All the Bad Apples

All the Bad Apples The Day After The Funeral All Our Mourning Clothes Hung Out On The Line Like Sleeping Bats This Will Be Really Embarrassing, I Kept Saying To My Family, When She Shows Up At The Door In A Week Or Two When Deena S Wild And Mysterious Sister Mandy Disappears Presumed Dead Her Family Are Heartbroken But Mandy Has Always Been Troubled It S Just Another Bad Thing To Happen To Deena S Family Only Deena Refuses To Believe It S TrueAnd Then The Letters Start Arriving Letters From Mandy, Claiming That Their Family S Blighted History Is Not Just Bad Luck Or Bad Decisions But A Curse, Handed Down Through The Generations Mandy Has Gone In Search Of The Curse S Roots, And Now Deena Must Find Her What They Find Will Heal Their Family S Rotten Past Or Rip It Apart Forever Originally posted to I Should Read That I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This is a spoiler free review.I absolutely loved Spellbook of the Lost and Found when I read it back in 2017 Ever since then, I ve been a big fan of Doyle s fantastic, dream like writing All the Bad Apples was a hugely anticipated book for me, and I m so pleased to say that I loved it even than I could have hoped.What I love about Doyle s writing is the way she uses her atmospheric, beautiful, and dreamy style to wrap larger themes into her stories Spellbook deals with the assault of one of the friends at the party All the Bad Apples deals with the treatment of Ireland s women throughout history Each section of the family tree explores a different period of time and a different trauma that women suffered From wealthy landowners taking advantage of their tenants, to wise women providing abortions amid whispers of witchcraft, through the modern mother and baby homes and the anti abortion laws that put the lives of women in serious danger, Doyle does not shy away from the most shocking and appalling parts of history that many of us would rather forget ever happened Although this is not a book for the faint of heart see content warnings below , it is a fiercely feminist book that harnesses female rage.Deena is such a fantastic character and a great conduit for this story I feel that with the way the story is told, Deena could have been a very flat character that is only meant to move the story of her family s history along However, she was a well fleshed out character that had so much agency and power One of the best parts of the story for me was watching her become comfortable with her sexuality after she accidentally comes out to her sister and religious father at the beginning of the book The Deena from the beginning of the book is quite different from the Deena at the end of the book All the Bad Apples is a scream of rage and feminine fury that so perfectly encompasses the feelings of anger and frustration that so many women are feeling right now Haunted by the ghosts of Ireland s past, All the Bad Apples is a book that will linger in your mind long after you turn the last page.CW incestuous rape of a minor off page , abortion, homophobia, abuse, forced pregnancy I m sitting here just trying togather myself after this incredibly hard hitting powerful story This was deeply, deeply moving Like I was nearly choking on rage tears at the end there inwardly because it s so deeply about feminism, about the history of abuse and cruelty and discrimination that queer people and women have suffered forever I m seriousI was so gobsmacked This book WENT for it And holy shit, it nailed the topic this is no light readIt s beautifully written and framed in soft words I really love the author s style and I was obsessed with The Accident Season back in 2015 , but I was just here thinking it would be about a girl finding her missing sister after they failed to be good enough for their strict family BUT It s much much than that.For starters, Deena is 17 but her older twin sisters are in their 30s Their mother is dead, father is horrible and absent, basically only returns to make sure they re being good enough He s very religious too Then Mandy goes missing, but they find blood on the rocks and her empty car and so it s ruled a suicide Thus begins Deena launching into basically this 36 hour spaced plot where she follows these letters Mandy left to find her The letters are about their family history And it was so so hard to read at times We re talking the 1930s in Ireland everything is intensely catholic, and it s inhumane how they treated women It s shocking and despicable and honestly made my stomach turn I KNOW this stuff is real too and the author s note talks about just how real it is But like pregnant unmarried women being stuffed into Catholic workhouses and nunneries where they re full on treated horrifically in the name of suffer so your sins are forgiven It deals with rape, lack of abortion rights, how women have their children ripped away from them, how hundreds nearly thousands of women babies died in these workhouse nunneries How queer people were treated and murdered It s a lot It s a lot of a lot and it s true and it makes me burn Which is exactly what the story was here to do It is about being outraged It is about not sitting in silence so history repeats itself again and again It just makes you cry at the privilege of todaythe past will only keep repeating itself as long as we re kept powerless by our silencepresent vs past story lineSo in the present, we have Deena narrating in 1st person I loved her so much She s worried about being a bad apple of the familyhiding that she s gay and drowning in the secrets of her family s past And then in the past, we go through several generations of her ancestors It s very very focused on the women, but it s all told So it doesn t read very fast and tbh it isn t my favourite style of book to read Very reflective almost But it didn t lessen how important and powerful the whole book is Like my soul is pretty much shaking in rage of what they all went through And it was so casual The parents calling their raped daughters sluts and forcing them to carry their babies and then ripping those babies awaygod it s really tough to read view spoiler And as much as I hated Deena s father grandfather who festered in his traumatic childhood until he was absolutely filled with hate his past is terrifyingly brutal too Like he would have such ptsd from being beaten and flogged all the way through that horrific orphanage school It makes sense why he is how he is And I did think it was a good contrast he festered in hate, determined his own daughters would be good , while people like Mandy strove to break the silence and shatter the chains hide spoiler Idk anything about this book BUT i m willing to read this book just because of the cover,,,, hOW CAN A PERSON BE THIS BEAUTIFUL I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND Such an impactful story with messages and writing that are bothhaunting Full review to come ARC received at ALA

Mo ra Fowley Doyle is half French, half Irish and lives in Dublin with her husband, two daughters and two cats Mo ra s French half likes red wine and dark books in which everybody dies Her Irish half likes tea and happy endings.Mo ra spent several years at university studying vampires in young adult fiction before concentrating on writing young adult fiction with no vampires in it whatsoever Sh

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  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • All the Bad Apples
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  • 09 October 2018
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