Crown of Coral and Pearl

Crown of Coral and Pearl For Generations, The Princes Of Ilara Have Married The Most Beautiful Maidens From The Ocean Village Of Varenia But Though Every Girl Longs To Be Chosen As The Next Princess, The Cost Of Becoming Royalty Is Higher Than Any Of Them Could Ever Imagine Nor Once Dreamed Of Seeing The Wondrous Wealth And Beauty Of Ilara, The Kingdom That S Ruled Her Village For As Long As Anyone Can Remember But When A Childhood Accident Left Her With A Permanent Scar, It Became Clear That Her Identical Twin Sister, Zadie, Would Likely Be Chosen To Marry The Crown Prince While Nor Remained Behind, Unable To Ever Set Foot On LandThen Zadie Is Gravely Injured, And Nor Is Sent To Ilara In Her Place To Nor S Dismay, Her Future Husband, Prince Ceren, Is As Forbidding And Cold As His Home A Castle Carved Into A Mountain And Devoid Of Sunlight And As She Grows Closer To Ceren S Brother, The Charming Prince Talin, Nor Uncovers Startling Truths About A Failing Royal Bloodline, A Murdered Queen And A Plot To Destroy The Home She Was Once So Eager To LeaveIn Order To Save Her People, Nor Must Learn To Negotiate The Treacherous Protocols Of A Court Where Lies Reign And Obsession Rules But Discovering Her Own Formidable Strength May Be The One Move That Costs Her Everything The Crown, Varenia And Zadie

Mara Rutherford began her writing career as a journalist but quickly discovered she far preferred fantasy to reality Originally from California, Mara has since lived all over the world, from Russia to Peru, along with her Marine turned diplomat husband and two sons A triplet born on Leap Day, Mara holds a Master s degree in Cultural Studies from the University of London and would rather study th

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    So right away, I really liked the first half of this book The sister bond was well done and I really connected with Nor.For me, I kept waiting for the romance to build between Nor and Talin, or take away the romance I loved their connection at the beginning of the book but then their whole relationship was underdeveloped, which would have been fine, but I kept getting insta love vibes from Nor Ceren was actually well developed and he was quite the baddy, but I liked him The writing was beautiful and the world the author created was really cool Side note I with there would have been Sami He was probably my favorite character and there should definitely be a whole book on him

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    4 5 Stars I m the perfect seashell you pick up from the ocean floor, only to turn it over in your hand and see the crack Thank you, NetGalley and Harlequin Australia, for sending me an advance reader copy in exchange for an honest review

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    did i add this to my tbr just because the cover s pretty no, why would you suggest that

