The Mansions of Murder

The Mansions of Murder A Murdered Priest, A Missing Body, Stolen Treasure Brother Athelstan Tackles His Most Challenging Investigation To DateOctober, Brother Athelstan Is Summoned To The Church Of St Benet S In Queenhithe To Investigate The Murder Of A Priest Parson Reynaud Has Been Found Stabbed To Death Inside His Own Locked Church Other Disturbing Discoveries Include An Empty Coffin And A Ransacked Money Chest Who Would Commit Murder Inside A Holy Church Who Would Spirit Away A Corpse The Night Before The Funeral And Who Would Be Brave Enough To Steal Treasure Belonging To The Most Feared Gangleader In London Meanwhile, The Death Of One Of Athelstan S Parishioners Reveals A Shocking Secret Could There Be A Connection To The Murdered Priest Of St Benet S Athelstan S Investigations Will Lure Him Into The Dark And Dangerous World Of The Gangmaster Known As The Flesher, Whose Influence Has A Frighteningly Long Reach

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[KINDLE] ✽ The Mansions of Murder ❁ Paul Doherty –
  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • The Mansions of Murder
  • Paul Doherty
  • English
  • 07 September 2019
  • 9781780291000

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    This thrilling and exciting mystery is the 18th volume of the delightful Brother Athelstan mystery series from the author Paul Doherty.The historical details concerning this story are wonderfully documented and explained within the Historical Note at the beginning of the book, and within the Author s Note at the end.Story telling is once of a top notch quality, all the characters, whether they are great historical or wonderful fictional ones, come splendidly to life within this mystery, and the feel and atmosphere of these medieval times, the 13th and 14th Centuries are the author s specialities, come superbly off the pages in a very realistic fashion.The book is divided into seven parts, and it sets off in October, AD 1381, and from that particular point on Brother Athelstan, together with his formidable friend, the Lord High Coroner, Sir John Cranston, will come once again into action in their quest to solve mysterious murders.The story starts when Brother Athelstan is summoned to the church of St Benet s in Queenhithe, to investigate the murders of the priest, Parson Reynaud as well as the messenger, Daventry, and with these murders he will also discover an empty coffin and a ransacked money chest, and from that point on the tale will develop into a suspenseful deadly mystery.Also worth mentioning is the death of one of Athelstan s parishioners, Margo Grenel, because that death will reveal a shocking secret that it has probable connections to the murdered priest of St Benet s.What will follow are intriguing and suspenseful investigations by Brother Athelstan and Sir John Cranston, that will take them into the dark and dangerous world of the gangmaster, Simon Makepeace, known as, the Flesher, and after quite some twists and turns this mystery will end with a fascinating plot to reveal the culprit of these skilful murders.Highly recommended, for this is a tremendous series of medieval mysteries, and one of my favourites by this author, and what this whodunnit is concerned, I like to call it Another Brilliant Brother Athelstan Mystery

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    1381 London and the gangs are causing strife in the aftermath of the Great Revolt You would think Brother Athelstan, Dominican friar, and his flock in Southwark could begin to enjoy some peaceful living Not yet.This is my tenth book of the Athelstan series, now up to 19soon 20 books I really enjoy entering the world so artfully described in great historical detail by Doherty His books describe how the common folk struggled to make a safe living in London Now that the political upheaval is in the past there are gangs to contend with The Coroner Cranston, whose favorite exclamation is Satan s tits calls Athelstan to the scene of a murder where a priest has been stabbed to death inside his locked church Treasure is also missing and this is another theme in this book Murder, Thievery, Secretsbut not even the very clever can get past Athelstan s scrutiny Sample Cranston guides Athelston through the black dens This is what the Flesher controls Look around, friar The surging London mob crouches hidden here with its raging bloodlust, which can swell and spill out whenever Master Makepeace wishes If he wanted, he could unlock this labyrinth and summon out all its monstersClose to the Devil s Oak stands a most forbidding, sinister, even macabre dwelling The night walkers call it the Mansion of Murder where people who fail to do what he orders are locked up and exposed to great war dogs and their remains thrown into the Thames Library Loan

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    Thank you to NetGalley, Severn House and Cr me de la Crime for a digital copy of this galley.The Great Revolt has been smashed and you would think things would be quiet in London in the year of Our Lord 1381 Perish the thought When one group of evil doers leaves the scene another quickly takes its place In this instance we have the gangs who have divided up the territory and make life a misery for the ordinary folk The Sycas, led by Simon Makepeace also known as The Flesher and if you let your imagination go you will realize what he does to his victims is one of the largest and worst of these gangs Makepeace rules his territory with a bloody fist and has no problem with bringing down death and destruction to any who stand in his way How is The Flesher going to react when Brother Athelstan and Sir John Cranston, Lord High Coroner of London begin to chip away at his empire This is another well written adventure, number 18 in the series which pairs the Benedictine Friar with the Coroner of London to solve cases where what is going on beneath the surface may be political or criminal or a combination of both This story involves Sir John personally because of something which happened eighteen years previously The secrets have remained hidden so well many might have thought the incident never happened Now the layers of lies and treachery are being peeled back and exposing the truth I especially enjoyed this one because it has a locked room mystery and those are favorites of mine There are also many seemingly smaller mysteries that I wondered if author Paul Doherty would be able to tie up Why did I even bother to wonder If you are a fan of historical mystery novels placed in this time period, you know you will be wading through all the filth, muck and gore that was the great city of London I don t enjoy those parts, but they certainly do set the tone for what that world was like Brother Athelstan and Sir John are two of my favorite mystery duos and this book in the series was a satisfying read.

