The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World

The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the WorldA Debut From Forbesthird Most Powerful Woman In The World, Melinda Gates, A Timely And Necessary Call To Action For Women S EmpowermentFor The Last Twenty Years, Melinda Gates Has Been On A Mission Her Goal, As Co Chair Of The Bill Melinda Gates Foundation, Has Been To Find Solutions For People With The Most Urgent Needs, Wherever They Live Throughout This Journey, One Thing Has Become Increasingly Clear To Her If You Want To Lift A Society Up, Invest In WomenIn This Candid And Inspiring Book, Gates Traces Her Awakening To The Link Between Women S Empowerment And The Health Of Societies She Shows Some Of The Tremendous Opportunities That Exist Right Now To Turbo Charge Change And She Provides Simple And Effective Ways Each One Of Us Can Make A DifferenceConvinced That All Women Should Be Free To Decide Whether And When To Have Children, Gates Took Her First Step Onto The Global Stage To Make A Stand For Family Planning That Step Launched Her Into Further Efforts To Ensure Women Everywhere Have Access To Every Kind Of Job To Encourage Men Around The Globe To Share Equally In The Burdens Of Household Work To Advocate For Paid Family Leave For Everyone To Eliminate Gender Bias In All Its FormsThroughout, Gates Introduces Us To Her Heroes In The Movement Towards Equality, Offers Startling Data, Shares Moving Conversations She S Had With Women From All Over The World And Shows How We Can All Get InvolvedA Personal Statement Of Passionate Conviction, This Book Tells Of Gates Journey From A Partner Working Behind The Scenes To One Of The World S Foremost Advocates For Women, Driven By The Belief That No One Should Be Excluded, All Lives Have Equal Value, And Gender Equity Is The Lever That Lifts Everything The Moment of LiftI cannot say enough good things about this book She is saying, advocating and calling to action with words that are persuasive to me and are hitting me right in the heart Read this book She covers many of the ways women and underprivileged groups are pushed down throughout the world throughout the ages and approaches that have been taken in the past and how the paths to the end goals have changed, because understanding of the needs and obstacles has increased She calls for of that kind of thinking being flexible and willing to change your mind in order to accomplish the goal equality for all humans of every stripe.When I picked this book up, I had a dare in mind, not overtly, just as a jaded person does Ok, Lady of a Billionaire Tell me how to change the world from your Towers in the Clouds Tell me how to fix stuff about which you know nothing I dare you.I couldn t have been further from the truth There are quotes from this book that could be pulled out but this is one of her key points as she focuses on empowering women for those of you who roll your eyes at feminist themes or snap the book shut at empowering women She wants equality for all, not women over men, not women better than men She wants the same rights, dreams and expectations available for all humans, regardless of gender, race, geography or belief systems although all those contribute to the inequalities humans routinely, consistently experience This quote shows her thinking on this that it is the outsiders that we trample, and that most outside of the outsiders are women poor, isolated, unsupported women Anyone can be made to feel like an outsider It s up to the people who have the power to exclude Often it s on the basis of race Depending on a culture s fears and biases, Jews can be treated as outsiders Muslims can be treated as outsiders Christians can be treated as outsiders The poor are always outsiders The sick are often outsiders People with disabilities can be treated as outsiders Members of the LGBTQ community can be treated as outsiders Immigrants are almost always outsiders And in most every society, women can be made to feel like outsiders even in their own homes.Overcoming the need to create outsiders is our greatest challenge as human beings It is the key to ending deep inequality We stigmatize and send to the margins people who trigger in us the feelings we want to avoid This is why there are so many old and weak and sick and poor people on the margins of society We tend to push out the people who have qualities we re most afraid we will find in ourselves and sometimes we falsely ascribe qualities we disown to certain groups, then push those groups out as a way of denying those traits in ourselves This is what drives dominant groups to push different racial and religious groups to the margins.And we re often not honest about what s happening If we re on the inside and see someone on the outside, we often say to ourselves, I m not in that situation because I m different But that s just pride talking We could easily be that person We have all things inside us We just don t like to confess what we have in common with outsiders because it s too humbling It suggests that maybe success and failure aren t entirely fair And if you know you got the better deal, then you have to be humble, and it hurts to give up your sense of superiority and say, I m no better than others So instead we invent excuses for our need to exclude We say it s about merit or tradition when it s really just protecting our privilege and our pride Melinda Gates, The Moment of Lift How Empowering Women Changes the WorldRead this book.Let s change our world by recognizing the ways we are perpetuating inequalities in our personal lives, and get to the business of changing our minds and actions.Again, I say Read this book. A woman on a mission to save other women from despair, poverty, and the ills that effect every aspect of society today.It s a man s world and nothing has changed Yet Melinda Gates is determined to weave a new pattern in this bundle of yarn one that will help those around the world get the help they deserve through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.Empowerment Validation Assurances of a better life Sounds so cozy but can it be accomplished and I wonder can we