Gretchen sighhhhhh Gretchen.Ohhh Gretchen.A lot of us knew a Gretchen back in school.In my case her name was Francine Sharp please don t let her be reading this and come butcher me in my sleep Gretchens are friendless, awkward outcasts with a tendency to glob onto anybody that shows them the least little bit of attention Oh, and lest I forget, they are always BATSHIT CRAZY As fun as Gretchen is she s not the MC That would be Lucy and it s been awhile since I ve loved one as much as I did her She s smart and snarky and uber relatable This story is rife with mystery and tension and wacko characters and everything else I love about a psychological thriller UNTIL IT S NOT At 74% it s like a different author takes over with a whole new plot And it ruined what was, up until that point, an exceptional book For that reason I had to knock off a star from my rating.Gretchen is a complete departure from Kirk s In the Vines, which reached a new level of madness, but equally captivating Kirk s writing is magnetic and the true star of her books.Despite it s failings near the end, this book is creepy fun and I can t wait for the next offering from this author Side note to Francine Sharp please don t kill me I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. If I wanted to be mean I d call this book a steaming pile of horse shit but instead I ll be nice and say that this simply wasn t my cup o tea. Wait What Im reading along, reading along, or in this case listening along, loving this story, loving Lucy and her relatable, perfectly snarky self whenWHAM.Someone clearly, around the 75% mark, broke into Shannon Kirk s house, tied her up, and finished this book for her.Hopefully against her will. FOUR ENTERTAINING STARSMag, I hope this isn t weird, and I truly mean it as a huge compliment, but I think you re a Jenny too Maybe even the truest Jenny Are you a Gretchen or a Jenny Sometimes a Gretchen can BE a Jenny And vice versa Got that Shannon Kirk is an outstanding writer She cleverly weaves together a mirrored double plot line that has the reader climbing a ladder of suspense You had best hold onto tight to each rung because when you reach the top, watch out You re about to be pushed off that ladder into a climactic scene I still can t get my head around.I had a difficult time rating Gretchen A Thriller For 75% of the book, I was 120% invested LOVED IT We have an astute and insightful main character, 15 yr old Lucy, who is on the run with her mom Her father tried to abduct her when she was a baby and now that mom is in charge, she is not about to let that happen again So, they run And move towns a lot Eventually, Lucy meets Gretchen Gretchen is a weird kid with personality to spare I loved everything about needy little Gretchen until I didn t Okay, now about that last 25% of the novel I admit to some eye rolling and skimming some long passages about bones Yes, bones By the end of the book, you will never look at lemons, jig saw puzzles or skeletons the same ever again I just wasn t crazy about the direction Kirk took with the narrative Despite some convincing writing, it was a tough sell on this psychological suspense fan And I knocked off a whole star for the absurdness of it all I got over it As that great American poet, Cardi B, says, OKURRRRRR The ending is INSANE and scary Pure horror and a bit supernatural It helps me put it into perspective and look at it like a Stephen King paperback Gretchen could actually be a sister to King s creepy Carrie I promise you will be entertained and isn t that what we re all looking for with a summer read Thanks to the author for allowing me to read and review an advanced galley All opinions are mine Gretchen is set for a July 2019 publication date. Let me just say, I m so glad I read this during the daytime, when the sun was shining and I was in a plane full of people bc OMG This book is creepy in the best possible way, and waaaaaay scarier than what I m used to reading The poor lady sitting beside me had her arm grabbed than once because we ve all known a Gretchen, a strange loner who turns out to be a batshit loon, only mine was named Pamela Pamela, if you re reading this, I m talking about a different Pamela Five terrifying stars. Shannon Kirk is the queen of W.T.F I fell in love with Kirk s writing last summer with her release of In The Vines In fact, In The Vines was one of my top 10 novels for 2018 So when I heard the fabulous Shannon Kirk was coming out with a new novel for this summer, I knew I needed to drop everything and read it Kirk s upcoming horror novel Gretchen continues to follow in In The Vines s footsteps as she ventures further into the gothic suspense genre Both In The Vines and Gretchen have similar Ruth Ware vibes, so if you are enjoying Ware s latest novels, then you ll definitely enjoy Kirk s writing Although the story is titled Gretchen , it really focuses on fifteen year old Lucy and her mother Lucy and her mother are basically