Nerd in Shining Armor (Nerds, #1)

Nerd in Shining Armor (Nerds, #1)Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestYou know, for a book that s supposedly about nerds saving the day, this book sure puts us down a lot And I mean, a lot In fact, every main character at one point takes part in some nerd shaming.Genevieve Terrence, the main character, is an ex hillbilly currently residing in beautiful Hawaii Jack Farley, the titular nerd in this story, has been crushing on Genevieve ever since they started working together Gen hasn t noticed, because she s infatuated with her boss, Nick It s not sexual harassment if they want it Brogan.Yes, this is one of those books where the heroine mistakes aggressive sexual behavior for the overtures of a long term relationship And even though she knows that Nick is only inviting her on the business trip to Maui because he wants a one stand, she is convinced that she can change him After all, he looks like Cary Grant He d make a great husband He just had a troubled childhood.Jack throws a wrench in this would be romantic getaway because he s been invited too, to troubleshoot problems in their sister branch, Aloha Pineapple He s thrilled, because he knows that when Nick inevitably leaves her a sobbing, weepy wreck, he can be the one to pick up those soggy pieces, and tenderly make love to her until she forgets her woes Because as everyone knows, niceness is totally a synonym for manipulative opportunist.Unfortunately for all three characters, the plane never makes it to Maui, and Nick isn t what he seemed I mean, beyond not being Genevieve s future husband The plane gets wrecked, and Genevieve and Jack are marooned on a tropical island with two energy bars and six condoms.At first, NERD IN SHINING ARMOR was an okay read It had some troubling gender stereotypes, but most books written during this time period did And there s something about the chatty, overly familiar narrative style of chicklit written during this time that really appeals to me Probably because the first romances I ever read were written in this style, and reading them makes me nostalgic.But I have limits, and this book crossed them about half a dozen times.Here are some examples We learn that Genevieve lost her virginity when she was thirteen years old, because she is a hillbilly, and this is all that hillbillies have to do for entertainment because they don t have video games or TV Genevieve traded hers away because the boy she was dating promised to take her out to the movies for a month Spoiler alert he lied.Genevieve s hillbilly act got old fast By the end of the book, she was making so many you know you re a redneck when type comments, that she could have been an opening act for Jeff Foxworthy We have sex scenes that read like this When he sucked her nipple into his mouth, he made an mmmmsort of noise, as if he d just taken a mouthful of pecan pie with whipped cream He certainly knew how to do this part right exactly enough pressure to send a signal down below, where the welcome party was being set up Soon that welcom party would be in full swing, ready to greet the honored guest. Welcome party, eh I guess that would make the condom the balloonsIt almost makes you nostalgic for Bertrice Small s love grotto For a nerd, Jack just isn t very nerdy His inner dialogue is airheaded and he comes off sounding like a cross between a thirteen year old boy and a sixteen year old girl When he s not thinking about sex, he s mentally cataloging everything the heroine is wearing and saying things like omigod We re told that he s a brilliant programmer, but never really see any of that in the book Instead, we re told that he has a home gym because he s too socially awkward to go to the regular gym because he needs a hot body to appeal to the heroine , and instead of playing video games, he plays flight simulators because anything else would be too nerdy , which is how he s able to land the planeHe s alsokind of a jerk He makes so many judgments about Genevieve, and the fact that he is so desperate to reclaim Nick s sloppy seconds really put me off his character You d think he would warn her or something, you know, since he s such a nice guy Then we have this dubious line He wondered if the bathing suit was a signal that they wouldn t have sex any If so, it wasn t a very good signal, because those little scraps of material would come off in no time He d always thought that was the idea of a bikini gift wrapped sex.That sounds kind of rapey to me How easily clothing comes off is not a substitute for vocalized consent And the purpose of a swimsuit is for swimming, obviously Otherwise it would be called a sexsuit, Mr Genius Nerd.The plot is padded out further with a subplot where Genevieve s mother teams up with Jack and Gen s boss to find the plane and save them, with the help of Gen s younger brother, Lincoln We also find out that Genevieve and her family have psychic powers for some reason, and the sole purpose of these powers is to provide an explanation for how Annabel and Lincoln just know exactly where to find Jack and Genevieve without actually looking very hard.NERD IN SHINING ARMOR was a disappointment I was hoping for a