A City of Lies (A Shade of Vampire #55)

A City of Lies (A Shade of Vampire #55) Lies Will CrumbleTruth Will UnfoldReunite With The Shadians In A City Of Lies Pre Order Now

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 626 pages
  • A City of Lies (A Shade of Vampire #55)
  • Bella Forrest
  • 01 January 2019

10 thoughts on “A City of Lies (A Shade of Vampire #55)

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    This got off to a slow start for me It was a struggle to get thru it Finally at 70% is when shit got interesting I really wish Bella would stop giving every single character their own chapter it is so unnecessary It s mostly just a repeat of what happened in the previous 3 chapters or about their feelings towards their crush I really wish Bella would kill off Harper, she annoys my poor little soul.

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    FINALLY got some answers, but slowly.I was a HUGE shaddict until all of the time jumping and frantic couple matching started I actually thought the idea of a time jump was interesting until the plot got lost in all of the matchmaking This newest release is still struggling to maintain my attention and that is so disappointing The best part of this edition they don t feel like complete novels any, just drawn out chapters of a larger novel was the very last section involving Derek Names of characters that I love and don t have to mentally calculate who is related to what couple and are they vampire, human, part werewolf, part fae, part sentry, ect It has become even crazy with the forgotten generation I actually cringed when Derek mentions great great grandkids I seriously think I will be finished after this series, it s just not as much fun any It feels like a chore that has to be cranked out I miss the old Shade

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    Oh nostalgia If your reading a review about book 55 in a series, pretty sure your a fan So just pick this bad boy up and start reading This was another wild ride with a few turns I didn t see coming I absolutely love Zane Harper is also one of my favorites This book was full of action and I can t wait till the next one comes out happy birthday to me The final chapter also made me super nostalgic so I see a reread marathon coming Also pretty sure Bella is a vampire Has to be I have no idea how she keeps up with all of these worlds, constantly has new creatures, and puts out so many books, so quickly otherwise Recommended for all Shaddicts

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    So many questions answered So many new questions I ll be sad when Bella ends this series Never stop writing about the Shade.

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    When I started this series 50 books ago I didn t think I d still be into it I read each season at a time Maybe one of these days I ll go back and start from the beginning But for now I love catching up with past characters and meeting all the new.

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    Bella s books never cease to amaze me You would think with this being the 55th book in the same series that you would get tired of them, but that is not the case here I had so many emotions running through me with this book I couldn t catch a break I was joyful one minute, and angry the next I laughed and screamed at this book so many times There was never a dull moment I can t wait to read the next book I absolutely love the romances This book will leave you yearning for answers and outcomes Ive never been so excited about an author releasing books as I am when Bella comes out with one Now I m left biting my nails until next month when book 56 comes out If only there was a time machine that could take me to the future Amazing job Bella The book was outstanding

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    Bombshell of truthIt was obvious the Maras were lying about stuff but once everything was revealed I was shocked by the extent of their lies I never would have guessed all of which was revealed, once again Bella has outdone herself and surprised me The team in the daemon city gets some unexpected help to rescue Blaze and Caia Patrick s attempt at breaking the asteroid proves fruitless but does shed some light on what is preventing them from leaving and communicating with GASP This book is by far the most thrilling and most revealing you wont be able to put your book down.

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    Wow I swear this season of ASOV just keeps getting better and better So much build up with the budding romances and some real serious adventure Lots of twists and turns were revealed with some major knock out surprises that I did NOT see coming Finally I feel like our Shadians are getting somewhere with all of the mysteries of Neraka but as usual we are left with even questions I can not wait for the next book to come out This is definitely another great read by Bella Forrest and will not disappoint.

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    Always the Good guessOur new generation of GASP had takin a job for the first time To scope out a new world and see if the can find the reason to the missing people of the planet Lies and secerts at Avery turn make things dangerous that the GASP time thought The new alies made and new species of paranormal being come together to protect a world filled with evil soul sucks Love and friendships Kindle in the midst of all the fighting making people pull together even better.

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    Book number 55 How does she do it 55 books later and I am still reading through as fast as I can because her books are so entertaining She really appeals to the reader s emotions with her books and allows them to experience an emotional rollercoaster It is hard not to root for the good guys After every twist and turn they keep forging along for the greater good Even better, once the reader thinks they have figured it out, she pulls a fast one and keeps them guessing Now I am on pins and needles waiting for book 56

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