start at home before going abroad Look I have not had the white picket fence dream fulfilled I married a man I thought would love, honor, obey but instead I got a devil in disguise After being left homeless, bankrupt, without income assets or savings I had to pick myself up, dust off, and try again.So I did but not without helping others first.As a 20 yr volunteer with over 13 nonprofits in my community I seen first hand the power to inspire, transform, and honor those who feel they have lost all hope I ve been both a recipient and a volunteer especially with regards to food insecurities In fact this past year while passing out 10,ooo frozen turkeys my back went out, pinched on my nerve, and legs became temp paralyzed yet I continued to work as people need us I watched people come up to me with a sad look in their eyes one you could read on their face and when I said, It s ok, I m also below poverty with 3 kids from abusive marriage they welled up and tears flowed It s ok to know that they are not alone and in need of assistance I was also on the front line in attending the walk for homeless women in which several of the women were escaping abuse Many found themselves in situations they couldn t escape including mounting medical bills from illnesses they simply couldn t afford We re all just one paycheck away I ve been on the front line at the food banks and job centers seeking better ways Hell I graduated with a dual masters and gave up my career to raise my 3 kids oldest son born med disabled with Vater Syndrome requiring round the clock care but it wasn t rewarded with compensation for lost wages but rather a statement of she s just a mom and get a job after giving up my career for my spouses Please can we address child care in America Can we address compensation for lost wages as you ve mentioned our work is free but it s still work Raising a family and taking care of a household is WORK It s unpaid labor yet there s no monetary value in exchange for the 24 7 duties many women perform daily Might I add women have a right to have children and those who have different circumstances should have a right to abort if they choose Why are we continuously telling women how to live By the way I ve also been a counselor free of charge helping women heal from NPD and DV on my FB page, The Lost Self Life After Narcissism so yes it s a global issue with violence.I absolutely love what I do and an award was never the end result for years of volunteering but I m so honored to have received the Points of Light Award for my service.So I understand the movement here, the motivation, the inspiration I truly do From one viewpoint I can join hands with you on this notion of feminism because as someone who fought to just survive I get it What I m concerned about is this travelling to far off third world countries with all the riches of the marriage to help others when we have dire needs here at home.As a product of a broken civil legal system in dealing with malignant narcissist we need the help here before going outside of our country.My hope is that women and children no longer have to live in fear , in poverty, in abusive situations yet I know there s much behind closed doors.I lived as a prisoner in my own home while married to a man that could sway from one persona to another known as Jekyll and Hyde He was a true chameleon able to adapt to any change in environment while going undetected This is the scary part as woman s voices are being silenced all around the world to violence.It s not just in one centralized spot it s a worldwide epidemic in which if caught it s a resignation, a slap on the wrist, and back at it.Mine violated his PFA , arrest for ICC violation, 3 month probation, alcohol and drug treatment, anger management, warrant for failure to pay and appear 15 k arrearages yet still had parental rights with documented police reports of abuse and removal from our home and yes I had every document to show proof including arrest reports, pics of abuse, transfer of hidden funds, etc.It didn t matter not believable or credible with every legal document shown during divorce proceedings As you may have noticed our country is now experiencing the same insanity by the very same type of toxicity I wish I could say good luck but it takes an act of Congress to receive change When you file 15 exceptions from lies and the other person shows up and receives everything based on simply money, power, connections, and gender there s something wrong We need to end the preferential treatment, the corruption, the pay to play schemes and start treating women fairly.If this continues women and children are in jeopardy of losing everything without even having a say.There s no legal aid available There s no safety net There s a brick wall Public assistance over 2 yr wait lists Housing the same No alimony nor child support for over a year while living off credit.You see I m all for helping everyone but can we please begin right here at home We need all the help we can get.Survivor of NPD and DV Thank you Overall I loved this book and found it very inspiring A very important read that touches on many key global health issues The overall message of this book can be summarized as When we lift up women and girls everywhere, it benefits us all 4 5 or 8 10Highly recommend this to everyone but be warned to any that are sensitive to topics such as rape, domestic violence, religious issues and contraception, child brides, and the sex trade Summary Melinda Gates has actively been involved in various types of global health and charity work around the world for the past twenty years This book is a compilation of her experiences and what she has learned Each chapter is focused on an important global health issue such as contraception, domestic violence, child brides, work place equality, etc She ties in knowledge, research, stories from incredible women, and her own experiences beautifully to each chapter Very heavy topics but an overall uplifting and positive tons.The Good This book is well written and you can really feel the author s passion throughout the entirety She discusses some very heavy topics but somehow