The Wrong Highlander

The Wrong HighlanderPulling the plug on this time of DNF 20%I get that this was trying to be a comedy of errors with a side of slapstick, but it s just not working for me Kidnappingthe wrong person, naked and dangling from horse, falling off horse, boils on arse, tripping and falling on top of lady you found sleeping on floor outside the sickroom door, destruction of personal property of someone who helped you, and it continues O.o Just No.I thought it was me I was wrong This is stupid. Listening Length Lady Evina Maclean Has Heard Much About Rory Buchanan S Skill As A Healer What She Hasn T Heard Is How Good The Brawny Highlander Looks Bathing In A Waterfall But Evina Can T Afford The Distraction, For Her Ailing Father Urgently Needs Care Only When She S Rendered Buchanan Unconscious And Dragged Him Back To Her Family S Castle Does The Truth Emerge It S Not Rory She S Kidnapped But His Brother ConranOther Ladies Try To Ensnare Conran With Flattery Evina Hits Him Over The Head With The Hilt Of Her Sword To Save Her Kin And Conran Likes The Spirited Redhead All The For It He S Learned Enough From His Brother To Heal Evina S Father, But There Are Other Dangers Swirling Around The Maclean Clan And While The Beautiful, Independent Lady Has Sworn Not To Marry, This Wrong Highlander May Be Just The Right Man For Her I ve come to the conclusion that Lynsay Sands could write the phone book and I would probably read it and enjoy it I love how she diversifies herself between historical and paranormal I love how her words flow off the pages, how she can take perilous situations and make them fun and exciting She writes strong woman, handsome men and interesting stories that make it easy to turn the pages.I loved being back with the Buchanan s Lady Evina and Conran were wonderful together They were a true comedy of errors right from the beginning You couldn t help but smile and laugh throughout this story of mistaken identity And, she brought all the Buchanan s together again and I absolutely love when I am able to visit with past characters that I fell in love with It was fun watching Lady Evina being the strong, capable woman of the Maclean Clan to going soft in the arms of Conran You knew that it would get really interesting when everyone found out that she kidnapped the wrong Buchanan and, it did But, not for long It was even interesting watching Conran trying to woo and win his woman back.I do love reading Lynsay Sands She never lets me down She knows how to keep a story interesting and moving along and knows just how to write those twists and turns that keep you wondering She writes beautiful love scenes between two people who truly belong together So, all in all, she knows how to write wonderful stories and I am sure that I will just keep reading her and not be disappointed in the story. 4 stars Loved it This was so much better than the previous 2 books in this series Evina and Conran had amazing chemistry and although the story had the usual ups and downs of a Lynsay Sands book, things were not that obvious and the villain was a surprise It was also nice to note that the h was not a pushover and the H had to put in some serious time and effort to woo her Highly recommended Can t wait to read what s next in this series.. This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceI have had so much fun with this family here and I each book is guaranteed to keep you on your toes Now I admit, first off, the cover here that Avon did is wonderful and so sexy, I love a naked man under a waterfall But honestly, there is something so endearing about this series and you are always guaranteed a page turner and a charming love story whenever you pick up Lynsay Sands.The Wrong Highlander is a story that begins with Conran Buchanan, who has been assisting his brother Ronan with gathering herbs for his healing potions Conran is the brother that is a jack of all trades and is always there with a helping hand But now Conran has found himself in a heap of trouble While cleaning himself in the river, he gets attacked and kidnapped and assumed to be his brother Ronan and demanding he help with their Laird being sick But even though the circumstances aren t the best, Conran can t resist helping someone in need despite how it came about Lady Evina refuses to let her father die of sickness and doesn t feel that she has a choice and kidnaps Conran she assumes him to be the infamous Ronan and demands he heals her father She will do anything for her father, even reduce herself to becoming a kidnapper Evina refuses to marry, ever But there are sparks that fly between herself and Conran and she can t deny the feelings she is learning to have for him But there is a plan to kill Evina, and when Conran s family come to get him, they search for the unknown killer.I found the Wrong Highlander to be quite an entertaining read for sure There was something about this book though, that really appealed to me