SinnerI love this book I love Shayne Silvers I read Templeverse books in one sitting They are worth your time You will not be disappointed I go through what these characters go through other than having magic I feel what they feel You wouldn t think that this book would make you cry and then make you laugh but it does It also made me feel a little bit guilty because I was raised in a religious household and this book just stomps all over everything that I believe in I have to make myself say that this is just entertainment and then I can enjoy it After that then I can honestly say that this is one of the best books that I have read in a long time Callie says some amazing things in this book I love the fact that she likes Nate and wants to be with him I love the fact that she won t be with him until she is able to meet him as his equal It s beautiful Hurry up Shayne We are all ready for another Templeverse book today This would be my choice for the Good Reads awards All the Templeverse books would. An unexpected Quest.With out her role how every begrudgingly with the Shepards, Callie Penrose is floundering It s not easy being powerful and having no idea what to do with all that power Callie only knows she wants to help, to save people, to protect the unprotected Unfortunately, in doing so, she s becoming the Boogeyman of Kansas City to the local Freaks Being a Super villain was never her intention but sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do The problem lies in the fact that, at this point, she s even scaring her friends.An unexpected quest leaves Callie with options Sure, it s a bit of a distraction from actually dealing with her problems but there s a purpose Maybe Callie will find her path, maybe she ll find answers, maybe she ll finally figure out who she is supposed to be Or maybe, Callie will give into the rage that s been driving her lately and crush everyone that stands against her until the whole world bows and grovels at the heel of her Darling and Dear boots Who needs friends when you ve got power In a SS book, there s always a subtle message underneath do you take what you want at the expense of losing everything that makes you, you Or do you choose another path, likely the harder path A path that will break your soul but, likely, has better rewards in the end An insane amount of symbolism and self reflection are hidden in a story that s essentially about a treasure hunt.We re light on supporting characters this time around, with short appearances from Roland and a few others, scattered about Oddly, this works IMO, in Nate Temple books, Nate isn t as enjoyable without his supporting characters but Callie s always been of a loner She s had to be, given her role with the Vatican so standing on her own suits her fine.The notable expectation is Callie s partner in this treasure hunt Caine Caine might be the only friend in her life who isn t afraid of her Callie is less guarded around Caine, they balance each other well Caine s a man who makes me laugh, cry and want to hug his stupid self He s flawed, broken but has the best sense of humor and a bit of unexpected grace, given that he s the worlds first murderer There s a ton of character development for both Callie and Caine, some brilliant references to what might happen next and several instances that are just heart breaking as we learn about what could be gained and what might be lost There aren t a lot of answers to nagging questions and yet there are, if that makes any sense My only critique is the lack of Beckett, we get a little tidbit but I would ve liked to know about exactly where he is, what he s doing and how Callie s going to deal with his betrayal, ignoring it won t work forever and will likely make things worse The ending of the book absolutely floored me It s not a cliffhanger, per se, but it s than a little unexpected and likely has consequences that might change everything. Callie and Cain Get Seasoning Lots of action on this quest with a few different goals including an existential one with which most can relate I think the main reason for Callie to be on this quest was simply seasoning Not until a person has lived through difficulties e.g battles or quests can she truly appreciate the simple things in life That is something else with which I can identify I need the next book yesterdaybut I appreciated and enjoyed this one. Sinner5 stars again to Mr Silvers This is brilliant, reading about the doors and how Callie went through, what she learned and felt She was raw in this book and she was great The pages kept turning, couldn t put it down I don t how how Shayne Silvers writes three or books a year, juggles all his different characters and plot lines, deals with the aggravations of self publishing, conventions and fandom in general, but thank god he does I don t remember exactly where I entered the Templeverse or quite how I discovered it in the first place Bookbub, maybe I m just not sure , but from the moment I first climbed on board, it s been a journey well worth taking With Sinner, the fifth book in the Callie Penrose series, Silvers ups the stakes for Callie in so many ways, most of them with far reaching consequences, not just for her, but for all her friends and allies as well Silvers doubles down this time on the possible ramifications of Callie s angelic heritage and what that means for her as a sorceror and as a human being and begins toying with the question of just how far the answers to these questions may take our hero from her friends and support group, most especially Nate Temple, with whom she s been inching her way toward a relationship with in a manner that is the absolute textbook definition of slow burning Callie is such a likable and