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Skunk Girl If Nina Khan Were To Rate Herself On The Unofficial Pakistani Prestige Point System The One She S Sure All The Aunties And Uncles Use To Determine The Most Attractive Marriage Prospects For Their Children Her Scoring Might Go Something Like ThisPoints For Getting Excellent GradesPoints For Failing To Live Up To Expectations Set By Genius Older SisterPoints For Dutifully Obeying Parents And Never, Ever Going To Parties, No Matter How Antisocial That Makes Her Seem To Everyone At Deer Hook HighPoint For Harboring Secret Jealousy Of Her Best Friends, Who Are Allowed To Date Like Normal TeenagersPoints For Never Drinking An Alcoholic BeveragePoints For Obsessing About Asher Richelli, Who Talks To Nina Like She S Not A Freak At All, Even Though He Knows That She Has A Disturbing Line Of Hair Running Down Her BackIn This Wryly Funny Debut Novel, The Smart, Sassy, And Utterly Lovable Nina Khan Tackles Friends, Family, And Love, And Learns That It S Possible To Embrace Two Very Different Cultures Even If Things Can Get A Little Bit, Well, Hairy

about three best friends on a road trip through the American South, is out June 2018 from Harper Collins It s the first YA road trip book featuring South Asian Americans My second young adult novel, That Thing We Call a Heart

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  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • Skunk Girl
  • Sheba Karim
  • English
  • 10 May 2019
  • 9780374370114

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    Skunk Girl is creative and funny and shows the life of an everyday family in Pakistan The main character was easy to relate to and really witty throughout.

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    This was the kind of book that I sit back and think what on earth was the point of this However, while I was reading it, I enjoyed it It was interesting to read about a different culture, but the main character, Nina, was not a very interesting person I think the thing that bothered me the most was that there was no resolution to her initial problem She just kind of gets over the boy she likes and moves on because she doesn t want to tell her parents I understand that the resolution is that she accepts herself as a Pakistani Muslim girl, but I feel like I wanted a tangible ending I have no suggestions as to what kind of ending I want, because every one I have come up with is incredibly unrealistic and would take about another one hundred pages to explain I liked the way the book did not have numbered chapters, I liked the subheading that was given every so often Most of them were really funny and catchy and made me want to continue reading Overall, I could see how some people would find this book to be good, and I am certainly not telling you to avoid reading it, but it was not satisfying enough for me.

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    Skunk Girl is the emotional journey of a teenager called Nina.Nina KhanNina lives in small town Deer Hook, population 11,250 In her school, with it s expected coterie of snobbish cheerleaders, handsome jocks and loving but sometimes clueless friends, brown skinned Nina feels like the odd one out.The fact that she is a Pakistani Muslim and comes from a conservative household means that she s often envious of the freedom that her friends take for granted While being a fairly intelligent student herself, she has to constantly face comparisons with her super nerd, Harvard attending sister Sonia Nina suffers the secret pangs of being a fairly hairy teenager and the added shock of discovering a thick strip of soft hair running down the center of her back ergo, the title She isn t allowed out on weekends and is constantly under her parents radar, lest she becomes Americanized or as her aunt would scathingly put it, umreecanized .So what happens when you throw in an handsome Italian boy called Asher Richelli who despite being wooed by the most popular girl and Nina s nemesis , appears to be interested in the go nowhere Nina I liked the book I really did Far than I had anticipated Coming from a fairly conservative South Indian family myself, I associated with Nina s teenage frustrations And maybe I enjoyed it for the trips down memory lane that it took me I read out snarky sections to my mum and she gave me the cheeky smile cum weary resignation, as we remembered similar incidents Many might complain that Nina whined A Lot Let me just tell you that it s NOT an exaggeration I whined and whinged An embarrassing LOT Maybe now, as an adult, I understand where my parents were coming from Evolved thought processes have taken their time to settle in But yep, teendom was an angry canvas of red faced me, bawling out at the unfairness of it all.Nina Khan s story is believable and entertaining It has a nice vein of self deprecating humour running through it The ending could either be termed as realistic or a bit surprising, consider your outlook Either which way, it s a story by an author who has immersed herself into her plot and used it to maximum effect.