in such a unique way First off, this book is a page turner, you won t be able to put this book down This is what I love about Lynsay Sands, her books are so engaging In this book, I was really intrigued with the set up of the story, I do love a fun kidnapping story and Sands did a great job with this I love how Conran doesn t let what Evina does to him to prevent from healing her sick father, and he doesn t resent her for it He is so understanding and patient with her especially her fears of sex and marriage She does have some good reasons for both and we see how Conran is steady like a rock and never loses hope on her There is such growth in the intimacy that forms between these two here They have some powerful sexual sparks of course, and yeah once they start kissing, they have a hard time stopping from touching each other and are just explosive What I did like was that Sands shows how uncomfortable the first time for a woman can be and how Conran helps Evina deal with her fears of sex since their first time is pretty painful for her But he is great in showing her how pleasure can be found despite the fears and misconceptions you may have beforehand.We also have a level of suspense and intrigue introduced into the story and I really love how Sands has situated this aspect in this story and like the previous books, it s wonderfully delightful to see it happen for sure And it was quite fascinating to see this develop because when it begins, you don t see it coming and boy this author had me on the edge trying to figure out why Evina and Conran were being targeted and who the real culprit was and yeah it blew me away No matter how much you keep guessing you will never be able to figure it out.I guarantee it Or if you do, you are my superhero, but seriously, I love how you never knew what was going to happen next especially in the last half of the story.Overall I found The Wrong Highlander to be a tale of laughs, medieval adventures and some sexy kilted lovin A ROMANCE TO DEVOUR I ve been reading this series off and on, but I couldn t resist this synopsis I loved Evina and Conran They re both stubborn and the button pushing is amusing I loved how they talked and got to know each other, even if it was a bit backward Of course, the entire cast of family appeared and I had no idea who some of them were, but I m okay with that Plot wise, I never really settled into the evil thread I was wrapped up in the relationship, so I may have skimmed some of those parts I just didn t really care who was doing the targeting and the reveal was meh Overall, it was a fun and quick read I do enjoy these books and I can t wait to see who gets a book next Huge thanks to Avon Books for providing the arc free of charge Mistaken for his healing brother, Rory, Conran is kidnapped by Lady Evina to help heal her father who has taken to his sick bed Conran has picked up quite a bit about healing from his brother Rory so when tasked with healing Evina s father, he steps up to the plate But he is unsure of Evina s intention and doesn t let anyone know they have the wrong manuntil his family shows up and he finds himself betrothed to Evina.Someone also tries to kill Evina and with the Buchanan s all showing up, they have plenty of people ready to help solve the mystery.Fun, flirty and a the quirky Buchanan cast, The Wrong Highlander is the right novel for the historical romance fan.I received this ARC copy of The Wrong Highlander from Avon This is my honest and voluntary review The Wrong Highlander is set for publication Jan 29, 2019.My Rating 4 starsWritten by Lynsay SandsOn Sale Date January 29, 2019ISBN 9780062469007, 0062469002Mass Market 384 pages 7.99 USD, 10.99 CADGenre Fiction Romance HistoricalOfficial Author Website Author Facebook Author Twitter Barnes Noble check us out on Tome Tender Book Blog or on Facebook Series Highland Brides 7Publication Date 1 29 19Number of Pages 384I think I enjoy this series and with each new book Each book is witty and humorous while still being tense, exciting and romantic The writing, as always, is excellent and the story is tightly plotted and well executed I love the main characters as well as the re appearances of the large and boisterous Buchanan family You can read this book as a stand alone, but I highly recommend the rest of the series otherwise, you ll miss out on some lovely stories and great background on some of the characters appearing in this story Including this story, we ve found HEA s for 5 of the 8 Buchanan s only three to go I ve loved each of their stories and they are all wonderful So far the only sister, Saidh, has married along with Dougall, Niels, Aulay and now Conran We only have Rory, Alick, and Geordi left I can t wait for their stories.Conran Buchanan doesn t think he has any real talents It doesn t bother him overmuch though He loves helping his brothers with the things at which they are good and he has learned a lot from each of them He s a jack of