sympathetic character and Silvers prose crackles with such excitement and wit that it almost doesn t matter what the story is, because the world is so enjoyable Pay attention, however, there are several surprises here that will undoubtedly carry over for many books to come and push The White Rose and her allies into new and greater dangers ahead. Sinner Feathers and Fire Book 5 Callie s story starts out as she attends a fancy gathering for the rich and famous monsters of Kansas City, her town Of course nothing so simple as a party she attends can end without something going very very wrong Callie is one tough, gifted and dangerous woman who seems to have set the monsters of KC teeth on edge Helping the vampires of her city was the reason for the party, but some heavenly hosts decided to crash it Literally Callie is no stranger to dealing with angels and the visit shook her to her core Cain, the first murderer, and Callie set off on a quest to find Solomon s Temple Callie knows she is a descendant of the great and wise King Solomon Trying to find the temple takes the story into many dark, sad, deadly and very dangerous places Nothing is as it seems as they must go through doors to reach each new level in the quest Much is found, but much is lost too The story moves smoothly Readers are given a shocking revelation at the end of the story So beware Another gripping story from Shayne Silvers I highly recommend all his books He is one amazing writer Kathy Barber Doyle 11 8 2018 Callie Penrose has been a character both in her own novels and along with Nate and Quinn Until now, though, we really didn t understand the inner workings of Callie s mind and what drives her This book is an in depth look into the soul of the White Rose Where she came from, how she got to where she is now The quest brings out the good and bad as resides in every soul and helps her to learn who she wants to be What is important Knowledge without emotion or the ups and downs of caring about your fellow man Callie has questions that need answering, and choices that need to be made And where better to look than in King Solomon s Temple, who as it turns out is her ancestor This is a wonderful interlude giving us insight into the character of Callie Penrose And true to Shayne Silvers form, leaves us waiting impatiently for his next installment when the story of Callie and her involvement in Temple Verse continues.I received this book as part of an advanced reader group, but as always, I liked it enough to go buy my own These are all my own opinions and given freely As always, Very Well Done, Shayne Silvers, Very Well Done indeed If you re just browsing for a book that might interest you and you haven t already discovered Shayne Silver s Templeverse including the Phantom Queen novels with Cameron O Connell , I highly recommend them Go on back and start at the beginning You won t regret it I am not going to give a synopsis of the book in my review As usual it was fantastic In Sinner Callie finds depth of character and it s an emotional ride We take the journey with her in this story as she goes through what amounts to an emotional and fundamental metamorphosis in which she becomes a complex character In hindsight I think this was necessary if she is to interact as a significant character within Nate s story as he has become so much than he was both in power and complexity and for Callie and Nate s relationship to develop and for Callie to have any impact going forward she needed to step it up.There is so much to absorb I think I ll be reading it again soon to make sure I haven t missed anything. Shayne is the master of blending Epic Legends and fiction I thought the trip to Fae and the underworld Nate went on was crazy Nope Not even close to the quest Callie and Cain go on Talk about down the rabbit hole or take the blue pill Or red pill This book takes you for a Matrix type ride It will have you laughing, crying, yelling and laughing so hard you cry again Then you asking yourself why didn t I take the blue pill Lol Trust me it will all make sense after you read this amazing, crazy, brilliant, hilarious, and heart pounding book. If You Want To Get To Heaven, You Ve Got To Raise A Little Hell Callie Penrose Is Struggling To Find Her Special Purpose In Life Rather Than Allying With Any Of The Powerful Supernatural Groups Begging To Sign Her Up The Vatican, The Vampires, The Shifters, Or The Armies Of Both Heaven And Hell Callie Has Been Picking Fights With All Of ThemBut When She S Abducted By A Host Of Angels, And A Greater Demon Begins Hunting Her Through The Daytime Streets Of Kansas City, Callie Learns That Her Past Has Come Back To Haunt HerThanks To Her Actions In Recent Months, Solomon S Temple Has Been Opened, And The Estate Sale Is On A First Come, First Served BasisTo Win Her Birthright, Callie Is Going To Need Cain S Help Even Then, She S Going To Have To Cut Some Corners, Cross Some Lines, To Take A Bite Out Of An Apple But They Say Every Saint Was Once A Sinner

Now, let s talk about this specimen of a man named ShayneShayne Silvers writes the Nate Temple Supernatural Thriller Series which features a foul mouthed, flawed, young wizard with a chip on his shoulder attempting to protect St Louis from the various nasties we all know and fear from our childhood bedtime stories Nate s been known to suckerpunch an Angel, cow tip the Minotaur, and steal Death s horse in order to prove his point His utter disregard for consequences and self preservation will have you laughing and cringing on the edge of your seat.But he has a lot to learn Namely, how not to be so big of an A Hole.Get your FREE Nate Temple Starter Library TODAY at

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