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    Nina Khan wants to experience life Her parents want to protect her from the evils of the world Nina lives in Deer Hook, New York, a small town outside of Albany Her dad is a doctor and her mom runs his office Nina is a junior in high school She is also living in the shadow of her older sister, Sonia, who excelled in high school and now is attending Harvard Oh, did I mention that Nina is Pakistani and Muslim Skunk Girl, written by Sheba Karim, tells the story of Nina s struggles to fit in socially and still respect her parents wishes and her Muslim beliefs.I really don t know very much about Muslim beliefs and this book helped me to understand them better They don t believe in drinking alcohol and dating is not something young people do Marriages are usually arranged by the parents and young girls and young boys don t spend time together Nina s mother told her Nina, remember that you should never be alone with a boy, ever Because when a boy and a girl are alone together, there is always a third person with them That person is Shaitaan or the devil Nina s parents don t let her attend parties and she spends her Friday evenings at home while all her friends are out at parties and having fun Nina watched the evening news as the police were taking away a serial killer in handcuffs The reporter stated that the killer was a quiet guy who was a loner and never attended social events Nina thinks the only people who stay home on Friday nights are serial killers and Muslim girls.So why Skunk Girl Nina finds herself one day hairy She has hairy arms, hairy legs, and hair on her upper lip It isn t the peach fuzz type but rather dark black hair Her mother tells her to bleach it When Asher, an Italian transfer student, moves to town she falls head over heals for him But what can she do Her parents would never let her date a boy One day while she is sitting on the school bus next to Asher she leans over to look out the window and he notices that she has a steak of hair running down her back She is mortified How can she ever face him again Will Nina follow her parents wishes and not see Asher or will she go behind their backs and have clandestine encounters with him Skunk Girl was a fast read that tells of accepting one s own beliefs and one s own physical nature and being happy in the process.

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    I m actually going to start this review by telling you a little bit about me Just trust me and go with it I read lots of blogs, but I very seldom read through the actual reviews I hate being spoiled and even though most bloggers give adequate spoiler warnings, I d rather be completely surprised when I pick up a book So, you will often hear see me say that I had no idea what a book was about before picking it up I also never go to the library with a list I go, pick up any new books I have on hold, and browse the shelves looking for something to catch my eye This is how I found Skunk Girl I didn t remember who had read it, what it was about, or if it was even good for that matter I recognized it, laughed at the inside cover, and placed it in my bag I was in no real hurry to read it since I had so many other goodies in my pile, but when I finally did, boy was I surprised.Nina Khan just wants to be a normal teenager, except she s kind of a freak She s hairy, Muslim, and under lockdown by her very strict, Pakistani parents Luckily for her though, her American friends love her anyway Nina is used to the social restrictions her family believes in however, when cutie Asher Richelli starts paying her attention, she is determined to break away In the end Nina learns that her family really isn t that bad and that some of the things she wished for are overrated.I loved Nina s story She was such a diverse character I know, I know it s mostly because she is a person of color with a completely different culture than my own, but I had to say it Nina s narrative takes us straight into her head and lets us see, and feel, and think the things that she is seeing, and feeling, and thinking Feeling so close to a character is always a good thing in my book, and her witty humor only added to my love for this debut novel I hear Karim is working on a new book, and I cannot wait to read it.I think it is so important for stories like Nina s to be told Please check out Reading in Color and S Krishna s Books if you aren t already familiar Both of these blogs feature books by and or about people of color, and both hold challenges with tons of suggestions for books like Skunk Girl.Read reviews like this one at

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    Look authors, if you re about my age and your book for no apparent reason takes place in the 90s, I m just going to assume you re too lazy to do research on kids today.First YA novel is not an excuse for thinly veiled memoir.This book specific complaint Holy all of a sudden, 3 4 of the way through the book self esteem epiphany