all trades He s learned about horses from Dougall, sheep and wool from Niels, being a good Laird from Aulay, and healing from Rory So, it isn t surprising to find Conran out with Rory looking for medicinal herbs Conran s saddlebags are so full that he can hardly close them After hunting for Rory s medicinals all morning, Conran is hot and itchy and is looking forward to stripping down and enjoying some time beneath the waterfall UGH, he feels as if there are creepy crawlies under his clothes He knows there isn t, that it is just the wool of his plaid against his damp, sweaty skin, but still he can t wait As soon as Rory heads back to see a patient, Conran strips and heads for the waterfall.Evina Maclean has ridden non stop from her home, a good two day ride, to fetch the healer, Rory Buchanan He d accompany her to her home whether he wanted to or not Her father lies dying and she ll do anything to help him So, she ll ask Buchanan nicely, but if he was unwilling, she ll kidnap him Evina has spent her life doing as she pleased Her mother died when Evina was ten, and her father just closed off and left everything to Evina to take care of even the care of her newly arrived and orphaned two year old cousin, Gavin She wears trewes under her skirts, carries a sword, rides astride and runs the clan in her father s stead Everybody in her clan loves and respects her.Imagine a completely naked Conran suddenly finding another fully naked man joining him in the waterfall Yep, that meeting didn t go well and the two end up fighting and tumbling from the waterfall into the stream where they continued the fight Suddenly out of nowhere there is the hilt of a sword coming toward his head Then, nothing, just blackness.Conran s nude and unconscious trip to Evina s home is quite an adventure You ll wonder how he ever makes it alive, but it is quite entertaining to read.Once Conran revives, he learns that they think he is Rory and he certainly doesn t intend to tell them differently until he finds out what is what However, when he sees the dying Laird Maclean, he decides he ll do what he can to save him Even though Conran is not Rory, he has learned a bit from him and there is nobody else to help.Conran is drawn to Evina but knows that he has no chance of courting her He s the fourth son and she s a Laird s daughter Then, there is an attempt on Evina s life and another and another Don t try to figure out who the villain is you won t, but it is fun to try.One of the fun things about this read is that you really believe the love between Evina and Conran She challenges him rather than following meek and ladylike and he admires her for that Great romance.Please check out my reviews at Blog Page I requested and received this e book at no cost to me and volunteered to read it my review is my honest opinion and given without any influence by the author or publisher. Evina Evi Mclean is desperate, her father is dying and she needs the best healer in the highlands, Rory Buchanan to come and tend him She didn t plan on kidnapping him, but when she and her men find him bathing in the waterfall, there isn t time for niceties she sends her cousin Gavin to bring him to her, but when a fight breaks out and she intervenes, Rory ends up unconscious and almost drowns Evi doesn t have time to wait for him to wake, so they tie him to his horse and are off.When Conran Buchanan wakes, he realizes that they believe him to be his brother Rory, he is going to correct them when he sees how ill the laird is Conran is not a healer, but has assisted Rory enough to know how to bring a fever down He begins issuing orders and sets to healing the laird Evi is not happy about being bossed around, but if he can save her father, she will comply.The next morning, Conran finds Evi sleeping outside the door, he picks her up and carries her to her father s bed, when he trips and they fall on the bed, he kisses her and she kisses him back, but they jump apart when there is a knock at the door Conran goes down to eat and her dad wakes, he tells her to go keep Conran company Conrad asks why she has not married, she has He is upset that he kissed a married woman and they two avoid each other for days But Evi s father explains she is a widow and encourages Conran to woo her, going as far as to concoct reasons for them to be together When they go to gather herbs, one thing leads to another and Conran is shocked to learn that while she is a widow, she was still a virgin and she most definitely did not enjoy their coupling But before he can say anything, they are attacked by bandits and she is shot with an arrow, he rushes to protect her and is thankful to see Gavin in the clearing They fight off the bandits and rush Evi home.When she wakes days later, she learns that her father expects them to marry she refuses And when Conran s brothers show up and the truth of who he is and what her father did comes out, she is even sure that she won t marry him, but when