Vanara-the legend of Baali, Sugreeva and Tara

Vanara-the legend of Baali, Sugreeva and Tara Baali And Sugreeva Of The Vana Nara Tribe Were Orphan Brothers Who Were Born In Abject Poverty And Grew Up As Slaves Like Most Of Their Fellow Tribesmen They Were Often Mocked As The Vanaras, The Monkey Men Sandwiched Between The Never Ending War Between The Deva Tribes In The North And The Asura Tribes In The South, The Vana Naras Seemed To Have Lost All Hope But Baali Was Determined Not To Die A Slave Aided By His Beloved Brother, Sugreeva, Baali Built A Country For His People The Capital City, Kishkindha, Became A Beacon Of Hope For Emancipated Slaves From Across The World It Was A City Of The People, By The People, For The People, Where There Was No Discrimination Based On Caste, Creed, Language Or The Colour Of Skin For A Brief Period In History, It Seemed As If Mankind Had Found Its Ideal Hero In Baali But Then Fate Intervened Through The Beautiful Tara, The Daughter Of A Tribal Physician Loved By Baali And Lusted After By Sugreeva, Tara Became The Cause Of A Fraternal War That Would Change History For EverThe Love Triangle Between Baali, Tara And Sugreeva Is Arguably The World S First Written By Anand Neelakantan Who Gave A Voice To Ravana In Asura, Duryodhana In The Ajaya Series And Sivagami In The Baahubali Series, Vanara Is A Classic Tale Of Love, Lust And Betrayal Shakespearean In Its Tragic Depth And Epic In Its Sweep, Vanara Gives Voice To The Greatest Warrior In The Ramayana Baali

I was born in a quaint little village called Thripoonithura, on the outskirts of Cochin, Kerala Located east of mainland Ernakulam, across Vembanad Lake, this village had the distinction of being the seat of the Cochin royal family However, it was famous for its hundred odd temples the various classical artists it produced and its music school I remember many an evening listening to the f

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  • Vanara-the legend of Baali, Sugreeva and Tara
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    Continuing to give the voice to the vanquished this time Anand Neelakantan chose to voice Baali The great Vanara king from Ramayana who was slained in a sibling rivalry Like his other books this one also starts with a bull s eye attempt to target the hypocrisy of caste hirarchy of those times Vanaras who are considered as lowly of the lowliest are the forest living uncultured people who are destined to be Dasas slaves Attitudes of both the warring clans Asuras and Devas are indifferent to them, they are mere slaves to both the clans Even Vanaras have compromised with this and they think that they are destined to be slaves forever Till one day a boy coming out form abject poverty and slavery decides to take a stand against everything and everyone to built a kingdom for his people Hence starts a story of rise and fall of the Vanara Empire The book starts off really well The initial half of the book describes the start of Baali and Sugreeva s journey of taking initiative for their people s soverginity and later in the first half gives a good start to the love triangle Sugreeva and Baali both love Tara in their own ways and it was a good attempt to give both of the lead characters their own unique personalities The only problem with the initial part was that too much attention was given to develop Baali and Sugreeva as compared to that of Tara But the first half was quite balanced where the love triangle and Baali s determination to raise the kingdom were portrayed nicely At first glace the book seemed a very promising one but the later half was loaded with many problems I have read two books before this one by Anand Neelakantan both of them being of Ajaya series The best thing I liked about those books was that all the characters acted in a grey area The shade of the grey may vary but they were grey But in this book Baali and Sugreeva are painted in black and white, where Baali is flawless protagonist who has a very charismatic and overpowering personality and Sugreeva is his vengeful and spiteful brother This entire set up reminded me of a very familiar Thor Loki Angle These two characters deteriorates as the novel proceeds After Tara s marriage to Bali Sugreeva becomes a psycho obsessive lover and I never understood what did author want to do with Baali s character The character becomes stupid and dumb in the later half of the book.This was not enough the worst was yet to come Tara though the character started developing late in the book, there was one instance where she shines and I thought that she would be a strongly built character But all my hopes were shattered after she marries Baali After marriage she becomes a victim of an obsessive lover and never utters a word about it to her husband There is a very radiculous chapter in the book where she is disrespected throughout the chapter and this was handled very casually in the novel It was the worst thing I have ever read in any novel At one point the book only remains about Tara, her physical attractiveness and the men lusting after her.To focus on the obsessive lust of Sugreeva everything else was thrown out of window All of a sudden Baali becomes friends with the elders council who were is biggest opposition, during the initial period of the book they proudly used to say that they are Van Naras not Vanaras but later they take it very casually when someone called them Vanaras Baali wanted his people to be civilised but throughout the book all of them behaved in animalistic manner A very disappointing book.

