Blitzed5 STARS I freaking loved it Alexa Martin delivers a heartwarming , fun and story This series is getting better and better Brynn and Maxwell were perfect for each other I devour it in one sitting Their relationship developed naturally , both were well developed characters.They were sweet and there was sexual tension between them Maxwell is a swoon worthy hero I love this series, each book is refreshing and fun I ve enjoyed the previous books in this series and Brynn has been a character I ve loved, so I was excited to see she was getting her own book.I liked Brynn well enough Her inner monologue was very odd to me as it came across like she was telling a story to someone Every time she clarified something or argued with herself, it would take me out of the story I liked Maxwell He s charming and considerate and I would have loved open communication between the two of them Of course, Vonnie is always fun and the relationship of all of the Lady Mustangs is delightful Plot wise, it felt flimsy There wasn t a lot of direction and the few scenes of conflict that were supposed to keep things going felt out of place The big reveals slash secrets slash surprises all happened so close to the ending, the resolution was immediate and it didn t feel as satisfying view spoiler The entire thread about Maxwell and his brother was weird I don t want to go into details, but Brynn s actions and reactions to what should have been red flags were a little disappointing And there were a lot of strange hints with Eloise that were either not addressed or added for no reason So much of this story felt like an afterthought to me hide spoiler TITLE BLITZEDAUTHOR Alexa MartinSERIES Playbook 3RELEASE DATE December 3, 2019GENRE Sports RomanceRATING 2 StarsCLIFFHANGER NoREAD MY REVIEW ON THE BLOG ATTENTION THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS Noooooo How Why I had so much hope for BLITZED I can t evenI was so looking forward to Brynn s story.And it started out quite well I loved Brynn s snark, sass and her insecurities in the beginning but they soon became a major issue Her snark turned into brashness and rude attitude at times that I didn t find appealing any longer Her insecurities and mommy issues should have been addressed in a way that should have been relatable but the author only ever touched on it shortly without going into much depth And then, in the last 20 percent Brynn had an epiphany that she isn t like her mom and that was that I m not done with Brynn but first I need to introduce Maxwell.The hero of this story and the sweetest guy imaginable He is the shy introvert whose charisma shone from the pages and I m telling you now that he s the only reason this book got a second star He was perfect He took care of Brynn when she was sick, he was thoughtful, honest and just a beautiful soul He never gave Brynn a reason to doubt him, yet when his brother told lies about him she rather believed Max s brother, who she d been warned away from, who Max even considered dangerous yet Brynn threw another woman under the bus and encouraged her to date Theo, all that to keep her away from her boyfriend the woman who wanted to be a voice for the women who needed it She never even considered that Theo could be the one lying.And if that wasn t enough, after she came to her senses with the help of her friends she barged into Max s apartment and all was dandy No groveling Nothing Nada.Another character in this book stood out and that s Vonny She s a badass woman who should have her own books.I know Alexa Martin can do better She has proven it This story fell flat for me with all the things that weren t addressed like why Brynn never asked Max about the things she noticed about him She was far too busy thinking about jumping his bones I hope the next book will have Alexa Martin s magic again. Title BlitzedSeries Playbook 3Author Alexa MartinRelease date December 3, 2019Cliffhanger NoGenre sports romanceOne of the things I was really looking forward to was of Alexa Martin s humorous dialogue It never fails to make me laugh out loud and put a smile on my face Make no mistake, I was entertained by that aspect and had no problems with boredom Funny banter between the football players and the WAGs has been a staple in the series In Blitzed, it was a case of too much of a good thing It got to the point while reading where I felt that too much of the book centered around the heroine s interactions with the Lady Mustangs, and going places doing things that didn t move the plot forward at all The romance has neglected which caused it to feel superficial especially after what happened during the big conflict at the end Not only did that seem contrived, but it was really upsetting I loved Maxwell He was a sweet, introverted guy who was very down to earth He didn t let fame go to his head, instead using his celebrity to help children with his own foundation He s an all around good guy that everyone seems to collectively like Right away I connected to him and fell for the way he silently crushed over Brynn He s that quiet, modest guy who will always be there when you need him Which is why his