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Out of the Gobi Foreword By Janet YellenWeijian Shan S Out Of The Gobi Is A Powerful Memoir And Commentary That Will Be One Of The Most Important Books On China Of Our Time, One With The Potential To Re Shape How Americans View China, And How The Chinese View Life In AmericaShan, A Former Hard Laborer Who Is Now One Of Asia S Best Known Financiers, Is Thoughtful, Observant, Eloquent, And Brutally Honest, Making Him Well Positioned To Tell The Story Of A Life That Is A Microcosm Of Modern China, And Of How, Improbably, That Life Became Intertwined With America Out Of The Gobi Draws A Vivid Picture Of The Raw Human Energy And The Will To Succeed Against All OddsShan Only Finished Elementary School When Mao Zedong S Cultural Revolution Tore His Country Apart He Was A Witness To The Brutality And Absurdity Of Mao S Policies During One Of The Most Tumultuous Eras In China S History Exiled To The Gobi Desert At Age And Denied Schooling For Years, He Endured Untold Hardships Without Ever Giving Up His Dream For An Education Shan S Improbable Journey, From The Gobi To The People S Republic Of Berkeley And Far Beyond, Is A Uniquely American Success Story Told With A Splash Of Humor, Deep Insight And Rich And Engaging DetailThis Powerful And Personal Perspective On China And America Will Inform Americans View Of China, Humanizing The Country, While Providing A Rare View Of America From The Prism Of A Keen Foreign Observer Who Lived The American DreamSays Former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen Shan S Life Provides A Demonstration Of What Is Possible When China And The United States Come Together, Even By Happenstance It Is Not Only Shan S Personal History That Makes This Book So Interesting But Also How The Stories Of China And America Merge In Just One Moment In Time To Create An Inspired Individual So Unique And Driven, And So Representative Of The True Sprits Of Both Countries

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Out of the Gobi book, this is one of the most wanted Weijian Shan author readers around the world.

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  • ebook
  • 480 pages
  • Out of the Gobi
  • Weijian Shan
  • 06 April 2019
  • 9781119529569

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    I really enjoyed this book It is a story in the vein of Unbroken, Man s Search for Meaning, and the Long Walk a story of one man s struggle for survival after being separated from his family as a teenager during China s Cultural Revolution Sent to the Gobi desert to a hard labor camp, Shan details the stark realities of his experience in vivid color the rampant starvation, 18 hour days in 40 degree weather, drinking mosquito larvae infested puddle water, digging holes in the ground to sleep in and that s just the start of it To endure and survive such trauma and go on to the life that he has led is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit Fascinating read.

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    Although this autobiography had some interest especially the period in the 1960 s the author spent in back breakingly hard labor in the extreme climate of the Gobi it didn t not sustain this interest when he relocated to the US to study and subsequently enter academia as a faculty member The fascination the unimaginable cultural revolution holds for westerners and the interesting Chinese characters Weijian worked with were lost when the story moved to a western environment that is all too familiar to us involving personalities that sound very much like people we know ourselves Having said that, I do admire Weijian s success he is obviously exceptionally intelligent, highly motivated and a very hard worker and has earned his considerable achievements.It is hard, however, not to compare this book to a similarly themed one, Wolf Totem by Jiang Rong in which a young Chinese teenager was also sent to Mongolia in the 1960 s In this book, the interaction between wolves, humans and the environment, all set against the encroachment of the Han to disrupt the centuries old synergy, has a breadth and depth that is lacking in Weijian s book This is not to say it is not worth reading It is but not if you are looking for something riveting.

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    Riveting and enlightening As discussed in the acknowledgements, this book is a memoir, not an autobiography It is a personal narrative centering on the chaos and indigence of the Cultural Revolution and the Down to the Countryside Movement This book is a window into a world so far detached from 21st century America or Western Europe, where our basic needs can often be easily met Thus, the hardship Weijian Shan and his friends endured in China just a few decades ago can at times seem surreal.Shan not only survived the incessant hardships of the Gobi, but pushed himself far beyond later becoming a Wharton professor and one of Asia s foremost financiers Shan s life philosophy, always be prepared to capture whatever opportunity comes your way, appears to identify why he has succeeded This philosophy incapsulates his work ethic, diligence, and targeted problem solving Above all, he maintained an unyielding tenacity to advance educationally I came across this book through ForeignAffairs and cannot recommend it enough For those considering this book, I recommend reading this publicly available extract on ForeignAffairs.

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    This book would be worth 5 stars just for the content I think Even when you know Chinese people, they usually don t like to talk about the past, especially with foreigners Don t want to give a bad image of their country Even though factually, there is nothing here than isn t in the wiki page, knowing the feelings, the outlooks, an inner point of view of a person that lived through this period from the bottom is great.On top of that, the authors is very insightful his intelligence is clear from the beginning, although he doesn t say it directly The writing style is quite engaging you want to know what s next although, the current position it s quite a spoiler p.Great insider outlook The only con I d have is that the authors clearly avoided to mention recent Chinese politics I guess to protect himself But then that s not what promise on the cover so it s fine.

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    This book reminded me somewhat of Mao s Last Dancer , but from a different viewpoint It is 480 pages long and reads like a memoir, with some pages here and there I felt could be skipped as they were practically a list of names I couldn t pronounce But the story is great, the author mentally and emotionally strong and very, very intelligent He lived through Mao s Great Leap Forward , endured starvation, hard labor, being forced to live in the Gobi desert, shut out of 10 years of education, to prevail in the end Much of what he learned was self taught and he studied voraciously when he did finally get to complete his education I would like to know what he is doing now.

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    First Hand Story of China During the Cultural Revolution It was very interesting to hear a first hand account of life in China under Mao The author gives very descriptive pictures of working the land in the Gobi Then, we hear about his opportunity to come to the United States to get his college degree Some parts felt a bit long winded, but was still interesting to read The author certainly accomplished many things in his life.

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    Riveting StoryGreat story of persistence and achievement Since I am about the same age as the author it tracks a lot of memories of a lifetime worldwide I wish he would have definitively said at the end how he feels about capitalism and communism and where he feels things are trending in China long term.

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    This book is the best insight into modern China imaginableI have read nothing else which has given me such insight into the China of Mao and what has happened since The author is the most extraordinary man And Out of Gobi should become a classic It is also a page turning good read.

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    remarkable book on human determination and struggle While there has been many stories and accounts on the cultural revolution, Shen combines his analytical mind to provide a factual account of the events together with his witty humor to make the journey enjoyable for the reader Inspiring and eye opening book to be forever remembered.

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    One of the most fascinating books I have read.An excellent insight in the difficult life completely at the merci of politics and incompetent superiorsAn ode to hard work, common sense,studying,sacrifices and kindness,but mostly vision and learning from experiences

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