story where the heroine embraces the nerdy hero s nerdy quirks, and instead found a book where nerds are put down, and it s only when they re transformed to fit acceptable beauty standards that they re found worthy of being love interests The idiotic villain, numerous deus ex machinas, and unlikable characters were just nails in the coffin NERD S one saving grace is that it is compulsively readable like watching a plane crash , and saved me from being bored during my lunch hour or while waiting between various appointments But sadly, that wasn t enough to save its rating.1 to 1.5 stars. I went into reading Nerd In Shining Armor knowing that it was a romantic comedy Even if I didn t, it wouldn t have been difficult to figure that out with the cartoon cover Still, I guess I was expecting it to have at least a little bit of depth Instead, what I got was a frothy concoction that reminded me of a B movie Admittedly, I have a tendency to constantly analyze both the content of a book, as well as my emotions and reactions to it as I m reading, which in this case, was leading to a laundry list of problems as long as my arm Once I came to the realization that I was supposed to check my brain at the door and just go along for the ride, I enjoyed the rest of the story better In some ways, I think the humor might be well suited for readers with an appreciation for a much wider variety of comedy styles than I have It should also most definitely appeal to anyone who prefers, or occasionally likes to take a break with, a goofy story that doesn t make you think about anything heavy at all I suppose I don t really fall neatly into either category, and while I consider myself to have a fairly good sense of humor, this story contained a plethora of absurdities and extreme cliches, which didn t quite tickle my funny bone in the way I think it was intended.Even though I figured out the angle on the comedy and to not take things too seriously, I still couldn t quite get past the lack of what I consider to be real romance I freely admit that I m perhaps a bit old fashioned in my preference that the characters in my romance novels be in love or well on their way before they make love, but I can, on occasion, overlook that if the author really makes me believe in the relationship Unfortunately, what Jackson and Genevieve shared just felt so shallow, I couldn t really bring myself to even imagine basing love on it, much less a marriage Even though they had been co workers before being stranded on the island together, there was no indication of any close friendship between them, only that Jack had lusted after Gen from afar Gen had no particular attraction to Jack until he took his shirt off on the island Then she noticed he had a pretty hot body, and started lusting after him too Of course, one thing led to another and before you know it, they re having sex like rabbits Jack, being the loyal puppy dog that he is, started thinking immediately about continuing their relationship after being rescued, but Gen fought the idea right up until the end There just wasn t enough of an emotional connection for me to become fully invested in the outcome, and they didn t even mention love until the last few pages I also found myself doing a lot of eye rolling over how these two, as well as the two secondary characters, Matt and Annabelle, had a totally one track mind about sex, thinking about it even in the midst of dire and distressing circumstances, not to mention the ease with which they discussed the topic with one another as virtual strangers One would think with all the frank sex talk, the love scenes would be smokin hot, and while I ll allow that there was a variety of steamy forms of sexual stimulation and plenty of creativity in the foreplay loved when Jack pretended to be a pirate to fulfill Gen s fantasy , it always ended in a cut scene before the big event I don t mind less explicit love scenes, but in this case, I felt like candy was being dangled in front my nose and then cruelly snatched away I was also left wondering what happened to that last condom that was supposedly being saved for something really special which never materialized I will give Vicki Lewis Thompson kudos for writing a hero who is about as close to a genuine nerd as I ve read in a romance novel I enjoy my alpha heroes, but they re a dime a dozen, whereas geeks are pretty rare I love these kind of guys which isn t too surprising since I m married to one, but the few genius heroes I ve read in romance usually still tend to be super hot, rich or have something else going for them that gives them a natural sex appeal Jackson, on the other hand, was pretty much what most people would expect a nerd to be right down to his horrible fashion sense although it was mostly caused by color blindness and extreme focus which made him very forgetful He did have a buff body due to the use of his home gym whenever he was working on particularly perplexing problems in his head, as well as a fairly impressive male attribute Since he was single and always working, Jack had been able to save up quite a bit of money, but I still didn t get the impression that he was remotely wealthy He also had some sexual