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    I first heard about Skunk Girl after a friend of mine posted the cover on Facebook I thought it was funny and wondered if Skunk Girl was about a girl who smells It isn t Instead, this is a book about a hairy Pakistani Muslim.Awesome There are not that many books about Muslims out there, so once I saw this at the library, I wasted no time in picking it up Was it everything that I wanted and Sadly, no But I think this is due to my expectations for this novel I originally thought it would be about a hairy Muslim teenager coping with Islam in a non Islamic society Let me explain from the synopsis, we can see that she has a huge crush on Asher She wants him, but in Islam we don t date We get married So the challenges of being like everyone else while still trying to keep your religion in tact is something a lot of us face, and so, I was hoping to see that here.Instead, this is mostly a story about a teen girl who has strict parents who constantly compare her to her older sister She has a crush on a new guy who might just like her too And she has hair growing everywhere.Except that it s not There s no real plot in this novel, just a series of events that are joined together There are many conflicts that are presented, which are interesting, but they re never really resolved And by the end the novel, you re left wondering, Is that it Even though Nina is one I can easily relate to, I just couldn t like her or care about her Wait, wait I m not saying this because she wanted to do things that were considered unIslamic That s normal for a girl her age And it s not that she did unIslamic things either What I had a problem with was Nina s interaction with the mean girl Serena Nina hates her and doesn t hide it at all Why Because of an incident when they were kids This made me sympathize with Serena and made me want to slap Nina a few times They do come to a sort of understanding, but the interactions between the two were clearly in Serena s favour Was this supposed to happen though I don t think so I think we re meant to root for Nina, but when it came to these two I just couldn t There are some good points though Nina s parents, while strict, are not bad people, nor are they depicted that way And Nina s best friends are developed nicely as well And I did like that Nina discovered a sort of balance at the end and that she learned from her mistakes, I just wish the journey to this was done better And that Islam and her culture had a bigger role, instead of just being a means to restrict Nina s freedom.

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    When you read this review, keep in mind that Skunk Girl was written by one of my best friends in the whole world I ve read a lot of Sheba s writing over the years and I love her style which is so breezy and grounded.I started laughing from page 1 of SG, and not just because of the Jolene and SAT antonyms and the fact that we re hearing a story about South Asian immigrant lives Naturally, overbearing traditionalist parents and obsessive academic regimes are resonant themes with me, and it s great to finally get a window open in that house, but so, the writing in SG is light and witty and humourous and the teenage protagonist, Nina Khan, is actually loveable, as the book jacket promises prompts.The dialogue and pacing is great, and I found myself wanting to know what Nina was going to do or think next, even if it was just a tiny tumult versus a grand upheaval Her two best friends are nicely depicted though it took me some time to separate them in my head I especially enjoyed her father s character Some of the interactions and conversations seemed overly mature, but maybe I m not giving teenagers their due That said, SG was an absolute pleasure to read, and I SO wish it had been around 20 years ago when I was 15, and I wouldn t have been felt so much the only lonely hairy girl out there.

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    Nina s parents are Pakistani Muslims, while she wants to be an Americanized teenager She s got two girlfriends, both white, and a crush on the new boy Asher Problem is, of course, getting her parents to allow her to do anything that might involve boys, dating, dancing, etc., which of course they won t because they want her to be a good girl Asher appears to like her, thoughThe ending is, I think, supposed to let us know that Nina has somehow made peace with her American and Pakistani sides it just comes across as a tacked on coda Skunk Girl is set in the 1990s, and I m guessing that is because the author grew up in a similar situation during that time Because there s no real reason for it to be set then by which I mean there s no great event or person that would require it to be set in the 90s , the lack of cell phones, texting, computers and all the other teen stuff stands out.

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    Skunk Girl was actually an eye opening book for me It made me realize that my problems are actually really minuscule compared to some I really enjoyed reading it I picked it up just because I had finished my book a few hours before my English class But, I am really glad that I read it It follows the life of Nina Khan, a Pakistani Muslim girl living in the United States It shows what it s like to live a traditional Muslim life while being a teenager in America I think it depicts what most teens and people in general don t think about Muslims That aside from what the Americans think about them, they have their own set of problems I would recommend this book to really anyone, honestly All people need to know about what is shown in this book.

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