nomads hiding from their past Lucy s mom refuses to let her get too close to people she has to wear color contacts, she has to lie about her family life, and she can t use the internet without supervision Lucy s mom is terrified of her daughter s father finding them due to his immense power and corruption In fact, they have lived in eleven states since as long as Lucy can remember Lucy and her mom finally settle in rural New Hampshire, hoping that the isolation of this small town will be the destination that they can finally call their mainstay home They find a perfect cottage owned by a single father and his daughter Gretchen They live on the ranch as well with another property nearby, and have a full listing ready for Lucy and her mother to move into As Lucy and her mother settle into their new digs, they start getting to know their new landlord and his daughter Gretchen is around the same age as Lucy, and is desperate for friends Not having anyone besides her mother in her life, Lucy accepts Gretchen s intensity as genuine interest and forges a friendship with her As the two get to know each other, Lucy begins to question her new friend s behavior Gretchen is a very domineering friend, and she has a peculiar obsession with puzzlesI won t go into that obsession further in this review, but let me tell ya, OH BOYThe longer Gretchen and Lucy maintain a friendship, the information she finds out about her own life As Lucy begins to uncover the past about her dark family secrets, Gretchen begins to be force to be reckoned with Gretchen is literally the most insane book I ve ever read Shannon Kirk dives deep into the darkness with this story, and I can t get the book out of my head The pacing is very similar to In The Vines, so if you enjoyed how that story was told, you ll definitely be ready for Gretchen The book goes deeper in its characterizations than Kirk s last novel, and it sets the right formula for the reader to fully be immersed into these characters lives As you read the story, you will believe that you know how this story will play out, but listen, you really, really don t There were multiple moments throughout the book where I was genuinely shocked at how the story was progressing, and I legit yelled,What the %multiple times in a good way Gretchen has multiple story arcs that develop throughout the novel, and it allowed for each character to really play a role in the plot, which made for a really enjoyable horror novel I wonder how fans will enjoy this story, and how they would categorize this book I would say this is of a horror novel than a thriller, but it really is in a league of it s own Gretchen will be out July 23, and I want to thank Shannon Kirk for providing me an advanced copy in exchange for a review I can t wait to see what you all think of it, and I can t wait for you to meet Gretchen Well, I do know who is narrating this novel I m super pumped Gretchen is a gripping thriller that is extremely creepy and disturbing at times It was so good that I read most of it in one sitting If you enjoy thrillers, don t miss out on this one.Thoughts Although the book is named Gretchen, the main character is actually Lucy Or at least, the book is seen and told mostly from her perspective and not Gretchen s The other perspective the book is told from is Lucy s mother shifting back and forth between the two, but most of the time the story is with Lucy The story itself is broken up into three Parts Part I is the longest and is where most of the story and setup occurs This is where we meet all the characters Lucy and her mother Gretchen and her father and other minor characters along the way Part II is the shortest and Part III is where the story slightly takes a new direction in a way as it reaches its climax The main two characters are Lucy and Gretchen Lucy is just looking for some stability, true friends that she calls Jenny s , and a little independence from her mother Gretchen is a social outcast, with a different type of personality, and has very puzzling behavior that makes me cringe because she can be so uncomfortable and unnerving as a character She is someone that my instincts would naturally tell me to stay away from as much as possible, but due to her situation Lucy is not really able to do that.The book is extremely engaging and it was such a good read that it became hard to put down In fact, I read it in two days Every chapter made me and curious about Gretchen s odd behavior and if there wasn t that then I was always trying to figure out Lucy s situation Why was Lucy always on the run and why did Lucy s mother act the way she did overprotective one minute and ignoring Lucy for days on end the next The writing and way the author put everything together made this thriller fly by with me fully invested through out the entire story.This thriller is one I most definitely can recommend I haven t read Shannon Kirk before, but now plan to pick up of her previous