Gone, Baby, Gone

Gone, Baby, GoneBoston Private Detectives Patrick Kenzie And Angela Gennaro Are Hired To Find Four Year Old Amanda McCready, Abducted From Her Bed On A Warm, Summer Night They Meet Her Stoned Out, Strangely Apathetic Mother, Her Loving Aunt And Uncle, The Mother S Dangerous, Drug Addled Friends, And Two Cops Who Ve Found So Many Abused Or Dead Children They May Be Too Far Over The Edge To Come Back Despite Enormous Public Attention, Rabid News Coverage, And Dogged Police Work, The Investigation Repeatedly Hits A Brick Wall Led Into A World Of Drug Dealers, Child Molesters, And Merciless Executioners, Patrick And Angie Are Soon Forced To Face Not Only The Horrors Adults Can Perpetrate On Innocents But Also Their Own Conflicted Feelings About What Is Best, And Worst, When It Comes To Raising Children And As The Indian Summer Fades And The Autumn Chill Deepens, Amanda McCready Stays Gone, Banished So Completely That She Seems Never To Have ExistedThen Another Child Disappears Dennis Lehane Takes You Into A World Of Triple Crosses, Elaborate Lies, And Shrouded Motives, Where The Villains May Be Moral Than The Victims, The Missing Should Possibly Stay Missing, And Those Who Go Looking For Them May Not Come Back AliveSettle In And Turn Off The Phone From Its Haunting Opening To Its Shocking Climax, Gone, Baby, Gone Is Certain To Be One Of The Most Thrilling, Talked About Suspense Novels You Read This Year Posted at Shelf Inflicted I knew this was going to be a very dark story After reading the very disturbing Darkness, Take My Hand, about a vicious and sadistic serial killer who knew no limits when it came to human depravity, I didn t imagine it could get much worse I was wrong.Though Patrick and Angie are tired of the violence and inhumanity that plagued their earlier cases, they agree to accept this latest case of a four year old girl who was abducted from her bed Amanda s mom, Helene, who is far from the perfect parent, uses drugs, drinks, and is addicted to TV Amanda has a loving aunt and uncle who desperately want her to be found Patrick and Angie realize that a child s disappearance must be solved quickly, or it will never be With the help of two detectives in the Boston Police Department who believe in their own brand of justice, the denizens of their rough Dorchester neighborhood, and of course, Bubba, Patrick and Angie plunge headlong into one of their most difficult, complex, and emotional cases, confronting bad parenting, child abuse, pedophilia, and murder They learn about themselves and each other, and discover that life and justice are not always black and white I had a difficult time putting the book down and enjoyed the growth of Angie and Patrick s relationship, their feelings about children, and the questionable characters with good intentions The story left me shaken and numb and thinking about it for days It was a great movie too And then depression set in.This book wrecked me the first time I read it It was almost like having post traumatic stress syndrome I found myself staring blankly at the walls for days after I finished it the first time I felt like calling my sister and telling her to keep my young niece locked in the house until she was at least 25 I remember meeting a friend for beers shortly after I finished it, and that he asked me what was wrong When I tried to explain, he was skeptical You re really this bummed over a book And yes, I was that bummed over a book.Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro have had enough of the crazy ass violence that has surrounded them for three novels They still run their detective agency, but they re strictly doing routine jobs with no chance of anyone getting hurt They re also finally relatively happy with their lives.That changes when they get hired to look for Amanda McCready, a 4 year old girl who has been missing for days The cops and media are all over it, but Amanda s aunt and uncle want Patrick and Angie to join the search The detectives are reluctant, partly because they don t think that they can do anything that the cops aren t doing already, and partly because neither of them is anxious to sign on for what is almost surely going to be a case that ends badly However, the aunt s desperate request for help gets the better of them By the end of it all, they ll really wish they would have just gone on vacation.At this point, you re probably thinking, Kemper, you dumb bastard You read a book about a child abduction by Dennis Lehane, a guy you knew wasn t exactly Mr Giggles Were you really expecting a happy ending Yes, I knew it was probably going to be a depressing story, but while I had braced myself for all kinds of terrible things happening to kids and terrible things do happen , I wasn t ready for the banal cruelty and neglect that Lehane sprinkled the book with in regards to how some people treat their children.Amanda s mother, Helene, is