Finale A Love Worth Fighting For A Dream Worth Dying For An Ending Worth Waiting ForIt S Been Two Months Since The Fates Were Freed From A Deck Of Cards, Two Months Since Legend Claimed The Throne For His Own, And Two Months Since Tella Discovered The Boy She Fell In Love With Doesn T Really ExistWith Lives, Empires, And Hearts Hanging In The Balance, Tella Must Decide If She S Going To Trust Legend Or A Former Enemy After Uncovering A Secret That Upends Her Life, Scarlett Will Need To Do The Impossible And Legend Has A Choice To Make That Will Forever Change And Define HimCaraval Is Over, But Perhaps The Greatest Game Of All Has Begun There Are No Spectators This Time Only Those Who Will Win, And Those Who Will Lose EverythingWelcome, Welcome To Finale All Games Must Come To An End

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❅ [KINDLE] ✾ Finale By Stephanie Garber ➞ –
  • Hardcover
  • 478 pages
  • Finale
  • Stephanie Garber
  • English
  • 11 March 2019
  • 9781250157669

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    Tour Update Bustle has just revealed all the stops for the Finale tour, along with the first chapter of the book My US publisher has just announced their preorder gift for Finale They ve created 1,500 Decks of Destiny and if you re a US resident you can get one For information check out their site Finale finally has an official summary The one that s been up is from an early draft and no longer accurate so I m really excited to share this new summary with all of you A love worth fighting for.A dream worth dying for.An ending worth waiting for.It s been two months since the Fates were freed from a deck of cards, two months since Legend claimed the throne for his own, and two months since Tella discovered the boy she fell in love with doesn t really exist.With lives, empires, and hearts hanging in the balance, Tella must decide if she s going to trust Legend or a former enemy After uncovering a secret that upends her life, Scarlett will need to do the impossible And Legend has a choice to make that will forever change and define him.Caraval is over, but perhaps the greatest game of all has begun There are no spectators this time only those who will win, and those who will lose everything.Welcome, welcome to Finale All games must come to an end More good news Finale has a cover and I am in love with it Entertainment Weekly has just revealed it, they also let me share a few thoughts about the book and ending the series, if you re curious news update The pub date for Finale has just been moved up It is now releasing on May 7, 2019 For everyone who s been wondering what is going to happen in this book, there is now a description for it up on and I am so excited Just be warned, this summary contains spoilers for Legendary xo

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    I refuse to die until I read this book and find out what the hell is Legend s agenda and that s a THREAT