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    Riveting and compelling Watch the detailed video review on my channel.

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    Baali is a heart wrenching love story that explores the grey areas of emotions Raw in its appeal, it takes the reader to the era when the Vanaras lived Baali s philosophy towards God, life and his high values and conditional love for his brother and wife has been portrayed so well You love his strength yet his vulnerability The book explores the heart of Tara, her conflicting emotions, her strength and her helplessness which makes the book so much women centric Totally loved it..Kudos again to Anand Neelkantan for making the book on Baali Sugreeva the characters who are not much debated in the Ramayan.

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    A very compelling, intriguing and a must read by Anand Neelakantan Vanara, a book deals not just with the love triangle and all the conspiracies you can hear but, it also deals with the uprisings from the lowly and fulfilling the dream of building an empire Kishkindha, the empire who never had that much attention in our mythology about how it was made and the values associated with The neglected vana nara and the struggles all that is bind with the dilemma of Tara and a twisting yet blending with emotions A definite and a must read Just read Asura so that you can have a better understanding the relationship between Bali and Ravana

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    2019 YearinBooks Book 43I love mythology and especially Indian mythology I ve read the Ramayana and about the fight between Baali and Sugreeva in which Rama kills the former But that s all I have read about the Vanara brothers It was nice to read this book which expanded on the tale leading to that fight.In the novel, the author shares the tale of how Kishkindha, the kingdom of the Vanaras was built by Baali, Sugreeva and Nala the architect It starts with a tale of brotherly love before the arrival of Tara, the woman both brothers want.Fantasy mythology genre novels need to be engaging This book was I loved how the characters are sketched Each have their strengths and flaws Baali is painted as the hero instead of the villain and it worked At times it feels like the characters are black and white instead of grey but that s only after Tara comes into the picture For me, that was understandable Loved the cover art too, and I will reread.

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    WowI love the way of story telling I love how the author has explored Tara s and Sugreevas mind I love the way how he interprets Ruma and Tara I have read only very few books which can interpret woman s mind The love triangle is well plotted What a great book But Asura remains my favourite Waiting for the movie, hope it would do justice to the book.

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    Again he comes with the story that tells the story of the hunted than the hunters as long as the lion learns to write, all the stories will glorify the hunter Never before read the story of kishkinda Interesting stuff Darkside of a story always shows where the brightness came from With special reference to the line Man strived to be god, when he couldn t even match animals Couldn t have put the current state of world in a better way If you are a fan him, you are going to love this book

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    If you were next to me Anand Neelkantan, I would have hugged you and cried my heart out What a tale have you told my man What a tale I am proud of you Anand You are one of the finest writers that India has and may you keep writing till eternity.This book for one made me laugh, made me cry and made me one with Baali and Tara and their love for each other I cried when Baali says I might be a misfit in this world that is rapidly changing and men like Angada would be taking over the reins soon Tara, if you are listening as a soul somewhere, I want you to know that I miss Baali as much as you do Men like him are misfits in this world misguided by a twisted version of Dharma One of the most important facets of a book is the ability of the author to involve the reader in the story I have grown up hearing Ramayana right from when I was 5 years old I have heard the tale of Wali Baali countless times I have believed him to be evil and wild and animalistic That is how the tale is told, usually If one had to envision the story of Ramayana from a Vanara point of view, the tale would be different Anand has effectively turned the table around I had read his Asura earlier, but he has done this with much grace and coherence than Asura The book has a gripping flow Right from the first page when as an innocent child Sugreeva sees Ahalya s lustful interludes, to the time that Tara is elevated to the level of a Goddess, every word on every page has you in its grip and it winds you and unwinds you in its flow You are desperate to finish the book and not let it down The grip only increases in its power and by the end of the story you are completely overwhelmed.The two main heroes of the story are Baali and Tara I am saying this explicitly not only because in the first part of the story Tara, as Baali s beloved, shares his dream and has her rightful place in his side, be it building the city of Kishkindha or be it going along with the flow of change even when Baali tries to dissuade her from it, in his momentary blind love for his brother, but also because in the second part of the story she embodies Baali in his full form, again, not only as his grieving widow braving to face Rama and Lakshmana but also as a shell shocked mother who sees her only child being lauded as a hero for having used a woman s nakedness to win a battle.Anand showed his genius when he did not stop the story at Baali s death, as I had expected it Somewhere in the story, he had already turned it into the tale of Tara Baali is dead Tara is not We see Baali s dream being vanquished slowly That egalitarian society which he was so fond of building, giving way to a caste based and gender biased society where women were thought of as property and not as human beings We see Tara living through this change, away from it, watching it from a distance, keeping her counsel and her love of Baali alive through heart rending changes We see her changing from a young girl with no strings attached attitude to a lover who madly loves a powerful young man to a grieving widow confused between Sugreeva and Baali s love to a mad woman to a Goddess This story is what is heart rending This story is the true story of the Vanara It is not only Baali who is the Vanara but also Tara.Anand has not only told a powerful tale, but he has exposed the roots of today s gender based problems He has not only told a counter tale, but he has also successfully convinced me that Rama and his way of life are not all that delightful That, in the Ramayana, there are hidden aspects that one needs to carefully view before accepting them as the undeniable truth These books along with those of Ashok Banker s and the original Ramayana must be read by our youth to develop a sense of balance, a sense that all tales are just points of view and one might be entirely different from the other.One final word about the Indian mythological scenario and Anand s contribution to it When I saw Anand had accepted the Bahubali franchise to write the tales of Mahishmati, I had, for the first time in the History of Indian writing seen the likes of a Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings come to life Likewise, I am now seeing the counter tale world of Ramayana and Mahabharata being built by Anand In this book, he successfully and easily blends the world of counter tale he had built in his book Asura He makes both Asura and Vanara compatible and thus forms the foundation of the counter tale world This sort of writing not only opens up the ground for many stories, but also gives an exciting and much needed platform to shift the standard and given point of view about Indian culture and diversity.Highly recommended read If you dont read this tale, you would be surely missing something.