a barfly and small time doper who doesn t do anything really bad enough to technically qualify as abuse, but Amanda was usually left to entertain herself in front of the TV It s the tiny details that are heartbreaking like when Patrick checks out Amanda s room and finds a mattress on the floor, few toys, and no books of any kind, not even coloring books Or when they talk to the people on Amanda s t ball team and everyone notes how she s the quietest kid around who acts like she s used to being ignored You d have to be one cold bastard not to be saddened by it.This is one of the best crime novels I ve read Maybe even the best But you won t be skipping down the street and whistling any time soon after you read it A Few Thoughts on the Movie Version I was not a fan of Ben Affleck I thought he was a complete goober, and that Matt Damon must have wrote most of Good Will Hunting because I couldn t imagine that Ben could read, let alone write anything When I heard that he was going to be one of the people writing the adapted screenplay and directing the movie version of one of my favorite books, they probably heard my screams of outrage in Hollywood When he cast his brother Casey as Patrick, I exhausted my extensive vocabulary of profanity and swore I d never see the movie.Wow I was definitely wrong on that one The movie version is not only one of the best crime novel adaptations I ve seen, it s just an incredibly good movie, period And Ben Affleck s recent adaptation of another book The Town is also a very good flick so the guy has some very real skills What surprised me most is that Affleck made a couple of very smart changes from the book to the movie He revised Patrick and Angie from veteran smart ass gun fighting private detectives to a couple of kids who mostly track down people skipping out on bills That allowed him to introduce the audience to them, and really gave weight to the idea that these were two characters in way over their heads.Affleck also tightened up the story to the point that I d almost call it an improvement over the book s plot That s incredibly rare My only complaints are that Angie didn t come across as Angie like in the film version although she still gets one of her best Big Damn Hero moments in the film , and that Bubba has a much smaller role Plus, Bubba is portrayed as just a bad ass street guy rather than the one man army he is in the book, but again, it works perfectly with the way Affleck chose to tell the story Now that he s adapted two crime novels into top notch movies, I m ready to start my own chapter of the Ben Affleck fan club Just as long as he doesn t do any Michael Bay movies. four year old Amanda walked out of her house in the middle of night while her mother was at neighbors watching TV, and no one heard about her even after days of search Everything came to a dead end Amanda s aunt request Petrik and Angie to look for the child Patrick and Angie found a big clue about the girl s disappearance but things instead of solving gets messier and scarier Lehane wrote an exceptional story here about kidnapping, drugs, abuse, and pain Writing is flawless and gives chills to the readers with almost real description of crime scenes I found third book in the series to be average but Lehane bounced back superbly and gave us this tightly knit thriller.After completing a book in this series I say to myself, now you know these two like the back of your hand but Lehane always proves me wrong and showed me a new side of Patrick and Angie, it s like he is peeling layer after layer in each book Don t know what I will get after the final book.A dark yet moving read which tells us how unpredictably dangerous people around us can be. Find all of my reviews atEven if MY world is okay, THE world is still a pile of evil shitWrong movie spot on quote Also, doesn t Matt Damon have the most punchable face in all the world The correct answer is yes Yes he does This was a buddy read with my pal The Jeff, but I can t wait any longer for his slow ass to finish so my review is going up now In all seriousness, words can t express how thankful I am that I buddied up with The Jeff for this one Let s just say I wasn t in a real good place this past week so there was no way I could have made it through without adding some levity via status updates with my pal Gone Baby Gone is the fourth installment in the Kenzie Gennaro series and covers the investigation of a 4 year old little girl who has gone missing in Dorchester Man this book was dark It s a story that won t just break your heart, it might break your entire being It will most definitely tear your blood pumper into ten thousand pieces, douse those pieces with gasoline, and light the match I ve never read a book where I already knew the whodunit before even beginning However, since Gone Baby Gone was a feature film starring the incomparable Morgan Freeman about 8 or so years ago, I