Conran implies she might be carrying his child, it seems like she has no choice Conran doesn t want to force her to marry and set out to woo her Things are going well and she accepts him, but it seems like there is someone who will stop at nothing to keep that from happening.The book is filled with the signature Lynsay Sands humor, action and heat, with characters that are likeable and relatable But it felt like it was just a different spin on the same story as the previous books, in fact when your characters are commenting that the same thing happened to all of them, it might be time for a new twist That in addition to an uncommon amount of modern verbiage, butchered titles and rushed ending made this a three star read for me It was good, just not what I had hoped for But to be fair, this was an uncorrected copy and the verbiage and titles might be corrected before publication I am voluntarily leaving a review for an UNCORRECTED eARC that was provided to me by Edelweiss and the publisher. This one was just okay As with all of LS s Highland books, if you ve read one you ve pretty much read them all because they re basically the same story over and over In other books of the series I ve still enjoyed the stories even though they were repetitive because I made a good connection with the characters Evi and Conran s relationship just felt very tame and boring view spoiler I was really looking forward to reading this story because I was intrigued by the blurb on the back It seemed very exciting and a source for good drama to have Evi kidnapping the wrong Buchanan brother Unfortunately that interesting premise turned out to be kind of a one trick pony The story opens with Evi, her 10 years younger cousin, Gavin, whom she basically raised, and her father s First whose name I forget They see Conran bathing in a waterfall and think he s Rory, whom they desperately need to come with them to save Evi s ailing father Gavin is sent in to talk to Rory and try to convince him to come with them, but Conran takes the advance of a strange man as an attack and strikes out Gavin fights back ineffectually against the superior fighter and Conran starts drowning him Evi rides into the river and coshes Conran over the head with her sword in order to save Gavin s life Conran comes close to drowning when he falls unconscious into the river but Evi performs mouth to mouth on him and that revives him Then they sling him over his own horse s back and ride for home.Once there, Conran realizes quickly that it s a case of mistaken identity but he s pretty easy going about the whole thing He lets them go on thinking that he s Rory because he doesn t want them to dash off and kidnap the real Rory, but also because he can see that Evi s father really IS on death s door and he knows that Rory could never get there in time regardless But, lucky for Evi, Conran has assisted Rory enough that he knows what to do and he manages to save her father s life.There s some initial weirdness about whether Conran is actually a prisoner or not since they brought him there without his consent but then once the father is out of danger, Evi falls all over herself trying to claim it wasn t a kidnapping and that they d actually done Conran of favor by not leaving him naked and unconscious in a field to be set upon by bandits Conran finds Evi attractive so he graciously accepts this nonsense as he s moving to cozy up to her They even end up falling on her father s sickbed, with him still in it, and making out right beside the man, who they think is unconscious but who actually isn t.Conran is all set to give Evi the full court press but then he asks why she never married and she said that she did and gives him her full married name This pisses him off because he feels c ck blocked and he s irritated with her for making out with him when she s a married woman So he avoids her for a couple of days, always leaving the room as soon as she arrives Then he learns that she s a widow, not a wife and he s back to wanting to toss her on the nearest bed.Evi s father, meanwhile, manufactures a situation so that Evi and Conran who everyone still thinks is Rory are out of the castle together unsupervised He also insists that Evi not wear braies under her dress like she usually does and to leave her hair down and her sword behind He instructs Evi to be nice to Conran so that he won t press charges on them for kidnapping him or set his huge family of powerful lords on them.Evi and Conran go ahead and leave the castle and Conran quickly makes use of their alone time to have sex with Evi Only it turns out she s still a virgin because she was only 10 when she was married to a 12 year old boy and they never consummated the union Conran, thinking he was tumbling a lusty and experienced widow, didn t do anything to ease into the event and Evi experiences great pain Conran tries to fumble through an apology that just makes things worse because he says he d just been