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All That DragWhen Adam S College Boyfriend Ryan Refused To Come Out For Him, The Breakup Left Adam So Devastated That He Invented An Alter Ego To Cope Whenever He Puts On The Wig, The Lashes And The Heels And Becomes Acid Tongued Drag Queen Bunny Boyle, Adam Feels Invincible A Superhero In Lipstick And Spanx Fast Forward Over Ten Years And Adam Is Running A Failing Drag Bar In Pittsburgh Gnawed By Financial Woes, Not Even Bunny Can Save Adam From The Increasing Loneliness And Anxiety He Feels, A Situation Not Improved When He Walks In On Ryan Now A High School Athletic Coach Boning Justin, The Bartender And Ryan S Still In The Goddamn Closet As Adam S Mental Meltdown Approaches Arctic Proportions, Ryan Finally Kicks Open The Closet Door, Forcing Them To Confront The Feelings They Thought They Left Behind Over A Decade Ago There S Just One Small Problem Ryan S No Longer Single Bed Hopping, Beaded Lashes And Scandalous Behavior It S All Here In This Raunchy Comedy About Second Chances, True Love And The Vital Importance Of Looking Sickening Hot, sexy book which begins with a quick bar hook up, evolves into a polyamorous m m m relationship that eventually breaks down into a couple, and then winds up in jail Hilarious drag humor, and timely political views on both sides of the fence Bunny Boyle Adam the star of the show and Ryan, former boyfriend and closeted athletics coach are at the center of the story The sweetest Disney princess drag queen Helen Heels Stephen , an aspiring drag baby Miss Rose Luis and the up for everything stoner bartender Justin round out the cast Wonderfully entertaining and realistic in its portrayal of modern life. Snark Sex..but little else.I wanted so much from this book Look at that cover Gorgeous Queens, I adore Second chance romances are not my favorite, but I don t avoid them The blurb sounded good, too.Yet this book went from snark to sex to sass to sex to self pity to thinking about past sex to snark All of this floated atop a very loosely defined plot Hell, there wasn t really a plot The characters had no depth to them I knew little about them save for bits and pieces here and there What they showed was definitely not enough for me to call completely drawn characters.So, the story Adam Bunny owns a bar and performs a comedy drag routine there His business is floundering His bestie Helen Heels Stephen works there, too, and is his roommate I didn t get much of a feel for him or his queen persona Justin is the bartender who also lives above the bar He s a sex crazed pothead Ryan is Adam s College ex.Adam finds Justin and Ryan going at it in the office Adam and Justin haven t seen each other for 10 years Ryan is still closeted Justin and Ryan start dating having sex Adam also starts having sex with them Then there s some baby queen named Luis in the mix, some drug charges, and a burlesque class It was all a bit of a mess really.I started skimming through the sex Really There was a lot of it Justin liked his toys Lots of this story was funny, but I didn t feel grounded in the characters or plot so most of the lines felt like throwaways or one liners Snark and sass for the sake of snark and sass I had a hard time not comparing this to the best of all drag queen books The Queen and the Homo Jock King by TJ Klune and seeing how wilted it looked next to it But that s me, maybe pointless snark and sex is you If so, got for it.So, sex, sass, heels, manties, threesomes, toys, and prison There you go. This book is funny and sexy and socially aware, and the characters gave me life when I needed it I also had a ferocious earworm of All That Jazz Drag going on as I read Jess Whitecroft is an amazing teller of sexy contemporary romance stories, using characters I always find myself relating to for various and sundry reasons This book really is the good, the bad and the naughty. It s sickening, fierce, glittery and filth all in oneI can t help it The sex is fucking mind blowing We have so many orgasms it s like a math problem, but sexy As soon as one s done it s like another is good to go and it s like a Moebius strip, but with dick There are at least three characters from All That Drag I d like to see get their own naughtily ever after at some stageIs that what you people call a read It is, honey It is And with that lipliner and those Sarah Palin highlights you re like War and Peace right now There is so much reading material that I regret leaving my glasses upstairs Blog review at A Deliciously Dark Romantic Comedy Jess Whitecroft does it again In All That Drag she delivers one of the most hilarious, irreverent and snarky dark Rom Com I have read Bunny, why are you still doing Fifty Shades of Grey and I m like You know what I ll stop doing it when that shit agrees to go the fuck away The laughs were warming up now It s like smallpox It s unnecessary It should have been eradicated years ago And it s not even dirty Maybe it s kinky for straight people, but I m like Bitch, I cut my teeth on a cockring Is there fisting Cough No, listen there s like a list of things in this book at one point, of sex acts like, wax play, edge play, vaginal fisting, anal fisting, anal sex, buttplugs, watersports, bull whips and all the really unfortunate things that happen to glass topped coffee tables And did I mention this story is filthy, smutty and hot AF Because, OMGBaby Jane Bette Davis stuck Blanche Joan Crawford in a wheelchair, this is one scorching sultry tale Someone read this to me, this list of things that sounds like it should end with The Aristocrats, and I m like Fuck yeah I m a pervert I ll totally read that, and God, I was pissed You know what that shit was It was part of the paperwork That dumbshit sex contract he makes her sign That was just a list of things she doesn t want to do and most of which don t even appear in the fucking book I was so mad, I swear to God It s false advertising You should not be promising people pornography if you can t deliver All That Drag is a wickedly entertaining tale with larger than life heroes and secondary characters A cheeky, playful and feel good plot who leaves reader wanting.Ryan remembered all those aunts and grandmothers who growing up had impressed on him the importance of always having clean underwear in case you were hit by a bus Apparently, when scrambling to save the life of some mangled individual who had just bounced off the fender of a bus, EMTs got really hardcore judgmental about the state of that person s drawers And never mind that you d probably fill your underpants right around the second you realized you were about to get hit by a bus anyway, but this thing had never been adequately explained to Ryan All the same, he couldn t stop thinking about it, and resolved to cross the street very carefully Didn t want to get knocked down by a bus and get taken to the hospital with a big, red buttplug lodged in his anus He couldn t imagine anything embarrassing Awesome start to a new series.

Jess Whitecroft was born and educated in the UK, where she was once voted Most Likely To Think That Writing A Romantic Comedy About Bigfoot Is A Good Idea.After serving an apprenticeship with the late, great Black Lace books, and after many genres and many pseudonyms, she returned to romance, with a fondness for telling unconventional stories about unconventional lovers.

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