was already familiar with the story That being said, Lehane s writing is so stellar that even though I totally knew how things would play out I still found myself and questioning whether my memory was correct.Speaking of the writingNothing is louder than the silence of the missing child It s a silence that s two and a half to three feet tall, and you feel it at your hip and hear it rising up from the floorboards, shouting to you from corners and crevices and the emotionless face of a doll left on the floor by the bed It s a silence that s different from the one left at funerals and wakes The silence of the dead carries with it a sense of finality it s a silence you know you must get used to But the silence of a missing child is not something you want to get used to you refuse to accept it, and so it screams at you The silence of the dead says, Goodbye.The silence of the missing says, Find meExcuse me for a second With regard to the movie version if you ve not yet seen it, let me tell you it s one of the best adaptations from page to screen I ve seen even the miscasting of certain characters worked well And while I don t find Battfleck as punchable as Matt Damon, I m not a huge fan of his acting inability However, as a director of a gritty crime drama set in Southie Amazing The film also happens to feature one of the most quotable quotes in the history of movies and one that I use around my house on the regular Don t you wish you were married to me Yeah, Jeff does too I m obviously not going to tell you who the bad guy is, any twists and turns, or how things play out All I m going to say is some people shouldn t ever be allowed to birth children Drugs are bad mmmmm kay Don t EVER f around with people named things like Cheese And when things seem a little far fetched or too hinky, just go with it and be prepared for a read that makes you question everything a lot of the opinions you hold about what is right and what is wrong Also be prepared to. Hello, darkness my old friend Having read The Grapes of Wrath earlier this year, I didn t think another book could top it for sheer despair Was I ever wrong It s as if at the end of the book the Joad s drove their truck to the local abattoir and let loose on their frustrations.The book centers on an abduction of a four year old and the involvement of Dennis Lehane s private investigator duo, Kenzie and Gennaro, in the attempt to recover the child It s a journey that takes the reader straight down the dark coal shoot into the blackest abyss What you find there are the baser and crueler elements of what one human can inflict upon another Reading this brought to mind James Ellroy Whereas Ellroy s noir careens into the grotesque, Lehane s feels like a rasp uncomfortably, repeatedly going over your emotions till they re raw There s no reprieve from the hopelessness and despondency no island of joy to cradle in, no pause for a gulp of fresh, sweet air.A powerful and moving glimpse into the bleakness of the human condition.I want to thank my friend Kelly for buddy reading this with me Her daily status updates kept it light. When a little girl goes missing and her mother s brother and sister in law hire them to find her, Patrick and Angela reluctantly accept Their investigation drags them through a labyrinth of lies, one they will not emerge from unscathedSweet zombie Jesus this is some good shit I think Lehane might be the newest member of my crime fiction Holy Trinity with Lawrence Block and Richard Stark Here s how it all went down.After the events of Sacred, the previous book in the series, Patrick and Angela have or less shacked up and have started bringing in big money When Amanda McCready s family hires them, they take the case for the good of the child I thought I had an idea where the case would go but it turned out I was way off Gone, Baby, Gone was like walking down the sidewalk to get the mail and somehow ending up in Paraguay.Gone, Baby, Gone is the most powerful Lehane book I ve read yet I thought I was desensitized to crimes against children from reading the Andrew Vachss Burke books but I was wrong Like Mrs Kemper s husband and I were discussing while I was reading, Angela and Patrick are much better people than Burke so the pieces of excrement they go up against while looking for a missing child seem that much vile.Lehane s strength is in his characters and he writes them very well Patrick and Angela are the same people I ve grown to know and love over the past few books I felt like they dragged me to hell with them over the course of the investigation Broussard and Poole drove the story forward and were likeable guys I alternated feeling contempt and pity for Amanda s mother, Helene Even Cheese was a well realized character Once things went pear shaped, I couldn t believe Lehane had pulled the wool over my eyes so thoroughly, only to yank the rug out from under me so hard that I banged my head