violent outburst in the beginning of the book is really bizarre and out of character When he destroys some property one night while at Brynne s bar, HERS, you know there had to be something seriously emotionally wrong to cause it Which brings me to the first hint of issue with the plot I kept waiting for this to be brought up again He apologizes, pays for the damages, and then it s like the entire thing evaporated from the heroine s head Wouldn t you think if you started dating the man who did something like that, it would concern you Then he asks her out on a date There is an incident where she suspects he s arranging a hook up at his hotel when he excuses himself to take a call But does she communicate with him about it No She confides in her friends, they say not to worry, and then it s forgotten This is a common issue through the book She has trust issues because of her mom, he has some sort of mysterious issue with his brother Yet they are only briefly contemplated through the book and then promptly ignored Zero communication between the two of them about these things, and the self reflection was basically non existent Their personal issues were skimmed over in favor of sexy times and laughs with their friends Which is all well and good, but I read romance for the actual romance At first I thought that this was just a slow burn situation between them as their friend faze dragged past halfway Not the case Once they did get together as a couple, things continued on in the same manner Here s where the lack of clarification over Max s brother causes serious issues Brynn may not have known any details, but she was firmly warned about his character I mean it Do not talk to him Do not engage If you see him, call me and get away from him My eyebrows furrow, and fear snakes down my spine You re freaking me out He places his hands on my armrests I don t trust my brother, so being freaked isn t a bad thing I mean, he s a cop though, I say, mainly trying to make myself feel better He can t be that bad, Max That little bit of power makes it easier for him to be the worst kind of person.Sounds pretty serious, right So why in the world would Brynn push Eloise to date this man Honestly, it s like what he said went in one ear and out the other Way to look out for your fellow female I get that she had issues with her because she was hitting on Max, but to get rid of her by distracting her with a possibly dangerous man I did not get that at all Her actions weren t adding up to me Up until this point I was digging on Brynn a lot She owns her own bar that caters to women, she s snarky and intelligent, and she s a take charge boss lady But there were moments where boss lady crossed over to weirdly bossy and it didn t work for me Like when she and Max were on a road trip and she was telling him what he was allowed to eat Or that he could choose the music IF she approved It came off as rude rather than funny or cute, which started to niggle at my nerves The mystery of Max s brother finally comes out around 90% in the book Without going into specifics, his brother Theo shows up to cause drama at the bar She listens to everything the man says and swallows every word of it This man whom she was told to never be alone with She automatically, without hesitation chooses to believe his words over the man she claims to be in love with Proving that she has a disastrous level of trust in him and worse, doesn t even realize her mistake on her own She has to be BASHED over the head with logic by her father and the Lady Mustangs before reluctantly seeing what was in front of her face all along Every one of her loved ones gave him their unconditional trust, but she couldn t because of reasons When she blamed him for her lack of trust because he never confided in her, I couldn t believe it Communication is a two way street, lady I was so fed up with her by this point All of the air leaves me in one whoosh as memories I ve been working hard to suppress come rushing to the forefront of my mind Warnings he gave me about Theo The look of concern he wore when I told him Eloise was seeing him His insistence that I not ever be alone with Theo.Is anyone else confused by that Why would you work hard to suppress these hints he was giving her about his brother She s suppressing warnings about someone who could cause harm That makes a lot of sense There should have been groveling after her actions because that was a MAJOR screw up on her part, and the entire rushed event got brushed under the rug by him If I had one criticism of Max, it would be that he was too nice at times As much as I loved him, he should have held her accountable when she hurt him the way she did For a large portion of the book I would have given this a three despite my plot issues, but then the ending happened and there wasn t any recovering from it I do really like this author s writing style, unfortunately this particular story was a bit of a disappointment I felt a definite lack of connection to the characters romantic relationship which is than a minor issue for me personally You can t love them all though, and I still look forward to