prowess, but it was treated as a product of him being a smart, sensitive individual and not full of himself like a good looking guy might be, which I really appreciated Overall, Jackson was a pretty cool hero, who reminded me in many ways of the geeks I know.I think Genevieve was supposed to be a little smarter than she seemed, but at times, she came off as a bit of an airhead She really reminded me of the beauties on the television show, Beauty the Geek, just as much as Jack reminded me of the geeks I think a large part of that impression of her was formed when she agreed to go on the overnight business trip with her boss and eventual bad guy Nick She knew full well that he had seduced nearly every secretary in the office the same way, yet naively thought that she would be the one to fix him and marry him The rest of it came about when she revealed the extremely young age at which she had lost her virginity, all for the promise of going to the movies I also don t think she and her family back home could have been packed with any cliches if you tried After she gave up her proper facade, all sorts of folksy colloquialisms came streaming from her along with numerous backwoods tales that embodied every hillbilly stereotype known to man I have an uncle who was raised backwoods hillbilly who is less cliched than Gen She was just so much of a caricature, I generally didn t have any strong feelings toward her one way or the other I did get fairly annoyed with her though when she, in my opinion, became patronizing toward Jack, first about his lack of outdoors skills, and then later about his presumed lack of sexual experience This was all after he had crash landed a plane in the ocean and gotten them both to shore safely, which made her seem a little ungrateful to me Luckily Jack briefly stood up for himself verbally and later showed just how good he was in bed After than she wasn t quite as condescending, and they worked together as of a team.Readers get something of a two for one deal in the romance department with Gen and Jack s boss, Matt and Gen s mom, Annnabelle, who have a little secondary relationship going, although I can t say that it had much depth than Jack and Gen s Matt seemed like a pretty nice guy who deserved far better than what he d had with his ex wife All things considered, Annabelle had done a good job of raising Genevieve and her little brother, Lincoln, as a single mom, and she had a lot of guts to leave her entire family behind in Tennessee to try to better herself in Hawaii Aside from embodying a touch of the paranormal in his psychic ability, Lincoln was a fairly normal teenage boy I liked him because he showed respect for his mom and sister, but at the same time was going through a typical rebellious stage that included multi colored hair The bad guy, Nick, was something of a contradiction, because he was supposedly smart enough to embezzle millions of dollars and skilled enough to be an expert pilot, yet in the end was nothing but a bumbling idiot I also never quite figured out why he took Gen and Jack with him and wanted to kill them, but this was one of the things I decided to quit thinking about and just go with it.Overall, I found Nerd in Shining Armor to be a bit o fluff that somehow kept me reading in spite of itself Maybe it s because I love the stranded on a deserted island theme or maybe I was waiting to see what crazy thing would happen next, but the book certainly had some entertainment value even though I didn t entirely get it As I mentioned earlier, readers who have a wide ranging sense of humor, those who love the wacky and absurd, or anyone looking for some really light reading might like this story Just be sure to disengage your brain before opening the cover Nerd in Shining Armor is the first book in Vicki Lewis Thompson s Nerd series, although from everything I ve heard, there don t seem to be any inter connecting characters or plot from one book to the next, only the nerd theme This was also my first read by Ms Thompson, but I have several on my TBR pile Even though it wasn t quite what I was expecting, I m sure I ll be giving her books another try soon I ll hopefully just be prepared the next time around. I wanted to like this book, I really, really did However, the title would have been appropriate if it read Underwear Model Posing as a Nerd in Shining Armor There is a rule in writing Write what you know If you don t know, research the heck out of it until you do know I m a nerd geek I was a nerd geek before is was chic and cool I devoured X Men as a kid, Storm was my hero I cut my RPG teeth on Dungeons and Dragons Red box Basic Set back when TSR owned the brand I had Star War action figures and the Mego Star Trek ones as well So I was hugely disappointed in the Nerd , Jackson He wasn t a nerd, he was a stereotype A poorly written one at that He plays video games But we can t have him be an actual video game nerd playing an MMORPG or FPS That would actually be too nerdy and we can t have that for our vapid heroine No, he just plays flight and racing simulations No need for our heroine to worry about the boyfriend running a raid with his guildies instead of lavishing his attention on her