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The Perfect Son A Disturbing And Shocking Debut Novel Of Psychological Suspense About A Recently Widowed Mother, Her Young Son, And The Lengths She Ll Go To In Order To Keep Him SafeWhen Tess Clarke Wakes Up In The Hospital The Day After Her Son Jamie S Eighth Birthday, She S Sure Of These Things She S Been Stabbed, Her Son Is Missing, Her Brother In Law And Her Grief Counselor Are Involved But No One Is Listening To Her After Her Husband, Mark, Died Suddenly In A Terrible Accident A Few Months Earlier, The Only Thing Keeping Tess Together Is Jamie As They Struggle To Make Sense Of Their New Life Without Mark, They Find Joy In Brief Moments Of Normalcy Like Walking To School And Watching Television Together Life Is Hard Without Mark, But Tess Has Jamie, And That S What MattersBut There In The Hospital, Confused And Surrounded By People Who Won T Listen, Tess S World Falls Apart To Save Her Son, She Must Piece Together What Happened Between Mark S Death And Jamie S Birthday, But The Truth Might Just Be Too Much For Her To Bear

Lauren writes psychological suspense novels that delve into the darker side of relationships and families She has a lifelong passion for writing, reading, and all things books Lauren s love of psychological suspense has grown since childhood and her dark imagination of always wondering what s the worst thing that could happen in every situation Lauren studied psychology before moving to London

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    3.5 Tess is living a nightmare Her husband Mark died suddenly and she just can t pull herself out of her deep grief Tess is determined to keep everyone at bay The distance, the better Just going to cocoon herself in her home with her son Jamie in hopes of starting the healing process.Then, comes a knock on the door Shelley is a grief counselor bringing with her a glimmer of hope Maybe there really is a chance for recovery and new life But soon Tess is pointing her fingers at everyone Fearing everyone is trying to take something from her Does Shelley want to steal her son Is her brother in law Ian after her husband s life insurance Can she trust anyone Is she just becoming paranoid This is a debut thriller for Lauren North And while I thought her writing was captivating and held my interest throughout, I unfortunately had all the twists figured out nearly from the start So it missed its magic as a shocking thriller for me.I will be watching for Lauren North s next release Thank you to Goodreads Giveaways and Berkley Publishing for an advanced copy to read and review.

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    This was a worthwhile read for me although I would not say it is among the best in the psychological thriller suspense genres I happened to guess correctly early on as to which direction the author was going to go so that was slightly disappointing but the story as a whole was compelling and without a doubt worth my time.A few months ago, Tess s husband, Mark, died and she has been struggling to keep things together for the sake of their son, Jamie The day after Jamie s 8th birthday, Tess wakes up in a hospital bed She doesn t know much other than she was stabbed, her son has gone missing, and her brother in law, Ian, and her grief counselor, Shelley, are responsible for everything The story flips back and forth between the present time as Tess struggles to recall what happened on Jamie s birthday and the past few months as she is dealing with the grief of losing her husband unexpectedly and trying to raise their son Right away it was easy to feel invested in the story because your heart just broke for the main character because as if it wasn t bad enough the poor woman had recently lost her husband, but now her son is missing too It s like the ultimate nightmare I did have a lucky guess pretty early on as to what happened so when everything is revealed it did feel a bit lackluster However, I think some of the best writing comes in the last few chapters of the book so I can t even complain too much that I wasn t super shocked.So to sum it up this is a compelling story but maybe don t go in expecting all these shocking twists so that way you aren t disappointed if you figure things out ahead of time Would definitely read future books by the author as I was impressed at her ability to really show all the emotions and thoughts of someone dealing with loss Thank you to First to Read for the opportunity to read an advance digital copy I was under no obligation to post a review and all views expressed are my honest opinion.

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    Review in progress.Thank you to

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    The novel opens with Tess in the hospital She s been stabbed and her eight year old son is missing Since her husband Mark died in a plane crash, Tess s memory is full of holes Maybe it s from the depression or grief, or maybe it s from the medicine she s been prescribed to deal with the depression, or maybe something sinister is afoot.The story itself is a well done thriller It goes back in time from when her husband died to the days approaching her son s birthday when she was stabbed and Jamie goes missing It flashes to the present day as she s recovering from her wound when she gets interviewed by a therapist or police officer it s not clear which Those sections didn t work for me because each one is basically the same Tess worrying about where her son is and the therapist trying to go back from the death to the night of the birthday and the discussions get cut off after almost no discussion However, the rest of the suspense is done well Shelley volunteers as a grief counselor and she and Tess become fast friends But after so many calls hanging up or threatening her about something underhanded that Mark was involved with before his death, the cars chasing her, the man in her garden, Tess begins to suspect that Shelley is working with Mark s brother to steal Jamie and the money that Ian claims Mark owes him.I recommend this Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to review this novel, which RELEASES AUGUST 13, 2019.For reviews, please visit

