Max James Patterson S Bestselling Maximum Ride Series Is Back, With Max And The Gang As The Protectors Someone Or Some Thingis Decimating Ships And Sea Life Off Hawaii S Coast, And Max And Her Flock Find Themselves Sucked Into The Navy S Top Secret Investigation Of The Catastrophe Their Objective Rescue Max S Activist Mom From A Wicked Subterranean Enemy The Hitch They Must Dive Deep Into Dark Waters, Where Gruesome Evil Dwells And For High Flying Maximum Ride, Could There Be Anything Terrifying Than Being Trapped In The Great Abyss This Soaring New Adventure Takes Maximum Ride And The Flock Into Terrifying New Territory Fans, Hold Your Breath

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[Ebook] ➠ Max  ➦ James Patterson –
  • Hardcover
  • 309 pages
  • Max
  • James Patterson
  • English
  • 04 May 2019
  • 9780316002899

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    Oh no the Maximum Ride books have officially turned eco friendly What happened to all the crazy mad scientist stuff Millions of fish are dying off the coast of Hawaii and someone or something is destroying hundreds of ships Unable to discover the cause, the government I read that in the description of this book on some website Hmm, first it goes global warming save the polar bears Now its saving fish Anyone else miss the Erasers I want the whole flock running for their lives from crazy people involved in Itex stuff back ohhhhh greaaaaatttt I d rather not have to get the urge of burning this book but from the looks of it err, I think I ll stop there okay one thing at least this one is a LITTTTLLLEEEEE bit longer than The Final Warning 320 something pages this time but that s still kinda oh I don t know depressing compared to the first few MR books right, now I shall shut up

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    Ergh This book SUCKS It s not as bad as the fourth one, but it s still really crappy.There is no plot There are just a bunch of random subplots that are stupid, full of holes, and that have nothing to do with each other There s just all these action scenes that have absolutely no point whatsoever They re not even done well This book is basically a soap opera a really badly done one with an attempt at action Lol.The ending was really stupid It was really abrupt and sudden Max just rescues her mom and then skips off into the sunset with the flock, totally forgetting that some really lame villain is still alive and at work out there And at the end, Patterson randomly throws at us a hint that Brigid is a traitor, but then he just ends the book like that It s really stupid.Okay, let s talk about Mr Chu MOST PATHETIC AND LAME VILLAIN EVER He s completely flat and boring, he literally has NO motive, plus he s really, REALLY stupid I mean, who puts an illegal nuclear plant underwater and then LABELS IT WITH THEIR NAME That s like screaming, HEY, LOOK I m producing illegal nuclear crap Arrest me, please OMG Sheesh And I thought Patterson had done the worst when the villain had been a pile of brains in the 4th book at least the pile of brains wasn t a total idiot.Oh and what the heck was up with Devin I don t even get whose side he was on, and who he was working for Bleehh.I love excuse me, I mean hate how Patterson totally forgets to tell us who the voice is in this one You know, by the time he finally decides to tell us who it is, I m not even going to care any I don t think I even care now, any Lol.It also really annoys me that Patterson had Max and Fang make out in front of Brigid and the flock, and he doesn t show their reactions AT ALL Especially Brigid s UGH.Okay, what is up with the title of this book Why the heck did Patterson name the fifth book in the Maximum Ride series Max Couldn t he come up with a original title I mean, there are DEFINITELY better and creative titles he could have chosen Come on Even calling the book FISH would have been better and original and creative than MAX shakes head with incredulity OH MY GOD I HATE ANGEL WITH A BURNING PASSION She annoys the CRAP out of me GAAAH I HATE THAT KID She never listens to Max and thinks she can do whatever she wants and thinks she knows everything, and she s creepy and messed up, while everyone thinks she s such a sweet little angel AAAH I HATE THAT STUPID LITTLE BRAT Gaaah Plus she s the biggest Mary Sue in the history or Mary Sues in the world Eeeeewwwww Screw Angel lol Let s talk about the flock now I used to love them, but now I m pretty close to hating them They ve just gotten annoying, and turned from complex personalities to flat ones Plus, I m about ready to rip the book to pieces because of all the powers that they all KEEP FREAKING GETTING Not only does Patterson totally forget and not use all the powers they randomly got before like, where the hell did Max s super fast flying powers go , but then he just throws a bunch of new, unrealistic, TOTALLY UN SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLE powers that just make me go, Uhh, REALLY Ugh It s so stupid I mean, not only does Angel have gills, now Fang and Max have them too Oh MY Freaking GOOODDDDDD Idiots.Uh WOW Why did I even bother to read this book Oh right Because I wanted to see Max and Fang make out rolls eyes at self Even THAT wasn t good It s overdone WAY too much It was so Disney esque and cheesy, it almost made me puke Eeeegggh They have serious makeout sessions, like, every other chapter, and they re always looking at each other googly eyed and spouting lovesick lines at each other It s almost as cheesy as Twilight no offense, Meyer lol I mean, Fang and Max had great sexual tension in all the books before But all of a sudden, in this book, POOF It s totally gone And that just makes it boring Even when you become a couple, there s still tension and all that It doesn t just go away UGH.Well, I think that s all I got to say lol Bleehhh Stupid book I was just waiting for it to end the whole time I really don t want to read the sixth book when it comes out, but unfortunately, I know that I probably will And then I ll give it one star and write a harsh, angry ranting review about it, just like this one Well, at least it ll be worth it, for that I love attacking books Heehee XD