looking for a fun romp, not for anything long term Then Evi s suddenly shot in the back with an arrow and multiple bandits charge in Conrad kills a bunch of them and then Gavin joins the fight, having been sent there by Evi s father for the expressed purpose of catching Evi and Conran in a compromising situation so Conran would be forced to marry her Gavin gets a cut on the arm and Evi calls out his name This causes the man fighting Gavin to take off running.Evi is taken back to the castle and Conran doctors her up He doesn t seem all that worried about her though, which is part of the reason why this relationship feels meh Aulay and some of the other Buchanan brothers arrive, including the real Rory, and we learn that Evi s father wrote to invite them and has also drawn up a marriage contract for Rory to marry Evi since he took her innocence Evi wakes up and realizes what s happening so she hobbles down to her father s room to protest that she doesn t want to marry anyone She s pretty upset when she realizes that she gave her virginity to Conran when she didn t even know his real name and she s hurt that he just thought of her as a good time and nothing She s also pretty pissed at her father for setting her and Conran up like he did but gets over it really quickly when her father just says he wanted to see her happy and settled because he won t be around forever She s also embarrassed when he reveals that he was awake for her and Conran s make out session on his bed that time.Ultimately Evi says she doesn t want to get married but everyone is kind of manipulating her into it by saying that she could be pregnant Even Conran uses this tactic even though he knows full well that he never actually finished the job so it s actually nigh on impossible for her to be with child Evi s too much of an innocent to know the difference though and truly believes she could be incubating Conran s baby right at that moment But she sticks to her guns and says she won t agree to the marriage Aulay pulls Conran aside and basically tells him that he WILL be marrying Evi because it s the honorable thing to do and it s a great deal for Conran because it ll make him lord of his own castle once the father dies Then Aulay gives him the advice of getting Evi back in bed and this time doing the job properly so that she sees sex isn t just the pain she experienced last time He also says that virtually every one of the couples from all the previous books are on their way and will be here in 2 weeks or less so that s how long Conran has to get Evi to consent to the marriage.Throughout all this nobody is even a tiny bit concerned about who it was that shot Evi with the arrow in the first place They all just shrug and chalk it up to bandits Conran tries to talk to Evi and she explains why she s so opposed to marriage That her 12 year old husband was a brat who tried to make her eat worms and repeatedly crowed about how, as her husband, he could make her do anything he asked She also saw her aunt, Gavin s mother, get beat to death by her husband after many years of physical abuse and until he actually killed her, he d been perfectly within his rights to abuse her as he had, according to the law Conran assures her that he d never beat her and that he d even put that into their marriage contract and say it during their vows if it would make her feel better Evi s not totally swayed but she does consent to let Conran show her the pleasures of the flesh as long as he promises not to go all the way They have two sessions that end with Evi finding release and Conran needing a cold shower.Then she gets the all clear from Rory to take a bath and when her lady s maid housekeeper surrogate mother figure steps out, someone slips into the room via the secret passage that all LS castles have and tries to drown her in the tub The housekeeper comes back sooner than expected and screams so the man takes off back into the tunnels Evi isn t breathing but the First performs the same mouth to mouth that he saw Evi do in the opening scene and it revives her, though Conran was pretty outraged that the man was kissing his sort of betrothed After ages they finally rally the troops to both search the secret passage and stake out the exits that lead out of the castle but never think to check the other exits that are INSIDE the castle until it s far too late While Conran is inside the passage, the assailant stabs him in the back and pushes him down some stairs, then escapes Back inside, Conran needs stitching up and both he and Evi need guarding Conran passes out from blood loss and Evi is exhausted from being drown so Rory and crew end up just putting them in the same bed for the night so they only have to guard one room Of course they both wake up and despite their respective brushes with death, they re both well enough to have sex multiple times throughout the night.The whole extended family has arrived by this time so that means it s time for the