A Really Good Day

A Really Good Day Ayelet Waldman has long been held hostage by the vagaries of mood She s combatted her mercurial nature with a shit ton of drugs that goes on for half a page and reads like the advance battalion of some YA dystopian sci fi novel with names like Celexa, Lexapro, Prozac, Zoloft, Cymbalta, Effexor, and All legal but not altogether effective Desperate to alleviate not only her own suffering but the suffering of the people she loves that have had to deal with her fractured moods she embarks on a 30 day microdosing trial with 10 micrograms of LSD on every third day Understand that Ayelet is the type of person I can t handle at close quarters She s the oversharing dinner guest prone to tangents and manic bouts of neurosis At 52 she s the totally basic woman in line ahead of you at Starbucks ordering a skinny vanilla latte that seems a misspelled name away from demanding to speak with the manager In other words she s fallible and entirely human She s not hiding behind a pose or putting herself at a scientific journalist s remove She ll drop her credentials as a federal public defender, a consultant for the Drug Policy Alliance, and a law school professor but also cop to her affluent white privilege that lets her partake, and write about, a Schedule 1 drug And while we ll get books from Michael Pollan talking about the efficacy of psychedelics to treat depression, addiction and end of life anxiety, or breathless articles about how techbros are hacking their productivity with microdosing I like Waldman s approach Microdosing helped with her chronic shoulder pain, increased her productivity and leveled out her moods to the point her kids even comment on her new chill She s the soccer mom, the PTA chair, the Facebook user clipping articles on her timeline in other words the perfect vector to begin the process of normalizing these long maligned drugs. I debated between 4 and 5 stars I enjoyed this book very much Ayelet Waldman s quest for a better mood, less volatility, and a happier existence overall rivals any self help book I ve encountered I m not sure if it s because we are the same age, because we are equally neurotic, because we have both lived with PMDD, but her unflinching and often funny voice resonated a lot with me For example, the part when she thinks her daughter has gotten a new tattoo on her neck that signifies meh and immediately wants to jump on the next plane to somehow rectify this Oh my I have been there, much to my own daughter s chagrin and resentment While some people will view this memoir as ever so much navel gazing, to me it was wonderful Perhaps people who suggest AW needs to get out of her head, volunteer , think less, etc haven t suffered from a mood disorder, or maybe they ve figured it all out Ruminating, obsessing, self flagellating, feeling guilty and ashamed that is the stock in trade of the dysphoric life And, I d guess, those might be good qualities for a writer to possess I ll seek of AW s work She made me laugh, taught me a great deal about the shameful war on drugs and the history of drugs, and ultimately made me feel like I have a sister in arms out there I doubt I ll be microdosing any time soon, though Here in the heartland of the US, they d probably send you up the river, if you re not an accomplished writer with a solid legal career and a pretty fabulous life Alas. Hrs And MinsA Revealing, Courageous, Fascinating, And Funny Account Of The Author S Experiment With Microdoses Of LSD In An Effort To Treat A Debilitating Mood Disorder, Of Her Quest To Understand A Misunderstood Drug, And Of Her Search For A Really Good Day When A Small Vial Arrives In Her Mailbox From Lewis Carroll, Ayelet Waldman Is At A Low Point Her Mood Storms Have Become Intolerably Severe She Has Tried Nearly Every Medication Possible Her Husband And Children Are Suffering With Her So She Opens The Vial, Places Two Drops On Her Tongue, And Joins The Ranks Of An Underground But Increasingly Vocal Group Of Scientists And Civilians Successfully Using Therapeutic Microdoses Of LSD As Waldman Charts Her Experience Over The Course Of A Month Bursts Of Productivity, Sleepless Nights, A Newfound Sense Of Equanimity She Also Explores The History And Mythology Of LSD, The Cutting Edge Research Into The Drug, And The Byzantine Policies That Control It Drawing On Her Experience As A Federal Public Defender, And As The Mother Of Teenagers, And Her Research Into The Therapeutic Value Of Psychedelics, Waldman Has Produced A Book That Is Eye Opening, Often Hilarious, And Utterly Enthralling I d have to macrodose to read much of this woman whine Reading about