The Burglar Who Liked to Quote Kipling

The Burglar Who Liked to Quote KiplingThis was one of the better books in this series I really enjoyed learning about Carolyn, as I ve not been reading this series in order and had skipped this one completely The man who narrated this series on audiobook, Richard Ferrone, is a pretty talented guy, and the perfect voice for Bernie If you re looking for a mystery series with humor and likeable characters, with little violence, this is a good one. Number 3 in the Bernie Rhodenbarr series.What a breath of fresh air this was Bernie Rhodenbarr is a master burglar with a good heart He s a bit of a modern day Robin Hood, takes from the rich and maybe gives some back to the not so rich.The offbeat humour is infectious, and there s lot s of it This book is nearly 40 years old and it s interesting to note that Bernie s sidekick, Carolyn Kaiser, is a devout lesbian I d say that put s Block well ahead of public opinion at the time.Bernie is a full time second hand bookstore owner but as part time burglar is contracted to purloin a very rare Kipling book from a personal library Bernie compleats the contract but before he can hand over the book and get his money he is held up at gunpoint in his shop and asked to hand over the book Not long after that Bernie is drugged and set up for a murder that he didn t commit Bernie is now in one hell of a fix With the help of Carolyn, Bernie sets about trying to figure out who is doing what and why.This is a good old fashioned whodunit mystery, light on the violence and not a naked body in sight.There are lots of red herrings to keep you guessing and the humour lasts right to the last page.If you are looking for a good read without the gore, blood and sex this will be right up your ally.An entertaining read with a 4 star recommendation. Bernie Rhodenbarr Has Gone Legit Almost As The New Owner Of A Used Bookstore In New York S Greenwich Village Of Course, Dusty Old Tomes Don T Always Turn A Profit, So To Make Ends Meet, Bernie S Forced, On Occasion, To Indulge In His Previous Occupation Burglary Besides Which, He Likes ItNow A Collector Is Offering Bernie An Opportunity To Combine His Twin Passions By Stealing A Very Rare And Very Bad Book Length Poem From A Rich Man S LibraryThe Heist Goes Off Without A Hitch The Delivery Of The Ill Gotten Volume, However, Is A Different Story Drugged By The Client S Female Go Between, Bernie Wakes Up In Her Apartment To Find The Book Gone, The Lady Dead, A Smoking Gun In His Hand, And The Cops At The Door And Suddenly He S Got To Extricate Himself From A Rather Sticky Real Life Murder Mystery And Find A Killer Before He S Booked For Murder One This is an enjoyable fun read A mystery about the book world is usually always fun and is quite enjoyable if done correctly Larry Block, I call him Larry as that is the way he signed this book, can do the job better than some The writing is fast and humorous about a New York bookseller who also happens to be a burglar, his best friend, a self proclaimed lesbian who runs a dog grooming shop a few doors from his book shop is cleaver and well written Beside the plot, of a stolen book, that may or may not be rare, Mr Block drops references to other books his protagonist has in his shop and authors he enjoys, the customers who come into his shop to either buy or steal his offerings.The book was written in 1979 so some of the prices of books are quite a bit dated, but Mr Block s humor still stands up, especially humorous is the ongoing gag about a Pontiac the burglar steals to drive around the city.This is the third book in the series and can be read out of sequence without any major difficulty This copy is signed by Lawrence Block. Comprising a gentle dose of humor deftly mixed in the world of professional thievery, Lawrence Block s Bernie Rhodenbarr series is a lighter shade of crime fiction which also caters to those readers who like tension and a constant threat of violence on the horizon Bernie owns a bookstore and has seemingly given up the life of crime However, when presented with a nice payday to retrieve a valuable book from a semi serious collector, he can t refuse From that point forward, THE BURGLAR WHO LIKED TO QUOTE KIPLING is very much a classic whodunit as suspects fall and others emerge It s a buyers market for death, little alone the item in question I ve been reading some heavy crime fiction and some rather bleak non fiction and found this book to be a light read, just at the time when I was needing one Additionally, THE BURGLAR WHO LIKED TO QUOTE KIPLING is the third book in the Bernie Rhodenbarr series and is new reader friendly, another tick in my book Review first appeared on my blog Very enjoyable and entertaining Easy to see why Lawrence Block is such a popular author fun reading delightful Bernie the Burglar has retired He s now selling antiquarian books Don t we all dream of that kind of retirement Only Bernie isn t pushing the business as much as he might, Bernie is still keeping his fingers gloved and on the look out for something fun to burgle Enter a Rudyard Kipling enthusiast with a decidedly juicy proposition and Bernie s burglar tools are packed and ready to go, breathing holes cut in the palms of his rubber gloves.The format is much as previous and almost certainly future instalments, Bernie finds himself in a jam, on the run from the police with only his wits able to save him from clink and a even worse, not getting paid for his work It s light hearted but not absurd and as with all other Block novels incredibly well written.I m loving the Bernie books almost as much as the Scudder books Almost. This is my first mystery review for Goodreads, and I am glad I chose this book What a barrel of fun You know, they say you should write about what you know That being the case, I sure hope Lawrence Block stays the hell away from my neighborhood The story is about a burglar who runs a bookstore Yea who gets framed for murder in a quest for an extremely rare book This book has a copywrite of 1979, and the story shows its age That doesn t detract from it one bit Maybe I am old, because I can relate to what he writes about, though all the young ons out there will probably think this is historical fiction Still, if you come across a copy of this book, I recommend taking the time to read it The dialog between the burglar and his female friend who helps him is hilarious at times They are two peas in a pod and would make a great couple except for the fact she has a girlfriend. The Bernie Rhodenbarr series remains an unusual series since the main character is an unapologetic burglar who doesn t lose sleep over swiping some valuables This time Bernie is behind the front of a used bookstore he wants to succeed with, but he s drawn into a shady deal against his better judgement when conned into a valuable book deal of all things Outside the same police detective that Bernie bribes occasionally, there continues to be no continuing cast All new people yet again, dependable and non judgemental women It does grow old in the series that, by continuously recycling out any regular characters, there is no need for Bernie to have a continued, developing or layered relationship.I do find it refreshing how matter of factly the lesbian relationship was treated, especially considered it was the 70s and published, but I suppose it s about a burglar being okay with breaking and entering and robbing people of their possessions, so why have any hang ups about what people do in the bedroom The detective is a returner, as I said, and he s amusing I always liked him He speaks in the classic noir type chopped and figuratively, much like Bernie and those he interacts with Like a lot of crime novels, each character s dialogue rings as too similar to be wholly believable.The story just wasn t that interesting, despite it s bonuses I was bored in a few sections and kind of ready for it to be over by the time I was halfway through.

Lawrence Block has been writing crime, mystery, and suspense fiction for than half a century He has published in excess oh, wretched excess of 100 books, and no end of short stories.Born in Buffalo, N.Y., LB attended Antioch College, but left before completing his studies school authorities advised him that they felt he d be happier elsewhere, and he thought this was remarkably perceptiv

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