wedding Conran asks Evi if she ll marry him and she finally says yes, pleased that someone finally asked her opinion on the matter instead of just ordering and manipulating her Saidh and all the other women swoop in and get Evi ready for the big day, then leave her alone in her room The secret passage has supposedly been locked and there are guards on the door so she should be safe.She has a brief chat with her housekeeper who says that she doesn t believe Evi was ever truly afraid of being in an abusive marriage because she s perfectly capable of standing up for herself Instead she thinks that Evi is really just afraid that Conran will let her down the way everyone in her life has Her mother died when Evi was ten and her father basically just checked out of everything from that point on At first he was just eaten up by grief but that doesn t excuse the fact that he wasn t there for his also mourning daughter And then the infant Gavin ended up at their house and the father still didn t do anything to help The ten year old Evi had to become both mother and sister to the baby when she had no one to show her what to do She also had to take on the running of the castle because her father would have left it to rot Eventually he came out of his depression but by then he d gotten used to not having any responsibility, so he d just gone hunting, fishing and visiting friends and left his underage daughter to go on shouldering all the responsibility The housekeeper went on to say that while she had provided Evi with some support, she realized now that she d never been demonstrably affectionate with Evi the way a mother would have been She never hugged Evi or held her while she cried, not even when Evi had just seen her mother die She admits that she and Evi s father had failed her in the way they interacted with her all this time and it had left Evi feeling like she couldn t count on the people she was supposed to be able to count on.Evi listens to all this and realizes that she actually hates her father for emotionally abandoning her the way he did, even as she loves him for the warm father he d been prior to her mother s death Then Gavin comes in to escort her down to the church because Evi s father doesn t feel up to the task since he s still recovering from his own sickness This is another twinge for Evi as she recognizes that he s once again putting his own needs above hers.Gavin then asks if she was about to make a run for it because the secret passage is open Evi jumps up and is grabbed by a man who was hiding behind her bed for some reason He soon reveals himself to be Gavin s father The one who beat Gavin s mother to death Evi and her father had been told the man had died shortly thereafter but that turns out to have been a lie Gavin s father proclaims that he s planning to kill Evi and Evi s father because that ll leave Gavin the heir to the castle But if she marries Conran and has kids then Gavin will never inherit Gavin doesn t believe the man is his father at first and then insists that he doesn t want any harm to come to Evi when she s the one who raised him so lovingly.Meanwhile, the guards outside Evi s room have figured out that there s a third person in the room and alerted Conran They knock on the door and Gavin answers and manages to slip them the message that they should enter the room through the secret passage Back inside the room, Evi tries to keep the attacker talking and he reveals that Gavin is actually still heir to his father s castle, but the property is virtually bankrupt because a gambling uncle has been running it all these years Evi manages to pick up the fireplace poker and stab the attacker in the stomach with it Then Conran appears behind the man and holds a sword to his back They ask Gavin what to do with him and Gavin says to let the king hang him for the murder of Gavin s mother Then the man lunges and Gavin ends up killing him.They drag the body out of the room and Evi and Conran exchange I love yous and head downstairs for their wedding The end It was kind of abrupt, really I would have liked an epilogue or something, but I guess that s what the next book in the series is for We ve still got 3 Buchanan brothers to marry off and I wouldn t be surprised if Gavin got his own book too.All told it was just kind of meh We didn t really get any good scenes between Conran and Evi that showed them forming a strong bond The villain was kind of lame since he wasn t even a character we d met prior to that final scene And while I like strong women who can save themselves instead of needing to wait to be rescued like a damsel in distress, the fact that Conran basically did nothing and Gavin was the one to kill the assailant in the end was kind of lame I mean, Conran wasn t event he one who realized that anything bad was happening in Evi s room in the first place His brothers did that So yeah, pretty weak hide spoiler

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