on the radiator.I really can t say much without giving away too much of the plot Lehane made a believer out of me on this one Five easy stars. Five stars, and A Masterpiece of crime noir, complex and thrilling, with a difficult and courageous endingAs usual with my reviews, please first read the publisher s blurb summary of the book so that I don t have to repeat the basic plotI am struck by how similar Lehane s writing is to Robert B Parker s, and yet how different the feeling is In Lehane, the sense of pain and loss, especially of lost childhood friends, weighs heavily upon Patrick and Angie, and through them, on us I m also very impressed with how much Lehane s prose increases in power and control with every book This is book 4 and he s already a giant Wow.2% This is the introduction to a much, much deeper novel This is the surface, the emotions we all share, but it s only the beginning of where Lehane wants to goAmanda McCready had been missing for at least sixty hours by this point, maybe as long as seventy, and I didn t want to find her stuffed in a Dumpster somewhere, her hair matted with blood I didn t want to find her six months down the road, vacant eyed and used up by some freak with a video camera and a mailing list of pedophiles I didn t want to look in a four year old s eyes and see the death of everything that had been pure in her 5% Wow Down we go, in Lehane s assured handsWhen a child disappears, the space she d occupied is immediately filled with dozens of people And these people relatives, friends, police officers, reporters from both TV and print create a lot of energy and noise, a sense of communal intensity, of fierce and shared dedication to a task But amid all that noise, nothing is louder than the silence of the missing child It s a silence that s two and a half to three feet tall, and you feel it at your hip and hear it rising up from the floorboards, shouting to you from corners and crevices and the emotionless face of a doll left on the floor by the bed It s a silence that s different from the one left at funerals and wakes The silence of the dead carries with it a sense of finality it s a silence you know you must get used to But the silence of a missing child is not something you want to get used to you refuse to accept it, and so it screams at you The silence of the dead says, Goodbye The silence of the missing says, Find me 7% Deeper still If you have kids, you know this already Here is Doyle speakingBut for two minutes, while we re standing in this Dunkin Donuts waiting for our coffee, I look at Tricia and she looks at me and both of us, without saying a word, know that if Shannon is dead, we re dead, too Our marriage over Our happiness over Our lives would be one long road of pain Nothing else, really Everything good and hopeful, everything we lived for, really, would die with our daughter 8% Do you think Trump read this Lehane wrote it in 1998She was lonely there were no good men left they needed to put a fence up around Mexico to keep out all those Mexicans who were apparently stealing jobs up here in Boston She was sure there was a liberal agenda to corrupt every decent American but she couldn t articulate what that agenda was, only that it affected her ability to be happy and it was determined to keep blacks on welfare Sure, she was on welfare herself, but she d been trying hard these last seven years to get off 18% Wow Very powerful and dark scene begins here Patrick lost in the terrors of his past A page or two of true brilliance from Lehaneevery time I looked at one of the dark windows , Gerry Glynn s face leered back at me, his hair soaked with gasoline, his face spotted with the blood of his last victim, Phil Dimassi I pulled the shades Patrick, Gerry whispered from the center of my chest, I m waiting for you 26% The Broussard and Poole cop show here is LOL funny Woot Especially with cats and bloaters.31% Literate Lehane, laced with humourI don t remember if Bubba had ever messed with Cheese or not, but even if he had, Cheese was smart enough to know that, when it came to warfare, Cheese would be the German army and Bubba the Russian winter So Cheese stuck to the fronts and battles he knew he could win 45% Nice character development Some piercing insights into Patrick s makeup, and how he turns his hatred of his cruel father into a shining self disciplineThe crucial difference between my father and me I hope has always been a matter of action He acted on his anger, whenever and wherever it beset him His temper ruled him the way alcohol or pride or vanity rules other men At a very early age, just as the child of an alcoholic swears he ll never drink, I swore to guard against the advance of the red marble, the cold blood, the tendency toward monotone Choice, I ve always believed, is all that separates us from animals A monkey can t choose to control his appetite A man can My father, at certain hideous