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    I was frightened of the person I was becoming a woman who lied to everyone, who disrespected her parents, who helped her sister injure herself A woman who would spy on a king.A woman who would steal a crown Right up until the end, I thought this was going to be a 4 star read Nor was wonderfully smart, the politics were actually interesting, and I loved the premise of the story But there were three main problems 1 The romance was absolutely shite.2 I sympathised with the villain way than I did with the heroes 3 The ending was extremely deus ex machina and not worthy of the book at all.Like I said, the premise really good Seventeen year old Nor whose name means coral lives in the ocean village of Varenia with her twin sister Zadie pearl It s literally an ocean village the houses are on stilts over the water, and due to an ancient rule made by the nearby land kingdom of Ilara, no Varenian is allowed to go to shore.With one exception whoever is chosen by the village elders to be the next queen of Ilara Once every generation, the most beautiful girl in the village will travel to Ilara to wed the king Nor has always wished it could be her, because she feels stifled in her tiny beauty obsessed village with a mother who wants nothing than to have gorgeous daughters But she can never be chosen A childhood accident left her with a tiny blemish on her cheek, and it s Zadie whom everyone knows will be picked And when Zadie is picked, everything is as it should be Only, Zadie doesn t want to go She s in love with their childhood friend Sami, and she s willing to go to desperate lengths to make sure she isn t sent away from him forever Nor is packed off to Ilara instead, armed with a pot of cream designed to hide her scar the only thing identifying her from Zadie There she meets her betrothed Prince Ceren, a mercurial and oddly cruel young man She also meets his half brother Prince Talin, much handsome and kind, whom she feels drawn to immediately Nor quickly realises that things are rotten in the state of Ilara The Ilaran nobles are weak and aged, compared to the healthy youthfulness of Varenians Ceren believes it s because of the blood pearls rare pink pearls harvested only in Varenia, they re its main export But the pearls are running thin and Nor s people are starving She will have to balance the needs of her people with appeasing her spoiled, maniacal husband to be Right, let me start with the negatives Problem 1 The Romance This was, quite frankly, nothing than insta love Talin is an extraordinarily handsome man Nor is an extraordinarily beautiful girl Naturally, they fall in love with each other I had no idea WHY she was attracted to him beyond stupidly superficial stuff like his sea blue eyes , or whatever This is a book which is supposed to be about celebrating all kinds of beauty, not just the physical It s trying to show us how wrong Varenia is to be obsessed with beauty And yet All we see of Talin is his good looks It was very ironic but also totally destroyed any page where he appeared.It also destroyed my respect for Nor She s clearly a clever girl, avoiding many of the TSTL traps which can ensnare a fantasy heroine who s not careful Yet she actively annoyed her actual fianc by flirting with his brother right in front of him What the hell Why would you deliberately annoy Ceren, whom you know has got a bad temper, like that And why are you attracted to him AT ALL Problem 2 The Villain Ah, Ceren Where do I begin with him The author definitely tried to humanise him, but it s reached such a peak that I feel for him than I do for Nor, or the 2D cardboard cut out that is Talin His mother died when he was young, and his father immediately remarried to a gorgeous new bride who gave birth to a gorgeous young son Who WOULDN T feel threatened in that sort of situation Especially because it s made obvious that Talin s mother disliked her husband s heir, was jealous her own son wouldn t get the throne, and did her best to exclude Ceren from family activities.When they matured, Ceren was uglier and less social than Talin, who easily won hearts wherever he went And THEN Ceren s own fianc e Nor appeared and made it obvious from the beginning that she preferred his brother to him like everyone else on the planet You really have to feel for Ceren here.Nor and Talin don t come off well here at all Nor just latched onto handsome Talin and never let go Talin is far too quick to hate an elder brother who has never actually hurt him Yes, Ceren is definitely no saint, but he was an extremely interesting character and I don t think he was done justice by the author or any of the characters Problem 3 The Ending I obviously can t say too much here, because spoilers But it was rushed, implausible, and badly thought out It also relied heavily on Nor s character making a U turn from what it was previously written as What I liked Wonderful exploration of the difficult, but always close, relationship between twins Quite good world building Good pacing I wasn t bored for lack of action When Talin wasn t around, I did respect Nor and her lack of stupid actions Overall This seems to be a standalone, which is a good thing since I m not sure I would have read a sequel It was an okay read but once I saw the direction it was heading in at the 70% mark I struggled a bit to finish ARC received in exchange for an honest review thank you Blog Bookstagram

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    911 911, what s your emergency Me Yes I would like to report a robbery.911 And what has been stolen Me My soul My soul has been taken by a book cover.911

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    I love this book I was fortunate enough to read an early copy, and was immediately entranced by the rich, atmospheric world Nor and Zadie have one of the most touchingly authentic sister relationships I ve ever encountered, and Nor s journey has all the tension, twists, and romance I crave in YA fantasy Couldn t put this one down

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    longer review tk BUT GUYS THIS BOOK IS AMAZING as is Mara and will delight anyone who loves a good twin relationship, ocean aesthetics, and complex villains 333

