The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell

The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell Every Great Leader Is A Great Storyteller As A Manager, CEO, Or Team Leader, How Can You Innovatively Engage Your Employees So That They Understand Where Your Organization Came From, Where It S Going, And How You Re Going To Get There How Can You Connect With Your Customers In A Way That Makes Them Believe In Your Company As Passionately As You Do Paul Smith Is One Of The World S Leading Experts In Business Storytelling He Teaches People How To Be Effective Leaders By Communicating Their Company S Important Mission, Inspiring Creativity, And Earning The Trust Of Valued Stakeholders The Stories Great Leaders Tell Explores The Journey Behind Success, And Breaks Down Not Just The Importance Of Your Company S Story But How To Craft Compelling Ones Of Your Own Remember the time when your friend told a funny story and everyone laughed Then you tried to tell the same funny story to a different group of people some days later and no one laughed Knowing a story is not enough You have to know how to tell it and when Not every situation is the right one for that one story you can t wait to tell Just take a look at the most successful leaders, salespeople, and other storytellers If you want to persuade or make an impact on someone you have to know that person or at least their persona and you have to be aware of the situation they and you are in You also need to master the art of storytelling, which means knowing the key elements of a story making sure they are in your story and how to use the right tonality at certain parts of the story But most off all be sure you have the right story Now I know what you might think that s a lot to have in mind and master But what if I tell you there is a short and very insightful book which will help you on your journey to becoming a master storyteller Even better the book The 10 stories great leaders tell by Paul Smith is also appropriate for experienced storytellers who can take their storytelling mastery to the next level The book is a short read, you can finish it in one sitting or you can take your time I suggest taking your time with every chapter as the author provided you with tips on how to craft your own story at the end of each chapter, and at the end of the book, you get a story checklist to help you get started Usually, after reading a chapter, you will get inspired and find a story or two from your own experience for the situation the chapter covered Write them down, don t go on since you may forget them.But there is something missing in the book if you ask me I m missing a short chapter on key elements of a story which from a certain perspective would ruin the simplicity of the book I know Paul shared them in his previous books, and he mentions them in the conclusion section of this book, yet I would love a little bit examples and instructions for each story element On the other hand, I love the simplicity of the book and because of it, it makes for a perfect gift to anyone interested in storytelling be it in business work or private life I would recommend this book to marketers, people in sales and in leadership positions It will help you find that small difference to get the edge from your competition. What stories do I need to tell To paraphrase Smith, telling the right story is important than telling it right The best leaders start by choosing the right stories to tell And in 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell, Smith shows how to select the right story for the situation.Selecting the right story to tell, was brought home to me just this week when I was asked to introduce the Regional Manager of a major bank at a fund raising function for an international cycling event in my hometown in New Zealand As MC s often do, I started with It gives me great pleasure to introduce Then I paused And paused for what seemed like an eternity and then followed with When you hear speakers say, It gives me great pleasure to introduce , I wonder does it really give them great pleasure do you think so There was some general smiles and laughter, after which I continued with, Some people may have heard the old saying of running away to join the circus , well I ran away, not to join the circus, but to join the bank this bank In fact I stayed there for 17 years 17 of the best years of my professional career And to top it off, five of my family also worked for this bank So, on behalf of tonight s organising committee, and the Selden clan, it does in fact give me great pleasure to introduce Adrian van Dyk, Regional Manager for Westpac.Smith suggests that every good leadership story should include a time, a place and a main character simple hints and easy to follow You ll see that my story of introducing Adrian above, has all three of these elements.When you recall some of the great stories you ve heard from an inspirational leader, it s easy to relate to Smith s explanation of why you remember them so readily and why they were so impactful They connect emotions with facts they re timeless everyone has a story to tell no matter who you are or where you are from facts are remembered through stories when they re good they re shared with others and finally, they are inspirational.As you would expect, the book is well written, the stories are well crafted and told, and most importantly each of the 10 are excellent examples of how to select the right story for the right occasion And they are everyday examples of how to select something that you ve experienced and craft it into a story to suit one of the 10 areas of leadership outlined by the author.There s a How to at the end of each chapter and a detailed checklist at the end of the book.At this point, I have an admission to make I reviewed one of Paul Smith s first books, Lead with A Story, and it has been an inspiration to me in my leadership journey over recent years So much so, that my soon to be published What To Do When Leadership Is Needed, a book that shows leaders how to craft stories to run team meetings, is based on 25 stories I recommend this book to all managers who wish to become leaders telling appropriate stories will help you quickly progress on your leadership journey Oh, and if you ve not read some of Paul Smith s other books on story telling, get hold of them now They are well worth the investment.

PAUL SMITH is director of Consumer Communications Research at The Procter Gamble Company and a highly rated leadership and communications trainer for PG s management training colleges He is the author of Lead with a Story A Guide to Crafting Business Narratives that Captivate, Convince, and Inspire.

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  • The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell
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