moments, was an animal I refuse to be 55% The anti climax of the quarry scenes are confused and drawn out a bit too long 61% I lived in Boston for ten years, so Lehane s descriptions and pocket histories of the area make the stories come alive, and texture them in small but important ways Here he mentions Germantown, a history I never knew Very nice stuff.63% one insight into Bubba s sick world of arms dealing, the 100 round Calico M 110 sub machine pistol I look up most of the stuff I ve never heard of in books This is a sick little sidetrip into male obscenitiesThe M 110, at full auto, was capable of unleashing one hundred bullets in roughly fifteen seconds 71% ADVISORY Do not read the first 3 paragraphs of chapter 26 You don t need this view spoiler horrific child torture and murder hide spoiler When Beatrice McReady approaches PIs Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro to help find her missing niece, Amanda, the prospects do not look good But Patrick and Angie work with the local missing child unit, bringing in their regular cast of colorful associates to lend their able and sometimes bloody hands There are the usual misdirections, cul de sacs and things that just do not make sense Casey Affleck as Patrick Kenzie and Michelle Monaghan as Angie Gennaro VERY LARGE view spoiler Ultimately, it turns out that the missing child cops are involved in taking children from problem homes and placing them with discrete families including their own where the children can be raised with love and a decent level of material comfort This creates issues as Patrick must decide whether to turn in the criminal cops when doing so will mean that children at risk will be returned to awful birth parents hide spoiler Gone, Baby, Gone by Dennis Lehane is a 1999 Harper publication I must make a few confessions up front 1 I saw the movie version of this title a long time ago and it was so good, I ve always wanted to read the book, because, of course, the book is always better 2 I haven t read as many books by this author as I thought 3 This is my first foray into the Kenzie Gennaro series In fact, I didn t even know this book was a part of a series, until now.I make these confessions with shaking hands since I m sure my admission is tantamount to religious sacrilege to some folks, but hey, you have to start somewhere I was immensely curious how the book would differ from the movie, since Hollywood is notorious for taking liberties and on many occasions they flub the whole thing up But, surprisingly the book and movie matched up, with only a few small differences All the same, the book was better, as I knew it would be, as it paints a far detailed and emotional rendition, which had me enthralled, and gave me an even greater respect for this author When Amanda disappears, her Aunt Beatrice hires the PI team of Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro to find her The case winds up consuming the couple to the point of obsession, always at the forefront of their lives, until another child goes missing Well, what can you say This was one incredible story and one that has sparked some rather heated debate in my household, all of us holding strong feelings on how the situation could have been handled While there is the obvious black and white answer, there are surely those among you who fall into that gray area, where your mind and logic tells you one thing, while your heart is telling you another But, no matter which way you slice it, this is one very twisty rollercoaster ride, spotlighting human flaws, and what one does to cope with the world, and how there are never easy answers to many of life s questions Sometimes the wrong thing feels like the right thing, in a twisted way that only makes sense when you are living in that moment Those choices could backfire, or not, depending on the situation, could lead to regret, or no regrets But, a tangled web has been woven, and good people become unwitting pawns in a convoluted scheme, and a price must be paid, a very high price, as it turns out This story stayed with me a long time and I still run the details over in mind on occasion, still feel sickened by what happened, and still feel conflicted by the decisions made When a novel really grabs you, affects your emotions, plays tricks on your mind, and breaks your heart, leaving a lasting impression, well, that s what great storytelling is all about, and this author sure knows how to weave a tale 5 stars

Dennis Lehane born Aug 4th, 1966 is an American author He has written several novels, including the New York Times bestseller Mystic River, which was later made into an Academy Award winning film, also called Mystic River, directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, and Kevin Bacon Lehane can be briefly seen waving from a car in the parade scene at the end of the film The

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