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    Every story has four parts the beginning, the middle, the almost ending, and the true ending Unfortunately, not everyone gets a true ending Most people give up at the part of the story where things are the worst, when the situation feels hopeless, but that is where hope is needed the most Only those who persevere can find their true ending This is definitely a review I never thought I d be writing I ve been fangirling over the Caraval series since an arc landed in my lap in 2016, and I had no reason to believe that Finale would be any less enjoyable for me than Caraval 5 stars from me and Legendary 4 stars from me Unfortunately, this one just didn t work for me the way that the other two did, and instead of bashing this book, I d like to take a few minutes to detail below WHY this book didn t work for me, so that as a reader you can decide for yourself what to think I do encourage you, if you re a fan of the series, to pick this up for yourself and come to your own conclusion, as my opinion is likely unpopular and in the minority Caution for minor spoilers below for the previous two books in the series Finale picks up in the wake of where Legendary left off Tella is still pining after Legend, yet playing coy as he visits her in her dreams, and Jacks is still in play, so we have a bonafide love triangle up until the very end of this novel Unfortunately, this was a big part of my problem with the book Donatella is such a strong female in the previous novels, and I felt she was reduced to a simple love interest in this final installment Sure, she does one big thing at the end of the book, but for 99.9% of the novel, there s a slow, repetitive narrative of inner monologue and whiny dialogue that grated on me I ll admit that this could be because I m an adult, and this is YA fiction, but I also think other readers will pick up on this and have a hard time processing that this is the same adventurous heroine we came to love in the first two books At the same time, Scarlett is mad at Julian because he has abandoned her for 6 weeks, and in the meantime she has been exchanging letters with the real count, her former fiance, and their correspondence has resulted in Scarlet deciding to pit the two men against each other in, yes, another competitive love triangle Hooray for all of the love triangles Thankfully this one doesn t last as long as the one listed above, and honestly felt like filler to make the book have a padded page count Scarlett does play an arguably important role in this installment, and I do applaud Garber for attempting to give this girl a strong character arc, but it felt a bit forced and politically correct I want strong female leads as much as the next person, but a total personality change in the final book of a trilogy felt a little off for me I think my favorite part of this book though is that we finally get a deeper look into The Fates, and while it wasn t as much as I d hoped for, I found myself fully engaged in these sections I loved the history and folklore surrounding how they were created and what role they have played, past and present, in the shaping of their fantastical world I can t say too much about this, but Finale does hinge it s plot on one of the fates, and how this particular one ties Scarlett, Tella, and Paloma to the story.Unfortunately, I found the ending to be rushed, skimmed over, and tidy beyond all reason, which really works for some readers, but is tough for me I m a masochistic reader, and I want my characters to be cost something, so when everyone shows up flawlessly alright with all their dreams come true, I shake my old lady fist at the sky and wonder why I bothered reading this if no one had to survive any form of loss Maybe I was supposed to find this in Paloma Paradise who, let it be known, ALSO HAD A LOVE TRIANGLE YES WE RE UP TO THREE NOW , but her portion is so slim that I didn t really get a chance to know her.I know it sounds like I didn t like any portion of this book, but I truly did love the concept and still remain a huge fan of the series author Overall I found this particular installment just didn t flow with how the first two were written This could be because this is the first book that didn t have the suspenseful backing of the mystery of Legend s identity or a game of Caraval to keep the pace racing, or maybe it s the fact that I m not a huge fan of love triangles, slow burning, repetitive descriptions, and endings that so neat and tidy that they are beyond happily ever after I m definitely interested to see where the author chooses to take us next, and I sincerely wish her all the best and success in her future endeavors 3 Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy via NetGalley.

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    Yes I ve finished reading one of the best series of all time, and Stephanie is a HUUGEE stunner, she s absolutely fascinating and I enjoyed every aspect of the book, not even a single act didn t disappoint me Finale is completely different from Caraval and Legendary it s just enchanting but in a kind of way darker and alluring.The structure of Caraval World is so unique and brilliant that I wish I was living in it, all the details of the book are so wonderful and you can feel every page is filled with hard work from the deepest parts of Stephanie s heart I really love Tella being stronger than ever she s really fabulous when it comes to the relationship with Scarlett The Fates are pretty interesting and intense, reading Finale was very important for me and it gave me so many mixed feelings that in some parts I didn t know whether I should cry or laugh.The romance parts are so so intriguing, I love how Garber has portrayed the two love triangles, and the ending of them were so unexpected and unbelievable The final chapter is told from the perspectives of Tella Scarlett which brought new emotions seeing the two sisters have passed the previous events and that was such a powerful act from Stephanie, she really has perfected the details of the Caraval World and it was absolutely mind blowing The third installment is as stunning as Caraval and Legendary but for me FINALE is even close to my heart because it has passion and it has lots of parts that left me speechless.Finishing Finale was one of my most memorable experience, it had everything in it, Stephanie has merged magic, fear, betrayals, blood and love in such a perfect way and has created a World that will delight everyone I highly recommend you to pre order Finale, or if you haven t still started to read the first and second book you must order them because the Caraval series is the best one I ve ever read

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    a love worth fighting for a dream worth dying for an ending worth waiting for i mean, i dont think i can describe this book any perfectly than that the blurb from the inside cover jacket in essence, this is exactly what this story is and i think many caraval fans will be pleased with this finale and find it worth the wait, as i do this isnt my favourite installment in the series, as it takes on a different pace and direction than the previous books, but its still unbelievably good where the first two stories focus on games, mystery, magic, and illusion, this book focuses on personal relationships, futures, and what makes a life worth living and dying for as i said, its a different tone, but still just as valuable to the series, the characters, and overall story i thought everything was wrapped up neatly and satisfyingly in this conclusion there werent really any moments the shocked or thrilled me, but i feel very content with how everything turned out and, if anything, i really hope jacks gets a spin off series, because i am craving of his messy and tricky ways he truly deserves his own finale 4.5 stars

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    Man, I should not have kept my expectations this high I was wayy too excited for this to come out You know how hard it is to wait a whole year for a book only for it to turn out to be garbage I refuse to believe this is related to the Caraval series I just cannot believe it There was so much in the previous books and this one didn t have anything except for a LOT of cringey very cringey romance I think the author got wayy too carried away with her fans request for Legend and Tella Sure I was one of those people but I didn t ask for this much If you re a fan of romance then you d undoubtedly love this just keep your expectations low.

