Malorie (Bird Box, #2)

Malorie (Bird Box, #2) In The Thrilling Sequel To Bird Box, The Inspiration For The Record Breaking Netflix Film That Starred Sandra Bullock And Absolutely Riveted Stephen King, New York Times Bestselling Author Josh Malerman Brings Unseen Horrors To Life The Film Adaptation Of Malerman S First Novel, Bird Box, Was Watched By Over Forty Five Million Netflix Accounts In The First Week, The Best First Seven Days Ever For A Film On The Platform Countless Came To Know The Story Through Social Media The Image Of Sandra Bullock S Character, Malorie, Blindfolded As She S Led Through A Terrifying Near Future Apocalypse By The Trained Ears Of Her Children Has Become Synonymous With A New Generation Of Horror Now From The Mind Of A True Master Of Suspense Comes The Next Chapter In The Riveting Tale This Time, Malorie Is Front And Center, And She Will Confront The Dangers Of Her World Head On I am so conflicted on this Bird Box works so well as a standalone, I don t know where the story could continue from where it ended. MALORIE A BIRD BOX NOVEL ReviewThe version I read was a pre ARC file that Josh received from his editor, but judging from the file, I believe this will be the final version of the novel And what a novel it is My objectives with this pseudo review are twofold a I want to avoid any and all spoilers The last thing I want to do is ruin this experience for any of you b I d like to share my feelings about the book as clearly as I can So with the above two objectives in mind, I ve created a QA featuring questions you might have about the book and the best answers I can provide Here we go 1 Why did Josh Malerman write this novel We ve all seen and read sequels and prequels of varying quality Is MALORIE a money grab or an essential story Let me answer this question with a question For those of you familiar with BIRD BOX, at the end of that story did you think Malorie s character was finished evolving Had she really come to terms with this new world Listen, I really loved the first book, but even though Malorie changed in BIRD BOX, I didn t feel like her journey was over There are so many issues she still needs to work out, so many questions that still haven t been answered And what about her children What would it be like growing up in this world Living by the blindfold How would a young person feel if constrained by these strictures These are important questions, and their urgency proves that this is absolutely a story that needs to be told.This novel, though riveting, suspenseful, and at times flat out scary, is all about the characters, and that s why it succeeds so thoroughly At the end of JAWS the film version , Chief Brody s story was complete Same for Andy Dufresne and Red in THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION novella or movie, take your pick But the story of Malorie and her kids is not done at the end of BIRD BOX There s so muchfor them to learn, to endure, to battle, and to maybe overcome For all these reasons, I can tell you that, yes, this novel is absolutely essential Josh doesn t write for the money or the prestige he writes because he loves storytelling, and his imagination is as vivid as anyone working today This world called to him and demanded to be explored, and now having experienced the journey, I m grateful he heeded the call 2 Does it live up to the original This is going to be a controversial statement, but while I consider the original novel a modern classic of suspense, I slightly prefer MALORIE My reason for feeling this way lies in the heartbreaking resonance of the book s central relationships There were sections of this novel that were difficult to read because they rang too true Rarely do I understand and relate to both sides of a conflict the way I did with Malorie and her son Tom I won t saythan that because I don t want to spoil anything, but if I were Malorie, I d think exactly the way she thinks, and if I were Tom, I d undergo the same feelings he experiences These opposing scripts comprise one of the novel s most powerful elements And for me, relationships like these elevate MALORIE just a small notch above BIRD BOX 3 Is it scary Good gravy, is it ever There are scenes here that had me curling my toes in dread Josh knows how to ambush the reader, and he knows how to subvert a reader s expectations So many times I thought I knew what was coming, only to have my expectations confounded by an unforeseen development that was twice as compelling as what I d assumed would happen This is a rare and marvelous gift So yes It s scary Damned scary 4 Is it emotional This is why I love the book so much Frights only take a story so far There s gotta be heart And MALORIE has emotion by the trainload I genuinely rooted for most of the characters, and I detested a couple of them too Yet at no time did the story feel manipulative This novel choked me up, made heart hammer, and caused me to pump my fists in joy That s a wondrous combination 5 Any final thoughts I love the structure of MALORIE To talk too much about it would be to ruin it, so I ll simply say this Everything in this novel has a purpose Seemingly minor events take on gargantuan meaning in unexpected ways A line of dialogue or a fleeting moment that seems self contained ends up connecting to another development in a way that makes you smile, cringe, or utter a breathless laugh of admiration I loved MALORIE Now that I ve read the novel, I can t imagine it not existing It s as essential as a second book can be I have to imagine that Josh felt some pressure to make this book special, but it sure doesn t read that way It reads like a gloriously natural continuation of BIRD BOX written by a blazingly talented author in total command of his craft. So Atwood and Malerman are both preparing unlikely sequels and both are scheduled to be published this fall Uhm, yes please. Review to follow. This better explain why Malorie is the way that she is Let s say almost close to perfection or almost as good as Bird Box , which was stunning So, a 4.5 stars from me.I could say I was expecting the final, although is still surprised me a lot And in a good way.I wasn t expecting the huge surprize that comes near the end, this I can recognise it.So, the atmosphere is still there, also the chill and the suspense The children are teens now, the creatures are creepier than ever, the love, the cries, the worries, the folds, the journey, another journey, the people, everything it s still the same Plus the ending Have I told you about that It almost made me cry.I can t wait to translate it So, nospoilers Wait and see, Malorie won t disappoint you. Boooo now it s a 2020 release But available to preorder from Audible done This isunexpected A SEQUEL

Josh Malerman is the author of BIRD BOX and the singer songwriter for the band THE HIGH STRUNG.

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