She IS the center of the universe and everything He dressed like he studied at Clown School I really wonder, where does one go to buy a Sweet potato orange plaid shirt and rotten eggplant pants Is there a store in the mall called Geeks R Us Surely, everyone know that nerds and geeks have no fashion sense But wait, his atrocities committed against fashion laws are explained away as color blindness, so it s not even about his nerdiness Hurrah, our narcissistic heroine can forgive him for his poor fashion choices.Next, he works out I m not against the idea that Jackson works out I m against the idea that Jackson working out is a rarity Seriously, where is it written that geeks and nerds don t work out You know there are people that are not a part of the nerd culture that are fat and lazy We geeks don t have the monopoly on that Jackson might actually be Clark Kent in disguise Witness him taking off his glasses and suddenly he s a blue eyed hunk It s Amazing The list goes on.I hated the heroine You are stranded on a rocky deserted island in the Pacific You have no water You haven t found a water source You have two power bars and how ever many guavas are on the tree you found You are possibly on the same island as the psycho, gun toting jerk who left you to die on a plane and you are happy you found your nail file, hairbrush and lotion REALLY Priorities get some.I m against the idea that Jackson has to be perfect for the heroine Instead of this being about Gen s journey about loving herself and not being ashamed of where she is from, who her family is and how she talks, etc It s about how Jackson isn t really a nerd Once you strip away the clothing, he s smoking hot so therefore it s okay for Gen to date him Why couldn t Jackson be average Why couldn t Gen accept him for him Why did Jackson have to evolve into underwear model guy You know, I wasn t expecting greatness with this book I wanted a light fluffy read after finishing the first Dragonlance Chronicles Trilogy Nerd But the cardboard characters and the awful stereotyping of Jackson in the beginning along with his magical transformation into a stud left me with Nerd Rage. 2.5 starsI know this is a fluffy read and it s suppose to be light and entertaining but I wasn t really entertained I usually have no problem with willing suspension of disbelief for a good read but I found this book to be too unbelievable There was nothing totally fantastical going on but i found the character s even with their edges and hidden characteristics silly and vexing I found it odd that the author went from having the main characters seem almost naive and innocent and then follow that act with a moment of crude sexual language both the H H came off as incredibly stupid even thought Jack was supposedly a genius I guess this book is ok if you have nothing better to read and don t expect to get anything out of it. For Genevieve Terrence It Seemed Like A Dream Come True A Weekend Alone On Maui With Her Sexy Boss, Nick Brogan But Little Did She Know That Nick Had Dreams Of His Own A Nefarious Scheme That Nearly Got Her Killed On The Flight Over The Pacific Lucky For Her, Brilliant Computer Programmer Jack Farley Was On Board And Quick Witted Enough To Crash Land The Plane Now Jack Is Her Sole Companion On A Remote Desert Island With Nothing But Guava Trees And Sharks For Company Who D Expect The Shy Genius And The Least Alpha Male She Knows To Turn Out To Be The Uninhibited Stud Of Her Wildest Dreams Saving Genevieve S Life Has Made Jack A Hero In The Eyes Of The Woman He Has Secretly Lusted After For Months Now They Re Alone Together In A Tropical Eden Where They Re Free To Give In To Their Every Sensual Whim But When Some Nasty Unfinished Business Puts Them At Risk Again, Gen Will Learn There S Nothing Quite As Dangerous As A Fully Aroused Ex Nerd Who Ll Move Heaven And Earth To Protect The Woman He Loves Not really sure how to rate this one A lot of the book felt repetitive, and I found myself skimming a little The first half was quite cute though I was interested in both the idea of a nerd winning the heart of a woman out of his league, as well as the stranded on a desert island theme It s too bad the idea was better than the execution.Unfortunately, once the hot girl dropped her image and started to show just how backwoods she really was, I was ready to cringe every time another tarnation or some other strange phrase would come out of her mouth, and trust me, this happened a lot Instead of getting to see her change in accent, it turned into an episode of Hee Haw, which felt a bit overdone.I didn t find the willingness to have sex within hours after being stranded too believable either Maybe if the couple had shown some sort of chemistry before, then sure But let s get real If your plane crashed and you were stuck with someone you didn t want to be stuck with, wouldn t your first thoughts turn to ways of being rescued The side story of Gen s mom and boss who were looking for her was of no interest to me The mom was hyper, paranoid, way too protective, etc If I was Matt, I would have wanted to push her off a boat, not want to get closer.There were some moments of humor, and I thought the book was