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    I am conflicted.This book had so many flaws But also, I kinda loved it But also, maybe I didn t Honestly, I have no idea wtf is going on.With a title like Finale, I half expected this to be the greatest ending to a series ever written It also didn t help my overinflated expectations that I had recently read Legendary for the first time and loved it In the end, it was all a pretty anticlimactic end.First of all, let it be known I am mostly here for these characters The plot is nice and all but gosh darn it, these characters stress me and I love it Also, let it be known that by characters I mostly mean Tella and Legend I am nothing if not here for that ship I think that s one of the main reasons I liked Legendary so much That and the fact that Tella is clearly the interesting sister, at least she is to me.Scarlett is, well Scarlett I didn t like her in Caraval and I didn t love her now She was a likable, less annoying character here than in Caraval so there is that She still made some questionable choices though, but that s to be expected.Overall, though, I loved how each sister had their own missions and their own storylines where they could each shine and be the heroes of their own fates I always like seeing positive family relationships in YA, especially between sisters.A thing that I didn t much like in Caraval absolutely loved here and in Legendary was Garber s writing It was so beautiful So magical So enchanting The way Garber phrases things makes everything seem otherworldly and fairytalelike My one problem with the writing is that she likes to repeat things and its actually kind of annoying Characters would keep repeating things that happened only a few sentences ago as if the author was afraid we d miss the connection or forget But maybe that was just me, and I m just a hater.I loved everything else about the writing and the dialogue and everything about Tella and everything about Legend and basically everything of what we d gotten in Legendary It was some of the new things that I had a problem with.Now, let s talk about why I didn t absolutely love this book.First of all, this plot felt weaker than in the last two I think it was because unlike the previous books, this one didn t focus on the mystery of Caraval and Legend Those things were interesting Those kept me engaged This new story with the fates was both interesting and weak.The concept of the fates were introduced in Legendary In this book, the Fates are front and center with so much of the plot revolving around them This felt especially strange since the main villain is a fate that we see for the first time in this book It s never right to introduce your main villain, the big bad, in the final third of your series, especially if we re supposed to be so terrified of him.This book was also a bit anticlimactic Big dramatic things happened without warning or build up and had very little impact other than being shocking for the moment and padding the runtime of the story Even the end sort of just happened, without warning and without us seeing the true consequences of all that had occurred Instead, everything gets rushed to at the end and is nicely wrapped up in a convenient bow and all inconvenient things get ignored.It also felt like there was a lot of worldbuilding, and yet, there was actually no world building at all I loved the myths and the folklore of the fates But also I feel like we re never really given true context and explanation of how they work It felt like the world was never given a reason for being the way it was But, I suppose that s just the way of magic and we re not supposed to question it.Overall, I liked it It was a decent book I think I just expected so much I expected a grand finale and I feel like I didn t get it I absolutely love Tella and Legend, Scarlett and Julian were also good, but I m biased and Tella and Legend will forever be number one The writing is beautiful The world is magical Despite my disappointment, I still completely recommend this series.Also, I m gonna call it and say that there s probably going to be a spinoff series or something Garber definitely left enough space to expand this world, especially with that scene at the market If you ve read it you ll know what I m talking about Also, I d be totally down for a new story about The Fates.Follow Me Here Too My Blog Twitter Bloglovin Instagram Tumblr Pinterest

