Ice Lady

Ice Lady Teresa Alden Had Been Running For Six YearsHer Job As A Nurse With The United States Army Had Taken Her To Greenland, Where She Would Hid Herself Amid The Ice And Snow It Was The One Place She Didn T Expect Her Ex Husband To Search For HerThen She Learned That A Scientist Had Visited The Base, Searching For The Anurse Named TeresaEveryone Said Tim Alden Had Changed, But Terry Was Afraid To Take The Risk Of Finding Out She D Been Hurt Too Much Already

Emma Goldrick is the penname used by the marriage formed by Emma Elizabeth Jean Sutcliffe, borned 7 February 1923 in Puerto Rico, and Robert N Goldrick, borned on 22 March 1919 in Massachusetts, USA They met in Puerto Rico, where married She was a licensed practical nurse, volunteered with American Red Cross and she taught American Sign Language and he was a career USA military man Thirty year

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  • Paperback
  • 188 pages
  • Ice Lady
  • Emma Goldrick
  • English
  • 14 October 2019
  • 9780373170937

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    Of all the Emma Goldrick books, I believe this is the one with the most potential for emotional angst I said potential because although the storyline revolves around two exes exchanging recriminations and dissecting their failures and these are always angsty subjects , the story has tacked on a survival plot Most of the time, this mix of romance and adventure is effective As the blizzard rages outside their camp, the H h are forced to weather their own unresolved, turbulent feelings inside closed quarters Since there s no exit for them, they have all the time for a satisfying post mortem I like it when the hero discovers that she s no longer a doormat and begins to realize how he had taken her happiness and security for granted But sometimes, too, the successive natural disasters become a distraction from the love story For instance, just as the heroine is about to relent to the hero, they get knocked about by a strong wind Or when they re about to break emotional impasse, they get attacked by a bear Each time, the drama has to be rekindled at a later time So frustrating.Why this book rated only a four star because there are gaps in the story that go against good reasoning First, if the heroine felt that she was being stalked or physically threatened by the hero, why didn t she seek assistance from the police instead of just running away every time Secondly, if she was using her married name all that time, the hero should have been able to track her down a lot sooner considering that he had retained detectives, too Thirdly, if she suspected the mother in law s animosity towards her, common sense and self preservation should have made her communicate directly with her husband instead of relying on the mother in law This book is definitely emotional than the other Goldrick books and readers will feel dragged through the wringer without the usual balance of zippy humor.

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