gives it an overall positive tone of hope I loved the blending of her own experiences and stories from the women she has met with these complicated issues Not only did I learn a ton from reading this but also was truly inspired with every chapter There are lots of very thoughtful and beautifully written passages For all of history, women and girls have been relegated to the margins, denied an equal chance to learn, lead, earn, thrive, and rise Even today, there is nowhere on earth where women have achieved true equality Being a feminist means believing that every woman should be able to use her voice and pursue her potential, and that women and men should all work together to take down the barriers and end the biases that sill hold women back The Bad A bit preachy at times and also some very heavy topics and sad stories Makes you want to change the world but also a bit depressing because most of us don t have billions of dollars and our own foundations I would have liked practical discussions of how to make a positive change on some of these topics Despite these feelings at times though, the message is simple and everyone can make a difference.Favorite Quotes If you want to lift up humanity, empower women It is the most comprehensive, pervasive, high leverage investment you can make in human beings I ve never held the view that women are better than men, or that the best way to improve the world is for women to gain power than men When a culture of dominance is broken, it activates power in all of us When people become better at seeing themselves in the lives of others, feeling others suffering and easing their pain, then life in that community gets better In many cases, we have empathy for each other today than the people did who set the practices and traditions we now live with So the purpose of conversations about accepted practices is to take out the old bias and add in empathy Empathy is not the only force needed to ease suffering we need science as well But empathy helps end our bias about who deserves the benefits of science Love is the most powerful and underused force for change in the world For me, love is the effort to help others flourish and it often begins with lifting up a person s self image Tradition without discussion kills moral progress If you re handed a tradition and decide not to talk about it just do it then you re letting people from the past tell you what to do It kills the chance to see the blind spots in the tradition and moral blind spots always take the form of excluding others and ignoring their pain.Diversity is the best way to defend equality If people from diverse groups are not making those decisions, the burdens and benefits of society will be divided unequally and unfairly with the people writing the rules ensuring themselves a greater share of the benefits and a lesser share of the burdens of any society If you are not brought in, you get sold out Many successful social movements are driven by the same combination strong activism and the ability to take pain without passing it on Anyone who can combine those two, finds a voice with moral force Adults try to create outsiders, too In fact, we get better at it And most of us fall into one of the same three groups the people who try to create outsiders, the people who are made to feel like outsiders, and the people who stand by and don t stop it Every society says its outsiders are the problem But the outsiders are not the problem the urge to create outsiders is the problem Overcoming that urge is our greatest challenge and our greatest promise It will take courage and insight, because the people we push to the margins are the ones who trigger in us the feelings we re afraid of It s especially galling that some of the people who want to cut funding for contraception cite morality In my view, there is no morality without empathy, and there is certainly no empathy in this policy Morality is loving your neighbor as yourself, which comes from seeing your neighbor as yourself, which means trying to ease your neighbors burdens not add to them. I received a copy of this book from a Goodreads First Reads Giveaway in exchange for an honest review.This book was around 3.5 stars for me While Melinda Gates is open about her faith and her experience and why she believes in supporting women I wish this book had dug deeper There are powerful anecdotes about child brides and women who died in childbirth where Gates explained these are the experiences that moved her and even stories about her own marriage and how the Gates discuss their domestic duties However, there aren t a lot of facts about how letting women plan their family size and care improves economies, improves child welfare outcomes, and other positive attributes Perhaps this book is written to preach to the choir, so to speak, but anyone who has doubts about advocating for women who picks up this book will be faced with heartwrenching and heartwarming stories, but not a number or facts It may also be written this way to make this story accessible and readable like a narrative, as it is a fairly simple read, but for such a platform I was hoping for a bit depth.That being said Gates is a strong advocate for women and uses this book to share their story as well as parts of her own to explain why the Gates launched their Foundation This is a thoughtful read. Melinda Gates has a famous name and job, but who knows what she actually does Running a foundation with assets exceeding that of many countries must carry enormous stresses, particularly for people who understand that injecting cash into a problem may actually make the problem grow What courage it must take just to try.This had to have been a hard book to write, what with a crushing schedule, children, and weighty responsibilities, to say nothing of the disparate and discrete problems of women on different continents I am not saying there aren t similarities among women s experiences the world over I m saying that, perhaps for the purposes of this book, on each continent Gates honed in on a different critical problem among women that she might be able to affect In Africa, she showed us women