okay enough to read in entirety, but I don t think I ll be moving on with the series. I have a thing for tall, thin, pale, geeky white boys with big brains So, I was super excited to find a book about a computer programmer beta hero After reading this book, I should amend that to mention the word capable somewhere in my description Gen has a major crush on one of her bosses, who just happens to be a bad guy Jack is the company computer programmer and has a major crush on Gen They both end up on a deserted island after their boss tries to kill them In large part, they re able to survive because of Gen s backwoods skills from her days as a hillbilly Jack is basically incapable of helping because he s so geeky that he doesn t know how to do anything that doesn t involve computers That stereotype is what gets annoying My computer geek is capable He d be powering my cellphone from the papayas, while working on making electricity from a watermill No cave hut for us No He d create a hut village in the canopy a la Swiss Family Robinson You really do have to suspend belief to enjoy the story, but that should be expected of romantic comedy I did appreciate the back and forth with the shared pair of glasses. I honestly can t believe that I read this book It was the title, I promise It was incredibly predictable like most fluff books and an okay read I wouldn t really recommend it to anyone though Check out my reviews and share the love my fellow bilbliophiles on my website www.touchmyspinebookreviews.comGenevieve is asked by sexy and womanizer boss Nick to go on a business trip Nick is well known for these business trips because he always takes a different secretary and hits it and quits it Genevieve believes that Nick is her true love and she can change his ways Jack, a geeky programmer is told by boss, Matt to go on the trip as well to help customers To say the least things go unexpected and Jack and Gen are stranded on an island together Everything gets turned around and Gen uses her from the Hollow hillibilly ways to work with computer genius Jack to get to know each other in so many ways Annabelle Gen s mom , Lincoln Gens wild little brother and Matt go on there own adventure to search for everyone This book is quite the adventure of The Beauty and the Geek This book is a great summer read I really enjoyed it and at some parts I almost peed my pants thanks motherhood at the way Gen talks and shows her true self At some points she aggravated me slightly but I always live the story where the Nerd wins the girl or guy I ve always gone for the type of man that Jack is Sweet and will walk on fire for you to show your worth I would reccomend to anyone looking for a romantic comedy and a nice beach read. The whole time reading this, all I kept thinking was Ain t Nobody Got Time For That Okay, so this is a romance, obviously that s the focus Still, I couldn t help thinking, great they made it to land Now they need to find food and shelter ASAP But instead they make out and make plans to have sex Needless to say, I was very happy when they finally got their act together Although, I couldn t wait till they got to the romantic bit I suppose I got caught up in in the whole dramatics of the plan crush Then getting to the romantic bit it all seemed so mechanical Hey I think we should have sex Really Yes, I m sure you could use the practice I was hoping for a romantic approach I suppose The dialogue was just so above and beyond frank that it was hard to imagine this as an actual scenario I typically don t enjoy books that switch between several character POVs because usually you spend the time dreading reading about one character and wishing there was of another But when reading this one I was able to get into the flow of it because everything helped the story develop at a good pace rather than slow it down.As for the ending, it was something totally different as to what I was expecting I was expecting a follow up dates between both Jake and Gen along with her mother and Matt I thought we might get insight to when they finally used that last condom But I suppose the way it did end was sweet thought short I ve read Vicki Lewis Thompson before and didn t completely fall in love with her story but still enjoyed myself just as I have with this one I enjoyed reading this but it didn t make me fall in love with Vicki Lewis Thompson is quite possibly the only novelist whose books I m not in love with but will still continue to read She has a way of writing that captures you but for some reason can t come full circle for me Her love scenes are amazing though That is probably what has me coming back to her for And because I personally have a soft spot for nerds I am totally reading of this series.

New York Times and USA Today bestseller Vicki Lewis Thompson believes love makes the world go around and laughter makes the trip worth taking The recipient of RWA s Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award and the author of than ninety books, Vicki pioneered a new kind of romance hero with Nerd in Shining Armor Following the success of her nerd stories, Vicki launched a boisterous paranormal

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