How to Rob a Bank in Drag

How to Rob a Bank in Drag Mistresses Of Disguise Guilty In Bank Heists It Just Keeps Getting Weirder In A True Story, The Author Writes Of A Brutal Childhood Interrupted By Occasional Spurts Of Disneyland And Ponies After A Fumbled Ax Attack By Her Mother, She Takes To The Streets At Years OldShe Is Prey Looking For A Predator Predators She Finds, As Well As The Unlikeliest Of Heroes There Is No Road Less Traveled There Is No Road She Makes Her Way Through Back Alleys Dark And Mesmerizing Occasionally Brutal, Occasionally Flat Out FunnyFinally Old Enough To Legally Exist, She Builds A Resume Waitress Camel Handler Heroin Addict Bank Robber Federal Penitentiary Inmate Mannequin Refinisher Waitress Again In The End Dogaholic And Digital Artist With A Terminal Illness Most Of Her Partners Have Died Doctors Say She Will Join Them Soon Maybe On The Way Home From The Doctor S OfficeShe Rids Her Life Of Everything Not Precious And Ends Up Surrounded By Abandoned Old Dogs, A Cat With PTSD, A Very Few Rock Solid Friendships, And Some Odd Decorating Ideas It Turns Out That The Past Was Necessary To Forge Something Worthy Of Living For Written With Wry Humor, Tragedy Turns Out To Be Something Different Than Tragic

Dawn Lawson lives in Northern California with a tolerant roommate, an invisible roommate, a pack of dogs, and a four pound cat who tolerates nothing Dink the cat has passed since the publication of this book She still tolerates nothing.

[PDF / Epub] ☁ How to Rob a Bank in Drag  By Dawn   Lawson –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 523 pages
  • How to Rob a Bank in Drag
  • Dawn Lawson
  • 15 January 2019

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    First, let me say that this is the first book I ve finished in at least 6 yrs, maybe longer I have a disability that makes reading difficult, so despite my eagerness to read over the last 10 yrs, it s always difficult for me to get through a book This book, so beautifully written, kept me turning pages until the wee hours of the morning for 4 nights I probably could have read it in 2 nights, but I loved it so much that I didn t want it to end, so I made it last This book is a roller coaster of emotions I found it fascinating The author openly shares her life s trials, tribulations, escapades, heartache, and joy with the reader with such feeling and passion that I felt like I knew her well by the time I finished the book Despite the very different paths that our lives took, I was able to relate to this book in many ways I laughed and wept, I felt devastated for her as her life spiraled out of control and rejoiced for her when she survived each out of those battles that kept popping up for her from early childhood through adulthood Her passion for life is incredible, as is her passion for other people and the dogs she saves despite her hardships I could relate to her feelings in childhood, her 12 Step experiences, her atheism, her love of animals, her often rotten love life, and her desire to rise about it all and be well This is a book that I m so glad I took a chance on I almost didn t buy it, due to a history of spending on books only to have them sit there, unread and unloved This book, I read And loved And may even read again There s much to absorb Kudos, Dawn Lawson, for this incredible book I feel honored that you shared your life, your wisdom, your experience, strength, and hope with me us I wish you, always, the very best

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    Throughly enjoyed the storyline and read

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    I thought this book was going to be humorous but it was not Robbing a bank was a very small part of this story The real story is about child abuse and the horrible effects it had on this woman throughout her life My heart went out to her It is also about dedicating your life to rescuing animals Dawn took her pain and experiences and put her love and energy into the love of dogs God bless you Dawn for your love and work with animals It is so needed in the world today It was a good story told honestly and right from the hip.I received this book through a GoodReads drawing Glad I won

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    I loved this book I laughed and cried and felt incredibly moved by both Dawn s plight and her great humour and resilience She did rob a bank, but she did so much She gave so much to all those who loved her and saved, as she continues to do, dogs, cats and the most challenging of all the people in her life Dawn s life affirming story grips you from page 1 Thank you Dawn for your honesty, bravery and sheer balls

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