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    For me, a good story is that, which keeps you in its grip till the very end, and the remnant of the story with me long after I have done reading And the real author is that who knows how to tell a tale that becomes grander and grander in readers imagination Author Anand Neelkanthan is one such author who knows how to create an exquisite art out of the simple tale.Author Neelkanthan has penned some very popular books Asura, The Rise of Sivagami, Ajaya 1 Roll of the Dice and, Ajaya 2 Rise of Kali, out of which I read only Asura He also has scripted a few TV shows like Siya Ke Ram, Chakravartin Ashoka, and Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman.I have grown up listening to Ramayana right from the day I started walking I d thought Baali to be a heartless and self centered character But Anand totally shattered the image I had in mind of Bali and Sugreeva of my childhood Vanara is a mythological fiction A tale of love, jealousy, respect, deception, and ambitions This is also a story of the struggle of freedom of the Vanquished ones Vana Naras or rather Vanaras to free themselves from the shackles slavery of Devas as well as Asuras Told from the perspective of three main protagonist Bali, Sugreeva and Tara, whose fate is entwined to each other in complex ways The story is very intriguing and enthralling The narration really bowled me over I could feel the emotions of Bali, Sugreeva and Tara resonate deep inside of me Especially I keeled over Tara s emotions, they were so raw, so humane throughout Her strength of character left a mark in my mind In fact, every character in the book Vanara has many shades to them, and they play a very important role to shape the story, regardless big or small The character like Neel, without whom the City of Kishkinda wouldn t be there Ruma, whose dreams of a happy life were quashed the moment she got married The writing style of Anand is beautiful He has blended the story well with old and new times It has not only romance as the main ingredient, in fact, the book is a heady mix of the vast array of emotions What I liked most is the book cover and a few illustrations inside the book, which really complimented the story And climax blew me off Won t elaborate, but the climax kind of was beautiful and sad in a very profound way.Author has penned the book which is fast paced and with multiple shades of high entertainment quotient and makes the book unputdownable I highly recommend this book Especially if you are a fan of Mythological fiction.

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    My review of the book Vanara The Legend of Baali, Sugreeva and Tara There are many hidden layers to a story..infact history itself is a tale told by the victor However , a tale takes on a different hue when told from a new perspective We are all familiar with the Ramayana This story is not a retelling of it, but instead recounts the events in the life of one undefeated hero Baali, his brother Sugreeva and Tara.Orphan brothers Baali and Sugreeva were born and raised in abject poverty The tribe was mocked and looked down upon as being fit only to be slaves.Determined to change this, Baali and his brother build a country for his tribesmen..where the colour of one s skink is immaterial Things seem to be going well when the brothers meet Tara the daughter of a tribal doctor.Loved by one brother..desired by another..this love triangle would change the course of history..The characters are eminently relatable with their virtues and vices..Overall another engaging read by the author Anand Neelakantan.

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