocratic intrigues Soon she ll have to give up the freedom of being a boy forever and try to figure out who she really is, so that she can become Mairelon s student and enter London Society as a real magician But being a girl brings new problems, marriage proposals, and a definite notion that nothing fun also falls under the heading of being Proper.I m reviewing these two books together, because odds are the easiest copy of the books to find is the combined version Really, I think they work much better together, as the first ends with an incomplete feeling all right, fine, that s code for no real romance In addition, I liked the second book, Magician s Ward, much better, but I think you need to start with the first book, Mairelon the Magician.In essence, reading these books is pretty much just like reading Sorcery and Cecelia, except with different characters and plot The feeling and world are the same, and while I can t find anything that says the books all take place in the same world, they easily could In fact, how magic is treated in the worlds, history, etc., all seems to be pretty much the same, except in Sorcery and Cecelia magicians create focuses, which is at least never mentioned in the Mairelon books What all this means is if you haven t read these yet and love Sorcery and Cecelia, these might need to be next on your to be read list.Read of my review and past reviews at Bookwyrm Chrysalis

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    This is one of my favorite Regency romances, and one of the books that created a craving for Regency fantasy there isn t much, sadly It s pure fun, but not the confectionery sugar kind the kind with peanuts, something substantial and sweet The intrigue is, like the first book, twisting and convoluted and potentially deadly for everyone involved, and it never feels like an afterthought But the part of the story that fascinated me was Kit s constant struggle to try to fit in with Society Unlike the heroines of many similar books, she has a real reason for being an outsider, but this also gives her a real understanding of the ramifications It s incredibly difficult for her, and she doesn t want to be a lady anyway, but she knows what the danger is to herself and to Mairelon if she fails Her honest desire to find a place for herself and to understand who she is now that so much has changed make her so charming that when gentlemen begin to fall in love with her, I can t help but share their sentiments Her genuine surprise at this makes her even likable Like Kit herself, this is a charming, lovable book which gives a new perspective on the legendary Regency haut ton.

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    The sequal to Maeirlon spelling the magician I am a sucker for romance so this book appeals to me as the developing romance between M and kim Again this duet is some of my favorite books.

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    Re read the last book for about the zillionth time XD

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