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    3.75 rounded upTess Clarke wakes up in the hospital, one day after her son Jamie s eighth birthday She has been stabbed, her son is missing, and she thinks her brother in law, Ian, and her grief counselor, Shelley have had something to do with it Why won t the Detective listen to her Perhaps it s because 55 days ago, her husband was killed in an airplane crash the one where the pilot chose to commit suicide by crashing the plane he was flying and Tess has not been coping well Excerpt Here s what they don t tell you about grieving you feel cold Really Cold An icy chill froze my body in those first few moments of knowing, and it hasn t left Nowhere in the half dozen Coping with Grief pamphlets that have been thrust unwanted into my hands in the last month has cold been mentioned It s all about the stages of grief the denial, the anger, acceptance as if I will ever accept it The emotions are listed in bold and bulleted as if we, the bereaved, can simply tick them off one by one, and come out on the other side of normal again As Tess tries to piece together what has occurred from the time of the crash to the present day, she pushes away her family, and begins to rely and on Shelleya grief counselor who has suffered a loss of her ownBut, should she be relying on a woman she has just met Initially, I was drawn in by the story, though I was a bit worried that it might be moving in the same direction as a book I read a couple of years ago, with a similar premise Thankfully, that was not the case The pace in the middle did drag a bit and though I never skimmed, I was growing impatientand wishing things would progress a bit faster bringing my rating down slightly.Once I reached the day of Jamie s birthday, and found out how Tess got stabbed , through final conversations taking place in the hospital, and by hearing the conclusions of the testimonies provided by Ian and Shelley, which had been interspersed throughout the book it all came together in a surprising conclusion Released abroad in March, under the title The Perfect Betrayal , this book will be released in the U.S in August I would like to thank the First To Read program for providing the digital ARC that I received, allowing me to read this title early

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    I started reading The Perfect Son on 6 30 2019 and finished it on 7 6 2019 This book is an okay read A slow start to the first 300 pages with readers not knowing much of what s going on There are little information trickling in and tensions here and there but not enough to know if it s real or imagination Reading and not knowing makes me anticipate for an explosive ending The ending is okay This book reminds me of The Woman in the Window Both female main characters talk to their husbands in their her head The ending is similar, death is what causes depression.This book is told in the first person point of view following Teresa Tess Clarke as she lay in the hospital with a stab wound the day after her son s Jamie birthday She remembers 4 things, she s in the hospital, she has been stabbed, you are alive and Jamie is missing In between there are interviews with a detective She wants him to look for her son The story goes back to the past counting 55 days until Jamie s 8th birthday Tess is experiencing grief over her husband s untimely death a month ago The timeline is past with Tess dealing with griefs, present with detective interviews, and Ian Shelley s comments in between Ian is Tess brother in law coming around wanting his money his brother borrowed back and Shelley is the grief counselor helping Tess with her grief.The Perfect Son is a hard read for me I dislike not knowing what s going on and it just continues on forever It s the anticipation of the ending that kept me reading I didn t expect the ending to be this way, especially regarding to Jamie I do like that in Tess stages of griefs, she is smart enough to change the locks to the house when she felt someone broke into her house I also liked that she noted down everything that happened to her when she couldn t trust her memory I feel Shelley is like the blind leading the blind She supposed to help but she created problems Ian is well written in this case because he s a selfish prick and turns out he truly is.Pro anticipation for the endingCon readers not knowing much until the last 50 pagesI rate it 3 stars Disclaimer Many thanks to Berkley Publishing for the opportunity to read and review Please be assured that my opinions are honest.xoxo,Jasmine at for details

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    I received a free e copy of The Perfect son by Lauren North from NetGalley for my honest review.Tess, a recent widow, wakes up in a hospital bed the day after her sons Jamie 8th birthday She had been stabbed in her abdomen and her son, Jamie is missing All Tess feels like she has to live for is her son, Jamie and now he is missing Tessa s husband, Mark was killed in a plane crash months ago and she has been seeing a grief counselor, Shelley about it Shelley has dealt with her own grief, as she lost her son, Dylan, to cancer Tess suspects Shelley might have taker her son She also suspects Marks brother, Ian though Ian claims that he lent a lot of money to Mark before the accident and wants it back right now Tess doesn t think the authorities are doing enough to find her son How far will she go to find the truth How far would you go, as a mother

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    Omg, what an unexpected ending The beginning was very interesting and then the book started to be a little bit dull and then bam the big turn around Great psychological suspend about grieving wife and missing son What happened on his eighth birthday party I will be looking for from Lauren North. Thank you to Net Galley and Berkley Publishing Group for a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    There is nothing as powerful as a mother s love it s unconditional, endless, bottomless, boundless, fearless A mother who s young is threatened can quickly turn into a savage when pushed to far and to hard Yes friends, trust me when I say, a mother will do anything to ensure their child s safety Tess, recently widowed, wakes up in a hospital She only knows two things for sure One, she has been stabbed and is in a hospital Two, her son, Jamie is missing Tess quickly realizes she must race against time to solve the mystery surrounding why she was stabbed and who took her son Will she figure it out before it s to late Or will Tess find herself husbandless and childless The Perfect Son, is an edge of your seat, nail biting debut by the talented Lauren North that gets my 5star approval I look forward to reading of Norfh s work in the future.

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    A dark and emotionally jarring read, THE PERFECT SON by Lauren North is a tale of grief, loss and one woman s inability to cope with the sudden death of her husband, of the ease with which she is railroaded and that until her son goes missing, she is mired in her own crippling despair Told by jumping time from past to present when Tess has been hospitalized after being stabbed and her young son goes missing, this tale is often a difficult read to stay involved in.Very dark, very depressing and very frustrating to follow Tess voice throughout as suspicious events happen and even Tess doubts her own sanity and finds herself putting her trust in a stranger who came along when she was at her weakest With her brother in law bullying her, a stranger who threatens her and the mystery of who her husband may really be, Tess is paralyzed Her only moments of clarity seem to come from her discussions with her late husband But can she stand on her own two feet in the land of the living After a very slow start that seems to go on for many pages, the suspense picks up, yet is not so suspenseful, as the direction this tale will take is easy to discover.I couldn t connect with Tess actions, or inactions Yes, she is suffering, but she also seems too clueless regarding the life she and her husband shared While she was concerned about her son s well being, she failed to give him the support he needed When all is said and done, this was just an okay read for me.I received a complimentary ARC edition from Berkley This is my honest and voluntary review.Publisher Berkley August 13, 2019 Publication Date August 13, 2019Genre Women s FictionPrint Length 367 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleFor Reviews, Giveaways, Fabulous Book News, follow

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