All the Forgivenesses

All the Forgivenesses Set In Appalachia And The Midwest At The Turn Of The Twentieth Century, This Exquisite Debut Novel Paints An Intimately Rendered Portrait Of One Resilient Farm Family S Challenges And Hard Won Triumphs Helmed By An Unforgettable HeroineGrowing Up On Their Hardscrabble Farm In Rural Kentucky, Fifteen Year Old Albertina Bertie Winslow Has Learned A Lot From Her Mama, Polly She Knows How To Lance A Boil, Make A Pie Crust, Butcher A Pig, And Tend To Every Chore That Needs Doing What She Doesn T Know, But Is Forced To Reckon With All Too Soon, Is How To Look After Children As A Mother Should When Polly Succumbs To A Long Illness, Bertie Takes On Responsibility For Her Four Younger Siblings And Their Dissolute, Unreliable Daddy Yet No Matter How Hard She Tries To Hold The Family Together, The Task Is Overwhelming Nine Year Old Dacia, Especially, Is Resentful And Stubborn, Hinting At Secrets In Their Mama S Life Finally, Bertie Makes The Only Choice She Can Breaking Up The Family For Its Own Survival, Keeping The Girls With Her, Sending The Boys Off To Their Grown Brothers, Long Gone From HomeEver Pragmatic, Bertie Marries Young, Grateful To Find A Husband Willing To Take On The Care Of Her Sisters, And Eventually Moves To The Oil Fields Of Kansas But Marriage Alone Cannot Resolve The Grief And Guilt She Carries Over A Long Ago Tragedy, Or Prepare Her For The Heartaches Still To Come Only By Confronting Wrenching Truths Can She Open Herself To Joy And Learn How To Not Only Give, But Receive, Unfettered LoveInspired By Stories Told By The Author S Mother And Aunts, All The Forgivenesses Is As Authentic As It Is Lyrical A Captivating Novel Of Family Loyalty, Redemption, And Resilience

Elizabeth Hardinger grew up near Hutchinson, Kansas She now lives in Oregon with her husband, one cat, and an occasional grandchild All the Forgivenesses is her first novel.

❰EPUB❯ ✵ All the Forgivenesses  Author Elizabeth Hardinger –
  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • All the Forgivenesses
  • Elizabeth Hardinger
  • 24 September 2019
  • 9781496720443

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    I received this from for a review This story is told by Bertie At 15, she is forced to take over full care of her younger siblings and the household Bertie marries young, grateful to find a husband willing to take on the care of her sisters As time moves on, Bertie comes to better understand herself only by confronting wrenching truths She open herself to joy and learns how to not only give, but receive love.Great story, well told Spoken in language and vernacular of the time period, Bertie s voice is realistic throughout the book as she grows from a child into an adult.4.25

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    Disclosure I received this book for free from Goodreads

    I m undecided on stars to award as of yet, so I ll come back to that For most of this book, I was well into it while I was reading When I d put the book down here there mid read however, I found that I wasn t exactly itching to get back to it, nor did I find myself thinking about the story or characters while I was away from it That doesn t mean it was hard to pick back up though, once opened again, I easily read for hours w o problem As such, I got through this book fairly quickly, without any real issues

    With a bit of distance post read, I can easily say that if you read enjoyed Gap Creek by Robert Morgan, this book should be up your alley Both MC s are doing what must be done to get by the best they can during difficult times The tales are well told enough to be engaging reads..but both books left me w o any real sense of resolution In this particular tale the protagonist does finally reach a point of long deferred personal growth She d been so focused on necessarily handling immediate needs there hadn t really been much space in her life for self reflection When this point arrived, unfortunately, I found it to be underwhelming.

    I m not saying the book was bad, but I m not saying it was amazing It was well written The environments were clearly expressed, the characters were true This author has definite skill, I can t complain about her abilities or her style I think what I am lackluster about has to do w the fact that this is 2nd book I have recently read in which the characters their experiences don t resolve a story, per say Rather, at the end, the characters justgo on To be fair, in such worlds as this book the aforementioned Gap Creek , I don t know that there really is any other option for what the characters could do I mean, that s the reality of such times, right One does what one can to the best of their ability or desire for survival, until such time as one can t That s pretty much the deal, there I get it, but after reading yet another book that closed in such a way, I was wondering to myself, Why What was the point of that reading