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    Occasionally, there are minutes that get extra seconds Moments so precious the universe stretches to make additional room for them, and this was one of them People don t get pauses like these very often Some people never receive them at all The plot gets thicker and clearer in this finale The Fates might not be what they seem The characters may have to turn into their enemies to beat the odds stacked against them This time the stakes are higher, the sacrifices greater, and game is no longer just a game Loyalties will be tested and you can never know who might betray you This book is a fight for a throne, a fight for love, and a fight for freedom The board is set and the players will not play fair.I think Finale was the perfect ending to this trilogy Each book in this trilogy has been different from the other Caraval had the uncertainty factor where neither the characters nor the readers knew what was real and what was fake Legendary revealed how Caraval, the game works, thereby revealing the secret behind the magic and then introduced a complicated plot of immortals, Fates, and old magic Finale carries the plot forward and leads it to the conclusion while giving both sisters equal importance While Caraval was centered around Scarlett and Legendary around Tella, Finale gives them equal importance and has them both contribute to the storyline in very different ways.We see a lot of growth in both relationships Tella and Legend, and Scarlett and Julian Both relationships were left with rocky ends in the last book Legend walked away from Tella after Caraval and Scarlett told Julian that she wanted to meet her former fiance I can t tell you much about whether they grow closer or farther apart because that would be very mean wouldn t it The storyline itself is truly marvelous The story of the Fates was pretty vague in the last book, but in this one the characters come face to face with them and a lot of information is revealed about the past, the present, and in the future Paradise or Paloma, Scarlett and Tella s mother, has been a very mysterious character in so far without even being present in the story much Her history is revealed in this book and many new facts about the characters are revealed.The writing is fabulous as always The author is very descriptive of everything that happens and it is always magical The writing leads you to visualise everything that happens in the book and will leave you mesmerised The chapters are divided in between Scarlett and Tella s perspectives and the story wouldn t have worked out if it was any other way As I have mentioned, Scarlett and Tella will work together but in different ways to win this game, which means that they are not in the same situation for the majority of the book Scarlett discovers new things about herself while Tella finds out about the two immortals she is being pulled in between Jacks and Legend while being two very different people are both very possessive about Tella and she must make her choice between them, but the choice is not easy and it may not be in her hands either.This entire journey had been truly amazing Stephanie Garber has created a beautiful world and the plot and the characters have grown to become magical This book may be centered in the reality of the world rather than in the magic of Caraval but that doesn t make it any less magical in itself May facets of the Fated world are revealed and the characters must learn a lot about themselves and about the Fates to survive.Choices are made, paths are taken, and the future is decided in this game of hearts To lose and to win may not be so far apart And love conquers all.

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    I am FINALLY sitting down to write this review Ah And what can I say I love love loved it, just as I did the first two novels Particularly because if you know me, you know I loved to be dragged through emotional mud I want to worry to pieces about the characters, ship people I m not supposed to ship, and fret over every choice they make So, if you re a glutton for punishment like me, I think you ll thoroughly enjoy this book.Finale follows both of the Dragna sisters, and I particularly loved being back in Scarlett s POV though Tella is one of my all time favorite characters Both of their storylines revolve heavily around romance but alas, not always with who you think Scarlett an Julian both have oh so many unsolved issues and I was HERE for it I know, I m strange, but I m just not about that sweet romance Give me the fights, the feels, the longing yes, all of it Stephanie delivered Scarlett is still determined to meet her former fianc , feeling she can t truly know if Julian is the one for her until she does Yeah I mean, let s be honest, who could be better than Julian Thus, drama ensues.Tella, on the other hand, is a bit peeved at our charming Dante for leaving her on the steps and being a general prick Though of course, he still won t leave her alone, and tends to invade her dreams chyeah Except.Guess who s still around Jacks.Look I love Dante But Jacks, once again, steals the show Do I ship them Heck yes I can t help myself But Britt you say How can you ship Jacks when Dante is still around Let me tell you I will forever ship Dante and Tella But listen NO ONE CAN KISS LIKE JACKS CAN And he s just so damned interesting And the chemistry Soooo the book was one giant maelstrom of shipping mess and confusion and I loved every minute There s betrayal, blood, and certainly angst I d say this one is definitely focused on the romance There s still plot, of course, because the fates are running free and we can t have that, but I felt the romance overshadowed it a bit Not that I was complaining.Some of the plot twists particularly one having to do with a father figure felt a little much to me, but to be honest, I just stopped caring and went along for the ride Stephanie can get away with whatever she wants because she established a world without rules or limitations and literally ANYTHING has been possible since page one of Caraval And trust me, she takes advantage of it.So if you re looking for a wild ride, as one typically does in books, give this a go I ll never not recommend this series Psssst Follow my bookstagram for reviews and updates

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