Head Over Heels (Sanctuary #1)

Head Over Heels (Sanctuary #1) As far as traditions go, Madeline s and Cal s seem rather sedate I mean what could possibly go wrong while taking a run along the beach, or people watching while simultaneously writing your self improvement plan Now, surely you must think this all sounds harmless enough Unless you are a TV star who just had a rather embarrassing departure from a long running soap, or you have told what seemed like a harmless lie to your family about a particular actor and now they are out for revenge.Head Over Heels has a fun packed storyline, that felt like a breath of fresh air Its delightful characters felt real to life and I especially loved the clever, witty banter between the Evans women and the undeniable sizzle between Cal and Madeline This story had me laughing out loud, smiling from beginning to end, and was an absolute joy to read.ARC was grateful received from Author for an honest review. Review to come. Have got an extra hour and are looking for some fun exciting time Look no further This is just what you need if you re looking for a light read full of fun characters and snappy comments You are guaranteed to love every character in this story I just couldn t put it down until I finished it I absolutely loved the back and forth between Cal and Madeline Evie Snow is a brilliant writer and I can t wait to read of her stories I definitely recommend this to you all Head Over Heels is a sweet, quirky, fun novella and a great intro to the Sanctuary series.I have to say, I did pick this book from just because I came across the cover and loved the pin up girl style of it.And what was inside it was cute and lovely, and though it was only a novella, and novellas usually feel rushed and everything insta, I did not feel this was with this one.Beautiful characters, fun surroundings, well rounded out characters and development for a short read.I really enjoyed it, and went straight to one click the first full length story in the series. If you are after a quick, fun read this is the one for you Colourful characters a fun storyline that will keep you reading until the end Madeline Evans spends her birthday every year writing a self improvement plan and lusting after Cal Greyson, a boy she had a crush on at school who goes for a run on the beach on the same day each year However, this year Madeline s family have turned up to teach Cal a lesson after Madeline told them a lie which her family won t let her forget Between Madeline s embarrassing family and Cal s hilarious facial expressions Cal s expression was the sort that would be worn by a gatekeeper at Jurassic Park if the tyrannosaurus rex asked for a handshake the humour doesn t let up, and as the afternoon goes on things start hotting up for Madeline and Cal But will he forgive her for what happened at school all those years ago And now that he s a famous TV star will he be interested in her This is a laugh out loud whirlwind of a romance which spans the course of an afternoon and which I devoured in the same time. I was looking for a quick but satisfying holiday read and this didn t disappoint I loved Madeleine and Cal straight away Their banter in Madeleine s multicoloured house was laugh out loud And Madeleine s family s antics were hilarious, if cringe worthy, and I think we all can relate to our own mum sister gran who tries to help but ends up making you want to die of embarrassment But despite their help there is a happy ending for Madeleine and Cal I do love happy endings I ll be downloading the next book in the series asap Head Over Heels had me in a bubble of laughter from start to finish I absolutely loved the characters, who were zany e.g Grandma with her pink dyed hair who dropped in to collect her bongo drums but loving and believable This was such a happy romance Oh, Cal was pretty cranky with Madeline at first, but how could he stop himself from bursting out laughing once he got to know Madeline and her crazy family I m really looking forward to reading of this series. A brilliant entertaining read that will leave you with a smile and warmth in your heart Evie Snow expertly weaves a well rounded depth into her fabulous and warmly quirky characters, whilst wrapping them up in a humourless, thought provoking and feel good tale of reacquainted love A quick read grab it now you ll have a smile on your face all day after this A Dress Store Owner Who Thinks Big A Fallen Soap Opera Star Who S Out Of Luck Second Chance Love Is A Spectator Sport Pin Up Clothing Store Owner Madeline Evans Always Spends Her July Th On The Beach Writing Down Her Goals As She Perfects Her Life Improvement Plan, She Keeps An Eye Out For Her Fantasy Man Every Year, She Watches Her Almost Prom Date Turned Famous Actor Jog Along The Same Beach Where She Writes Her Resolutions But She Never Expected To Actually Have To Talk To Him Cal Greyson S Acting Career Just Took A Sharp Turn For The Worse After Losing His Bid To Star In A Blockbuster Flick, His Steady Job At A Soap Opera Is Cut Short In The Most Embarrassing Way Possible It S The Cherry On The Sundae When He Falls Down During His Annual Jog Through His Hometown Beach As The Onlookers Start Recording With Their Smartphones, He S Rescued By The Most Surprising Person Imaginable The Former High School Classmates Hide Out In Madeline S House Until The Coast Is Clear As They Revisit The Past, A Little White Lie Madeline Spread About Cal In Her Youth May Keep Them From Fantasizing About Their Future

Evie Snow is the pen name for a globe trotting writing team comprising of Georgina George Penney and Tony The Kraken Johnson George does the actual writing and reads far too many books In the past, she was well on the way to a contemporary history PhD when moving to Saudi Arabia re introduced her to a love of writing fiction.Tony manages plot wrangling and is in charge of caffeine

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