    I hope I ve managed clarify some of my ambiguity regarding giving this book a definitive star rating I m not sure what else to do w this review right now, fear I have only manged to be harsher than I wanted I want to clearly definitively say, this was not a bad book, nor a bad reading experience In fact, I thought in the 1st 1 2 it may be a 4 star book After I slept, about 1 2 way through the book, came back to it, I d adjusted it to a reasonable 3 star possibility The closer I got to the end I became less sure about the 3 stars b c I felt some of the introspective bits could be shortened just a bit, b c I d grown a bit tired of how long it seemed to always take for the MC to basically express that she didn t understand other people s actions She did that all throughout the book, while it wasn t out of place or unnecessary, if each instance had been shortened just a bit the whole might have held together tightly Again though, the author has a good grasp on expressing the psychology of characters through their actions depictions on the page Who a character was in relation to the environment world they occupied was never once at risk of being conflicting

    I feel I ve rambled enough This is a skilled author, I would read any future work she may put out, so that s saying something I don t regret entering for this give away, if I can manage to get my thoughts together in the future, I ll come back try to clean up this review Apologies for my present inability to be concise I m going to hedge it at 2 stars for the time being Give it a try if you think you may be interested

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    I received this book several weeks ago when I won it through Goodreads It is due to be published on 8 27 19 The story was inspired by the author s family It was concise, well written, and believable It was not a book you could skim through to glean the main plot of the story Every single wood was necessary and begged to be read The writing was rich with the vernacular of the region, which was set in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky The plot was simple It was the life of a young, poor girl named Bertie It was the story of her difficult life growing up in an abusive home surrounded by several mentally unstable people Initially, hers was a life of great sadness and vast poverty But as she grew up, Bertie grew to be a strong, smart, capable women It was the story of the life of a woman any woman Life is dealing with the hand you are dealt and dealing with it to learn and grow as a person It shows the strength of women everywhere Women who are mother s, daughter, sisters, aunts Women do it all and are strong I finished this book on Mother s Day I must say it is one of the best books I have read this year The genre would be labeled as Southern Literature, but it really is the voice of women everywhere I have been waiting for a book similar to The Secret Life of Bees This is it It is a book I intend to share, but it is also one I would love to keep on my shelf forever.

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    DISCLOSURE All The Forgivenesses is an ARC received through a Good Read Give Away Thanks All The Forgivenesses is a simple book about simple people not expecting much out of life but liveing very complex lives Bertie is our young narrator, only 15 when her mother dies leaving the children and womens work to her Set in the early 1900s in Kentucky, Bertie ekes out a poor existence for her family with little help from a drunken father barely putting one foot in front of the other Bertie came from nothing, chasing life, doing the best she could feeling like all her efforts were failures She suffers hardships but keeps going not knowing what else to do This book was poignant and earthy a stark look at times that were hard on women trying to do goo by their family I truly liked Bertie and rooted for her through her sorrows hoping she would find satisfaction in her life Hardinger gave a grand rendition of the times and the book was written in the vernacular of the area and the people It gave the story it s realistic quality.

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    This is a beautiful novel, rich with emotion Bertie s voice is true, real, and compelling throughout I was honored to receive an Author Review Copy of the book Each evening, I longed to dive back in this story and the lives that wrapped around me Elizabeth Hardinger has opened a window into lives past that I would not have otherwise imagined or related to, and am glad to have done so All the Forgivenesses is a book that will stay with you as you read it, and afterward, too It is a stunning novel Highly recommended.

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    A giveaway from Goodreads Many thanks I thoroughly enjoyed this book Bertie, the main character, was a strong young lady from appalachia From the death of her mother to an early marriage we followed Bertie to the midwest and a new life still caring for her siblings and yearning for her own family Started in the early 1900 s and ordinary living was hard work.

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    The story of Bertie draws you into her life from the first page and never lets you go It runs the gamet of emotions I hope there is going to be a sequel to this one Great debut novel for Elizabeth Hardinger.

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    Lucky to read an ARC copy ,This story weaves though a young woman s Bertie life her family time place 1900 , Kentucky Midwest where childhood was short and responsibly was long.Maybe be my favorite recommendations for 2019.Thank you Elisabeth Hardinger

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    I didn t like the writing style or most of the characters There was some cussing and the story was not a happy one or anything I felt drawn to keep reading.

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    From a period earlier than Walker Evans and the other depression photographers, but a story filled with the pain, and exhaustion of these photos but also resourcefulness, love and redemption.

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