books and will always be on the look out for her next one.Rating 4.5 starsThank you Netgalley and Thomas Mercer for the advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest opinion. The New Tenants Have A Terrible Secret So Do The Landlord And His Daughter Ever Since Lucy Was Two, She S Been On The Run Alongside Her Mother She S Never Understood The Reason For A Lifetime Of Paranoia, Aliases, And Lies All She Understands Are The Rules Never Lock Eyes With Strangers, Never Let Down Your Guard, And Always Be Ready To Move OnFinally, After Thirteen Years And Eleven States, Their Next Hideaway Seems Perfect An Isolated, Fortresslike Place In The New Hampshire Woods Is The New Home They Share With Its Owner, A Gentlemanly Pianist, And His Lonely Daughter, Gretchen She S Lucy S Age And Soon Becomes Lucy S First Real FriendBut Gretchen And Her Father Have Secrets Of Their Own And An Obsession With Puzzles That Draws Lucy Into A Terrifying New Game Of Hide And Seek Lucy S Dark Past Is About To Come Calling And This Time, For Her And Her Mother In The House On The Hill, It Might Be Too Late To Run How crazy was this book I think I still have vertigo from the nosedive into the insanity of Gretchen s world and the events that took place in the last 25% of Kirk s latest creation After reading IN THE VINES last year, I knew I would be in for a treat, but had little idea of what exactly I was letting myself in for with this one.I immediately liked Lucy, the 15 year old MC who is narrating most of the story Lucy and her mother have been on the run for 13 years, ever since Lucy was two She believes her mother when she tells her that her evil, powerful father is their enemy and that she must never, ever try to look for him As if she would even get the chance, because her mother keeps her strictly offline, and every time there is even the slightest danger of someone getting too personal, they do the midnight runner just to end up in another small nondescript town in the middle of nowhere Now that Lucy is 15, she longs for normality, but most of all she wants a friend The sort of girl she calls a Jenny Loyal, kind, not asking much in return for a firm quiet friendship When Lucy first meets Gretchen, the daughter of their latest landlord, she knows that she is no Jenny In fact, Gretchen is batshit crazy, with her penchant for puzzles and her way of creeping up on people and invading their privacy But beggars can t be choosers, and Lucy is sick of being a friendless girl on the run Only that her rebellion may cost them all dearly.As with her previous book, Shannon Kirk immediately swept me up with her writing and carried me along in its storm like a tumbleweed, helpless and hopelessly addicted to the story I was so invested that the house could have blown down around me and I may not have noticed Because Gretchen is one crazy gal, and the setting is so spooky that it gave me nightmares I LOVE this type of book Then came the 75% mark, and the story took a very unexpected turn I admit that my farfetched plotline meter was immediately triggered, ringing all alarm bells It was all so out there But in the crazy nightmare that had been evoked by Gretchen in her apple print dress, it all still strangely worked Is it horror I m not sure, though some may be freaked out by the final scenes For me, it felt like a fever dream, the sort where you know you are hallucinating but unable to clear your head I wasn t totally in love with the ending, but it was certainly different I had to put a lot of kindling to my fledgling embers of the art of suspending disbelief, so if you are similarly afflicted with a total lack of that skill you may want to be forewarned Once you have read this book, and have recovered your senses it may take a day or two , make sure to check out the author s website for her additional information link, which added much to the story for me.All in all, GRETCHEN was one hell of a ride like only Kirk can deliver, with the same type of modern Gothic setting that delighted readers of IN THE VINES It definitely delved into batshit crazy territory If you are looking for a thoroughly entertaining book with one of the craziest protagonists and creepiest houses I have come across in a while, and an ending that you will never see coming in a million years, then this is definitely for you Thank you to Netgalley and Thomas Mercer for the free electronic copy of this novel and for giving me the opportunity to provide an honest review. blog facebook instagram

My top 14 books of all time are as follows, in the following order as in, if I was allowed only 14 books to bring to a deserted island where I was marooned for the rest of my life, these are what I would pack 1 Love in the Time of Cholera Gabo 2 Orphan Master s Son Adam Johnson 3 The Mummy Market Nancy Brelis , tragically out of print, which makes ZERO sense because it s a classic4 The Inc

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