responsible for field work and cultivation In South Asia, we look at sex workers In America, it was education In every country the message was about empowerment and equality.Gates sounds tentative and na ve to begin which may help her audience connect with her experience But she has some insights sprinkled all the way along as we follow her progress from Catholic school Texan to one of the few female programmers at a gung ho win at any cost Microsoft Two early insights I soon saw that if we are going to take our place as equals with men, it won t come from winning our rights one by one or step by step we ll win our rights in waves as we become empowered If you want to lift up humanity, empower women Gates wonders how she could have missed these two insights early in her foundation work, and I did, too, considering this was something Hillary Clinton hammered pretty hard during her years as First Lady and Secretary of State Both Gates and Clinton had international reach and the massive resources to understand exactly where the latch was to unleash potential and creativity Why Gates never mentions Clinton is a mystery, unless she is trying assiduously to avoid any political fallout That can t be right, though, as Gates is pretty fearless weighing in on religious issues When speaking of her Catholicism and her support for birth control, that is, the notion that women must be able to control their own births, Gates says that religion and birth control should not be incompatible She feels on strong moral ground and welcomes guidance from priests, nuns, and laypeople but ultimately moral questions are personal questions Majorities don t matter on issues of conscience Drop mike My hero She gives me language to speak to critics who wish to roll back women s right to choose It s not an easy decision but it is a woman s decision Otherwise, Christian critics, why did God give this ability to women alone Melinda shares some empowerment struggles of her own in a company and in a household with Bill Gates She was intimidated, but can you blame her With support from Bill and from colleagues and friends, she managed to develop her innate ability to cooperate and thereby manage high performing teams, both at the company and later at the foundation.Later, Gates asks how does disrespect for women grow within a child suckling at his mother s breast Gates places the blame squarely on religion Disrespect for women grows when religions are dominated by men That is a brave stance, the articulation of which I am grateful I also came to that conclusion, and it felt a lonely one I wondered how my moral grounding felt so strong when I learned what I had in the Catholic tradition also Perhaps our reactions are something along the lines of the questioning, probing Jesuitical tradition Bias against women is perhaps humanity s oldest prejudice, and not only are religions our oldest institutions, but they change slowly and grudgingly than all the others which means they hold on to their biases and blind spots longer When she is wrapping up, Gates shares something that will help all of us in this country as we struggle through the next period, trying to avoid the dangers of political and ideological attacks from within on our constitution and on our future development and ability to face the existential dangers of climate change She gives examples of women who have brought peace to warring factions in their country and says Many social movements are driven by the same combination strong activism and the ability to take pain without passing it on Anyone who can combine those two finds a voice with a moral force This, I submit, could be the very key to unlocking the potential of our future Conservatives complain relentlessly about the yapping left Essentially, I agree We have to stop going to the least common denominator Women stand up and show them how to both nurture and progress Democrats and Republicans, we have way in common as women than we have differences as political animals And we have as much at stake Those who are already empowered can make decisions on their own, so aren t intimidated by women who may occasionally disagree Isn t this how we learn Those who seek empowerment can find it with other women, so join us I definitely think there is room to work together to achieve something we haven t yet managed here in the U.S and need badly coherence.Gates last point is one close to the hearts of every mother, teacher, groundbreaker Every society says its outsiders are the problem But outsiders are not the problem the urge to create outsiders is the problem Overcoming that urge is our greatest challenge and our greatest promise.The Left is in agreement with the Right that every member of society must contribute something No one wants to think they do not contribute It is up to us to find ways for everyone to do so And to those who insist they got where they did by themselves, well, go live by yourself Praise your great wealth by looking in the mirror Gates has written a thought provoking and generous book, sharing much of what she has been given. This book explores how educating and empowering women brings significant and positive change in communities around the world.Melinda Gates describes her experiences and challenges but also the profound fulfillment that working in the foundation has brought to her life I think this work is important and, even though, some of the stories were deeply sad we should still listen and explore how we can help from wherever we stand.An inspiring and enlightening read. For this book I need to make a whole new shelf called abandoned with hatred and anger.If you haven t heard that people and children die in Africa because of poverty, hunger no health care etc, and if you haven t heard that people in poor African countries have many children, who die under age of five, and you have no idea that in Africa they had no education, and you haven t heard about inexplicably rich people form western world, known as philanthropists, who go there and try to help those poor people, by donating money, talking to them, making programs about birth control etc, this book is for you Also, if