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    This is so fun, and unique and I completely love this I don t read very much YA Fantasy any and this one is just so easy to read and fly through I m just going to go over some plot and some key points that really made this stand out for me.Overview In this world, one beautiful girl is chosen from the village of Varenia to become the wife of the Prince of Ilara Now, of course, there isn t a set time of year this happens, it s just every time there s a new prince Nor and her sister Zadie are the daughters of the runner up for the prettiest girl for the current King Their mother is bitter and wants one of her daughters to be picked for the current prince, Ceren Everyone knows Zadie is going to be picked, there s no doubt about it, only because Nor was in an accident when she was younger and her face is scarred.But of course, things don t go as planned, Zadie ends up severely injured and Nor has to take her place as upcoming Queen She ends up meeting Prince Talin, Cerens brother, and this truly changes a lot for her Nor has feelings for her soon to be husbands brother, and this complicates a lot of things So really there s a lot of relationship issues, political issues, and a sort of mystery on a dead queen.What I Enjoyed I pretty much devoured this whole book in two days It s so easy to read, the story flows so well, and by the time it ended I was ready to have book two in my hands The characters themselves are fleshed out so well, even though this is a first person told story I think it s hard a lot of the time to get a general sense of surrounding characters because you re in the Main Characters head 24 7, but that isn t the case in this book Nor wants from life She wants to see her people prosper and thrive and that is exactly what her mind is on 24 7 Nor is never too worried about finding love or finding happiness, even though when it does present itself, she doesn t hesitate to snatch it right up while STILL keeping her goal in mind.I personally ended up loving Prince Ceren much than I expected He s got a lot of issues of course, very controlling but I think at the very core he just wants love and to be a better person than who he was raised to be He is a crazy scientist boy who I wish would have put his energies else but nonetheless, I really like his character Prince Talin is Cerens brother and just so happens to play a very large role in this story Nor really likes him a lot, he s half Varenian, and he is also really interested in Nor But he knows a lot of the castle secrets and Nor tries to get closer to him to figure out this mystery man, but there is also an undeniable spark between them.Now I m not the biggest Love Triangle fan, because it s always so easy to figure out who the MC will be with, but this one doesn t handle this situation like a Love Triangle It s very apparent from the start that Ceren is the villain of this story and I liked that a lot It seems like there isn t a lot of plot here but I m not trying to spoil anything, because this story goes by so fast.One thing that I love SO MUCH about this book is that Varenia is a water kingdom, and I m such an ocean nerd that I loved their people so much There s a lot of talk about the sea and ocean creatures and parallels between life and the water My Marine Biologist Heart was thriving.The ending of this TRULY shocked me so much, and I cannot WAIT for the sequel If you re looking for a super fun fast fantasy novel, I definitely recommend checking this out when it releases on August 27th.I hope y all have a great day night, and Happy Reading Sol

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    Maybe it s just me, but I find Zadie incredibly annoying Nor gives her the credit for everything and lies through her teeth to protect her sister and Zadie lets her do it Their mother is vile, vain, and abusive.So far, I have only gotten to 20% I will keep going to see what happens when the inevitable switch takes place and she gets off the island Is it an island or like Water World So far, the women of the water city are incredibly superficial Beauty is literally the only thing that matters It s almost dystopian in its tyrannical rules leaving the city is punishable by death Hopefully, there is a purpose for this.Nor is a bit TSTL and prone to the I have to save everybody syndrome So far, there is not really anything unique about this Sometimes I couldn t be bothered by that is the slightest, but it s not working for me so far.Taking a break and then seeing what happens after Nor gets to the palace.

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    Book Crown of Coral and PearlAuthor Mara RutherfordSeries None Cliffhanger No Publication Date August 27, 2019Genre FantasyRating 4.5 out of 5 Stars Complimentary copy generously provided by the author through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.My Thoughts Story Hmmm I think the number 1 thing that irked me the most about this book was how much I despised Zadie and the crap that she put Nor through Which, don t get me wrong, isn t a bad thing it shows how talented an author is to get the reader experience feelings whether negative or positive It made me think back to when I was young and watching Little House on the Prairie and how much I hated that character Nell and my mother would tell me that just shows the writers knew what they were doing that you hate the character as much as you do Sorry, I went off on a tangent there but back to the story I thought this was so imaginative and I absolutely LOVED this world on the sea I ached for Nor all the tough breaks that she had and how no one saw her inner beauty, which to me radiated the most out of all the characters It broke my heart the relationship she had with her mother and how terrible her mother treated her.The other downside I felt to this book is the romance between Talin and Nor I just didn t feel it until further in the book I m not a big fan of insta love and felt that there were times that Talin didn t really deserve the affection of Nor.Now to the good stuff I ate this book up another fantasy I couldn t put down from beginning to end I connected with Nor I really felt her in my heart and in my soul I loved the undercurrent theme of the beauty underneath and how vain some people can be What is most important in life Outer or Inner Beauty I LOVED the world building and after reading, I wanted to go live on the ocean like Varenia I would like to see of this book and have it developed into a series because I just need of Nor Reason for Reading NetGalley ReviewStory 5 out of 5 StarsSteam 4 out of 5 StarsAngst 5 out of 5 StarsWriting 4.5 out of 5 StarsContent Flow 4.5 out of 5 StarsWould Read More from Author DefinitelyRecommend To Readers who love a strong female protagonist

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