seeing what s next in the Playbook series FOLLOW SMOKIN HOT BOOK BLOG ON I realize this book isn t out for a few months but when football is in the air and a new Alexa Martin sports romance hits your kindle, you do not wait to jump right in And I m so glad I didn t Brynn and Maxwell s slow burning friends to lovers romance was exactly what I needed today, a deliciously addictive story of friendship, football and fierce attraction I did nothing this weekend but devour Blitzed and now that I m finished, all I can think about is watching a game while drinking good beer and fist bumping the deliciousness that was this storyline I loved the dynamic between these characters Maxwell Lewis is most certainly the strong, silent type and Brynn is his polar opposite She s loud and unapologetically independent and together they develop a friendship that only mildly disguises their rapidly growing attraction It was ADDICTIVE and sexy and wildly entertaining watching their chemistry come to a rapid boil And it was so much fun watching their friends cheer them on from the sidelines If you haven t read the other books in this series yet, I can t recommend them enough I m an addict, completely obsessed with Alexa Martin s Playbook series I m consistently rapt by the hilariously glamorous lifestyles of the WAGS, and the blissfully romantic yet achingly complicated stories that evolve in each book If sports romances packed with witty banter and smart plotlines are your jam, these books are sure to end up in your hall of fame I adored this book I felt giddy as hell from all the feels in this story, laughed my butt off over the antics of the Lady Mustangs, and my heart broke over how unpredictably painful it became in certain moments Blitzed is the full package, a MUST READ I can t recommend this book and this series enough 4.5 5 starsBlitzed is the third book in the Playbook series This is a series of interconnected standalone books Each book has its own female narrator But a lot of the supporting characters are in all of the books.This book is a sports contemporary romance football It is sexy But it is also funny and has a romantic comedy Chick lit vibe.I have read both Intercepted and Fumbled and really liked them both So I was so anxious to get to read this third book in the series I adore these books and I absolutely love that the author was an NFL wife So she knows exactly what she is writing about.The narrator of this book is 32 year old Brynn 1st person POV She was in both of the previous books Her best friend is Marlee narrator of book one She owns HERS the bar where a lot of the scenes in the previous books take place.The epilogue of Fumbled was about Brynn and Maxwell It seems to be the same timeline as chapter one of Blitzed.The story takes place in Denver and is centered around the Denver Mustangs football team Maxwell is the defensive back for this team.There was so much to like about this book I absolutely love the WAGS wives and girlfriends of the Mustangs And I adore when they have team meetings or go to HERS bar And I really like Love the Player the new reality show that follows the wives and girlfriends of the Mustangs.I love that Poppy, Ace and TK are in this book Poppy is the narrator of Fumbled Marlee narrator of first book is not really in this book although she is in the epilogue I also loved Vonnie, the Lady Mustang in this book the most.I really liked Brynn She is such a strong woman I loved seeing her go to football games I loved that she is obsessed with musical theatre The book is fun and sexy But it also deals with a few serious issues I think these added a lot to the story Overall, this was a great addition to the series If you love sports romance this series is fantastic And I absolutely cannot wait to read the next book in the series Thank you Berkley and netgalley for allowing me to read this book I absolutely love this series Intercepted Fumbled After devouring the first two books of this series this month, I was super excited to get to Brynn s story She came off so sassy and I just knew I would love her book Sadly friends, that didn t happen.What I did enjoy from this book was being back in the Mustang community and the friendship between the women Every time these ladies are together I never fail to laugh The way they are so in tune with one another and so protective of each other never seems to amaze me The actual story between Brynn and Maxwell I don t know another word for how I felt while reading except boring I didn t feel any chemistry between them and the turn from friendship to romance wasn t believable to me I can t love a romance novel if there isn t a romance to actually root for Besides the romance not being what I expected, the biggest disappointment for me was Brynn I really don t believe that this was the woman who was so sassy and had the best concept for a bar It s like she was a watered down version of the person we got to see in previous books She came off a bit immature and almost whiney I also didn t like some of the choices that her character made While this didn t live up to my expectations, I still plan on continuing this series