you have no idea how to use Google search, this book might give you all the numbers in the statistic in countries where all those things are happening Youl ll get a lot of numbers, trust me on that I also wonder why no one didn t consider telling Mrs Gates that most of her readers probably know what poverty is, what doest it cause to people, its affects on human life and how when you are poor the only thing you can think of is surviving and you absolutely cannot contribute to your society So I expected Melinda Gates to tell us her life story and her personal experience, which she almost did, but was somehow boring and predictable and nothing normal reader haven t heard Like the story of this woman in Africa, Rwanda, I guess, who asked Mrs Gates to take her own baby, but Melinda told her, she already has three kids of her own, so better teach her how not to have children And she asks if we can imagine, or something similar, that this African woman prefers to leave her child for better future than to have it with her Sure I do, also like most of the people Tell me something I don t know, or cannot Google the numbers behind Somehow this book feels shallow, not convincing, boring.Melinda s idea that giving women power and this will do miracles if they can plan their pregnancies and can marry who the want is naiive and there is contradiction, because why should someone had to give anyone anything, if we try to be equal So far I got, maybe the book gets better, but I cannot stand it one minute.I expected story and personal experience of women of power and how you can make yourself useful for your society, but I got African children again, vaccines and contraceptives. If you invest in a girl or a woman, you re investing in everyone else. I did not realise the depth of philanthropy that Melinda Gates is invested in She is seriously invested in the rights of women and making women empowered around the world She works tirelessly within her organisation the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation I knew nothing of the work undertaken by this organisation, they certainly use their wealth for excellent means Melinda travels around the world, stays with families, gets to know people at an intricate level and learns so much about what is happening to women at a basic level and is making progress The simple right to contraception is one of the biggest themes here, Melinda is a Catholic and does not let this get in the way of her important work There were some great quotes that I wish I had written down but did not as this was an audio read, skillfully narrated by the author I love to listen to the author tell their story, it adds to my reading experience As for this being a debut work, it blows me away.Child arranged marriage is discussed, and some of the stories are heartbreaking The author approaches these tragic issues with humility and grace I applaud the author for using her wisdom, knowledge and position to raise up the status of women from around the world Even issues on not such a grand scale are faced here, such as the ratio of women to men performing household duties, and the task of driving the kids to school She asked Bill to step up here and share the load, and he did so willingly, without noticing the disparity of the task Because after all Melinda Gates is just a mum, like so many of us less known folk are I took away from this that Melinda learns a lot from everything she undertake whether they be life lessons or personal things from the scores of women she has had dealings with around the world She makes mention of many women being her teacher I liked this This was an interesting and thoughtful read which I recommend. I really loved this book It is a book that tells the stories of women around the world and their struggles, and the things that have been done or need to be done to help empower them and lift them up When women are empowered, everybody benefits So heartbreaking and encouraging to read these brave women s stories and see the changes that can happen It makes me so angry how women all over the world are treated and how it is looked at as okay because it is the way it has always been Melinda Gates is very inspiring I really enjoyed her writing style She has done and continues to do so many wonderful things to help empower women around the world She is so down to earth, passionate, caring and empathetic towards people She really approaches change from a point of empathy and by trying to understand the culture and why certain practices are done in the first place instead of just saying they are wrong and need to be changed People do not like to be judged and will often fight back if they feel that they are She is very outspoken in her opinions She doesn t try to push it on people, but she also doesn t let someone else s difference of opinion hold her back from communicating hers I admire her strength.I feel like some people may say that there was too much talk about her personal life and history added in She did talk about it a lot and I felt like it sometimes went a bit off topic but I actually really liked reading it anyway I love both Bill and Melinda and I enjoyed reading about all aspects of their life If their was one couple in the whole world whom I could sit down and have dinner with it would definitely be Bill and Melinda Gates When women hear our own voices in another woman s story, our courage grows, and one voice can become a chorus When it s he said she said, the woman can t win But when it s he said she said she said she said she said she said, transparency has a chance, and light can flood the places where abusive behaviour thrives I definitely recommend this book

Melinda French Gates is a philanthropist, businesswoman, and global advocate for women and girls.As the co chair of the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation, Melinda sets the direction and priorities of the world s largest philanthropy She is also the founder of Pivotal Ventures, an investment and incubation company working to drive social progress for women and families in the United States.Melin

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