House of Salt and Sorrows

House of Salt and Sorrows In a manor by the sea, twelve sisters are cursed..3.5 starsAnnaleigh, who BTW, doesn t love this name lives at Highmoor, a Manor by the sea with her father, his new wife and her eleven sisters Tragedy seems to be hitting this family hard, perhaps it is cursed The villagers think so This used to be a big happy family But after their Mother died, the family went into mourning, then four of her sisters died one by one Annaleigh begins to believe that her sister s deaths are not accidents After the latest death, her Stepmother convinces her father that they should stop mourning and dress in beautiful clothing again, have balls and embrace life Everyone but Annaleigh is on board, but she finally agrees to make her father happy The new clothing and fairy shoes are not the only new thingsthe girls also become aware of a secret passage A passage, or crevice if you will, that will take them to another place, a place of balls and dances, new encounters and new adventures But tragedy strikes again when another sister goes missing.Put me in the camp of enjoying re telling of fairy tales In this case, this book is an atmospheric retelling of the Brother Grimm s The Twelves Dancing Princesses also known as The Worn out Dancing shoes and The Shoes that were danced to Pieces Sometimes re telling s can be campy but this one was not I loved the atmosphere The Manor overlooking the sea, the water, the sea creatures, the sisters, the balls, etc This one felt atmospheric, Gothic and enchanting all at the same time Is the family cursed Why are the women of this family dying The book does get darker at the end, but I enjoyed how the book built up to the ending This book also had me questioning what was real and what wasn t as Annaleigh begins to question what is happening to her family This is a great rainy day escape book It s full of atmosphere, magic, a little romance, mystery, and ghosts Parts felt a little predictable, i.e the love triangle, but this is YA so that often goes with the genre I found this to be a very visual book as in, I could easily visualize what was happening as the Author did a great job with her descriptions.The Author is off to a very solid start with this debut novel I received a copy of this book from Random House Children s and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review The thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own. Holy smokes This releases next TUESDAY Original I feel as a woman who lives on a remote island, 30 miles out to sea, I am obligated to read this book.ARC received and I couldn t be happier Plus, as I have confessed many times, retellings are my jam I am trash for retellings. barbie walked so this book could run I am spooked, in love, and broken.The House of Salt and Sorrows is an enchanting and haunting retelling of the Brother Grimm s fairy taleDie Zw lf Tanzenden Prinzessinnen, The Twelve Dancing Princesses or sometimes referred to as The Worn Out Dancing Shoes or The Shoes that were Danced to Pieces Erin A Craig s spin on the tale delivers a magically engrossing tale including gods, a suspicious stepmother, magic doorways, haunting visions, terrifying suspense, and sweet romance A pot of gold for lovers of YA books and fairy tale retellings THIS MADE MY BEST OF 2019 BOOKLIST in the YA genre I dwelt alone, in a world of moan, and my soul was a stagnant tide Till the fair and gentle Eulalie became my blushing bride High is the manor perched high above the sea on an island that houses a duke and his 12 daughters The place has seen its share of grief in the last months as mysterious deaths are taking one daughter after another A forsaken, haunted place is what the people on the mainland call the island, and a dark and hopeless mood has spread among the family After another funeral underway, Annaleigh and her sisters protest the short mourning period their new stepmother imposes After only a day, she has invited a dress and shoemaker to cheer the girls up Amazed and happy, the girls are having a wonderful time getting spoiled, but Annaleigh stays suspicious She is haunted by the unexplained deaths of her sisters and shocked at the awful graphic drawings of death one of her little sisters makes.The girls are full of cheer and via a secret crevice near the burial chamber down by the sea they slip through and start attending the most spectacular dance balls they have ever imagined Reluctantly, Annaleigh lets her guard down and finds herself whisked away dancing the nights away When an old friend and a new love interest are invited to the manor, Annaleigh s haunted dreams become darker and stronger And then, another sister goes missing As the duke is wondering how his daughters keep going through their new shoes over and over, Annaleigh finds herself in a mystery she has to solve but does not know whom to trust All the right people are at the wrong place at the wrong time and evil slowly spreads the halls of the manor Will Annaleigh solve the murders before the visions of her own death become true A sweet dark tale, not to be missed This novel had me by the neck Not the first 1 3 of the book, but all after This is Erin A Craigs debut novel, and I am at awe at her ability to create stunningly haunting scenes I actually went back and reread many of them, because I was thinking, how did she do that Without fanfare, Annaleigh s haunted moments were chilling and full of suspense Un put down able As for the first part of the novel, the dress up, and the balls, they were glamorous, sparkly and enchanting fairytale like A sweet combo in a YA book, for the young at heart That part didn t grab me like the rest of the novel, but I am not the age of the intended audience.I really enjoyed the entire premise and fairy tale retellings are a thing Complete with a stepmother, a mystery and some romance, a perfect book to escape in It s been a very long time since I have heard the Grimm s tale ofDie Zw lf Tanzenden Prinzessinnen , but I definitely want to reread and compare Check out a short synopsis of the original on my blog If you like retellings, this is a must and I hope you will love it as I did I received a digital copy of this novel from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own Thank you My blog and reviews ARC received by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This book was a total mind f k Fantasy horror thriller murder mysteryit was glorious I m usually not into murder mysteries or thrillers, but the fantasy aspect made it AMAZING The story follows Annaleigh, one of originally twelve sisters The family is in perpetual mourning as sister after sister dies, leading the town to believe the