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    Another excellent murder mystery for Brother Athelstan to solve with all the usual twists and turns The answer to who did what is hidden in plain sight, but the clues are there.It was good to see some of Athelstan s parishioners back in the tale.Paul Doherty never fails to write an entertaining tale.

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    4.5 stars Athelstan and Sir Jack never let me down Neither does Doherty I thought once the Peasant s Revolt was brutally repressed, the long series of medieval mysteries would wind down or lose my interest But no, long time fans are rewarded with another gripping mystery starring our favorite coroner, Sir Jack Cranston, and his assistant Brother Athelstan of St Erconwald s parish, Southwark This time, the action centers on three dead men found in St Benet s parish, a missing corpse and fortune, and a shocking discovery after the death of a widow woman in Athelstan s parish No spoilers, but the two mysteries also involve a notorious gang boss known as the Flesher, treason and the long missing Rose Casket containing the Twelve Apostles, precious stones worth a king s ransom stolen during a brutal attack on Sir Jack and his royal troops responsible for guarding the treasure as it was transported down the Thames on a barge almost twenty years previous As always, Doherty gives Athelstan and Jack an intricate puzzle to solve and an exciting climactic revelation of the guilty party I didn t see this one until the last part of the book, but the author plays fair and the clues are present.Great fun for fans, and recommended to those who enjoy well researched historical mysteries.

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    A bubbling broth of murder, theft, blasphemy and sacrilege Once again Doherty plunged me into the colorful firmament of medieval London of 1381 The starkness of an age where danger encroaches from every side is vividly portrayed Doherty s descriptions of the hanging fields and the dark depths of the London alleyways are worthy of an Hieronymus Bosch painting London Hades is a fitting title given the area where the action takes place.This time Athelstan and his friend Sir John Cranston, Lord High Coroner of London, otherwise known as Sir Jack, are enmeshed in the dark doings of the gangs of London.Simon Makepeace, the Flesher , leader of London s most vicious and notorious gang, the rifflers , an abhorrent person as his moniker surmises, and his minions are unstoppable, backed as they are by Lord Arundel When the bodies of a priest, Parson Reynaud, and two others are discovered mysteriously slain within the church of St Benet s, the Flesher s mother s body stolen from her coffin, and the Flesher s treasure taken from the church s iron bound strongbox, Athelstan is pressed into service Things appear to harken back to when the Twelve Apostles wonderful gem stones in their Rose Casket were stolen from the King s barge some eighteen years ago They were never seen again The French are taking a keen interest.Meanwhile another mystery linked to a recent death and a strange discovery in Athelstan s parish of St Erconwald s sits patiently in Athelstan s mind.Court politics as always are always lurking in the background.A mystery that once again puzzles and delights I did not see the ending coming until the full disclosure was given.A NetGalley ARC

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    It has been quite a while since I have picked up a Brother Athelstan mystery, and this one for me, I could take or leave it.Don t get me wrong, Doherty spins an impressive mystery here, but I felt he crammed too many side stories into the first few chapters, which had me wondering where this tale was heading, and what was relevant and what was not Yes, it is all tied up neatly towards the end as the multiple tales begin to merge and coalesce into one murder in all its gruesome forms, a daily occurrence A cast of characters even if at the end and map of the area would not have gone astray.

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    I would like to thank Netgalley and Severn House Creme de la Crime for an advance copy of The Mansions of Murder, the 18th medieval mystery to feature Brother Athelstan.London 1381 is a dangerous place Athelstan is studying two embalmed bodies found in the cellar of a dead parishioner when he is asked to assist Sir John Cranston, the King s Coroner, at a murder scene in a church where the priest and one of Lord Arundel s entourage have been murdered and a corpse and a large amount of gold have been stolen, all in a locked church It s all very puzzling but to make matters worse the gold belongs to The Flesher, a cruel and vicious criminal who holds undisputed sway in the area through terror and intimidation, and the corpse is that of his mother.I enjoyed The Mansions of Murder The plotting is intricate and absorbing and it held my attention throughout I admit to not having a clue as to the perpetrator or how he managed to get out of a locked church The solutions are both clever and ingenious.Aside from the clever plotting Mr Doherty excels at atmosphere I felt as if I could literally smell the slums and sense the danger as I walked through London with Athelstan and Sir John The squalor, poverty and desperation are all too evident as this is the London of everyday people The political machinations of the rich and powerful, the mainstay of much historical fiction, are background noise than a prominent feature I have no doubt that the viciousness of The Flesher and his rifflers is historically accurate but it sent a shiver down my back Strange when we are confronted with man s inhumanity to man on a daily basis.Brother Athelstan and Sir John make a good team Like all the best teams they are complete opposites Athelstan is quiet, reflective, humble and very sharp, the brains of the operation whereas Sir John is bluff, hearty, well connected and has a great zest for life and while no slouch he can be regarded as the brawn I like Sir John s open, honest hatred for the Flesher as it is very well done.The Mansions of Murder is a good read which I have no hesitation in recommending.