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    This book was so awesome and I couldn t put it down The group really had to lean on the support of others in this book, and I loved the new powers James Patterson finally got Max and Fang together which I loved This was the book to read in this series.

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    i do not think it will be as good as the first three, the fourth was a let down i personally like max better when shes on the run and kicking eraser flyboy butt rather than saving the world

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    This has been my entry point into the series, and honestly, my exit point as well I wasappalled to be perfectly honest This book basically touched all the bad tropes that I ve seen around Mind you, I read this in Italian, so there might have been something lost in translation, and this is my personal opinion Feel free to disagree with it.The characters aresorta annoying They won t shut up about having wings Not ever The powers are thrown in like hot candy, oh, sure, now two of them can speak with fish and survive freezing cold and crushing pressure because reasons It doesn t even make a lick of sense with how their powers are explained in this chapter Ok They got spliced with avian DNA Fine Then where do the weird water breathing, aquatic abilities come from The talking winged dog and the SIX year old that beats a MARINE in hand to hand combat The villain is just as ridiculous, making absolutely idiotic moves Oh, I need to stop the MC s mother, so I m gonna kidnap her daughter, wound her, but then let her go becauseWait, why am I letting her go again instead of just keeping her and using her as leverage And this is just a sample of all the things that annoyed me Justjust no.

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    Max is off to save the world Again This time on a submarine.I know you re in shock.My favorite parts of this book included .a Progress in the romance department always a good thing.b The B.S training aka Max and the flock whipping the pants off a certain navy training program that is supposed to take umpteen days and is completed by said bird kids in less than 24 hours.c Did I mention, progress in the romance department

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    Ugh Don t get me wrong I loved the first three Maximum Ride books, when Patterson only intended them to be a trilogy But the past two books have gone from bad to worse Remember when the flock fought, oh, maybe ten or twelve savage Erasers at a time Remember when every day was a struggle just to survive, when everyone was an enemy especially the average, wingless Joe walking down the street Now the flock takes down a thousand robots without breaking a sweat, and fights to save not only themselves, but the environment too Isn t that great Oh, and to raise awareness for their cause, they fly stunt shows And apparently, people think it s just peachy that a bunch of mutant kids created by a shifty corporation are running wild No big deal pretty cool, in fact.Excuse me Yeah, right Patterson has somehow managed to completely trash what began as a sparse, dry, heart stopping, tear jerking thriller about a most unlikely family struggling to survive in a completely hostile world To think that he plans to write seven Max books breaks my heart.

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    it was awesome i hope he will write another, but it did leave it with a somewhat satisfying ending however, she didn t finish saving the world, and what is up with Angel and all her independence streak that was just annoying because she learned in the last book that she shouldn t get into situations where she needs to be saved, and then goes and Max has to go try to save her, even when she doesn t feel like she needs to be saved ugh one of the things that really bothered me was that the author was so contradictory in the 4th book, it said Brigid was blond, and in this one, she was a redhead and the second i think it said Max had Blond streaked hair and said she had brown in this make up your mind already it also had a weird feel to it, compared to the other books however, i loved it and wished it was two or three times longer.

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    I am sure that I might throw this at the wall while in the process of reading Machine Geeks Come on, Patterson, the Erasers were cooler than that At least they actually FIGHT something in this one I hope there will be some fang max stuff save the fish not really though it looks so gay what happened to itex i don t think they resolved everything of that matter in the first 3 books i want some good stuff here okay now i am just venting about how sucky they book sounds Grr EDIT I gained repect for James Patterson again Though there was stupid random plot twists, stupid environmental issues, I still loved it

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    Read this book if you like young adult, the flock, children with wings , evil scientists, a whole lot of fun, creepy children with sometimes creepy mannerisms, flying, pretty action packed reads

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