family is cursed The summary of the book talks about pretty dresses and dancing at balls, but it is not as frilly as just that The reason behind all of the frillyness is actually quite dark and twisted.I enjoyed every minute of reading House of Salt and Sorrows, and I found it particularly enjoyable on dark and stormy nights It was incredibly suspenseful and I was pleasantly surprised that my eyes were glued to the page Not because I just enjoy binge reading things, but because I had to know what happened next And not just at the end But from moment to moment This book is filled with so many twists and turns and had such an EXCELLENT way of portraying distortions in reality that I found myself pausing and being like, WTF Is this happening Did that really happen It seems like it happened WHAT IS HAPPENING Over and over and over again I thought I knew who the killer must be As I got further into the book, I genuinely had NO clue who could be behind everything This is in part due to Craig s amazing characterization, giving us well rounded, flawed characters with so much depth that you feel like you know them This book is thrilling and captivating If you are looking for something spooky but still need your fantasy fix, then you will love this The Twelve Dancing Princesses is one of my FAVOURITE fairytales and I simply ADORED Crimson Peak. This book puts them together with a dash of mystery death and hello hi I m not okay Like at all Publication is planned for fall 2019. W H A T In A Manor By The Sea, Twelve Sisters Are CursedAnnaleigh Lives A Sheltered Life At Highmoor, A Manor By The Sea, With Her Sisters, Their Father, And Stepmother Once They Were Twelve, But Loneliness Fills The Grand Halls Now That Four Of The Girls Lives Have Been Cut Short Each Death Was Tragic Than The Last The Plague, A Plummeting Fall, A Drowning, A Slippery Plunge And There Are Whispers Throughout The Surrounding Villages That The Family Is Cursed By The GodsDisturbed By A Series Of Ghostly Visions, Annaleigh Becomes Increasingly Suspicious That The Deaths Were No Accidents Her Sisters Have Been Sneaking Out Every Night To Attend Glittering Balls, Dancing Until Dawn In Silk Gowns And Shimmering Slippers, And Annaleigh Isn T Sure Whether To Try To Stop Them Or To Join Their Forbidden Trysts Because Who Or What Are They Really Dancing With When Annaleigh S Involvement With A Mysterious Stranger Who Has Secrets Of His Own Intensifies, It S A Race To Unravel The Darkness That Has Fallen Over Her Family Before It Claims Her Next Craig s debut frames the Grimms tale of twelve dancing princesses as a Gothic murder mystery Laced gowns and mourning garb, fairy shoes and midnight balls, reanimated corpses and whispers in the dark, crashing seas and the taste of salt in the air There s a lot to love here, but the plot suffers from slow pacing and a lack of suspense that doesn t build until the final chapters Nestled on a bed of navy velvet were my shoes I d selected a jade leather, and the cobbler had added glittering seafoam and silver bits, concentrated heavily at the toes, then fading as they swept across the slipper They would match my gown perfectlyNote Quote taken from an Advanced Reader s Copy. The writing was well done and the author put a unique twist on this tale Now, I didn t get creeped out like other reviewers have said I feel like I m immune to any of that stuff since I ve seen so many horror movies but there was a lot of cool vibes My thing was, I just couldn t connect with the MC or the story itself However, I feel like a lot of other people out there will 4.5 stars House of Salt and Sorrows comes out on August 6, 2019.Extremely atmospheric, haunting, and filled with historically tinged Gothic horror, this was something unique.World 1 2Plot Execution 1 2Character Development Gothic Ocean Vibes Well hello, Gothic ocean inspired fairy tale retelling House of Salt and Sorrows was something I never knew I wanted until I read it It s a full cast list of sisters and other residents of Highmoor Estate, located on one of several islands that are home to the People of the Salt, and what occurs as one by one the sisters succumb to mysterious deaths Something spooky and magical is afoot Annaleigh Thaumas is the second oldest of the surviving sisters Annaleigh doesn t believe that all of her sisters dying accidentally With a distinctively historical flair, Annaleigh embarks on a whodunit narrative to find out who killed the last one her sisters, Eulalie, and find out if the rumors about her family are true that the Thaumas family is cursed I loved Annaleigh She was full of character, inquisitive but not aggressive, and felt grounded in her historical time period Unlike other YA heroines who feel like modern characters plunked into historical settings, Annaleigh was very much grounded in her time In the midst of Annaleigh s quest to find her sisters murderer, another plot is bubbling The group of remaining sisters and Annaleigh find a portal of sorts on the grounds of their estate that leads them to anywhere they mentally desire The sisters find ball after ball through the portal, dancing their nights away with strangers in glittering settings.but is there something sinister under the surface As the nights continue and the girls burn through their dancing shoes as well as their energy, Annaleigh begins to suspect that there is something wrong with the portal, Highmoor, and the people around her In a typical YA move, we are also introduced to a love triangle While I initially was bored and underwhelmed by their introduction to the plot, this love triangle quickly gained several layers and actually became incredibly spooky and surprisingly terrifying I loved this dark story House of Salt and Sorrows is equal parts murder mystery, ghost story, sweet dream beautiful nightmare, and an extremely dark rendition of the Twelve Dancing Princesses fairy tale It s a lot for one concept, but it works Thank you so much to Random House Children s via NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Talk to me on Instagram

Erin A Craig has always loved telling stories.After getting her B.F.A from the University of Michigan, in Theatre Design and Production, she stage managed tragic operas with hunchbacks, s ances, and murderous clowns, then decided she wanted to write books that were just as spooky.An avid reader, a decent quilter, rabid basketball fan, and collector of typewriters, Erin makes her home in Memphis,

[Reading] ➮ House of Salt and Sorrows ➶ Erin A. Craig –
  • Hardcover
  • 416 pages
  • House of Salt and Sorrows
  • Erin A. Craig
  • English
  • 28 October 2019
  • 9781984831927

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