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    I would like to thank Severn House Digital and NetGalley for a copy of this book for an honest review This was my first Paul Doherty novel and I can confidently say that it will not be my last Before reading The Mansions of Murder I had not given much thought to the historical mystery genre, I am ashamed to admit But now, having finished Doherty s eighteenth instalment in his Sorrowful Mysteries of Brother Athelstan series I am excited to delve deeper into both Doherty s prolific bibliography as well as other titles within the genre.The Mansions of Murder is gripping from the first page, spinning an exciting and intricate web of deceit and murder that left me guessing until the final pages The stars of the book, Brother Athelstan, a Dominican friar at St Erconwald s in Southwark and coroner Sir John Cranston, find themselves solving a peculiar double homicide and the strange case of a missing corpse The story takes them throughout the London area of Queenhithe where they meet a colourful cast of characters who help to lead the pair towards solving the book s numerous dark mysteries.Doherty aggressively pulls the reader into the twisting and grotesque medieval streets of Queenhithe, highlighting the sacrilege and horrors of the damned community Not for the faint of heart, Doherty s London is one of the grimmest I have ever read Each location visited by Athelstan and Cranston was described in great detail, often spanning multiple paragraphs and even pages While this is a writing style I do enjoy, I could see it being a bit of a hindrance for someone who is looking for the plot to move forward quickly.But it is because of these details that Doherty s novel shone I studied medieval art history for my Master s degree and I appreciate that the author chose not to romanticise the medieval period and instead highlighted the less appealing and problematic aspects of a medieval society This book is anything but an aesthetically pleasing tour of a time period often interpreted through fairytales of heroic knights and mythical creatures Doherty s London is harsh and real, and exactly what makes The Mansions of Murder so gripping and memorable.The mystery itself was well plotted A number of times I was certain I knew the perpetrator only to second guess myself a few pages later Doherty gives substantial backstory, highlighting characters who are both important to the story as well as a few red herrings The author constructed an intelligent and plausible murder mystery that had me convinced that nearly any of the characters could be guilty of the various brutal crimes.My only critique is that the characters of Athelston and Cranston were enjoyable but a tad flat Throughout the book, I felt little emotional connection to them Because of the nature of the narrative, I was focused on the plot than the wellbeing of the protagonists But while reflecting on The Mansions of Murder, I found that without strong character development from the main characters the book felt a bit empty I assume that their character development evolves continuously throughout the series, or perhaps this element of storytelling is simply absent in order to focus on solving gruesome medieval crimes Either way, I still very much enjoyed this book but I did miss the chance of getting to know Athelston and Cranston a bit better reason to read other books in the series, I suppose Having said that, The Mansions of Murder can definitely be read as a standalone without having read other entries in the series as it does read like an episode in a long series of similar stories.Criticism aside, I must applaud Doherty s portrayal of the medieval period and his knowledge of both city planning and church decor I am incredibly impressed by the way he brought 1381 London to life in such an unapologetically brutal way and how his murder mystery kept me guessing until the bitter end I d recommend The Mansions of Murder to anyone in search of a story set in Medieval London as well as anyone seeking a murder mystery that steps away from the popular Victorian London trope I m very happy to give The Mansions of Murder four shining stars and I look forward to picking up of Doherty s books in the future.

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    A grisly tale in a historical setting.I love historical thrillers and The Mansions Of Murder is a grisly tale set in London in 1381 The author paints an extremely dismal picture of London, showing how it certainly must have been the survival of the fittest, as the streets were overrun by vicious gangs, thieves, whores and murderers Medieval London was a hideous hell hole overrun with rats and criminals.I gather that this is one of many tales featuring Brother Athelstan and Coroner Sir John Cranston The unlikely duo has solved previous mysteries together They definitely have plenty to unravel this time, including a locked church murder mystery, embalmed bodies, missing jewels and coins, plus a vanishing corpse The reader is also made aware of the most violent gang leader Simon Makepiece, commonly known as the Flesher He controls his band of rifflers I felt that Paul Doherty has researched this medieval period extremely well so that the reader becomes absorbed in the flavour of the plots and subplots It makes you glad to be living in our modern times I was kept guessing as to the perpetrator of the multiple crimes, which is always a good sign, as I like to be kept guessing until the bitter end.Galadriel.Breakaway Reviewers received a copy of the book to review.

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