and I hope the next book will be about Eloise TW Talks of sexual assault I received an ARC via NetGalley for an honest review.Blog Instagram Twitter Spoilers ahead 1.5 things get a bit ranty so be prepared One of Buzzfeed s top 16 romance books to read this fall That s actually on right now and I just want to ask Where Where the hell is the ROMANCE book I paid 9 99 for NINE % % %%%% ninety nine people Grrrrrrrrrr1 As much as I love Vonnie and the girls, the girlmance took up 80% of this book We get lots and lots of time with all the girls and even met new girls who ve been accepted into the fold or may be accepted We get lots and lots of time with the girls of HERS and the success story of Brynn s barwhat we don t get is lots and lots of Brynn Maxwell time who were supposed to be the freaking mcs of this book Brynn and Maxwell have been circling each other for 4 freaking years and STILL we have to wait pass 50% for them to get together Are you kidding me 2 This was the weirdest most awkward pairing of this author s books to date There was no chemistry between Brynn and Maxwell as the previous couples enjoyed making this book an even greater disappointment3 I ve admired Brynn in the previous books and was actually looking forward to her book but this Brynn nuh uh not the Brynn I expected She doesn t do relationships and has regular ONS.just as I m fed up of manwhores I m fed up of the female equivalent sorrynotsorry It also seems in the years in between she may have been with OM.anyways I already wasn t a fan of Brynn s at this point but see Maxwell warns Brynn that his brother is bad news, now see if a guy I liked and admired felt it necessary to warn me about his own blood I d probably take heed but nope not dumbass I mean Brynn She not only hooks him up with another woman where s the girl code But when he shows up talking smack about Maxwell she BELIEVES him gasp seriously Whyyyyyyyyy This wasn t the sassy confident Brynn I was expecting, an immature and irrational alien took her place 4 This author seems to have developed a formula that she s unfortunately sticking too so far, apparently there MUST be a drama at 90% to cause a separation which is then quickly explained and resolvedagain whyyyyyyy especially in this one where we already had limited couple time in the first damn place 5 At the beginning Maxwell has a violent reaction to a phone call, he makes a half assed explanation and apology to Brynn and that s it Later she thinks he s hooking up with someone..she doesn t ask a question.then she assumes he s dating someone else and she discusses it..with her girlfriends I mean seriously can t these people communicate at all6 We didn t really get Maxwell s POV another trait with this author and he was the silent type so we never really got to know MaxwellI PAID 9.99 for this Can you feel my pain That was at least 3 books or I m so bitterly disappointed and broke I ve enjoyed the previous books well enough but I ll definitely be approaching this author s books with caution in the future 9.99 so don t nobody even think of trying me Maxwell Has Finally Met An Opponent That He Can T Best In This New Football Romance From The Author Of FumbledAccording To Brynn Larson, Maxwell Lewis Is Trouble Than He S Worth She Doesn T Care If He S A Football God With A Rock Hard Body That Brings Most Women To Their Knees After An Encounter That Ends Poorly, She S Not Interested In Giving Him A Second Chance The Last Thing Brynn Expects Is For Him To Turn Up At Her Bar Months Later, Hat In Hand It Doesn T Matter If He Brings Customers To Her Business She S Still Not Going On A Date With HimMaxwell Knows He Made A Mistake He D Been Waiting To Make His Move On Brynn Since The Day He Laid Eyes On Her And He Was Finally Ready To Go For It Until He Screwed Up He Wishes He Could Tell Her The Truth About What Happened That Night, But He Just Can T He Can T Tell Anyone, So He Ll Make Amends And Hope She Ll Forgive HimBrynn S Not Like Other Women, Though Playing For The Mustangs Doesn T Impress Her And Gifts Make Her Scoff Max Will Have To Bring His A Game If He Hopes To Win Her Over Bruh, I loved this so much Ok to be fair it was just so much damn cuteness that that couldn t be helped But the journey of broken girl and reserved guy was just to good Also we are seeing people who we have known for a whole series wise and so it s charming to finally be able to focus on them and them alone Bonus points because this story was so genuine and their love was just to pure Yes the hurdle they end up facing is a rough one but worked so well in getting into her head that it was painful to read about All in all I couldn t put this down and give it all the stars.

Alexa Martin is a writer and stay at home mom She lives in Colorado with her husband, a former NFL player who now coaches at the high school where they met, their four children, and a German Shepherd When she s not telling her kids to put their shoes onagain, you can find her catching up with her latest book boyfriend or on Pinterest pinning meals she ll probably never make Her first book,

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