how microsdosing lsd has been a tremendous aid to her is fine for a Rolling Stone article, but stretched out into book form only meant spending time with a woman who bares her neurotic psyche like a drunk party guest who has a bad case of verbal diarrhea and no censor No thanks. I love Ayelet Waldman and her nonfiction is especially incredible She writes with so much unflinching honesty that it s hard not to rally behind her, no matter what she s writing about Waldman suffers from bipolar disorder and this new book outlines her thirty day experiment taking microdoses of LSD in lieu of pharmaceuticals She combines personal stories with statistics, so the book is a blend of memoir and a well researched challenge of the war on drugs I d be willing to bet any rating under 4 stars is from readers who wished the book was of a memoir as yes, it does become research heavy But I thought the balance was actually pretty perfect This book got me thinking and taught me a lot, while also offering a personal account to an interesting experiment A really good book, indeed. Talk about a book not matching its reviews I think maybe a dose of something was required whilst reading Waldman is a self indulgent, navel gazing, whiner I realize this is a memoir of sorts, but the way she over analyzes every single tiny feeling she is having, as if she is a new mother in awe of her newborn, is beyond annoying Then to have her tell us, essentially, that meth has gotten a bad rapuh thanks for the insight honey, I m sure Walter White appreciates it.I disliked this book intensely. I totally want to try the protocol Also a really interesting peek into the war on drugs, the history of drug use, and research about drug safety More robust review to come.My Netgalley review A fascinating story of the war on drugs, the history of drug use and criminalization, and a suburban woman s self experimentation I particularly loved her struggles with how to talk about drugs with her children, and Waldman lets you in on her inner monologue extraordinarily well I came into this book having heard just a little about microdosing, but I found the accounts of drug criminalization and the war on drugs even fascinating Whether or not you ve done drugs or are interested in doing drugs, this is a well researched and entertaining book, mostly about LSD An excellent addition to most nonfiction collections. This book is a very readable and occasionally very funny account of the author s month long experiment with microdosing with LSD in an attempt to alleviate her mood swings originally diagnosed as bipolar and later as PMDD Along the way, she delves into the history of LSD, research into its benefits and the effects of the ill fated war on drugs I found it an engaging and interesting book. 3.5 I first heard about microdosing on the radio My commute to work is relatively short so I tend to listen to news radio Especially since the election I tend to avoid the news of TV, which seems to be full of he who shall remain unnamed, so the radio fills this news gap nicely They were discussing how microdosing is helping those who are dying, anyway when I saw this book I was interested enough to want to read further into the subject Plus, I loved Waldman s Love and Treasure and she is married to Michael Chabon, so this seemed like a win, win.She has a extensive background in the drug culture, laws, and prosecution of those caught with drugs So there is much information about the various drugs, past and present and I found this both informative and interesting Much I was misinformed about, other things I never knew.Interspersed is a memoir of sorts, the reason she wanted to try this, her mood swings, pain and feelings of insecurity and to be a better person Her marriage is mentioned quite often, the problems with this and motherhood Taking it day by day, she chronicles this month long experiment Found this well written, very honest, and well done I wish her and her family well Sometimes life is such a struggle and I applaud her efforts to try to improve what areas she can Take an over medicated, moody, middle aged mother of four, add a month of experimental microdosing with LSD and it makes for A Really Good Day by Ayelet Waldman This mesmerizing memoir of mental exploration tackles the taboo topic of drug use in our society, the frightening rise of prescription pills and the devastating addictions developing during the War on Drugs A rollicking ride through the realm of self realization, Waldman s creative quest for sanity is painfully honest, hysterically funny and deeply human I loved it

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